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Topic: Backyard Monsters / Came back here ever since leaving in 2012, and backyards was removed


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Topic: Backyard Monsters / ~[Recruiting] Purple Powah >:3 【PP】 Level 42+~

The feels are coming back

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You should tell your relatives and console friends that you are a 1337 hacker and you will take over their online accounts if they dont do what you request.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best game of 2013?

2013 is coming to ca close, so lets nominate the top five games made this year.

1. Gta 5
2 the last of us
3. Killzone shadow fall
4.the new pokemon shit
5. BF4

( i have all of these games so my opinion is not biased. Probably.)

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the worst gift you receive so far?

Lol me too! But there is no bad gifts, it was all in the thought of trying to make you happy, remember that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Forum Lurkers

The ratio of forum posters to the views of the actual thread has a drastic difference. Seriously, we know you’re out there, you should actually post because it makes OT look like a dead forum section with only 1-7 posts in a thread in less than an hour.

disucc forum lurkers nd how dey maek ot luk good but wen it is shit

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Topic: Off-topic / Top 5 favorite anime.

uhm, im not into tentacle stuff, so i only know soul eater.

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Topic: Off-topic / kongunbannylotitty


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Topic: Off-topic / Vegard Got Demodded!

I been here in these forums for about 2 years off and on and I could say RIP Vegard.



Topic: Off-topic / Thank you based god

This post has been removed by an administrator or moderator
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Topic: Off-topic / So I have 250 dollars right now, what should i use it on?

If you don’t have a next gen console, save your money for one, or upgrade your pc parts. Gaming is life dude. or spend it on your family in the spirit of christmas and don’t be so selfish said noone ever

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Topic: Off-topic / PS3 gtav open lobby

Anyone ready for a game of gta v?? Psn is Prince_Dilema

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Topic: Off-topic / Assassins Creed Is Racist

Originally posted by cesarcurado:
Originally posted by Rolby:
Originally posted by thegrayfox99:

You have already posted that Assassins Creed is racist. You need some new material.

u need to stop bumping old threads.

Originally posted by EndlessSporadic:

Except Ubisoft isn’t racist (at least not in the Assassin’s Creed series). Assassin’s Creed 4 is historically correct when it comes to race. That was during the time of the slave trade from Africa. Anyone who wasn’t black only cared about money and all of the black people were picking cotton and pleasing their white masters.

Come back when you learn about basic history. Otherwise I’m gonna assume this is another one of those “Im rolby and Im a huge troll” posts that you seem to like making.

wtf dude. if u think its normal that theyre racist and fascist then ur racist and fascist urself. stop harassing me cuz im against racism by calling me a ‘troll’. who do u think u are, kiddo? u just come out of nowhere with ur 10k posts which u made in forum games and u think ur the boss here and may make fun of people without punishment. but thats not true. mess with me again and i wont let u get out of it so easily the next time.

yea rolby show him whos boss.
fucking newfags.


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Topic: Off-topic / Yo momma joke thread

Your mother is so unintelligent, she bought tickets to Xbox Live!!

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Mage. Asaliraikum!!! Hokus Pokus! Abra Kadabra!

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / A message from Kongregate

Backyard monsters is gone? … This was one of the first games I played on kongregate, and resulted in me getting hooked to this site. If it wasn’t for this game I would not be here still. Well, all was fun as long as it lasted… R.I.P. BYM.

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Topic: Off-topic / iz thiz bulliyng

after tree yeers n i steel sii old otters :) yey #360headshotyoloswag420

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Topic: Off-topic / What shows have you watched start to finish?

Spongebob, and the anime Soul Eater.

(damn u kids need to find better sources of entertainment, children shows and anime is where its at)

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm officially an oldfig now

Who makes shitty threads that get locked within minutes.


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Topic: Off-topic / Best greentext stories of all tiem

Post some of the best greentext stories you seen or make your own, thats right. your own.

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Topic: Off-topic / why does assassins creed make you sit through the 20 minute long credits

I only did it for the trophy… 10 minutes of crap.

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Topic: Off-topic / Act as your avatar


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Topic: Off-topic / Greatest games you ever played

Originally posted by SuperheroofTime:
Originally posted by Kingjamon:

The last of us is truly best game I ever played. Great storyline, great characters, great gameplay, overall the game is 11/10. there are not even words to describe it. What are some of the games that you think are great?

I thought it wasn’t even RELEASED yet? Is this some sort of poor advertising?

its out already. like 3 days ago or something. maybe not where you live.

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Topic: Off-topic / I FINISHED THE LAST OF US!!

FUCK YEAH! time to suicide…

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

you suck clicker balls