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Topic: Game Design / Can you be good at designing games without knowing how to code?

Well i deffinately a person who knows how to code. But i am 14 and i do notice things in games, like differences and likes. Well im not sure but in order to design a game you need to know how to code because an idea is an idea but designing the idea so your not the only person who sees it. So in a sense no you can not. (if i am reading in to the definition of ‘design’ correctly)

But that doesnt mean that you just because you dont know the the EXACT limits of coding, doesnt mean that you cant pitch realist ideas from past gaming experiences. I read a lot of things like people saying ‘Call of Duty+Zelda+Whatever the heckz else’. But i have ideas for games in the ‘Under Judgement’ section that i KNOW are possible because ive seen other games with the same or almost the same as my ideas. Ex; The ideas have for one of the Under Judgement games called ‘Driving Cars’. More map varieties, More cars, point/cash system to gain and unlock new cars/misc. Also make little things like (trash cans) moveable i dont want a 2 pound trash can stopping a car going 150mph. Also some buildings have like a parking garage-ish type structure so you can go inside of the bulding/structure also add pedastrians, dont need to make them have every humanly possible characteristic but people to hit/ run over. Blood should be an optional button in the options menu (or in the main menu)

Anyways (i just kinda sorta wanted to get my idea on the game out…*cough**cough*) games should not be stuff like game + game + game no. A game should be its own. If you came of the game bc you would like to see Zelda + Modern Warefare. Then thats not a good game. A game should be its own, its own ideas, of course you can inspiration here and there, and the internet is such an endless void of course there’s gunna be something like your game. But as long as you started the game idea with your own intentions ofmaking a game that you can claim your own, and not someone elses game you altered. Then thats all that matters.


Topic: The Arts / The ArtBox! (Undergoing restoration works)

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