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Topic: Off-topic / Why does Batman associate himself as a superhero

option 1:Batman has beaten many super powered opponents, therefore he can count.
option 2:Batman uses unrealistic gadgets, so he is a superhero in the way Iron Man is.
option 3: All you need to be a superhero is to have a characteristic outfit, a codename, and a good track record. For the heroic part, you probably need a code (like no killing, or whatever)
superhero tale feel different than other action oriented stories.
option 4: From a writing perspective, a superhero story is different from a regular story with a action oriented hero because of symbolism. Whenever a character is just as much a symbol of something as they are a character, plus they do battle with villains, they can count as a superhero if the author thinks that angle will work.
option 5:Batman doesn’t ever call himself a Superhero. We consider him such because he resembles one, and there’s no real reason to nitpick.