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Topic: Red Crucible / MOD with a name tht doesnt glow green....

Originally posted by proto_type2412:

his gamer id is 505-0123 if you knw hi please let me knw cuz alot of ppl are telling me he is abusing his power

That’s B.S. I play with him all the time (I hired him to be our Design Director!) and he always tries to talk to players and explain new and current design features. He and I also test new guns together. I have NEVER seen him treat players in a bad way. Now he has banned a few players for doing things that are not allowed, so they might the ones complaining.

Btw, he was a designer on Planet Side 2 before coming to RC2…

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Topic: Red Crucible / Wraith G

The small minority on this forum can say what they want. But in the end all we (the game developers) are intent on doing is creating a better game. What matters is that the RC2 is growing, and it is. RCF is going to be out soon, and I fully anticipate that it will be a smashing success far surpassing RC2.

If you guys hate this game so much, why are you still here? Last I checked there were a lot of other games out there…

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Topic: Red Crucible / Where's original RC?

There is a huge difference between RC 1.5 and RC2, all of it under the hood…

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Topic: Red Crucible / Is There a Knack to the M202?

we will be improving the reticule for RCF.

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Topic: Red Crucible / The AK74u

Originally posted by DeadStormStudios:

I still dont understand what exhange week was

Its this. If you purchased an LE weapon and you no longer liked the new stats, then you are able to sell it back for honors and then get another LE weapon that might be better.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Major Changes to the Weapon system ( Take 2)

Not sure if someone already mentioned this but, the LE guns were turning new players into rage quitters that never came back. Unaddressed, this would have ultimately killed the game. We were/are getting more then 24k new players per day (across all platforms) and many would rage quit after a short time (due to the perceived unfair “pay to win” game mechanics). That’s one huge reason we chose to balance the guns. If you just look a the math (players in vs. players out) RCF should have explosive growth….

For all of our players who are asking us to return the gun stats to what they were before, we won’t and we can’t. I hope you see why. Ultimately, in RCF, you will have a game that is many times better then RC2 ever was. We are carefully listening to our players input and are making appropriate “micro” fixes to the guns as needed. We do not plan on doing this gun stat balancing again….

There are a few more changes on the way, but these are exciting ones that will add a more dynamic element to game play. More on this after RCF is released…


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Topic: Red Crucible / Another Hack


There were never any coin hacks that ever worked. What happened was that when version 2 was first released the player IDs got mixed up while sending coins (only affected us the Devs). So when I sent myself 1k coins to test with it was sent to some random player instead. This was fixed within hours…

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Topic: Red Crucible / recent constant drop in framerate

Just checked the standalone version and I get a verified 123 FPS, so that low frame rate bug was fixed.

Before you go and start crapping on us the developers, keep in mind that we are, to a great extent, at the mercy of external forces (Unity Technologies), so things may go bump but we fix them ASAP.


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Topic: Red Crucible / recent constant drop in framerate

I just played the game and it ran as expected 60 fps. There was a build update for the standalone version that had the low frame rate. That was due to a new Unity 4 font feature, but I believe that it has been fixed. If you are having issues with the Kongregate web version then delete the game cache and try again. Keep in mind that it will take a bit to re-download the game assets…

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Topic: Red Crucible / what the fuck ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤──

Originally posted by ahmedkinanD21:

im band 30 day becuz im got reaper and my lvl 15 they player noob say u hack and the tell mod the mod fucking band be for no resown fuck thas game
and mod noob ican not bleive thas srry for englsh im not so good in englsh xD fix thas shit now .

You must have said something bad to get a 30 day ban. Every once in a while I encounter players with bad and offensive language, and when I warn them they start hurling insults at me as well. I guess people never learn…

You can always email support to have the ban lifted, you can say that you are sorry and that it won’t happen again, doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Vehicle Upgrades (Idea)

Originally posted by razors99:

The biggest thing that sets Red Crucible 2 apart from other browser based first/third-person-shooters is its fully functional vehicle combat. -16 different ones: tanks, jeeps, helicopters, even hover-jets!
How about a progressive upgrade system that allows vehicles to improve upon their strengths.
For example: the Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun Tanks (SPAAGs) [Machine-Gun Tanks] could use upgrades that improve their weapons but decrease mobility or armor. The main battle tanks could shoot depleted Uranium shells that do more damage, and have a higher muzzle velocity in exchange for no splash. What do you all think of this; do you have any other ideas?

…We are working on this right now…. Here is a taste, a Tier 9 tank, T-72…

We will have pretty much all the Cold War era tanks and other vehicles in here as well as some surprises…. ;)


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Topic: Red Crucible / Damage for jumping from high objects

Originally posted by Player_5_:

I would agree with that. The game is not meant to be a bunch of suicidal ppl jumping from skyscrapes. If anything fall dmg helps even the game out. It means a guy on top of a building can’t pop out behind a guy at the bottom. But maybe they should lower the dmg so that it aint an insta death at 10m. And maybe a parachute? that you can use like an airstrike when someone feels like jumping in favela.

We are adding the parachute soon.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Fall damage wtf is that shit

Originally posted by JureEruj:

Well, Scott, maybe you should focus on more urgent matters first like constant crashing of the game (web or standalone), a shitload of glitches on maps and performance issues.

The fall damage is here to stay, get used to it. This is something that should have been implemented long ago. We are aware of the other in game bugs and are fixing them, such as the glitch in Favela where players were able to wiggle into some of the buildings.

We will be giving the player the ability to heal over time.

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Topic: Red Crucible / If you want me to pay for the game...

How much RAM do you have and what video card? We have many computers (all kinds, weak and strong) and Unity plugin almost never crashes. Check your video drivers too.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Is golden dragon nerfed???

I just checked the Cobra, and it was just fine. I can rapid fire (quick trigger pulls) at a player size target and hit it every time. Could be that you got the Cobra a while ago and now are up against higher level players? This could make it seem that its now weaker, but actually the player armor is stronger?

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Topic: Red Crucible / There are still some traces of a war game left in Red Crucible


Red Crucible was designed to be a faithful Cold War WW3 game. Unfortunately 90% of our players have no idea what the Cold War was (born way after) and would just be confused. Also the items you are complaining about have been continually requested by the vast majority of RC2 players. We just build the game players want, simple as that.

As it stands now, as an independent game developer (with NO publisher support!), RC2 is one of the most played web FPS games out there. Again, this is because we listen to our players and create the game they want to play (within reason?). All that matters is that the game is really fun.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Luck is bad

The game can "“Closed your connection”, but this only happens when your internet connection to the game servers gets very low. Doesn’t sound like you got banned, you would see a different message when you try to log back in. But if you still have issues or a question regarding your account send a help request via the new help tab in the game or email support directly.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Freebies

In the next update we will give a free gift (to all players) every 24 hours, in the form of a “Mystery Box”…..

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Topic: Red Crucible / REPORT HACKING

Thats a spawn bug, we are working to fix it.

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Topic: Red Crucible / ripped off

Send in a support request from within the game as priority 2. We will check it.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Mobster gun :\

FYI The Cobra sniper was not
nurfed in any way. If there is a
bug you have to let us know.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Question:

The Saiga 12 is a mid to short range weapon and should be used in close combat arenas. I am at Tier 9 and the damage on my Saiga 12 says 89. Now keep in mind that this is the damage rate for each pellet, there are seven in each shell… So if you use the Saiga as it was intended to be used on the proper arenas, you could be dealing out a total of 623 damage at close to mid range (close to your target the better). On top of this it can also fire nine shell per second! Also keep in mind that the Saiga, like all shotguns, is an area weapon. If you use it correctly you can take out a bunch of infantry if they are all bunched up in a hallway. Also, I always use a good secondary weapon such as the Dual Uzis. This has proven to be a killer combination for me ;)

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Topic: Red Crucible / Inverted controls and fighters

Some players are learning how to dog fight with jets really fast. But again, not all players are going to like jets. That’s why we have such a mix of arenas and game modes in Red Crucible 2, there is something for everyone.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Jeep races


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Topic: Red Crucible / NEW idea for air vehicles!

We had to release a limited amount of vehicles in this version because we are still working on the dynamic vehicle loading system, its not done yet. Once we finish it we will release more vehicles, as well as the mounted weapons on the jeeps (there will be a lot of them!).

Also, this limited released version is so players can get accustomed to using the new vehicles, they change how the game is played to some degree…