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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] What's in the Premium Content?

I bought the premium content already, and I am not regretting it at all, but is there any chance you guys could add more difficulties? Personally, I think everyone should have access to at least a “Harder” modifier, than maybe for those of us that got premium, a “Super Hard” mod?

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Skills help

1 skill point every 2 levels, and saving extra skill points is a good idea until you know how you want to build your character.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / *** SUGGESTIONS ***

Originally posted by jiuribu:

it need to be removed completely
either change it to 20% magic reduce or remove and replace it for simply good source of mana

and about tanks i dont know why they are called tanks if u cant tank more than 5 players
same goes to mages penetration ignore simly OP skill
10% or w.e. real one works as it is 100% rate…

You are right, it is 20%, my bad. But without it, my aggro is so high that even in a dungeon with a knight using taunt/wave, I still take aggro, and without the shield I die sooo quickly. I feel frost shield lvl 5 is necessary for any mage to even survive. I do agree that tanks need a small buff, but if I lost the 20% damage reduction, I wouldn’t be able to play this character.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / *** SUGGESTIONS ***

Well guys, lvl 5 frost shiled gives a mage 10% physical damage reduction, so thats probably why you’re seeing what you are. they also have a spell called magic penetration, that at level 5, gives them a 10% chance to ignore all your def. What really needs looked at, is rogues, since they have such a huge dodge stat they really can solo anything cuz nothing ever hits them.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Activity] The Goddess of Spring Offering

Are you guys going to have an event every week to make cash payers even better? Cuz this is getting ridiculous. You guys must all be insanely rich by now….

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Topic: Crystal Saga / cant loginn?

Originally posted by linkdude544:

Our server,Tinosia Delta, is currently undergoing maintenance. We expect all servers to be back online in 1-2 hours. While waiting for our servers to come back online, please look around R2Game’s community, or read up on our current promotions and activities! We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you.

- The R2Games Team

But all of the current promotions are garbage designed to make you guys more filthy rich. I don’t wanna read about them more…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Announcement] Crystal Spending Adjustment

From what I read on the other forums, apparently there some sort of 40% bonus/reward/etc for referring somebody, so people were just “referring” an alt the gifting stuff to themselves for cheap.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Revive on Spot

I agree with pretext, this whole thing is a mess. I don’t understand what they hope to gain out of it. No cash player spams revive on spot over and over and over again. Took me 10 or so revives to solo bath, thats 250 crystals. if you did that every event/dungeon/pvp, you’d quickly go broke. The event is breaking the game even more than it already is.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / *** SUGGESTIONS ***

All chat windows NEED to be toggle-able.

Make gear sell for slightly better rates at NPC shops.

Make it so I can turn off system messages. I don’t wanna see someone’s wing upgrade spam, sengolia kill messages, etc.

Full Screen.

Fix some of the otrageous prices in cash shop. IE Gems, gem removers, etc

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Suggestions

Can there be a toggle for whether you have to hit enter to chat or not? I hate how it stays on chat, opposite of so many other games, It causes me so many issues.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Plea to the Developers

Originally posted by End_Of_Ends:

As for pet slot expanders, maturity stones, training potions and the like – They are only given to us through one-time leveller packs, and some are only a CHANCE.

Also, could you please point out where I said earning in-game gold was hard?

Actually, guild contribution, turning in badges, item synthesis, and a few other odds and ends help you get MOST of the oddity items like that.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [to DEVS] Banning your players without reason

Extremely curious as to what caused this. Would like to know what can cause bans. I don’t hack or sell accounts, and I don’t see anything else I could be banned for, and I don’t believe EndofEnds did either of those, so please let us know what can get you banned.