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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Immortal Empire]Suggestions

Suggestion 1:
Item Combining/Crafting system:

As it stands to get a nice item for say my Zerker, I have to check the shop constantly and wait weeks for an item with the required stats I need. This discourages players since they just have to sit around and farm to maybe get a useful item. What I’d suggest trying to add is a combining system so,

Axe A has dmg and mana, Axe B has health and int, Axe C has attack speed and agil, I was an axe with dmg, health, AS and agil but finding an axe like that would take ages, so I stick all 3 in a combiner and pay a fee based on how many items im combining, and there rarity, select a stat from each of them, so A I choose dmg, B health, C i take AS over agil, then press combine, A, B and C are destroyed and out pops a new Axe D, with dmg, health and AS, now this can either have the values from the previous axes, or a new random value based on the rarity of the items used(and therefore the new items rarity).

Then you could add a more expensive 4 item combine, and maybe a 5 item rad only combine. This gives high level plays a purpose in grinding, instead of looking for that all round amazing item, they are looking for pieces, so when you get that divine axe drop, you aren’t sitting there thinking, oh great another int axe. Getting gear will become realistic instead of purely luck based.

Some of the technical things now;
Level:the new item should probably be the average level of the items used combining it, 3 magics make a magic, 3 divines make a divine, but what about 2 magics and a divine? 33% chance for a divine, or a magic always unless its 3 divines?
Cost: Based off the new items level and rarity?
Rad: A rad only system would feel unfair unless the cost was extremely low(levelxrarity=rad cost?), however say a 5 item combine for a reasonable rad cost could be done since rad is grindable ingame, this gives people with money an incentive to donate, meaning more monies for karma, meaning more updates etc for everybody, and if the cost isnt too extreme grinding players would still be able to do it.
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Suggestion 2:
Set benefits:

A system I’ve seen in a few games to encourge people to be more selective with gear is adding set bonuses based on material, so say add a new stat to helm, chest, gloves, and boots. The new stat could be either cloth, leather or chain, these wouldn’t limit what you can wear though summoners can still wear chain, and paladins can wear cloth, if you’d prefer it could be material like iron, mithril, adamantine.

If you are wearing all cloth, you get a 10% bonus to all the effects of your items, that +10int is now +11 etc. This system would reward players who pick their gear carefully over those who randomly throw on whatever seems good. It would encourge the better players to calculate what gear is better, is it worth breaking your set bonus to use that new mythical drop you got, etc.
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Suggestion 3:
Shared Items between chars on the same account or item transfer system:

Currently when you reach max level on your main, you can either grind more, or create another account and try another immortal or setup, people who have done this 2 or 3 tims have 3-4 50s, if I’m farming on my 50 valk and I get a really nice mythical axe, I can’t trade it to my 50 zerker and have to sell it to the shop for something like 2k, this would make me cry big fat emo rage tears.

I propose having a shared item vault or perhaps the ability to send items between characters either for a gold cost, or perhaps a small rad fee? If you go with the shared vault it effectively means your lvl 50 can buy your lvl 0 some gear and give it a boost early, but hows that different from your 50 friend coming in and 1 shotting everything? If going down the shared vault idea gold might as well be account based like rad.

The other alternative to this is ‘item mailing’, have a window, you place the item in, type a character name, and either for a gold fee or a small rad cost maybe the item gets delivered to them. This would be the prerunner to the trading system, and if you add messages to this, you increase the social capacity, I could mail my 50 friend about the new item I got that he could buy when he’s not online. The cost for this system is up to you, if you made it a small rad cost, it would be more likely to be used for transfering mythicals and divines to a char who needs them, more end game effects, as most people wont spend 25 rad sending 1 lvl 2 ring over to their new toon, when he will find a decent one within 20 minutes of playing or have outgrown that one completely. If its free, players are more likely to gear their lowbies up, but as I said before, its not much different than getting a high level to run with you.

Allowing people who already have max level accounts to gear up their lowbies isn’t really a problem anyway in my eyes, they have spend the time and effort to get a max level account, why not let them have a bit of an easier time on their second, third, tenth play though?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Immortal Empire]Ideas

+1 to all of those

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Immortal Empire]Overpowered/Underpowere d Skills

Congrats you throw pixie dust down and block my berserker in and in the next 2 turns i demolish all the units blocking me, and at the same time my other immortals circle around and destroy your dryad.

Certain abilities used correctly will seem ‘OP’ however the real meaning of OP is that something is unbalanced and always gives a clear advantage to the one with it. Kids throw the word around so much just because an ability/character is powerful in the right circumstances and used correctly that its practically lost all meaning.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Update from Kongregate

I logged in today for the first time in since requesting my refund(several week ago), the wheel is still misleading, IT STILL HAS THE STOP BUTTON!!, its method of saying the rarity of prizes is a small added caption at the bottom of each prize visible only when you specificly highlight each prize. Also for anyone who doesn’t frequent casinos, if you want the odds of winning on a game like roulette, all you have to do is ask. CoG has lied to players for months now, and either Kong is on CoG’s side and lying to us or they are being lied to as well and make to look like fools.

Kong, whos side are you on? Do you want us to quit this site over this issue so you can protect this developer who doesn’t give a f**k about you, or do you want to side with us and give us what was taken from us under false pretenses? We are legally entitled to a refund because of the fixed gambling method used to make use spend money, and therefore you are entitled all the money you’ve given CoG for us buying kreds.

Also I’d like to point out that if someone took legal action against this, you would be forced, by law, to shut down either the Kong site completely or at minimum all Kred related fuctions until the investigation and following court case was resolved, and I’m going to estimate 2-3 years for that, possibly even longer with CoG’s ‘language barrier’ and ‘cultural differences’, along with the negative publicity involved with such a case.

Emily, Do you really want to risk the future of your site for CoG?


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Topic: Call of Gods / Update from Kongregate

It appears Kongregate bit off more than they could chew when Tricky offered the full CASH refund. Some of those who asked have been given the refunds they wanted and banned as stated then Kong realised just how many people wanted refunds and decided to offer this 25% free kreds.

I was attempting to get an answer directly off Emily via private messages however she seems to now be ignoring me, (if you aren’t and are just swamped with messages I take this comment back), you’ll also note all the serious points in this forum are being dodged, while Emily and tricky continue to answer the occasional small question. The reason they are dodging these points is because they don’t want to end up chewing on their own foot again by promising something then refusing those who ask for that promise.

There are also alot of spam posts in this forum which are starting to get annoying, first of all the wheel is a gamble, YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO ALWAYS GET AN ITEM WITH A HIGHER VALUE THAN THE COST! Secondly, the reason most of us are annoyed IS NOT because there are worthless items on the free wheel, the reason is the way is was presented, along with the misleading information designed to encourage players to spend money with false hope, had the ‘wheel’ been presented with a button labeled ‘Gamble’ and a prize list on the side, even without odds, there wouldnt’ have been all these complaints. If people get screwed out of their money fairly, it sucks but its their bad, if someone cheats them out of it they get annoyed, and it is illegal so I’m told. If this really is illegal Kong should deal with it quickly to avoid this actually turning into a messy lawsuit, this is a serious issue as I’m expecting the refund amount to be probably $20,000+(all players, not just me).

Also in regards to these ‘cultural differences’, Kong are you seriously believing everything they tell you? Things like this scam wheel aren’t accepted commonplace in chinese games, the bad odds are, but the odds are always clear. Also if CoG is marketting a game to the US/European community they have a responsibility to make the game acceptable by US/Euro standards, I have always been a fan of Asian style games, both pay to play and free to play/cash shop games, CoG have decent basics however they haven’t transfered the game accross the ‘border’ properly, they haven’t done any research, they haven’t translated it properly, there are even blatent typos all over the game which are pointed out on a regular basis. They are using the ‘cultural differences’ as a shield to try and block all the crap we’ve dug up and started to throw at them, and at this rate the game will be ‘hacked’ and ruined in a way that will make everyone quit, then they can take the server down and take no responsibility for. Then they remake the game under a different name, probably change a few things, races, map, place names, etc, and release it as a new company to repear this all again.

I expect a reply from you regarding this post Emily,

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Topic: Call of Gods / Top Alliance Status on all Servers

Diadem, thats quite a long post for a hate message. However some of the facts are quite wrong. Lannisters don’t just win because of gold spenders, Templar and Fury both have their own gold spenders, infact bunny and dcish are probably 2 of the biggest spenders on the server, and I’ve seen bunny walk through quite a few Lannisters who are quite strong, for example last tuesday Bunny defeated 4 Lannisters in a row, all at 20k+ str, and the 5th only managed to take her down because he had barks, and still lost a stack of them and the tramps behind it. You can hardly say gold spenders are whats deciding it.

As for the spies comment, have you ever though maybe Miko is just an amazingly good leader, we haven’t needed spies. Between him and a few other good players, each threat is assessed, and based on where you bid and who covers what, they can figure out wheres going to get hit hard, and whats not. Mistakes have been made, but thanks to all the Lannister members who’ve put their forces forward all the bases are able to be covered. That is how Lannisters took over S4, if Templar had thought carefully about each war maybe you’d still own everything. Your poor management let Lannisters win, and now your complaining?

Lannisters play as a team, and because of that we win as a team. From what I’ve seen Templar, and even more so Fury, have a few big powerhouses to be afraid of, then a bunch of lower people who don’t seem to have much strength. Not all the Lannisters are gold spenders, so have you ever wondered how they all get geared and leveled so quickly?

So basicly, until Templar and the other alliances get serious and improve their alliance strength instead of 1-2 players in their alliance’s strength, they aren’t a real threat. Once they learn to fight as an alliance, and then manage to keep a mutually beneficial relationship with the other alliances, Lannisters might have something to worry about.