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Topic: Off-topic / Create a legitimate sentence without using the letter L

I thought I’d skim through the forum, when this post caught my attention; I wish you the best, and hope you recieve many more posts responding to what you have posted.

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Topic: General Gaming / Have Blue, Need Orange

I need blue portals, will shoot orange back.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best Food Ever?

I think everyone has their own opinion on what the best food is, but rather than just saying “pizza” say why. Describe what it is you love about it. If its something you think people wont have heard of, describe it alittle.

For me the best food ever is “Bread Sauce” . Its a thick, creamy sauce, and to me, its just perfect to sit and eat. I probably love it so much since I only get to eat it once a year when my mother makes it for Christmas dinner. Having it so rarely probably makes it taste even better for me. It is great on its own, its great on a sandwich, and I think everyone should get to try some in their life =]

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Frenchies

Originally posted by randy322:

how do you get the ribbon?? i had a frenchie army

To get the ribbon you need to get 1 French soldier to NCO experience level (90-100 kills). All French units will then spawn with 100hp, could be the difference between needing a medic, or needing a new unit.

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Topic: Off-topic / Great Film

Originally posted by DarkOne2345:

Jason and the Argonauts – Haven’t seen it, but it’s supposed to be really good. Tell me how it is :D
Interstella 5555 – Great animation, and a good story communicated only with Daft Punk music
Labyrinth – David fucking Bowie, enough said

Jason and the Argonauts is on of my favorite films ever (especially the old one) they remade it so Im not sure which one you mean, but they are both really good. The old one might have aged abit if you have never seen it before, but Id really recomend both if you like mythology =] . As for Labyrinth I really liked that too, although it was odd seeing David Bowie in it.
I havnt heard of Interstella, and do you mean there is no talking in it or something?

For Pan’s Labyrinth, Ive seen that and thought it was pretty creapy lol, but I dont mine, Im looking for anything good to watch =]

Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:

Have you watched “Moon?” It’s really weird. I could spoil the ending for you if you wanna hear about it!

Edit: The question mark isn’t part of the title, it’s just following the punctuation-before-quotation rule.

Could anyone decribe abit more about “Moon” please. Seems like a very vague title.

I have not seen “Men of Honour”, I will have to look into it.

I have actually seen “Barton Fink”, However, it was unfortunatly not my kind of film. I just couldnt really get into it. I guess its because I was expecting a cowboy fillm lol

For “7 Samurai” Ill have to wait untill I watch that one, there would be alot of reading subtitles, although I read the plot summary, and it could be a really good film.

Originally posted by MrSalvador:
Originally posted by Vegard20:

Land of the Lost.

Horrible movie, over-budgeted like most Will Ferrel movies.

So I should avoid “Land of the Lost”?

“Van Diemen’s Land” sounds alittle too slow, its setting and potential. But it does sound like something my Dad would enjoy, Ill pass the name across to him.

Originally posted by XxBioHaZardxX:

The Land Before Time.

lol, do you mean the cartoon dinosaurs? Although your name does remind me, I watched Resident Evil last night (biohazard was the name for the game in Japan).

As for finkidz5 I think those are pretty good suggests (although I have seen them =[ ) so Id like to hear alot more like that.

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Topic: Off-topic / FIGHT THREAD

Well I guess it is International talk like a Pirate day in some places still. (19/09/2010) (09/19/2010 for lesser people)

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Topic: Off-topic / Great Film

I’ve been getting pretty bored over the summer holiday (and for me it still isn’t over), so I was thinking about watching a good film. Do you guys have any suggestions? I don’t just want the usuall shouts, that everyone always says (like Godfather etc.) since I have already seen those. Just good films you have seen that you think most people won’t have even heard of. Any genre goes. It’s got to be in English though (automatically disqualifying the person that will list 20 Japanese horror films).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / The Funniest moments of Mud and Blood

Well mine was funny, but only in a sad, man I can’t believe that happened way. it was about level 80, and one of my guys had a flamethrower at the top of the screen, set a guy on fire, who started running right for my flamerthrower. So I ordered him to run down, made it about a third of the way down, started aiming at someone, before I could tell him not to fire, he looses the game of flame tag, and starts running straight down towards my trenches. He managed to touch a gunner that wouldnt move, just as he went out. Then gunner proceded to run at 90 degrees, right along my trench, as everyone was trying to get away. The 3 guys I actually got out , 2 of them got shot, and the other was a medic. Unsuprisingly I lost rather quickly.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Frenchies

Well its because you need the ribbon to give them 100 health. If you really want to make use of them, the best way (or atleast the way I did it without any effort) was to dig a trench at the top, put some frenchies in there and give them all shotguns, apart from one. Keep giving this one guy ranger training and he will get the 100 kills in no time. (Please note you will have to do a game more or less purely to get this ribbon, and it probably wont be one of the best or longest games youve had, but atleast your french units will be better next time)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Q/A from the experts

Originally posted by PowerSplicer:
Originally posted by omgitsthepope:

Can snipers blow up the german motorcycle unit?

Snipers and other conventional weapon carrying infantry can kill both the passenger and the driver of the motorcycle. In my experience, only explosives can destroy the actual motorcycle, if that is what you were asking.

I used concentrate fire on a motorcycle once, with 6 machine gunners (was trying something new) they hit the passenger, but not the actual biker. After about quarter of a screen of fire the bike actually exploded. So Im guessing you dont need just explosives to destroy a bike. Im guessing you cant really destroy a tank the same way though.

As for the sarge, he has some good stats, but a pretty heavy cost (12 points), without really being as good as what you could get instead. 2 snipers, 2 Special Ops, etc , they would be better for fighting, which in this game you need the most. You wont be the one getting pinned if you had more soldiers firing on the enemy ;)

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Where did Saul go?

Originally posted by Cpool:

He better make it off Belfan. I’d be depressed if he didn’t. Seriously, a hammy necromancer who narrates his life as if it were one bad fan-fic? Best. Boss. Ever.

Well, best boss of the MARDEK series so far, for me, anyways.

I think that is what I loved most about this character, how he narrated everything, especially his biased views on himself lol. I really would like to see this character again in later chapters. It would certainly give a good use for Vehrn.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Elwyen's MP

Maybe in a later game she will gain a spell, that lets her do things her songs dont (or maybe effect her songs to be better). So it would be easier to just leave the MP stats for her, rather than take it out, to put it back later.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] mardek 2 question

Just follow what No_Stress said, you should see him in the Pub, and he will give you the key for saving his life. Another reason to keep him alive is, he becomes a mobile shop for you later on, appearing in temples, which means you dont have to trail all the way back to town if you are low on supplies.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] heavy blow for legion!!!

I think I got mine from a golem in the earth temple. You can also find mythril golems after collecting all of the chalices and going through the portal. These can also use heavy blow. A strong but inaccurate attack.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Where have I met Lone Wolf?

As afew pointed out, if you have read any of the dream stones, its not really a topic of discussion, its just obvious. Besides, I think (not quite sure) I picked up the odd great sword weapon (I think you can buy them in places) yet no character can use them…so who can we remember from the other games used them…

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Concerning Mereador, Sharla, and Donovan

I got rid of Sharla and Donovan as soon as I could, they are just too specific to be usefull. Since there is no SPOILER air crystal temple in the game yet, Donovan is pretty useless, since he was too weak in the Sun temple at the start, to be helpfull there either SPOILER END. As for Sharla, by the time I got the the earth temple, my other guys were far too good to change back to her for her air bonus. Mereador was somewhat usefull against some of the early bosses with his sleep gun (small chance but it worked) and he had his uses in the dream zone. But I think at the end of the day, they are alright, but everyone else is alot better.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Mystery Man's Identity

…Wait what…man, I was going to start my own thread, I thought it was Mardek O.o (and I genuinly hope the first guy was trolling, or the film, the Sixth Sense will absolutely blow his head off) …(actually I think the ending of any film would have the same effect on him)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why are you Atheist?

The argument that absence of evidence is unfit to make a statement about the likelihood of actual existence, as you are saying, leads to a claim that everything you can say must be assumed to be true until negative proof is produced. Since it is in most cases impossible to prove a negative, that means we’ll have to cover the invisible pink unicorn in religious ed, Nessie and the Sasquatch in biology, and chi flow in phys ed.

You haven’t been following my recent discussion at all, have you? You’re looking at it black and white. There is a certain gray area as well, which you seem to assume I’m skipping as well. I’m not. I’m not even saying any thing of the sort you’re showing, or anything of the opposite.

My argument/stance is that nothing can be claimed until it is significantly proven. I’m hoping that sounds reasonable/understandable enough. Expanding on that, this does not mean anything which cannot be disproven is immediately true, but at the same time if something cannot be proven, it is not immediately false. That’s bad science. To assume everything as false until proven true is lazy, false and less accurate than not shoving any claim into some kind of default section before it is dealt with.

I’m not sure I was as clear as I should have been, I seemed to have caused rather an argument here rather than a debate. I’ll reiterate upon my point from before. Of course we can make hypothesis of things we can not see (for example the atom, we have still not actually seen one). However we make our assumptions because of OTHER evidence. We havnt seen a black hole, but we know there are distortions, so we make a hypothesis. However I believe that the hypothesis given as stated from page 1 of the Bible to the end, as stated from the Qur’an ,etc. has been proven to have far too many holes to be a valid hypothesis on the universe anymore. We have found things that go against what was claimed, for example, “God created Man” Well this can not be chornologically true, as the first half of the bible is missing, where god first created T-Rex. (I appologise for using christianity as one of my main arguemental cases here, but the Qur’an must be read in its native language, or it is claimed by muslims you have not actually read it).

Again if I havnt been too clear here (I may have gotten side tracked, happens alot) We may not have found the creature that created the universe, but religion has far too many counter points, “scietific plot holes” if you will. If “the Qur’an” is the unchanged word of god, but parts can be proved wrong, I think that does prove, “god” is not infallible, and therefor, even if it exists, it should not be worshiped.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Open carry discussion. ( firearms )

Im not entirely sure if someone has already stated this…but if EVERYONE carried a gun, then your hypothetical mugger, would use his gun rather than his knife. Not everyone would want a gun for self defence, just like not everyone has a knife for cooking. This would lead to everyone becoming more paranoid as everyone with a gun on their hip, could just walk calmly past you then put it to your back or head. Id like to see you defend yourself then. Besides, if you have seen the fillm (slightly into more fiction here) “Death Wish” a man recieves a gun as a gift, then while carrying it he prevents a robbery. Fair enough. But then he thinks he can do good by stopping more criminals. Becoming a vigilante is illegal, yet, it is 100% probably that someone will try it, thinking it is the right thing to do. Law enforcement carry them because they know the law. Giving everyone the right to “defend themselves” will lead to problems, even if it prevents afew. Yes I would like to defend myself from criminals, but I dont think letting people have weapons is the way to do it. (best example see The Old West lol, everyone having guns led to a slight increase in people getting shot in the face alot)

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Topic: Technical Support / Dead chat

Please follow up on your previous post. If you succeded can you share how you fixed this problem, incase others are having the same issue.

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Topic: Technical Support / 1st Amendment

You have to remember we are not all American so no, the 1st amendment of America does not apply here, you are bound by the rules of Kongregate, and by the judgement of the Forum Moderators. If we went by Country Laws chaos would happen as Africa will have different laws to, Mexico, Russia, Japan etc. (Im talking about censorship laws etc.)

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Why Sonny 2 was an abomination, and why Sonny 3 should not be made

I really enjoyed playing Sonny 2. And to be fair, we dont have to pay for it, its totally free. So if you dont like it, shut up and dont play it. You have no right to complain about something free, that others enjoyed.

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Topic: Kongregate / Hello Worlds!

Originally posted by finkidz5:

What ever happened to Zeebarf?

I know what you mean, he (she/they/it?) used to pump really good games out regularly…I havnt seen one lately.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate needs more 'Social'

I agree Kongregate isnt really very social. But its not ment to be, we already have hundreds of other ways to make friends and keep in touch with them. I go to Kongregate to play games I enjoy. The social areas are available, Forum, chat rooms, private mail etc. But I think its a clear indication people want to play games, as, quite afew have already said, 150 people in a chat room, but they dont want to talk. Its a sad state of affairs, but its the truth. People dont use what is already provided to its maximum capacity, so there is no reason to add or expand these areas further.

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Topic: Kongregate / Leveling Up

Originally posted by Nio3:

It would be neat if there were little achievements you could earn for your profile which people could view, (e.g Puzzle Expert, Collect 35 Puzzle Badges etc.)

I think most people passed over this post, but I think its actually a nice idea. Like Strategy Master, for completing 30 badges from the Strategy and Defence section. Or to make it more prestigious, (stopping people just grabbing 30 easy badges), make it like 10 hard badges, or if Greg was feeling like tormenting us, have it include impossible badges. That would really make it impressive to see. After all, I think people that are good at gaming need recognition, since you can get impossible badges and grab 60 points, or you have people reaching the same levels by voting on 60 games. I guess you could also have little things like voting on X amount of games, but I guess that would lean alot more towards NewGrounds. Hope I didnt go too far off topic.