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Topic: General Gaming / Chaos Faction 2 Custom Maps

Airborne Battle


Mob Brawl


Goose Wars


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Topic: General Gaming / Game requests for Kongregate:

Originally posted by SicMirx:


‘Worm Food’ by Hell if I know.

That game looked fun.

Hey SicMirx, I’ve typed up an e-mail and sent it to Nitrome about a week ago.
Now I just recently received an e-mail from (Maker of Worm Food), in answer to my request. Yesterday to be precise. Anyways, he denied it, due to advertising reasons, and he wants to maintain a steady flow to Nitrome. I thought I would tell you as proof, that I will try to get games on Kongregate. I’m sorry they won’t put it on. But I have played it, it’s fun! :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Why Do People Like Stupid Runescape?

Originally posted by klomo:

runescape is the worst thing that was ever made. i made an account 2 weeks ago and that was the worst thing i have ever done. i don’t even understand why people play that dumb is the worst can ever made.

SO….. why do you think people play this stupid game!!!

i think it is becuse they are poor and can’t affor a REAL mmorpg or can’t download other games ( witch is a dumb reson)

Klomo, please. Don’t be a troll, especially not on the forums anyway. And yes, I also think Runescape is stupid. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you don’t have to be prejudiced or anything to people who do play it. Besides, would you rather everyone play WoW, or MoM, and constantly talk about 1337 LEET stuff? Then you’d complain about that, and post another thread like this. Anyways, this whole post/thread of yours has no point here on Kongregate, because it’s a completely different game! (And thankfully) There is nothing gaming-related on here relevant to it! But, about the whole “why don’t people buy an mmorpg” thing, why don’t YOU go outside, play some sports, and get a life besides making foolish comments about games you think are horrible? If I were RayWilliamJohnson, I would put you on a video, give you a funny voice-over, and watch how many people laugh at you. Just sayin’.

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Topic: General Gaming / Game requests for Kongregate:

Basically, I just made this thread to post any games you think Developers should put on Kong. Personally, I look forward to the Darkness series being put on Kongregate.

Anyways, there might already be another thread with the exact same purpose, but even so. This is new and fresh, so not as much noobs. ( lol, jk. :P )
Please respond with lists of games you wish to see on Kongregate.

I will also sometimes check up on this thread, and sort the games by website/developer, then send requests. So if you could please post the game AND developer, that would be great.
Thank you!