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Topic: Off-topic / ...oka so I actually wrote my gf a love letter

make a video for her

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever heard a strange sound that others can't hear?


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Topic: Off-topic / You transform into Zam the masked man for one day

i ♥ ur memes

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Topic: Off-topic / OT fanfic :3

5/5 this brought tears to my cock

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Topic: Off-topic / Why gardevoir is a horrible pokemon:


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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 25] adv0catus vs. tHErofLwaffLe


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Topic: Off-topic / Confessions of a Feminist: Why I Hate Animangus, And Why America Should BAN it.

It is literally impossible for fictional characters to act a certain way or have disproportionate body parts, you disgusting misogynistic virgin losers. (◕‿◕✿)

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Topic: Off-topic / [Websites Battles #3] OT vs. ArmorGames

cringe thread

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Weird shit you do you think nobody else does

Originally posted by Zaminick:

So you’re waterboarding yourself.

Basically yeah

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Weird shit you do you think nobody else does

Recently I’ve been doing something I’m pretty sure no one else does.

Almost every day for the last few days, I’ve been doing something strange before going to bed.
I fill a water bottle with ice cold water from my kitchen and go to my bedroom.
I sit on my bed facing upwards with my head resting on one of the short sides of the bed and my legs resting on the other.
Then I put one of my pillow covers over my head and tilt my head backwards so it hangs off the side of the bed.
After that, I douse my head with the cold water with the pillow cover still on.

If you don’t already know, doing this makes you feel as if you’re drowning (except the rest of your body doesn’t get wet).

I wait for a few seconds, start inhaling, and struggle to breathe as I feel as if I’m really drowning.
I haven’t done it for longer than a few seconds but I want to know how long I can last.
When I’m done doing this, I dry myself off, put my pillow cover back on my pillow and sleep on the wet side to keep my head cool while I fall asleep.

ITT: Weird shit you do you think nobody else does

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Topic: Off-topic / Something weird just happened...


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Topic: Off-topic / I'm Fell In Love.

Originally posted by 15man:
Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

She has a dick and she will penetrate your asshole when she finds out where you live.

the bad part?

The country of Greece.

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm Fell In Love.

She has a dick and she will penetrate your asshole when she finds out where you live.

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Topic: Off-topic / /v/'s reaction to Bloodborne's critical acclaim reviews

Originally posted by IceBomb45:
Originally posted by V0idGuard:
Originally posted by IceBomb45:
Originally posted by dbzhs022:

Get off of 4chan, you don’t belong there.

Originally posted by TwistedCakez:

holy fuck your like 7 years old why are you on 4chip?

also if you want to jack off to 4cuck threads just go to reddit faggot

Originally posted by V0idGuard:

It’s about what I expected to happen when Bloodborne came out.
It’s impossible to have a thread regarding the game without it becoming shitposting near instantly.
Also, aren’t you underage? You shouldn’t be on 4chan.

That is from January 5th and is completely irrelevant to this thread.
Also, any post containing Pepe should immediately be discarded.

Everyone was talking about 4chan in general, so I thought I would make a post where 4chan talks about OT in general.

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Topic: Off-topic / The person above you picks your new avatar for the week.

I’m choosing this to derail the thread

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Topic: Off-topic / mme is still a liar

Originally posted by 15man:

but wouldn’t making that thread be breaking the rules?

Everyone knows it isn’t breaking the rules if a mod or an admin does it, silly.

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Topic: Off-topic / Don't tell me that Spiritia is not a name

If Spiritia is a name, then call me Khaitelynne.

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Topic: Off-topic / Daily Reminder that Youtube Comments are one of the most hilarious things in the entire internet

Originally posted by hamuka:

Youtube comments are for those days when I feel too happy and want to just sit in a corner and quietly weep for humanity.

Your posts are for those days when I’m in a good mood and then realize I just read another one of your sob story posts about how life sucks.

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Topic: Off-topic / Wintroll

We never did find him.

If you look around San Diego, you might see some stains of him on the sidewalk.

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Topic: Off-topic / what would u call aguspal if he was from scotland


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Topic: Off-topic / First Sunday without church

Originally posted by Ganthro:

I’m going to give Ubermorgen the benefit of the doubt and assume that this isn’t just some kind of bait…

Nice bait.

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Topic: Off-topic / Admins banning me for no reason

lol tell me one account you made that didnt break the guidelines either

None, but I don’t try to act like an innocent angel who dindu nuffin

i made like 5 accounts that did nothing wrong and got instantly permabanned.
Show me

I only post in Off Topic for a reason, and OT is known to be lenient with the ToS. For some reason the mods are trying to restrict us.

“I act like a fag all the time but the mods won’t let me so they’re depriving me of my rights to shitpost”

I don’t think you would say the things you would say behind a white screen if we met irl m8

say that to my face fricker not online and see what happens

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Topic: Off-topic / Admins banning me for no reason

people are reporting me (by my guess) and the fagmins are so blinded and retarded that they just instantly ban the account.

All of your alts have broken at least one guideline and none of them had much progress so nothing of value was really lost

I deserve my freedom of creating my account and saying and doing whatever I want if it doesn’t break the guidelines.

Show me one alt you’ve made that didn’t break a single guideline

I dont harass anyone besides Gabidou, and no one likes him anyways

I would trade you for three Gabriels since you’re a lot more of a nuisance he is to be honest

I dont insult users, I do it sarcastically

Whoa, what a coinky-dink
Every time I’ve joked about your dad killing himself, I was being sarcastic too lol hahahaha kek lmao :^)

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Topic: Off-topic / pig n heron return CONFIRMED

Unfortunately maybe not since mafefe can’t do it without Salvador and he doesn’t want to do it for whatever reason