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Topic: Everybody Edits / Help Me With A Project (Give me suggestions!)

I also decided to give fancy introductions to everyone in the hub-world, but again I’m not familiar with all the characters. I’m also marking their morality via a blue sign (good), red sign (bad), or default brown sign (nuetral). Would greatly appreciate suggestions for these as well (I could google everybody, but mehhhh…). Here’s what I have so far:

Mario – Blue “The hero of Mushroom Kingdom and most famed icon, Mario!”

Luigi – Blue “The cowardly shadow of a man and ghost-hunter, Luigi!”

Peach – Blue “The fair princess who fights against the forces of tyranny – Peach!”

Bowser – Red “The King of Koopas whose force rivals that of a sun – Bowser!”

Yoshi – Blue “Mario and Luigi’s savior and saddle – Yoshi!”

Rosalina & Luma – Blue “Ruler of the cosmos fighting alongside her star pupils – Rosalina & Luma!” (pun intended)

Bowser Jr. – Red “Troublemaker and Prince of Koopas – Bowser Jr.!”

Mr. Game & Watch – Brown “The man with a hundred jobs – Mr. Game & Watch!”

Donkey Kong – Brown “The protector of the jungle and friend to nature – Donkey Kong!”

Diddy Kong – Blue? "Lover of bananas and creative inventor – Diddy Kong!

Link – Blue “The Hero of Time who bears the Triforce of Courage – Link!”

Zelda – Blue “The fair maiden bearing the Triforce of Wisdom – Zelda!”

Sheik – Blue “The last of the Sheikah and master of disguises – Sheik!”

Ganondorf – Red “The evil reincarnate and bearer of the Triforce of Power – Ganondorf!”

Toon Link (blue), Samus (blue), Zero Suit Samus (blue),

Pit – Blue “Palutena’s servant and embodiment of holiness – Pit!”

Palutena – Blue “The Goddess of Light and rightful ruler of Angel Land – Palutena!”

Robin – Brown “The bearer of no memories who is destined to challenge another self from another world – Robin!”

Kirby – Blue “The loveable Hero of Popstar with the universe’s largest appetite – Kirby!”

Lucina – Blue “The oracle from another world fighting to change fate – Lucina!”

Here’s the characters that do not have a description yet, along with what color I THINK their sign should be.

Wario (brown?), King Dedede (brown?), Meta Knight (brown?), Little Mac (brown?), Fox McCloud (blue), Falco Lombardi (blue?), Pikachu (brown?), Charizard (brown), Lucario (brown?), Jigglypuff (brown), Greninja (brown), Duck Hunt (Dog & Duck)(brown), R.O.B. (brown), Ness (blue), Captain Falcon (brown), Villager (brown), Olimar (blue), Red Pikmin (brown), Wii Fit Trainer (brown), Dr. Mario (blue), Dark Pit (brown), Shulk (brown?), Pac-Man (brown?), Mega Man (blue), Sonic (blue), Mewtwo (brown?), Lucas (blue), Roy (blue), Ryu (blue?), Cloud (blue?), Corrin (TBA), Bayonetta (red?), Mii (brown), Pichu (brown), Ice Climbers (brown?), Young Link (blue), Wolf (red), Squirtle (brown), Ivysaur (brown), Snake (blue?)

I’d greatly appreciate any descriptions you might have, along with arguments that ___ is morally ___. Thanks again!

I’m probably assuming way more of you care than I should

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Help Me With A Project (Give me suggestions!)

Originally posted by TurboTails:

Pikachu gets pokemon red but charizard doesn’t.

I see how it is.

Originally posted by jkdrip:
I’d also prefer to not repeat things too much, ie. I don’t want 4 Pokemon fights.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Help Me With A Project (Give me suggestions!)

So I've been on this project for a while now. Right now all it is is a world filled with sprites of every character that's been a part of OFFICIAL Super Smash Bros. games, but I eventually plan to make this world a "hub-world" connecting to various levels referring to each character's franchises. That means for every character, there will be a level themed around that character. That's where I need help - I'm only familiar with a number of these characters' backgrounds/franchises, so I would love it if some of you would give me level ideas. This is obviously a large project, so it's not going to be finished for a long time. Current Ideas:

Mario - Mario Maker (there's been way too many Super Mario Bros. renders)

Luigi - Luigi's Mansion;

Peach - Peach's Castle;

Bowser -

Yoshi - Yoshi's Island;

Rosalina & Luma - Planetarium w/gravity shifts;

Bowser Jr./Koopalings - Super Mario Sunshine?? (too many SMB3 renders);

Wario - Wario Ware

Mr. Game & Watch - ???

Donkey Kong - Arcade game;

Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country?

Link - A Link to The Past Ganon fight;

Zelda - ???

Sheik - ???

Ganondorf - ???

Toon Link - ???

Samus - ???(too many Metroid renders)

Zero Suit Samus - Metroid Zero Mission

Pit - Kid Icarus

Palutena - ???

Marth - ???

Ike - ???

Robin - FE: Awakening Grima fight

Kirby - Kirby Super Star Ultra

King Dedede - ???

Meta Knight - ???

Little Mac - Mr. Dream fight

Fox - ???

Falco - ???

Pikachu - Pokemon Red fight

Charizard - ???

Lucario - ???

Jigglypuff - ???

Greninja - Pokemon Amie?

Duck Hunt - too obvious (Duck Hunt);

R.O.B. - ???

Ness - Magicant

Captain Falcon - F Zero

Villager - ???

Olimar (not doing Alph) - ???

Wii Fit Trainer - ???

Dr. Mario - too obvious (Dr. Mario);

Dark Pit - ???

Lucina - FE: Awakening Arena Ferox map;

Shulk - ???

Pac-Man - too obvious (Pac-Man);

Mega Man - Mega Man, but which one?;

Sonic - Sonic CD Metal Sonic race;

Mii Fighters - ???

Mewtwo - ???

Lucas - Mother 3 Sunflower field;

Roy - ???

Ryu - ???

Cloud - ???

Corrin - Awaiting American release of FE:Fates

Bayonetta - ???

Pichu - ???

Ice Climbers - too obvious (Ice Climbers - should I design this so it's meant for 2 players?);

Young Link - Majora's Mask

Wolf - ???

Squirtle - ???

Ivysaur - ???

Snake - ???

If I use your level idea, you'll get credit in that world via a sign saying "Level Idea from [name]." I will, however, interpret and execute that idea in whatever way suits me, so be wary of that. Note that all of this is going to be made by me (I'm well aware of the workload).

I highly value originality, so I'm trying to stray from things I've seen in EE often (namely Mario Bros. 1&3). I'd also prefer to not repeat things too much, ie. I don't want 4 Pokemon fights. Also nothing is set in stone at all yet, I haven't even begun work on any of these levels, so just because you see an idea by a character slot doesn't mean I won't swap it out for yours.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Special Updates

Originally posted by sotiris5:

TurboTails stop being annoying for once!the ideas thread is crappy and filled with more than 4000 posts!

This thread is also crappy. There’s been a million and one of these, and nothing interesting ever spews outta them. That’s WHY there’s an ideas thread with 4000+ posts.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Simply discuss the blog

Not entirely surprising, but news all the same. What is surprising to me is that jawapa had bad standing with the other staff members – I thought he was a suck-up.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Crypts of anubis should be removed from campaign

I actually agree with the OP. I play on a laptop that cannot handle 3 keyboard inputs at the same time (even if I get my [space] stuck, allowing me to continually jump w/o actually holding [space]), so the map is literally impossible for me.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / The community.

Originally posted by aaro54:

The community on these forums is absolutely terrible. Not so sure about the ingame community.

I used to log on here solely for the kong-EE community. Since its intelligence/friendliness has been declining, my activity level has been about on par. Now I know ~1% of this community >.>Anyone remember me? Hellooo?

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Topic: Everybody Edits / fausty's i is you god

Why is this still a thing

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Hue.

You are a horrible, horrible person.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Do you think this game should revert back to the old version?? (0.6)

I see where you’re coming from, sppoky, but this game actually has gotten better. Loads of new objects with unique functionality have been implemented since this game was released, meaning loads upon loads of possibilities for levels are now… well, possible. Also, open worlds are basically the same as old EE, except with a different user interface and a larger map (and auto-centering, thank gawd).

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Are magic coins still in the game? If so, how do they work (in comparison to the old systems?)

Originally posted by alexmetic:

magic coins are giving you some secret smileys and shop smileys. i said a true thing or a false thing? reply by clicking quote post…
magic coins can give you secret blocks?… magic coins are in other camapigns… true?.

All true.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Join my clan.

gam not hav clans dum-dum. hav cr00s

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / _~!!WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE!!~_

Eh, I’m bored.

I nominate hummerz5, Xfrogman43, and MawkM233.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Are magic coins still in the game? If so, how do they work (in comparison to the old systems?)

Check out the blog. apparently the magic cheating system or whatever was interfering with the magic system. I’m gonna assume they didn’y lie when they said it was fixed.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / #Ping-Pong

The kong forums themselves are an alternate forum for EE. Also, that site hardly has any visits. Why would anybody use that?
No I am not taking this too seriously shut up

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Topic: Everybody Edits / don't act like we can't see it

Originally posted by Xfrogman43:
Originally posted by DarknessPr0ject:
Originally posted by Xfrogman43:

Game mods don’t even visit this forum (Probably not even once in 2 months), they need to add ones that actually visit the forum…
Also, who is OzoneKing?


Didn’t put that together :p

Considering what Humz said, only one post, the latest one was a day ago. Also, we’ve had no forum mod who actually plays the game for like 3 years (Not sure when Cyclone left, but it’s been a long time)… We need better forum mods.


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Originally posted by ChristianDaL1:

This sucks why would you do this?
why would you mistake my brother .-.

Not sure who your frustration is aimed towards, you seem to have just addressed everybody ever

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Originally posted by aaro54:
Originally posted by T00P:

It doesn’t seem we are receiving the full story of this. Whether or not this is the case, I intend help clear this up. Alternate accounts are not against the rules and thus not a viable excuse for a ban. On the flip side, alt accounts that are also shared accounts are against the rules.

If you provide your in-game username and the approximate date of your ban, I’ll make sure to find a more elaborated reason for your ban, and if not properly justified or simply the result of confusion, I see that your ban can be lifted or reduced.

Are you people really not noticing this post?

It’s been noticed, but the thing is it’s only relevant to whom it concerns, which in this case is the OP who hasn’t posted since the OP.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / The Brainstorming Thread

GATM, sorry to burst your bubble, but I posted something incredibly similar to that on the first page.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Huge Castle <—- Post here!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / The Brainstorming Thread

Originally posted by Shadeslayer999:

Level Up!

Very riveting. Now try actually contributing to a discussion!

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Popularity Contest RESULTS ARE IN! [polling closed]

Originally posted by Xfrogman43:

GG m8
Maybe post this on first post?

Done. Kept the old first post completely the same in order to sort alphabetically instead of by position. So, I just kinda slabbed it on.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / EE Episodes

I highly recommend not using paint, however. Go to imgur. Makes life so much easier.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / The Brainstorming Thread

Somebody make a boardgame bot since I’m too busy/lazy to, ex:
Commands could include

  • !roll – returns 2 RNG numbers, if they equal eachother the player who issued the !roll gets an extra turn; does not work if player is in jail and did not roll doubles
  • !bail – allows the player to pay $50 to bail from jail; if player failed to escape 3 times this command is issued automatically
  • !buy – allows the player to buy a property they landed on
  • !auction – allows the player to auction a property instead of purchasing it
  • !build [PROPERTY NAME] – allows the player to build on a property, capped at 5 for the hotel
  • !info [PLAYER] – returns with any player’s on-hand cash, money, a list of properties, etc.
  • !trade [PROPERTY NAME] [CASH] w/ [PLAYER] for [PROPERTY NAME] [CASH] – self-explanatory
  • !mortgage [PROPERTY] – mortgage a property for x money, undone w/ !unmortgage
  • !sell [PROPERTY] – a player can sell houses and hotels at any time, though may sell properties only if they would otherwise go bankrupt
  • There would likely be a long list of booleans for if x player owns y property
    No, I don’t actually expect anybody to do this, but I’d find it entertaining.

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    Topic: Everybody Edits / Popularity Contest RESULTS ARE IN! [polling closed]

    Originally posted by hummerz5:
    oh wait, jkdrip, did you vote for yourself?