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Topic: Realm Grinder / Anticlick Challenge?

Originally posted by ErgoneSS:

that could be an actual trophy. You could get that after reincarnating and not getting the reincarnation bonuses (which would include the previously acquired trophies) and no clicking. There should be options to make it easier (not displaying the reincarnation upgrade for example. Blocking treasure clicks already is an option)

That would be unfair to people with very high reincarnations, due to the high cost for reincarnation.

I’d prefer a Neverclick trophy be like this: Gain 1 Sp gems in a run with zero clicks, with premium upgrades disabled.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

My idea for Phoenixes (see the Mythical Faction idea on page 11 to see what I’m talking about)

The Phoenixes are solar birds of fire, with the ability to revive themselves from their own ashes. Affiliating with the Phoenixes boosts your production based on your reincarnations, and you will be able to cast spells like no one has ever seen.

Phoenixes, being a mythical faction, get a good-aligned spell, and a good-aligned faction upgrade (a la Mercenaries, but alignment restricted) per tier.

Faction Spell – Rebirth – Increases production and adds assistants based on your reincarnations. Secret Trophy Boost: Spells cast while Rebirth is active are twice as powerful.

Tier 1

Phoenix Down – Increase the production of all buildings by X% per reincarnation.
Glimmering Feathers – Increase Wizard Tower production by X% per active spell.
Flight – Increases production based on the building tier, giving the highest bonus to the lowest. (a la Mabinogion)

Tier 2

Ashen Supremacy – Increase Cathedral production by X% per reincarnation.
Sun Spirit – Spell power is increased by 50%.
Blazing Flames – Mana regeneration is increased based on the amount of Citadels you own.

Tier 3

Solar Flare – Everything (production, clicking reward, assistant production, offline production, assistants, FC chance, mana regen, max mana, gem power, and royal exchange bonus) is increased by 50% [multiplicative bonus].
Long Lifespan – Increase the production of all buildings by X% per reincarnation per hour.
True Flame – Spell duration is increased based on the number of reincarnations you have.

Phoenix Heritage – Increase everything by 15%.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder Fanart Serie

I want to see Angels next.

Great artwork!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Balance of Heritages

I like the idea of Undead Heritage giving 3 assistants and 1% assistant power per assistant. Please don’t drop the 3 assistants.

I think Elven Heritage’s click power should be based on total clicks (1M clicks total should be around 40%).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

I’d want to see Mythical factions in a future update.

It can be Phoenixes for good, Dragons for neutral, and Manticores for evil.

The Mythical factions should have either two unique upgrades and two mercenary-like upgrades that are faction locked (Cyclopean Strength will be able to be gotten by Dragons, but not Phoenixes) per tier, or three unique upgrades and one mercenary-like faction locked upgrade per tier.

Mythical factions should have a unique spell, and a choosable spell.

Spell ideas for the Mythical factions:

Rebirth – Increase production and add assistants based on reincarnations.

Dragon’s Hoard – Increase production based on the amount of coins you have. Increase mana generation based on the amount of gems you have.

Vicious Feast – Increase production based on your assistant production. Reduce spell cost based on your total spells cast. (this spell may not reduce costs below 50)

Spell Secret Trophy ideas (for the ones listed as spell ideas):

Nirvana – Cast Rebirth 108 times in a single game. Spells cast when Rebirth is active are twice as powerful.

Towering Hoard – Cast Dragon’s Hoard with at least 1 Octg coins. Dragon’s Hoard has less diminishing returns.

Man Eater – Cast Vicious Feast 10 times in a row while staying active (you break this condition by not moving the mouse for a minute). Vicious Feast now timewarps you by 10 minutes per cast.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faction Symbols meaning?

I’m going to assume the Mercenary symbol is supposed to represent a dagger.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / 'Abdicate' the new name for 'Soft Reset'

I would oppose naming Soft Reset Abdicate because it’s too fancy a word, and people won’t understand it. It is a bit thematically appropriate though.

Here are my feelings on the possible words for Soft Reset:

Abandon – That sounds like a term for Hard Reset to me, no way.

Gain Gems – Decent, but people won’t know from a glance that it resets your progress. Sounds like Gem Claim.

New Realm – The best one so far. A perfect term for soft resets. A bit too much though.

Sell Structures – What if you’re just Soft Resetting for trophies?

Abdicate – See beginning of post.

Soft Reset – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Reset – I’d like this one too, if Hard Reset were called Delete Progress, Abandon, Wipe Save, or Resign.

Some other Soft Reset terms that are bad:

Gem Trade, Investment, Liquidate Property, Gemeration, Inheritance

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

Can you fix the icon for 1000 Cathedrals to only have one star?

Also, the 1000 and 2000 Iron Stronghold icons are swapped (making it look like it goes down).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / What is your favorite game phase?

A not-too-serious thread about where you post your favorite “phase” of the game Realm Grinder.

The game phases are:

Vanilla Valley

Up to around a billion gems, you are in the quick and fun phase known as the Vanilla Valley. Not having unlocked the neutrals yet, you try out all the 6 vanilla factions. After reincarnation, this is usually Demon-dominant, where you rack up gems, to get into the…

Sea of Neutrality

After hitting a billion gems and unlocking excavations and digging a bit, you are in the cool and refreshing Sea of Neutrality. Not as fast as the Vanilla Valley, but it will refresh you. The struggle to get Faceless is real, however Druids can help you get there. Druids are fun to stay for a while, while Titans are fun to play for a bit and reset with more gems. If you start digging until you drop, you will eventually find the…


Around a quintillion gems, and having 200 excavations, you will be in the Underworld. It will start to get slower. Good and Evil will start having the spotlight again, and you will start seeing the amazing powers of dual factions. Dwarves will help you build everlasting creations that will live on in the form of gems, while Drow will help you amass your legion of magical assistants, and rule the world. After a few reincarnations and getting around a decillion gems, you will reach the…

Gem Reclamation

When you have it all, you can safely play any faction and see what’s up. However, the way to progress will likely be slow and require patience. When you’re here, any sort of update will be a blessing. You will feel a power like no other, being able to cast triple combos that wouldn’t be possible any other phase. The Drow rule the Gem Reclamation.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

To make people eager to reincarnate, have reincarnations unlock content and have trophies and upgrades geared toward the Gem Reclamation:

Reincarnation 1 unlocks Reincarnation Power.

Reincarnation 2 should unlock Critical Casting, an upgrade that gives spells a chance to have double duration and effect, and Overcharge, an upgrade that gives spells +15% the effect.

Reincarnation 3 should unlock Total Devotion to vanilla factions, probably costing 10,000 FC and unlocking special platinum upgrades.

Reincarnation 4 should unlock Gem Extraction and Reincarnation Potency, upgrades giving extra gem power and adding a small bonus to Reincarnation Power respectively.

Reincarnation 5 should unlock the neutral prestige faction, costing Dwarf and Drow coins.

Reincarnation 6 should unlock Extreme Efficiency, an upgrade that lowers mana costs, and Temporal Growth, an upgrade that increases production by time played.

Reincarnation 7 should unlock Total Devotion to ancient factions, probably costing 50,000 of both types of coins for the faction.

Reincarnation 8 should unlock Wild Magic, an upgrade that allows faction spells to randomly cast another faction spell with half the duration and effect, and Spatial Growth, an upgrade that increases production by amount of buildings you have.

Reincarnation 9 should unlock Reincarnation Extraction, adding another small bonus to Reincarnation Power, and unlock Total Devotion for Dwarves and Drow, costing 180,000 FC.

Reincarnation 10 should unlock Total Devotion to the neutral prestige faction, and unlock an unaligned faction costing every type of FC (have total devotion for the unaligned faction be at reincarnation 20).

That is just a example, results may vary.

Upgrades and Trophies for the Gem Reclamation can be as simple as adding upgrades and trophies for tiers up to 1800, add more coin trophies up to the Qq level, and maybe a fourth and fifth level of Validations.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Add a new autocasting upgrade: Delayed Autocasting – Allows you to set a delay (in autocast ticks) in between contingency spells, which can potentially allow more TC’s or even tri-combos on Autocast. Extremely useful for Fey Dwarves.

The contingency will break if a spell cannot be cast when it should, or you have only duration spells on Autocast and they’re all going.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder Screenshot Thread

Originally posted by Xenomina:

This is a bug/exploid?


Nah. Apparently if you go get enough Druid buildings and have over 300 trophies, HoLs will eventually start becoming the weakest building.
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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder Screenshot Thread

Post any funny Realm Grinder screenshots here.

Dear lord, I think I unintentionally got a Halls of Balance thing working.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

Originally posted by Kelana:

I’m not a fan of the PC change to the gender-neutral “Majesty” in the offline-recap box. To keep the PC crowd happy keep the ‘Majesty’ title, but have the follow-up sentences"You sure are looking very manly today! No one in the land is half as masculine as you!" as an appropriate throwback to the earlier greeting. A neat little easter egg if you will.

Um, just revert the title change instead?

That sounds even worse IMO.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / New Faction not unlocking, help!

Since you already have Titans unlocked, try getting 10 Qa coins while still unaligned (you can’t align Neutral while Good or Evil aligned).

Also, Faceless just need 3 days (ideally as goblins) in a current session to unlock. They don’t have to be in the Undead faction.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

Originally posted by Starman2000:

What i would really like for Rubies to do is increase normal gem power by like .2% a gem. That way, it still helps the endgame players!

That would be stronger than just letting rubies increase production independently of gems.

1 Qi Gems at 5% power is a 5 Qi% boost.

1 Qi Gems at 5% power and 10 Rubies boosting gem power by .2% each = 1 Qi gems at 7% power = 7 Qi% boost

1 Qi Gems at 5% power and 10 Rubies boosting production by 2% each = 5 Qi% * 120% = 6 Qi% boost

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]


There would be no reason to play Faceless anymore unless you have an autoclicker, and Fairies would be totally broken.

Your autocast upgrade suggestions are great though. Persistent Autocast should lock you to a mana-weak faction’s regen rate (4.62 with both angel heritage and spellfury).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Survey]Players Tastes & Achievements

1. What is your favorite faction?

I don’t know. Druids?

2. What is your least favorite faction?

Goblins. Too much work to set up, with little payoff, and mostly just in trophies.

3. What is your most played faction?

Fairies. Amazing non-neutral faction.

4. What is your least played faction?

I haven’t unlocked Faceless, but I play Elves the least otherwise since they’re only good for FC grinding.

5. What is the highest amount of Gems you collected (your current amount of Gems if you had never Hard Reset)?

56.81 B (with over 900 B reserved for a Druid Faceless-lead in.)

6. What is the highest amount of Coins you collected (your Total Coins Gained amount if you had never Hard Reset)?

477 Dc

7. What is the highest amount of Buildings you owned (your Max Buildings Owned amount if you had never Hard Reset)?


8. What is the highest amount of Faction Coins you collected (your Total Faction Coins Gained amount if you had never Hard Reset)?

6.849 M

9. What is the highest amount of Spells you cast (your Total Spell Cast amount if you had never Hard Reset)?


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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]

More upgrades related to magic:

Supercasting – Autocasting increases mana generation by 20%.

Overcharge – Increase spell duration and effect by 10%. (e.g. Tax Collection will add 33 seconds of income, Gem Grinder increases gem bonus 55x for 22s, Fairy Chanting increases Farm, Inn, and Blacksmith production by 110x for 8.8s)

Regenerative Meditation – Increases mana regeneration based on your percentage of maximum mana (from 50% with an empty bar to 0% with a nearly full bar?).

Critical Casting – 2.5% chance to have a spell to have double the duration and effect. A critical spell will have a red timer bar.

Wild Magic – When casting a faction spell, there is a 2.5% chance of casting another faction spell with half the normal duration and effect. True Night, Hellfire Blast, and Lightning Strike, if cast off their usual alignment, will base themselves off the equivalent buildings (e.g. Hellfire Blast will hit Iron Strongholds and Ancient Pyramids, and True Night will base off Labyrinths in a Neutral game).

Extreme Efficiency – When casting a spell, recover 5% of the mana used to cast the spell.

Some of these may be locked to the prestige factions, otherwise this will overpower mana-weak factions such as goblins and titans.

EDIT: added even more upgrades

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Topic: Transport Defender / [BUG] Feature level multi-buy displays 18.45 Qi at high values

Apparently a bug happened in the new update that kinda broke the multi-buy for ship features.

If you try to buy too many levels, the price says 18.45 Qi and the bonus appears to be of level -0 (e.g. Second hand shop 18.45 Qi upgrade is Additive decrease Resource reward by 0%)

It used to work like buying too many weapon levels, and that was how it should work.

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Topic: Transport Defender / [FEATURE] Auto quick load ship feature

Weird, since my Random generator goes after Mousetrap and Navigator like it should on every x50 sector.

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Topic: Transport Defender / [FEATURE] Auto quick load ship feature

Add a feature that automatically Quick loads when all other skills besides Adrenaline (to make it easier for No-Overdrive builds) are recharging or being used and not recharged (battle skills can be both used and recharged). This will round out the auto-skill user.

Suggested name: Overclock

Suggested price: 1000000 crates

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Granted. It only goes forward in time and it sends you 20 years forward.

I wish for HyperHippo to not shut the game down.

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Topic: RobotPet / Suggestions for upcoming updates

Small feature plus:

Allow gold items to be sold for 1 cap each, 500*level Hydro for a gold item would be insulting. Or at least be able to scrap it for five times the item level.

Either sell-protect plats, or allow selling them for 1 cap per 20 levels (rounded normally, min 1. e.g. level 70 plat is worth 4).

Have guns buffed to make the sniper not ridiculously OP. Especially the double shotgun and gatling gun. It sucks.

Add more chassis types, I’ve only seen ford and traktor. Maybe add a truck and a performance chassis?

Maybe add a pure energy cannon (like a BFG) and a railgun, and energy shielding armor?

Last but not least, improve what’s on daily spin: Get rid of white, green, and blue items and big XP, have hydro scale more to your level, add super jackpots of scaled caps (Cap JACKPOT!), teal items, instant rebuilds (rebuilds your robot and keeps everything), fake Kreds, and the gold robot.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Large Numbers

There are differences between a Quinquadragintillion, a Quinquagintillion, and a Quinquagentillion.

One is the 45-illion, one is the 50-illion, and the remaining one is the 500-illion

Also, there is a illion called the micrillion. Guess how big that is.