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Topic: League of Angels / TC flag bug

well, after reentering the TC, the icon on minimap did show up, but still the flag stood its ground proudly =)

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Topic: Dream World / PETITION - Increase Guild Vault space


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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (new)

When you try to buy enchant potion from magic elf and you don’t have enough coins, text area becomes blank and thin. Also all buttons, except for “Explore” one, vanish. So you don’t get potion and lose energy. There should be warning about insufficient funds like the one for dust merchant, or money can be automatically got from bank.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I don’t know about others, but I think that skill system should be revised. Yes, it’s easy to understand, but it’s also very unflexible. Player may attack only with skills that are in current database and with fixed SP spent on it.
My suggestion is in replacing current skill menu that is displayed in fights. That menu is pretty uninformative in my opinion as I want to know what effect would be after using skill.
It would be better to have input area, where you could enter number of SP you want to spend on next attack, instead of current menu. Also after entering there should be displayed probable range of skill effect in output area. And there should be checkbox, it would indicate that skill would have self-effect, e.g for healing.
The displayed name of the skill may be based on current ones.
To prevent players entering huge numbers, there should be set a cap: one can not spend more then your current weapon skill level* at once.

Also it’s pretty annoying that one should have lots of weapon. I agree that player must not use attack skills of one weapon while holding another one. But as for healing or special skills it’s not a point. For example, why can’t my hero change stance while holding gun, or improve his aim with sword? As for healing…it’s key item should be an object with magical powers, but every damned thing in the game is brimming with magic >_<"
While at it, it would be mice to cast all availiable special skills in one go.