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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] BYM rollcall

Originally posted by hitman8:
Originally posted by JohannSchinder:

Yes, Wave, I agree on beetle tanks, I always add a few lvl 2 bazookas (low level myself), they have a nice distance performance.

BYM vs. GL (my point of view) :

What I hate the most (as I used to in the early BYM days) is calculating the cost and income for sending low level monsters to attacks. It is similar to BYM in that way and part of the game concept I guess.
But ! – to fulfill the missions (and completing missions is obviously important in this game), you have to activate useless crap like Kamikaze! Ok, it has an extra eye (compared to Eye-Ray) but it is totally useless against experienced players (and it doesn’t have airburst…or will it learn that skill later, not sure?).

What I like about GL is the more social aspect if it comes to exchanging material and helping friends (I said that before on this thread, I know. Sorry for being a parrot)

Also: talking alliances: I am not in one yet, but, I’ve been told, that as soon as you join an alliance, every (higher) level can attack you. It sounds a bit like BYM’s Map1 and Map2, but, as the communication inside this game is so poorly programmed (not to say non-existant) I don’t know what to do. Is the message exchange better if you are in an alliance ? (fell free to let me know, thank you).
Actually, the lack of in-game messages is a big drawback in my eyes

So far I can say, I like GL, but BYM had a few more tactical
thrills extra, like pathing!
Pathing sucks in this game unfortunately :(
Pathing made the biggest difference between Pro Players and Boxyard (and other) Noobs in BYM.

Sorry for talking so assured, I’m not a noob, I’m just new here ;)
Have fun!

Hey! i had a box base and i was not a nOOb! i was just lazy. over level 40…

My box yard was good in BYM (lv46) only had hackers wreck it 100%
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Topic: Backyard Monsters / DD alliance

there r quite a few hacker here :)
had a run in with a guy with quite an interesting formor that kills yards alone and forces ppl to join here
and a modified marilyn montroe user

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / What to do if someone hacks (Thanks to TheChickenMaster!)

sadly someother guy did the exact same thing and the attack report disappeared after a day and when i try to attack back it says “oops something broke”
already reported him i hope i see him ban hammered :/

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / What to do if someone hacks (Thanks to TheChickenMaster!)

some guy took over alot of my ops cuz my bunker wouldn’t work >.> is that a hack or just a bug?

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Logging camp rip-off

ur math is embarrassingly wrong :/ 2880/12 = 240

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / Question Thread - Ask Here! All other threads will be locked.

Originally posted by mustilehma:
Originally posted by Playerrr:
Originally posted by mustilehma:
Originally posted by Playerrr:

Can someone help me read this report? What killed them? I dont get it.
I dont have any damage in my base, so something killed them.

Def. towers? Kills don’t list in there, just trap kills.
EDIT: And could you make the photo bigger?

I dont think my towers can kill them before they activate even one trap.