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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Aliens vs. Colonial Marines Quest (Colonial Marines Win!)

Lump me in with those who don’t care so much about the points, but I’m a completionist and I can’t stand that there’s a medal I didn’t get. I just want it on my profile…

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the Day 2013 (BotD) Archives

BTW, the name of the game is “i saw her standing there” (not “here”)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Originally posted by 123aaa789:

You can use the Tag Suggestions thread for that. I’d like to see that tag, actually, since I enjoy those kind of games.

Oops! I came here looking for a “suggestions” thread and found it without checking out the rest of the stickies. Thanks.

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Topic: Kongregate / Tag Suggestions

I would like to see a tag added for “programming” games like Light-Bot, Manufactoria, KOHCTPYKTOP, etc. It’s definitely a distinct genre, beyond the “puzzle” tag that all of those games are currently shoehorned into.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I would like to see a tag added for “programming” games like Light-Bot, Manufactoria, KOHCTPYKTOP, etc. It’s definitely a distinct genre, beyond the “puzzle” tag that all of those games are currently shoehorned into.

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Topic: Kongregate / Tag Suggestions

There should be a “Unity” tag for games that use the Unity webplayer instead of Flash (especially considering the existing tags for “HTML5” and “Stencyl” among others)

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongratulations, Kongregate.

I’m fine with the use of advertising to support the site. I added kong as an adblock exception because, while I don’t feel the need to pay a subscription fee to use the same free game site I’ve been part of for a long time, I do want to support their efforts.

What really annoys me, however, are the ads (and games) which have sound that cannot be muted! Most other places I see video ads like this have the courtesy and presence of mind to include a volume control. The ads have been getting longer and louder of late, and the close button is appearing less and less often. I cannot stand when my music/podcast/video is interrupted by an outburst of sound, especially when it’s a 30-second unskippable ad with no volume control! All that does is encourage me to block the ads again.

I’ll follow Z’s suggestion and hopefully things can get straightened out with the ad providers.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Codex of Alchemical Engineering; you'll waste hours

Wow, I’m really late coming to this party; how did that happen? This game is absolutely brilliant, and I love Lightbot et al, and I took almost three years to come across this game. I guess I mostly browse newer games and missed this one when it first debuted … but anyway.

My approach to optimization was quite different from that in this thread, focusing on execution time and minimum period above all else. A solution that produces output after 70 cycles and every 6 cycles thereafter will complete five copies in 100 cycles, while a solution that produces output after 30 cycles and every 12 cycles thereafter will complete 90 copies in 90 cycles. However, the former solution will prove to be much more efficient the longer the machine runs, were it allowed to do so, and this “long-term” execution time was the basis of my models.

Put differently, I want to use every spawned atom as soon as it is available.

It’s possible and relatively easy to calculate the minimum period for each puzzle. Every Glyph of Spawning produces a new atom every two cycles. If there are two spawning glyphs and the finished object requires six atoms to produce (including any needed for calcination/transmutation/projection), then each glyph will have to produce three atoms for every copy of the compound, meaning the machine at best will produce a completed compound every six cycles (once it’s “primed”).

Compounds which require an odd number of atoms are rather trickier. With two spawning glyphs and a compound which requires five atoms, for example, you can use a period of six and “waste” one atom every six cycles, or you can have period of 10 and produce two different copies in that timeframe. The latter is of course optimal but I ran into a lot of problems with space on the board with most of the actual problems in the game.

Finally, for compounds with different types of spawning glyphs, particularly with metals involved, the minimum period for each ‘type’ of atom are calculated separately (the most obvious example is Gold, which makes use of only one metal atom for every five Mercury atoms, and there’s no way to improve on that)

So, without further adieu, here are some of my solutions, many still being worked on:


Aqua Vitae (16/13/2)


Sal Ammoniac (40/17/2)


Cinnabar (40/17/2)


Litharge (84/21/2)


Oil of Vitriol (108/23/2)


Haematite (76/37/4)


Aqua Regis (72/59/8)
This is only half of the solution; the completed solution will have period 4 and 43 cycles.


Gold (108/34/5)


??? (15) (188/73/10)


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Topic: General Gaming / The Codex of Alchemical Engineering (Sharing Thread)

Post your favorite solutions here!

Rather than weed through comments and try out solutions to various puzzles, I think it would be cool to have a topic for elegant, creative, and optimized solutions to the various problems. It really is a brilliant game with endless possibilities; I have spent hours just messing around with the first few levels so far.

To get things started, a few of my more interesting solutions:

Level 1 (Aqua Vitae)
13 cycles: m,3,12,0,3,clor;m,11,12,270,3,olcr;m,3,4,0,3,orcl;m,11,4,90,3,crol;
3 symbols: m,7,8,90,3,cro;
Both results are optimal as far as I know.

Level 5 (Oil of Vitrol)
101 symbols, 39 cycles:
This is not optimal by any means, but every manipulator does a full rotation on the same clock for a nice visual effect.

Level 6 (Aqua Fortis)
44 symbols, 53 cycles: b,10,11;c,10,9;t,7,9;m,11,13,0,1,clor;m,14,11,180,2,cuod;m,13,11,90,1,wwcrolww;m,7,11,0,2,oucd;m,9,13,270,1,cuu11odd;m,12,9,180,1,dowddcuu;m,7,6,90,2,wcllollw;
This was just an attempt to solve the problem using only one of each glyph, with pretty interesting results I think.

I suppose I should stop playing around and actually finish the game, but for now I’m just having fun.

Check these out, and share what you have come up with!

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Topic: General Gaming / Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Full Walk Through

Originally posted by No_Stress:

It’s the Fusion Synth(Phase Synth + Fusion Fire)

Actually, it was the Fusion Laser that I was thinking of … those blue lasers come up so infrequently that I haven’t been able to experiment with them. The pictures help, for sure, thanks.

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Topic: General Gaming / Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Full Walk Through

I had an awesome weapon combo going that I’ve only found once ever, but I cannot figure out how to replicate it. I got the “Z” bonuskiller before the end of the level so I didn’t get to save it either. It was like a Vecton Laser, two solid beams, but they were slightly thicker and green. I’ve tried every combination of bonus weapons I can think of, but nothing seems to have the same effect. Has anyone seen the weapon I’m talking about, or know how to get it?

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Topic: General Gaming / Infectonator: World Dominator

I have no idea what the maximum upgrade level is … right now I have 102% infection chance (level 34) and no maximum in sight. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, combined with the problems people mentioned about having to grind for coins, the lag and delay in collecting the coins themselves, and the quickly disappearing screen when you destroy a city making it impossible to even collect all your coins — same problems as the previous iterations of the same game. Sigh.

BTW, the cost of upgrading a stat at level n is (300 * n * ( n + 1 ) + 100).

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Suggestion: Get rid of the spammy “Current Challenge/Hurry challenge ends soon!” messages in chat for completed challenges, etc