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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Went from easy to hard after ascension. Why?

I was dumb and reset several days ago and went from 150 or so to 220 souls. Everything was sooooo slow after! But when I realized what people earlier in this thread said, it made much more sense to stay playing without resetting. And if I were to reset again, right now, I’d get + 254 souls. That’s more than twice what I have now. Why? Because each time I get a primal boss, they give me 30 + souls. Wait 30 minutes, and dark ritual allows me to kill it. That’s way more than you’ll get from restarting from level 1. You’ll get, let’s say 10, from hero levelling and then you’ll be fighting the primals in the 100s. They give 1-4ish souls, which is nothing. Continuing in the same universe is the way to go.

You get:
-Gilded Heroes
-The endurance achievements (High gold, high hero leveling, etc.)
-Tons of souls from primal bosses
-Resetting wouldn’t get you to where you are much faster, so you might as well stay.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

I don’t know if this is true all the time, but I had exactly 493d gold, and the cost of my 998th Forest Seer was also 493d gold, but it wouldn’t let me buy it until I got another coin. I guess the Great Seer had some additional charge several unseen digits over or something like that. I have a screenshot if you need it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / When to buy "The Good News?"

It is probably a good deal so long as you are willing to wait for it to earn back angels. Buy it and then don’t reset until you’ve earned back that many angels and more (and that won’t take too long at that level).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Gilded Heroes Predetermined?

Okay, so it seems as though we have uncovered the new system (it is predetermined). Now, I think it would be more productive to suggest how the devs should make a new system. Any ideas? Last time it was uncovered, they changed it (when people thought that the number of monsters killed in between earning the hero and unlocking it). So what do you think would be a better system? What makes the game fun for you, and hopefully isn’t too abusable (though I guess that isn’t the worst thing in the world)?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Gilded Heroes Predetermined?

It’s late where I am, so I’m not going to try it, but if someone is interested, they should do what I outlined at the end (save, export, and then trade in a ton of heroes and write down what the outcomes were in order, reimport, and do it again to see if more than just the first one remained the same).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Gilded Heroes Predetermined?

I did some experimenting and the results may suggest that Gilded heroes are inevitable and predetermined to some extent.

I traded Betty Clickers (one that I had gilded) and got Athena. I reimported (went back to Betty), traded Betty, and got Athena again, and then reimported. So, at this point, both times I got Athena, and now I’m back to how I started (Gilded Betty, no Athena).

I past level 200 or something and earned a new random gilded hero, and it was Athena, so I reimported, and got Athena again!

Clearly, the game insists that the next random hero I get is Athena, whether by trade in or by new random.

This suggests you can test the next heroes you get: Save, export, and then trade all your gilded heroes for new ones and keep track. Then, reimport. You’ll know how many souls you’d need to spend or levels you’d need to earn to reach whatever hero you want. If they’re bad enough, you might just quit the game.

Thoughts? Your own tests?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / x1000 Button

Originally posted by Kabboose:

To be honest…. Wouldn’t a custom buy amount be the best solution? x___ <== You type whatever number you want there, and it calculates it for you. Seems like that would make everyone happy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s actually thought of that, am I?

No, I thought of that too. It would be useful to type in 50 for newspaper, and then go put in 200 for oil, whatever. But I’d rather just have a 25, 50, and big button (either 500, 1000, or max) then type it in each time.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Boss .1%

They should make it 1% for any creature you’re fighting. .1 is definitely too low for bosses, and 10 was probably too high. So the best compromise I can think of is have it uniform for normal monsters and bosses at 1%.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.10

As a person who got the best luck on my gilded heroes (I got 7: Frostleaf, Grant, Aphrodite, Athena, Amenhotep, Abaddon, Leon), I still think the luck thing is unfair. I am really happy with what I got, and if it doesn’t change, that’s good with me :D But I know I would be really upset if I had gotten bad luck, and I actually think the idea of random each ascension is a cool idea. I really like opening the boxes, so if you get to open as many as you earned last universe as soon as you ascend, that’d be cool.

Alternatively, for your money making pleasure, you could make the 30 Kreds one available for choice rather than random. I’m sure you’d get a lot more people interested in that if you made it by choice :p

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Colourblind

I’m not colorblind myself, but when I saw the color scheme they chose, I instantly thought about how hard that would be. I think phase two is going to have a lot of cosmetic changes. I vote that the devs make the colors customizable by the players.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / I don't think you should be able to "fail" anti-idle

Yeah, the only times I’ve had to rehire were due to lag. I lost hundreds of trigintillion that way, which essentially defeated all the anti-idling I did. This might still need some rebalancing.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

I think that Midas should be like Cid: Cid is the only hero that upgrades the player’s click. Each time you upgrade him, your click damage goes up.

For Midas, I think your gold percentage should go up just a little. That way you could continue to level him up and reap some benefits for doing so. Might be something to do even after Frostleaf. It shouldn’t be game breaking (don’t make it too much of a percentage), but he gives so little DPS to begin with he’d be better as just a money guy.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Offline Doesn't Add to Monster Count

I just wanted to know if this was an oversight or on purpose. I turned on an old boss I can kill in a split second and took a screenshot of my stats. I had 26,375 boss kills. Then, I went offline. When I came back an hour later, it said I earned a lot of money (100O or something like that), and by the time I clicked on the stats, it was up to 26,380 – probably 5 went by in the time it took me to click the stats tab.

In other words, Offline mode gives money and reduces cooldowns, but does not count the monsters you are supposedly killing during the time you’re gone. I can understand why the devs might have wanted it this way (if you don’t log in for a year and then come back, you’d probably have 100,000 monsters killed). Still, maybe cap how many you can kill offline before you log back in? Or is this the motivation to stay logged in? :)

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Boss HP

Well, because of the zone achievements, this could still have some use for people deciding whether they think they’ll be powerful enough to kill the next boss (120, 140, 160) or ascend before they work their way up there. 160 has 38,600O health.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hero souls

I have 87 as of this post. I started out by getting 5 at a time, then 6, then 7, and the last few runs I’ve been going 8. I’ve never gone 9 I don’t think. That’s way too expensive. Given my DPS, 8 seems like a good goal, but I bet if you wanted to play continuously (no idling) that you could probably get 5 and ascend with almost no breaks once you get a little further than where I am.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Congratulations!

Hey Clickers!

It looks like we got a forum here on Kong, and I think that’s pretty great. Let’s congratulate ourselves and the devs for respectively playing and making a successful game here on Kongregate.

This is definitely in my top 3 favorite idle games. I look forward to seeing many interesting forum posts in this forum!

So, what’s your favorite thing about Clicker Heroes? I really like the flavor text of the characters and upgrades.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / We need a new update VERY soon!

Originally posted by George63:

Don’t need to increase the cap, just add some interactive content, something along the lines of “quests”.
Like spend 1 trigintillion, read a scenario, chose the best option out of 4 businesses to invest in
Best option gives you 5 trigintillion over 5 days, second best gives you 2 trigintillion over 6 days, third best option gives you 0.5 trigintillion straight up because you sell off whats left of the business, worst option means you lose 4 trigintillion over 4 days (if you can afford the payments, otherwise the loss happens when you can afford it).

Something along those lines, something business-y but still interactive, instead of just buy 50,000 things and wait a few days to soft reset.

Wow, that’s an amazing idea. There should be things changing like that for sure. Perhaps sales on businesses, or added ‘taxes’ on others that are temporary. Quests that give extra return if you get +50 of a business in a certain amount of time. Any variation on these could make this game even better!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Kongregate Achievements

Originally posted by ernulaxcuilan:
Originally posted by firefly6985:

And Kongregate has a semi-strict No Badges on Idle Games policy. There HAVE been a few exceptions, its possible they will add them for something so popular as AdCap, but its unlikely.

what were the exceptions?

Anti-Idle: The Game has one badge. That’s the only one I can find.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / AdVenture Capitalist References

Black Friday the 13th is Black Friday, the day of the year after Thanksgiving where business go into the black (positive) rather than the red (negative) (AKA make a lot of money), and Friday the 13th, the occasional day known for bad luck and supernatural (I’m assuming that the latter is the noteworthy one because of the angels).

I would like to reiterate that Trump most certainly is intentional based off the image.

Unrefusable offer is a play on “An offer you can’t refuse” from the Godfather, I think.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / 1750 Newstands Hump - How to get over it?

I finally got over that problem and am at 1800 now. It doubled all my profits, but the novemvigintillions look like they’re going to take absolutely forever to get through. I think the devs just want us to wait a long time to get to 2000 at this point. I have all of the upgrades, so there is nothing to do but wait. Maybe they don’t want us to finish until after their next update, which they said would take a long time :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Ad Cap Suggestions

I really would enjoy seeing a full blown stats screen. There are tons of different stats available in this game besides income per second per business. You can go total income per second, per minute, per hour, per day. You can show how much total has been invested in a business. You can show how much has been invested in the whole game ignoring resets. There’s tons of different stats available.

A comment I saw that I thought was clever was that since we’re executing tons of angels, when you execute enough of them, you get a single devil investor. Then, devil investors are super powerful in some way, like maybe they can be used for really awesome upgrades that are permanent beyond resets, or they are worth +20% per devil investor or something along those lines.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / why jtm02

There are lots of reasons why this could be, and only Kongregate could really ever tell you. They might have never considered Nerdook, or perhaps they did and he said no. You really have no possible way of knowing.

I love games by both JTMB02 and Nerdook, but I think I have to go with JTMB02 as my favorite on the whole website and was happy to hear he was hired.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / OK what next?

Well, if you’ve not unlocked the hydra brawl yet (by completing the hydra quest) then I don’t see a reason not to do that (it is only 100 e after all).

After that, continuing in quest seems like a logical idea if you have a deck that’s up to it. There are some very nice cards on your way to z13, and also there is magma sword (don’t waste your energy on ES when you could be trying for magma sword) in z6. So, get a move on, Kasan!

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / KREDS/DRAGONCOINS SUGGESTION

I totally agree with this. I once tried some of those surveys, and wasn’t qualified for any of them. But I have around 20 creds with nothing to do with them. I would very much so like another level of kreds to DC in this game.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / se when 0 cards

Wow, this just happened to me. I played Dead Man’s volley on the guy and it pulled 2 SE. Neither banished but they both did damage (well, the log says they did. He was already at zero). Then dido went off and it was his turn.