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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / DNA's Standard Tournament Thread

great guide


Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / DNA's Thread - Daily Report of Standard Tournaments & Rankings

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Congratulations to Dragons...

I found some interesting tidbits from catepillar’s MoM logs .

--- Day changed Mon Aug 27 2012
21:26 <+firecat> you think the dragons will try to pass us?
21:27 <~shadevarr> in fp? no

--- Log opened Wed Aug 29 04:39:18 2012
11:37 <~Shadevarr> once conquest is released dragons will fall out of top10 again
11:37 <~Shadevarr> their entire ability to be in top5 is based on constant warbonding

--- Day changed Thu Aug 30 2012
11:34 <~Shadevarr> dragons dont have the activity to be in top5, just the cash

--- Day changed Sat Sep 08 2012
02:28 <~Shadevarr> which is why dragons have been getting so desperate
02:28 <~Shadevarr> with conquest also comes new antibot and anti-acct sharing measures

--- Log opened Tue Sep 11 16:27:38 2012
17:59 <~shadevarr> I expect dragons to ignore conquest entirely and use the extra stam against us and evo

Shadevarr’s statement makes me laugh. He never “[knew] this was an eventuality”, until mid September, just before the conquest release. And even then the glorious leader of MoM was dead wrong. I will have some of whatever drugs that hospital gave him. Must be good stuff.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Raise the dead - airstrike removal

On Surge the first Airstrike hits an empty field.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / most badass commander

Lord of Tartarus in my opinion, as humanoid cockroach he might even survive nuklear attacks.