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Topic: Serious Discussion / Feminism: Does Sexual Exploitation Empower Women?

Originally posted by Maowee:

“When I talk about my sex life, they call me a slut, them boys be talking bout their bitches no one’s making a fuzz” – Lily Allen

Well except Lily Allen. And a lot of other people making this observation. And of course, it’s not really true that no one complains about men talking about their “bitches” in the first place. Or that all people view women who sleep around as sluts. It helps to have data to prove your points, rather than anecdotes from professional victims. But it’s pretty easy to use the same kind of reasoning. I mean you’re obviously proving the point that women are less intelligent than men, which is why I treat women like what they are, butthurt professional victims with little to no intelligence :) thanks for confimirming that my reasons for misogynism are being completely valid.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do my best ideas...

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that confirmation bias is the culprit on this one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Faith healing, should it be illegal?

I thought it was illegal to some extent? At least in the case of Jehovah’s Witnesses who believe that you can’t receive blood from anyone else, you are not allowed to say no for your kid. Your kid is required to have their life saved by this until they turn a certain age (I think 16) and then after that they can choose. If you’re an adult and choose that route, why not? If your stupidity gets you killed it’s probably better for the rest of the world it worked out that way anyhow.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Originally posted by Zzzip50:

No I think there are three reasons someone would blow themselves up:

1. Their religion claims its righteous.
2. For revenge and anger
3. Being insane.

People would not blow themselves up for political gain. That doesn’t make sense. Now, the political people might use suicide bombers, but they need to convince those people first that religion tells them they are righteous and will be rewarded in killing innocent people with a bomb strapped to their back.

Obviously you’ve never heard of the LTTE. Arguably the most effective terrorist organization that ever existed. Killed two world leaders, had an air-force and navy and kept the Sri Lankan government occupied for a quarter of a century. They were also one of the groups to pioneer suicide bombing. Also their motivations were almost entirely political/ethnocentric.

I think you’d have a hard time saying religion wasn’t an important part of the conflict, but much more on the Sinhalese majority side as Buddhism was used as a tool to oppress the Tamils and to justify killing. That being said, the LTTE were Tamils, primarily Hindu, but with a reasonable portion of Christians, and Hinduism played a negligible role in the whole conflict (if any at all). It certainly had nothing to do with the suicide bombing tactics.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Removal of Godwins law/Reductio ad Hitlerum.

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

Now that it’s gone viral though you only need to mention hitler in a comparison or analogy to have your argument godwinned.

Which would probably be much less of a problem if more people understood the difference between a formal and an informal fallacy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Has there been a decline in culture in the past decades?

The funny thing is the calculator coming about also marks computing coming about, and a lot of the work people do with computing involves a much higher level of math than a you’d use a calculator alone for.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Was Anne Frank's diary a fake? And how does this affect those who believe in the holocaust?

Originally posted by Trickymist98:

I think it’s more of a principle thing, it’s not that the holocaust didn’t happen, it’s that we should question everything, including the holocaust.

The more trivially obvious it is something happened, the more trivial the amount of time spent questioning it should be. Given how obvious it is that the Holocaust happened the time spent questioning the holocaust should be too trivial to be worth noting.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The government can now take your DNA without a warrant!

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by XxsamuroxX:

then just don’t give your blood to anyone. Simple as that.

Again with the blood. Samuro, why do you think blood is needed to get DNA? Its in your skin cells, your bones, even a strand of your hair or an eyelash contains it. Clippings from your toenails contain your DNA… it is in every living (or once-living) cell of your body.

they could run a DNA check on anything. The inside of the cheek is just used because of ease.

Take your finger, put it in your mouth and rub it along the front of your teeth. That’s all you need do. The other side of your finger now has live cells from your cheek on it, which is literally all that is necessary. Hell, if you refuse that, they can just take a fallen hair from your clothing.

It is funny how many people are forgetting this is a cheek swab. It’s less intrusive than a sobriety test. Lol.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The government can now take your DNA without a warrant!

Airport searches, if you want to take the whole probable cause and warrant part of the constitution in a completely literal and unchangeable sense, are searches that operate without probable cause, or without even some of the lower standards of suspicion that the courts have allowed to be used under certain circumstances. But there are a lot of reasons you can’t just take the constitution that way. First and foremost is because the constitution is contradictory at times. Free speech can contradict right to fair trail for example (if I want to make a movie based on a crime that is about to be tried then that movies portrayal of the crime will likely make it difficult for there to be an impartial jury). And of course, the points about national security in the constitution can sometimes contradict the points about the rights of citizens. In those cases, you have to choose, and the framers of the constitution actually realized this and gave the Supreme Court the power to interpret the constitution for this reason.

But there are a lot of things they can do without warrants. For example, your car can be searched without a warrant. That being said, it has to be searched with probable cause, so it operates on the same standard of probability as a warrant, the only difference is that the mobility of a car was something not accounted for in the constitution and the courts ruled that it would be too much of a hindrance for law enforcement to have to leave the scene to get a warrant. Pat downs also don’t require a warrant or even probable cause, these are for the safety of a law enforcement officer. But the way a pat down works it that they only get to search for a weapon. If they find drugs while patting you down, they cannot arrest you for those. (But if they say “can I search you for a weapon so I can make sure I’m safe?” then they said the word “search” and if you say yes, you consent to a search which would allow then to get you in trouble for other things, so if that ever comes up… tell them to stick to a pat down). The courts allow pat downs because they think that the intrusion of the search is minimal while the risk it prevents in compelling to allow such a thing. This is also why airport searches are allowed. There is an obvious compelling societal interest to make sure that planes are safe, and the search itself is minimally intrusive.

If you’re following that sort of precedent it makes a lot of sense to allow DNA swabs. Having a swab in your mouth is extremely unintrusive. It doesn’t take a significant amount of your time, so it’s not a massive inconvenience. It doesn’t give them a lot of information about what you do (DNA won’t tell them what porn you jerk off to, or if that porn was legally downloaded. Or anything of that sort). All it does is help them catch someone who is already wanted and already in a database. This seems like a pretty easy issue then, there’s compelling societal benefit, and the invasion to privacy is even less so than even an airport search.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Was Anne Frank's diary a fake? And how does this affect those who believe in the holocaust?

I’m not even going to get into ‘intentional’ deaths. Yes, the nazis ‘accidently’ killed 4-6 million jews. Whoops!

Well, hey, maybe they were just trying to help the Jews come up with circumcision methods that would be more humane, but the letters between Hitler and the Jewish leadership were long lost after the Jewish leadership got tired of his lack of success, turned on him, and burned the letters to soil his reputation. I mean, in hindsight gassing off foreskins doesn’t seem like a good idea, and in hindsight, women probably shouldn’t have been involved in the testing. But they didn’t know all the things we know now back then. That sort of mistake could happen to anyone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is having sex at the age of 12 right

Originally posted by tenco1:
Originally posted by WickedWhenWetPro:

Im 13. I have skrewed 3 chicks. None were rape. I think they liked it. Distantly. I mean the first time hurts, then the second time feels good for chicks right? One was 11 I was 11, 14 I was 12, then on my birthday 13 on 13.

Not sure if internet tough guy, or lying teen…

I think it’s the real deal, dude. This guy has sw@g.

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm not asking to be a mod

Originally posted by MidnightWerewolf:

Stop asking to be a mod.

He said he’s not asking to be a mod. Work on your literacy a little there, buddy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Obamacare Causes Companies to Cut Hours

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

and not just good in certain isolated anomolies


You know, I actually have to agree with mytie/jhco. Why bother arguing for the merits of national health care? If the US doesn’t accept their medicine, so to speak, and revolts on the idea, well…that’ not my problem. If and when the next superbug comes, we canadians can just shut down our borders, head north, and wait for the US to become a nice, clean, empty land again.

But when you Canadians have all your vaccine use (because socialized medicine = government funded vaccine use, you’ll be shooting up vaccines so much people will think you’re all heroin addicts) result in a massive outbreak of low functioning autism and suddenly most of your population is not mentally fit to work then your economy will go down the toilet. And don’t think you’ll be able to get into America and cash in on our Economy, because as much as we hate China and would like to start trade war with them, they had one good idea. The great wall. After we finish walling ourselves off from Mexico the Canuck border comes next.

Your vaccines may seem fun now, but in a few decades when you’re paying for a massive entitlement program to help people whose autism problems make them incapable of working then maybe you’ll feel foolish about trying to make a good healthcare system instead of putting your money into the pockets of CEOs and praying to Jesus for healing in favor of medicine.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is having sex at the age of 12 right

Originally posted by Galdos:

that is illogical.
sex is for breeding.

rather spend your free time playing video games and not waste it on sex and relationships.

Just like computers are for… well, computation. How could you even think of doing something illogical like playing games on them? You should be using that processing power to help you solve math problems.

And food is for preventing you from starving, so don’t go and have dessert from time to time, it has no nutritional value and is utterly pointless. Sex turns out to be fun, and we even have these great newfangled methods now of minimizing the risks involved. It seems on the arrogant side to think you are in a position to dictate at a moral level what sex is and isn’t okay for people to have when legitimate consent is involved.

Not to say I am in support of 12 year olds having sex, particularly not with older people as the chances of them being coerced into it seem kind of high. But come on, sex is just for reproduction? Learn to be a little less of a buzzkill.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Secession of States post Obama re-election

If the White House ends up having address the petitions they’ll probably just say “no” and then the 25,000 or so crazies (who don’t make up nearly enough of a group to point to that the majority of the state wants to secede) will have to sit around mad for a little while.

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

You mean Jesusland?

Jesusland is Israel he’s coming back there someday, we just need to get rid of all those pesky Muslims first. For now we should just press the Israeli government to be more extreme than they have interest in being to help Jesus return, he may be an all powerful god, but he can’t return without our help!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I. do. not. want. to. live. on. this. planet. ANYMORE!

Originally posted by Twilight_Ninja:

The YouTube video, like millions of other YouTube videos, takes things out of context and we can find any video to say whatever we want it to say. It’s a crap reference.

The Washington Times and it’s comments on his upbringing was worth looking into. Even so….

….it should be tempered with other sources to get the whole picture. The truth of the matter is probably closest to this:

“As a child in Indonesia, Obama studied for two years at one Muslim school and then two years at a Catholic school. In both places he experienced religious indoctrination, but in neither case did the indoctrination take hold: during Quranic studies he made faces and during Catholic prayers he would look around the room. Eventually, Barack Obama abandoned this non-conformism and skepticism to be baptized as an adult in the Trinity United Church of Christ.”

So, he had a multicultural upbringing where he was exposed to lots of different things and as a Westernized adult, chose Christianity as his preference. So what?

Honestly I think he got baptized to aid his political career, he seems pretty secular to me. I mean, maybe I’m totally off here, but he seems a whole lot more moderate and secular than the church he attended. And it’s a good political move, but I dunno, part of me doubts he’s really a Christian. Maybe that’s wishful thinking though, it’d be nice to finally have a president that doesn’t buy into what Thomas Paine called an “amphibious fraud.”

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Topic: Off-topic / My fish died last weekend.

Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:
Originally posted by Towel_On_A_Rod:

So, don’t leave us in suspense. Did you fuck the corpse?

I don’t think that’s anatomically possible.

Depends on the size of your penis. But then, penetration can be coming from either you or the fish, I assume you have an asshole?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do Americans put up with bad politicians?

Originally posted by unleashthemind:

If people weren’t ignorant there would be no problem.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How can we deal with the Muslim overreactions?

I think it’s funny to act like Islam is the only religion that could have done this. It’s worth remembering things like the generally low literacy rates in many Middle Eastern countries, as well as the fact that not all of them speak Arabic which is the sacred language of the Koran. Having large groups of people willing to believe the religion wholeheartedly without having access to the religious texts is an easy thing for any sort of corrupt religious leader to take advantage of. And because of the situation is it easy to claim things would be different if the people in the regions were Buddhist or Christian or Pagan? I mean, we saw lots of abuses of religion in pre-reformation Europe that didn’t really start to improve until the Bible became translated and literacy rose (though it still took a while after that).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / U.S. Presidential Election

Originally posted by Twilight_Ninja:
Originally posted by Rubixcube7:
Originally posted by softest_voice:

2. What does GOP stand for again?

Are you asking that question literally? It stands for Grand Old Party. If not, disregard.

More usefully… GOP is the Republicans.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / U.S. Presidential Election

Romney bought businesses that were already in trouble. He then attempted to rebuild them and if they were not able to be rebuilt he allowed them to go bankrupt. It is just business 101. You should know this, being in business yourself.

That’s just not really true. He had no incentive to rebuild many of them. The way the buyout works is that they pay a small downpayment, and then take out a massive loan. But the debt of loan doesn’t go to them, it goes to the company they buyout. So now suddenly any problems the company was having before are much worse because suddenly they are paying back huge debt on money someone else used. Then Romney and his company offer to help them cut their losses, they know who to fire and they’ll do it for a management fee of a few million a year, as well as usually stocks in the company. If they do turn around the company (they do have success stories) then they look good, but if they don’t they lose nothing. The company goes bankrupt and they sell off the stocks and take the management fees before the thing is run into the ground, with the small downpayment they make and they will always make a good return, even if they fail at the task of rebuilding.

This attack from the DNC has been shown time and time again to be inaccurate. You’re better than this softest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head to Staples to get some copy paper and then look at golf shoes at Sports Authority. You know where I wouldn’t be able to go if not for Bain Capital? Staples and Sports Authority.

It’s not just from the DNC, and while I didn’t watch the specific attacks from the DNC, Softest isn’t making a claim that is entirely inaccurate. It would be inaccurate to say Bain did not help any businesses, but they also destroyed a lot of them and made profit off of doing so. Now if you excuse me I’m going to go shopping at KB Toys… Oh wait, I can’t, Bain destroyed it.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: choose any person [must be from real-life]

Your mother. Naked. We’ll film it and you can watch it later. I bet he’ll do a great job penetrating her defenses.

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Topic: Off-topic / do u think white ppl r racist

Originally posted by Murder_Machine:

Only albinos are “white”, West European people have tones of orange, pink and yellow in their skin. All human life started out in African and made its way to other places in the world over a period of time. Our skin colours changed and our facial features changed to adapt to the environment. Think about it- those “white people” had “black” ancestors.

Everyone knows the white people were the ones who fought with Mormon Jesus before the world was created and the black people are the ones who remained neutral and got cursed to have black skin. All that history, evolution and science crap is a bunch of liberal lies. Mormonism clearly has the most reliable explanation.

Originally posted by Ayumi_Stocking:

Saying all white people are racist is like saying all doctors are male

But I don’t know a single white person that isn’t a racist around here. Yet I don’t know any doctors.

The group of people you know isn’t really of much statical significance I would think… you’d have to a know a whole lot of people, and know them all fairly well.

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Topic: Off-topic / Foods you hate.

Taco Bell and Oranges.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's the last type of soda you drank?

Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:
Originally posted by MrSalvador:

Coca Cola.

So good…

It’s like an orgasm in a can/bottle, am I right?

Whereas Mountain Dew is like piss in a can/bottle. I guess the difference is whether or not you’re limp when you make it.