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Topic: Wartune / MERGE S5,6,7,10 with s1

I don’t really see how that is a good thing.

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Topic: Wartune / Guardian/Eudaemon Garbage at it's finest

Yes yes, R² and 7Road will sh*t on your face and ask you if it was warm enough.
And then they giggle.

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Topic: Wartune / pointless balance rant

Apollo shield is a good party skill for knights. Other than that… The Delphic is strong. The bubble shield is nice. And that’s about it.

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Topic: Wartune / *****Latest from China - China Patch - HOT NEWS*****

At least those patches won’t lag so much.

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Topic: Kongregate / Please allow wartune to have a miniclient.

Agree with original post. Kong players should have the same client available as the other platforms do, because Wartune is a cross-server/cross-platform pvp environment.

Nobody wants to only be able to bring a knife to a gunfight, right?

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Topic: Wartune / S1 got theirs but what about S5/S6/S7/S10

I’m also starting to think that R2 just dislikes/doesn’t like/hates Kongregate Wartune players.
Virtually nothing that has been asked or suggested on this forum ever got any official reply or fix.
Some of the Kong servers had very big income for them, yet they disregard kong.
Litterally dozens of vocal players have asked for certain servers to be merged, yet they merge others, that did not need or ask for it.
We got no mini client so lag is ever worse and worse for us due to bad coding/bad caching/adding 80+ only content.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / I quit

Originally posted by x_Nathaniel_x:
Originally posted by B3stKnight:

Never come back.

Best is right

My final words for you zaeem: best of luck in your life and try to learn about respect

Zaeem and the word respect in 1 sentence!? omg the sky is falling!!!!!

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Topic: Wartune / Demand on World Boss

The caps lock and bold text was indeed a bit….. yuck.

Other than that, valid points in the OP.

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Topic: Wartune / Fun Fact About Recharge Event

You just all have too much money and R² knows it.

Spend it on helping homeless people or people suffering from hunger/war instead.

All you’re doing now is help fund Jared’s new Ferrari.

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Topic: Wartune / Fun Fact About Recharge Event

Actually no. You get pixels in a game.
A game they can shut down when they aren’t making enough revenue anymore off you.

So please keep spending!

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Uhmmmmm

Happy Holidays everybody!


Topic: Wartune / 2.1 Lag - I am desperate. This is my cry for help

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Earth 1 era 63

You’re excelling by admitting you’ve been bested, sir.

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Topic: Wartune / Easiest Ways To Fix Lag

+1 to original post.

Flash graphics switch to low/med/high or a seperate client which we can run locally would fix 75% of lag issues, if not more.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Rage at BD

the new client is horribly bland

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Topic: Battle Dawn / BigEarth Christmas Event?

how is that bad? lots of cashers will come from .com :)

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1


- Do not force us to log into cloud city every time. (because yes it does consume memory and it lags the rest of your session)

- Bring back being able to access the Arena and Hall of Heroes buildings to the old city. (not being able to access them quickly is a massive pain)

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

I am not entirely certain this qualifies as a bug, as you have described, but…

Ever since the 2.1 update (and especially sylphs) i have noticed incredible lag in all places that include the sylphs. I even notice it in farm, because sylphs hover there or are meditating.

The lag is especially bad in ToK, when there are 8 players all using sylphs. I noticed this type of lag before with certain types of wings that have an ‘aura’ effect. Like a glow. Sylphs also have this.

Hope this helps.

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Topic: Wartune / Reason why 3x2 formation?

Thanks so much for doing this poll.

I just don’t see the logic in them changing the formation, at all.

It worked brilliantly, so why change a good thing? (unless there were issues with it we don’t know about)

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Leaving Battle Dawn


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Topic: Battle Dawn / E1 solo - By frank

Here’s my perspective.

I built on the world as the 4th person. My name was ‘my piano’.
Creature Fear (Frank) decided to build right next to me for some odd reason.
He asked me to be friendly. I said okay.

I spammed some mines/wells, and all was fine and dandy. I could go to sleep with a good feeling before the world really took off. (it was still in paused mode)

I wake up next day, and i’m conquered by Creature Fear and i’m force relocated to the other end of the world, South West Antartica to be exact. (really the edge of the map)

So I relocated back to my original location after some ticks in AA, and decided this Creature Fear guy must die or be trolled and spammed for his treason.

I did that, and he finally relocated to SA. Then I went inactive for a few days/weeks lol. Zaw asked me if he could have my infrastructure and i said yeah why not (since i’m not playing any longer – and I did what i came there to do – which is get revenge on Creature)

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Next E1

Hello everybody!

E1 solo?? Sure why not! :)

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Fantasy

why would it go to 3.5k?

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Guide to battle down

dis is da true!

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Topic: Battle Dawn / END or TEO?