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Topic: Freefall Tournament / This game is kinda dead (not locked)

Originally posted by Joey_Maxwell:

was the game different before?

(Not op)

It was, actually. FFT has undergone a few major changes since it was first uploaded a few years ago. In its prime, I think it had hundreds of players on at a time and devs were working on cross-platform servers. The most recent major updates were pretty decent, but I think I realized they weren’t too serious anymore when they added cookie armor.

As much as I’ve liked this game, I’m somewhat surprised it lasted even that long.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / NÃO ENTRA NO JOGO

Tente novamente. Continue tentando. Nem sempre é carregado corretamente.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrade System/Feature

Originally posted by janiye:
Originally posted by abraaz:
Originally posted by janiye:
Originally posted by Belisaurius11:

Good job Phrag.

You do know this is from 2013 right?

OP may be 2013, but data isn’t.

NEW DATA (updated 18 June 2014)

My bad saw only the 2013 upgrade part. :D

Some confusion about what I did there. Maybe I should remove all the 2013 (archival) stuff and just leave the relevant info for what works now?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Mjr PhragX, Reporting In

Thanks, guys. I’ll wear it with pride.

Misspelled “PHRAG” on it, though ;)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Mjr PhragX, Reporting In

It’s true. Pyrotechnika21 gave me the news (thanks, man!).

It’s good to see things moving here again.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrade System/Feature

I’ve updated this thread to reflect latest info for this release. Will update as I get new information/data.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Add Linux support for Steam version. Steam’s getting a nice Linux crowd and I think FFT would benefit from the extra attention.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Mjr PhragX, Reporting In

Originally posted by Blemispho:

wb phrag – hope to see you soon on the battlefield!

Thanks, Blem. Hope you’re ready. I’ve found a new class to test drive and it’s in my favorite chassis. ;)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Upgrade System/Feature

Old thread, found from new guide links. About time for updates. I’ll get on this soon, since the link and post are both already in place.

That said, sorry for the bump.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Mjr PhragX, Reporting In

I heard there’d be cake …

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions


What about a 2nd-chance at that awesome Shiny Kongpanion and showing some love for the dedicated players who got just a little busy that one time? :P

For example, maybe, if you miss just 1 login this week but you had enough BOTDs completed to earn it, then you could earn it next week with 6 BOTDs and logins?

EDIT: Where I’m coming from: I still remember when Kongai Cards came out… if you missed the one you wanted, you couldn’t know if a 2nd chance would come around or not.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Lowbie Seeking A City

Hi all who read this, I played S&P1 and just started up S&P2. I’m sure I need to earn my way to big and very active cities, but are there any friendly cities willing to take in a rank 9 (probably higher by the time you read this!) ? I can’t tell if my city has newbies-gone-inactive or if it might perk up over the weekend…


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 10k Cash?

Originally posted by speakofsilence:

^I think there are pictures of people getting to 1000 points in older threads.

Yes, it is possible. Full games (16 players) are, of course, better for that.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Originally posted by octoknight:


Has it if you play on tablet.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tech is OP

Originally posted by StarShower:

Ah , i use tank , i just kill……It is made for killing & tanking !!!

That’s not true. Tank is made for tanking. Killer is made for killing.

@PIS_DarkBeat… well done with the pics. Loving the sombrero tech (skin spoiler? xD) and quick posts. Is that fly smoking a pipe? No wonder they die young…

And, obviously, Glock is trolling. Think he’s bored this morning.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Freefall Pictures

Let it die, Glock… This thread’s time has passed.

Originally posted by IndonesianGirl:

Glock,do not bump a year old topic with date:
June 15,2012
June 23,2013

That means:1 year 7 days or 1 year one week

The previous post is Sept 29, 2012 and today is June 24, 2013. That means: approximately 8 months and 3 weeks. It’s incorrect to judge a thread’s death by the date it was started, but rather by the last time it was used.

EDIT: To your credit, I like the pics in the OP. But it’s too soon. Too soon…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / best way to make noobs ragequit

techbound141, I appreciate your efforts to help our community and offer strategies. However, “making noobs ragequit” isn’t very good for our community and it’s not the game’s objective. Moreover, you’ve offered some very basic descriptions of class-specific strategies; while useful, there are already many threads that say the same things.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / High-Ranked Friends

Alright, I’ve added each and every one of you so far. Hope you’re returning the favor so I’ll see you out there.

Anybody else interested?

Btw, I never mentioned it, but I’m presently a Major.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / High-Ranked Friends

Originally posted by SupersSonics:

I like how free play

Always trying to help and capture, even knowin’ he is going to die.

+1 to free :D!!

That’s usually the objective. You’re not penalized by death except the respawn timer, so if you die by giving your team a lot of help, it makes more sense to.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Buff on Tech Turret

This might do well in the Suggestions Box thread.

But also, I disagree.

If you’re soloing as a tech:
1. You should strongly consider hiding behind your turret and keeping your heals on it.
2. Strategically place your Fragmentation Mines near your turret for those pesky scouts/assassins
3. Keep your turret between you and your opponent so it takes a few hits instead of you. When your turret’s health gets low and your heal gun isn’t working out, jump in front and take a few hits. Then use your Nano Surge skill to give you both some health before you hide behind the turret once again.

If you’re not fighting alone as tech:
1. Be aware of your surroundings.
—> Heal a good fighter class, especially if the player knows how to kill well.
—> Use your Pulser on weaker enemies to make some fights shorter.
—> Switch when the timing’s right.
2. Place your turret in a strategic place, such as near a capture point. It can help defend an important spot, but isn’t treated as the main fighter. It might even draw fire so your allies can fight better.
3. Refer to your first sentence, because you got it right: Tech is meant to be a cornerstone supporter, not a primary fighter class. It can hold its own if you play it right, but it’s not meant to fight by itself.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class Stats

This has been mentioned by a dev, actually. They hope to implement such a thing one day.

EDIT: Check out the end of the first big paragraph in this thread’s first post, by Dodar. Everyone should read stickied posts, they’re very helpful.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Exp points

Good questions. I’m not a dev, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

This game is about team play, so the rewards encourage team play. Personal performance, in my opinion, should have a slight boost to rewards, but that might take some time to implement correctly. For example, who cares how many kills you got if your team never secured a single capture point? A balanced rewards system would be complex to develop and require a different set of rules for each map/objective.

Choosing your own team is rare in many games because it encourages teamstacking. We’re fortunate that the community has grown tremendously in the last several weeks (and still growing!), but it wasn’t always a big community. However, you could recommend this in the stickied Suggestions Box and maybe we’ll see a new matching feature in the future.

That’s just my two cents.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / High-Ranked Friends

I’ve added each of you so far (except the private speakofsilence) to my Kong friends. I hope you will do the same for me and amongst yourselves.

We’re probably some of the most active in these forums as well as in game. Let’s enjoy it. :)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / High-Ranked Friends

Maybe some of you Gen./Col./Maj. are already friends, but you’ve slipped through the cracks in my list. Why don’t we add each other so we can have a little more experienced competition when we play? The “friends” column is very helpful.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Proudest and Memorable Moments

This thread is for proudest and memorable moments. SandRush is proud of his streak and I don’t think we should discredit him for that. Rather, I think we should continue to share our own moments.

But with regards to the theoretical debate, I’m very interested. And I’m mostly with rja12, as noted by my post before this argument. I’ll use this case as an example, but again I think SandRush deserves to bask in his glory because he’s learning to play the best in a full 16-player game.

That said, Lft requires at LEAST 1000 XP. Even with a liberal scope, the most experienced player on gold had at MOST 199 XP. That’s a minimum of 801 XP difference. I don’t know if you’ve paid attention to rewards lately, but that’s a LOT of games. In addition, the average player on blue has more experience in this case than the average player on gold. If experience means anything, gold’s battle was uphill from the beginning because they had fewer players who knew how to respond to the field.

I also completely agree with SupersSonics that rank does not equal skill. Frankly, I think I can compete among Generals and I’m just a Major. That’s a 6000 XP attainment difference. But the real difference is that I’ve been playing almost a full year: I know ins-and-outs better than new players, so the XP difference between me and a higher rank is less important than the difference between lower ranks.

So there’s definitely a learning-curve to this game and new players are heavily disadvantaged. But as they learn the game, its rules, and class differences, skills and knowledge can converge and create a very valuable player to have on anyone’s team. Welcome to the big leagues, SandRush. Hope you’re ready. :D

TL/DR: learn to appreciate reading more. It’s a forum. ^^