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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] Best Strategy

Pick Madgascar IronFist. Close all ports. Easy win everytime.

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Topic: General Gaming / Awaken 2 - taking sugestions

Also if you need a list of testers just pm me, I love this game, although now I am starting the hard difficulty and killing one of my guys and playing just with that one for added difficulty… lol… :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Awaken 2 - taking sugestions

Some find the game very hard. Myself … find the game far too easy. At lvl 80, just for kicks, I was still only using 2 guys with $1500 shotgun. Maybe having the easy mode give each recruit natural armor, extra clips would be better? With hard difficulty being no armor, rather than money.

Classes Specialize soldiers to certain tasks.

Recruits – Ability to recruit higher end recruits at not as cost effective prices. Maybe have them parachute in random locations for added entertainment :).

Rounds – Ability to hit (next round) so you don’t need to wait and have the ability to face multiple waves at once for extra difficulty or for testing defense purposes.

Buildings – Bunker (unable to fire out of, and made mostly for low health or looters for when ambush attack comes) Turret, I love turrets and ability to have a mode were you start only with say a engineer class and can’t recruit and use turrets and walls for defense would be fun :) Also when building having a system as followed would be nice to see. First building $100, 2nd building $120, 3rd $150, 4th $210 etc… thus to be efficient the person must use the right building for the job rather than just spamming them.

Also the def/hp is far higher than damage per second. This is very apparent in later levels where even with 5 best machine gun takes time to kill them, and my guys barely get any damage to them. Would be neat to see more of a 2 shot kill for both zombie and human. Thus providing more strategy I think.

Weapons, would be neat to see more variety of course but that is endless :) lol. So I think having the weapons balanced would be a nice update. Right now I can solo with one guy with $1500 shotgun behind a car with max armor and 2 biokits at lvl 80.

Pausing game, might be better to have a bar of “energy” that can be upgraded that allows the player to pause but not pause it every 2 seconds :) just added difficulty is all.

Speaking of cars that gives me a idea… Instead of building turrets maybe finding parts for the turrets and fixing it up like how the get away car works would be a better system? With the better turrets having harder to find parts?