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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Aurian:

Also, this is a really dumb question but I want to be sure. The ignore epic weapons only prevents the elemental glaives, right? I’m HCApoc idling crystals hoping for a perfect GC, and any extra room over night is welcome.

Light/Dark Glaives and the Epic Elemental Staffs. (Staves?)

But the “Perfect” GC would be from non-Crystals… Looted items from non-crystal enemies gives a bonus to attack/defense. Check the Drop guide for the exact numbers.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Battle Arena -New BonusRock Suggestion!

If you bothered to read the suggestion thread (sticked at the top of the forum), or search the forum, you’d know that it has been suggested multiple times and has been shot down due to issues with coding it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by AZNPWNZ8:

how does on achieve rank 550?? O.O

You can’t, it’s for fusion.

When you fuse, the rank becomes A+B/2, so fusing it with a r450 item would result in r500.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Guide] Careers

Originally posted by Marine851:

How can I gain gem trader career xp fast? Only seems to take a long time for anything good to happen.

You’re playing an Idle game… The best things are going to take a while.
Best way would be to just get the Tech Lights and use the card for it while active all day.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Variables for Technical Lights (v1524)

Since the Rebirth content addition, some people are interested in the variables. Only one I have is for the number of rebirths completed, so it allows you to get the new stat cap easily. You still need to gain the stats though.
Variable for Number of Rebirths:

Credit for this goes to… whoever told me in chat. Sorry, forgot your name…

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by Omesh:

What exactly are the benefits of playing with a kong account? If I play offline and my name appears undefined, do I gain those benefits?

Uhh… Isn’t there that random “Bonus for being NAME: +Exp | +Coin” you have a chance at getting every… 0.1% normal progress bar fill or whatever?

Originally posted by EtchenBa:

Stupid question…what does [S], [I], and [SI] refer to?

[S] is “Super” or something like that… It’s an item that works on items that can’t normally be enhanced, like Finalized items and most “Cannot apply bonus rocks”.

[I] is Infinite and do not disappear when used.

And the combination of them is an infinite enhancer which works on just about everything.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Aesthetics of Anti-Idle

Originally posted by AunoAdam:

I have been playing half a year this game, so its clear that this doesnt matter to me. I am sure that everyone Reading this fórum, doesnt care, as they continue playing, but…
how many people have left this game after some minutes/seconds, without even giving themselves the opportunity to understand the mechanic of the game. How many of them would love this game as we do, and continue playing is the game was nicer?

What is nice/ugly is relative, but there are general rules for visual design, that makes things (like cars, vídeo games, mobiles or forks) more apelative for more people.

PS. Please, you dont have to be rude. I’m not attacking this game (I love it) or killing cats. Im just pointing something about this game, that I think could be better, and maybe, it is a reason why it is not played by more people.

If you’re taking this as rude, sorry… I’m just being rather frank about it.
I would say that a majority of the people who play only a few min are just doing so for the badge. Those who stay a bit longer (level 1~3k) and then leave would probably be leaving due to learning of the massive amounts of grinding. Beyond that, we have people who are tired of the game leaving, those who’ve completed what they wanted, those who don’t like the way the game is going (such as nerfs ruining their work) and those who do not have enough time to really play. I would say those who leave just because of the art are probably so few in number that it wouldn’t make a difference.

Also, if you don’t like the graphics or have a “better” idea, make some artwork and post it into the Artwork Thread… wherever it went. Probably have to do a search for it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Aesthetics of Anti-Idle

Originally posted by AunoAdam:

The menu, the buttons and a lot of other things, are ugly, With a good menu I mean nice buttons, and a well designed aesthetic.

Right, because that’s explains a lot… How are they ugly? Is it that they don’t have a glossy look? Lack of “Lens Flare”? What you claim are ugly can just as easily be claimed to be beautiful.

Besides, does it really matter?
Would I prefer to have an Art Deco style to the menus and such? Sure. But am I going to give up this game if it goes with the “Pixelated Utilitarian” look? Nope. Why? Because the menus are a minor aspect that pale in comparison to the other parts of the game.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Aesthetics of Anti-Idle

PS. I talked about this on forums, and some people felt that I was insulting them of somehing. Please, dont start a flame.

Where did you talk about this previously? From the way this sounds, it seems like you’re just trying to cause some incident…

And what’s wrong with the menu design? It works and isn’t obtrusive…
If a menu is really the whole reason people stay or leave then I’m left wondering what I’ve been doing here…

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by Aurian:

If that is the case, how come it tells you not to do so in order to not risk save file loss? It confused me a bit, since I know Tukkun said he managed to prevent potential save file loss when playing multiple files, with speedrun as exception.

Also, thanks :) Your new name confuses me, always takes a sec to remember that you are TLTTP.

EDIT: One more thing. Am I understanding things correctly that one is stuck with a newbie stick until rank 100 if nothing else drops with collectors pendant?

I think it may be based off of Speedrun, which may include the speedrun exception… If it helps, I’ve been running both concurrently and haven’t had any issues (yet…).

For the Collector’s Pendant: Correct.
Though, I think things only drop with collector’s if the enemy is a boss and above level 1000? There should really be a good in-depth (As in code-dive) thread about the drop mechanics of it, but I don’t think there is one…

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Learning about Subweapons!

Learn all about subweapons! Starting from r200, you must use subweapons in all of your attacks until you reach r500, then you win! Subweapons are much cheaper in this challenge, so try them all out.

Objective: Reach BA Rank 500


1. Start at r200.
2. All attacks require a Subweapon to be used.  You cannot attack otherwise.
3. Subweapon crafting is temporarily changed: Large reduction in required materials; subweapons are timed/restricted to challenge only and can not be enhanced in any way.
4. Reduction in Card Subweapon required rank to r200.
5. IAs' Damaging skills only activate when subweapon is equipped.


  • Medal Name: Subweapon Master
  • Skin Color: #1B4D3E
  • Eye Color: #000f89

Anti-Idle: Anti-Pacifist Edition

Some people say violent video games lead to violence in real life… Show them that’s not true at all! Kill things in the BA, rob tree farmers, bop Greg so many times he gets a concussion and otherwise do random acts of evilness to show how a bunch of pixels in a video game doesn’t make you violent!

Objective: Reach Level 5,000

1. You cannot do anything "non-violent":
2. No Garden (Would it be possible to require the trees to be killed early before you get rewards from them?  If so, then allow garden under those restrictions.)
3. No Printer or LolMarket.
4. T:FCG only allows cards with attack. (If too hard to implement, then no T:FCG)
5. Stadium only allows Item Fight and Death Match
6. Arcade is restricted to Violent games: Pong and Whack-A-Greg
7. No non-violent Careers (Only allow Fighter, Button Basher and Fisher)
8. Can only feed pet things from Violent sources (Bacon)
9. Adventures must always pick the violent options (Fight noob, steal things...)
10. Fishing may only use the Fish-Only rod (Given at start/when fishing is bought)


  • Medal Name: Bloodthirsty Player
  • Skin Color: #8B0000
  • Eye Color: #FF0000


Everyone loves the Battle Arena, right? Well, show your love for the BA by getting to level 2500 using only the BA.

Objective: Reach Level 2,500

1. Start at level 25 with the BA bought.
2. All other features are blocked. (Idle Mode, Boosts [maybe... might be too hard], Printer, Garden...)
3. Only Careers allowed are Item Maker and Fighter.
4. Pet can only be fed with Bacon.
5. Cannot open Mystery Boxes that do not relate to BA. (Progress, Supply, Attendance, Legendary)


  • Medal Name: BAddict
  • Skin Color: #BABABA
  • Eye Color: #BABABA
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by Stereotomy:

Why is it that a career blessing doesn’t seem to change the item crafting career exp gained from crafting an item?

I’m sure if you look through the thread it has it fully stated, but I’m sure it’s something like “everything below 10k exp is doubled, above 10k exp is left the same” for balance reasons.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / BREAKING NEWS: Tukkun's computer has been destroyed

Oh darn. Comp got destroyed…

By any chance, if someone (I know a few here are into code-diving) was to send you the code for v1,635 would that help?

Hope it’s possible to repair it…

Edit: Just thinking, is this possibly a lead in to a new huge patch? Maybe some BA zones? Or am I just overthinking/paranoid over this?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Originally posted by Arbalist:

Hi I have idea with pack. For example:
newbie pack( can be bought only once) 1 of all kind boxes without supply box cost e.g. 5k BC 10k GC and 1m YC
rich man pack ( can be bought only once) 10 legendary boxes, 50 pixelated mystery box, 10 gambler boxes for about 60k BC or higher price.

Already sort of implemented with the Supply Crates you can get for free (or buy) for reaching every… 1000 levels?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by rriparetti:

Im using GS/GC when Im not using DR. Are the elemental weapons better? And whats the new crafting system? o.O

Well, the Elemental Weapons are a bit stronger and have some good bonuses. It’s a bit hard to get a good one (APOC HC SD runs, only drop from bosses now) but you’ll probably end up using it to get u20 CHAOS due to the Bonuses you can have on it (Weaken Power).

Crafting change was the adjustments with the Crystals of (Ultimate) rarity, which now allows much better stats on items, as long as you have loads of the Crystals. For instance, Knightmare armor with 500/500 crystals is about the same as HBB, though some recent HBB boosts may have balanced it…

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by rriparetti:

I need help killing 56-60 in abandoned lab. Im 7353 equipping Dark Ruler and 3 out of the 5 pieces of Humblebee armor, yet….I cant defeat any of them. They dont do much damage BUUUUUT they take forever to kill, and right now Im just wondering if its so hard because I am not 7500, which apparently the monsters levels are 7500. Im at 88% difficulty, meaning its easy, not recommended or not verry easy. just easy…but its not easy cuz they arent dying :|

any advice?

First off, Don’t use DR, get another weapon. Not that DR is bad, just not suited for what you’re trying to do. Good ideas are G5/GS fusion using the new crafting system or one of the Ultimate “Elemental” weapons from SD (Ultimate Ice Spear and Ultimate Lighting Spear are probably going to last you the longest).

Second, getting to 7500 will help a good deal with accuracy. Not really required, but every bit helps.

HBB is good, work on getting the other two pieces and leveling/enhancing it all.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Update1] Removal of Boost system?

How will this new “unified” boost work with the Bestiary Bonuses and Ascension (temp) perks?

How “skillful” is “skillful”? There are many people who just focus on one area, such as the BA, and don’t touch Arcade or other features. Would the requirements for having a boost rate similar to pre-no-boost force them into what they don’t want to do? What about Active? There are several places where you are active but not doing anything, such as using AURA or waiting for your T:FCG opponent to die from poison.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / No more new backgrounds?

Well, as of right now, you have 6 other backgrounds to choose from.

I have heard that Tukkun is thinking about adding some more, but it requires changes to the Options Screen to fit and all that…

So, there will probably be some new backgrounds in the future, just wait a bit longer.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Arbalist:

where I can get alien earrings?

9001: Ye Olde Pub. Easy way to get there: Go to 9001: Mystic Path (Where you fight aliens normally) and go “left” once. Then click on the odd machine in there. It costs a good deal of YC.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Originally posted by ericlala:

for the daily rewards, add an auto loot all button

As in the “Pick X spots” rewards? Don’t think an “auto loot all” button would work since it’s limited, but a “randomly loot X prizes” would be nice. Not like there should be any difference between picking them ourselves and having it chosen automatically… Well, maybe the lack of being able to make patterns…

Edit: Interface change? Why not have a dropdown menu (or something similar) that allows you to pick the one you want?

Also, I have some suggestions regarding the Trinkets’ required rank of 400.
Short version: Change rank required for WM, Yellow Madness and Gem of Good Luck (Maybe?) to something lower, around r200? They aren’t as “great” as Rage or Empowering which are geared towards fighting and are more like “added effects” that are occasionally used.

As well as changing these, maybe change Gem of Constancy to something similar to the way it was? Start at rank 1, can’t gain exp when at your rank (like robacon) and maybe, if possible, have the spawn rates be triggered by increases in rank? Like how the Empowering Gem has boosts for higher rank weapons; for example, require rank 100 GoC and 4(3) items for the +15% spawn rate, rank 500 Goc and 8(7) items for +40% spawn rate. If you can’t do “and/or” with the actual items, maybe extend the options (r1, r100, r200, r300, r400, r500 & Finalized Gloves, Finalized Shirt…) and adjust the number of items required. (So r500 and all finalized equipment would be 13 items assuming rank requirements like above.)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Lybydose:

Ok and how about SI bonus rocks?

Apoc, HC and enemy must be level 9001. I think… I know fighting in Castle Grimm and Secret Dungeon with those conditions will give them to you (eventually).

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Final Balancing - YOUR help is needed

Level: 6522, 6 ascensions done, currently on an Impossible. Hope all of this helps.

1~3: Possibly give a “New Player Progress Boost Boost”. It’s quite slow claiming rewards in the beginning when you don’t have boosts or speed increased.

4: Option A.

5: Rebirthed quite recently, so BA gains are low and are throwing it off. Last I remember, Progress Bar was 30~40% of Exp and Coins. I usually have Idle mode ON and rarely (special occasion, such as a daily event) have Idlebot on.

6: More Exp/Coins in the beginning, say before BA is used, then even off to what it is now seems fine.

7: Costs seems reasonable for someone who is getting >1K BC each day for free. Might be a bit high with BC costs for those who do a majority of idling.

9 & 10: Never specifically used them but it seems like they are great for short bursts of gain. The issue is that the great spots to use them, SD/SC/Deathmatch… take time to finish.

11: Never bought boosts other than for the achievements. Always gained them through the BA.

12: Not really.

13: In my normal situation, I have max boosts all the time idling due to BA bestiary bonuses. (Except for quite recently… Progress boost seems to decrease a lot faster.) I would rather stay at max boosts than having to buy them all the time, as getting to the point in the BA where you can do that isn’t easy, plus it speeds up the time to level up right around the point where things sort of stagnate.

16: When I do use the garden, Free Trees.

17: It’s pretty high at the very beginning. Maybe have the first 4 you buy be “on sale”?

18: Never use them.

19: I never used AG with coins in mind, only Randomfruit.

20: #1, I think. The 1hr harvest red one. (Don’t have AG on this run)

22: Would love to have all the seeds replenish themselves, seems a bit low currently.

23: Would love a short term seed that replenishes itself in exchange for very low coin gain.

24: Whole point to AG, aside from achievements and whatnot. Haven’t actually used them yet, saving up for a quick run.

25: I know it’s there, but I never use Garden to gain them.

26: I’ll just list these and the reasons
*Secret Beach: Zombie Boss makes idling much harder than Beach or BB.
*Ropeless Room: Useless aside from achievement
*Scary Graveyard: If you don’t do the achievement early, it’s a lot harder due to the Triangle Land enemies. Also near impossible to idle without Dark Ruler.
*9001: Ye Olde Pub: I have 17 kills here, can’t get any more… What was this again? Aside from the special machine, which could be moved to 9001 Mystic Path, it seems useless.
*9001: Mystic Path: Slow kill rate, as far as I can tell it is impossible to kill anything in one hit here. Only reason I can think of to stay here is for the achievement (50k Kills) and to test the wand out before doing the Defend Mission.
*Fairy Tale zones (aside from Castle Grimm and Throne Room): I rarely use them, as SI, NCI and Censor Ship seem to be better. Only use for Throne Room is the Fairy GodMother armor from my experience with it.

27: Depends… Some weapons have great non-attack stats, such as Accuracy and Speed, and are rather low rank/cost, so if you spend the time to unique them instead of using attack rocks, they are much better than some high end weapons.

28: Combo Protection and Panic seem useless. One you lose if you get hit, which considering you can’t carry Combo between areas, means you won’t normally be using this when you go to new areas. Panic is (for most cases) superseded by Rage Gem.

29: Any of the Purple bonuses at low rank seem worthless, just too little boost (especially those that only give 1~9). Green bonuses are fine, just not Spawn at low rank; Elements are situational, only use Dark, Light and Ice. Unused Orange bonuses:
All Elements, Blind Effect/Duration/Chance, Extra Combo, Magic Reflect, Null Death Penalty, Poison Effect/Duration/Chance, Drain, Mastery, Reflect.

30: Considering the amount of grinding/idling in this game, not really.

31: Commonly used: CHAOS, CGT, Anti-Snail (only when using low speed weapons), Elite Pharaoh, Invisible X, Triangle, “?”. Considering you can’t trigger their skills, the early IAs that attack for “~200% damage CD: 20s” aren’t that great, since they can trigger when nothing is on the screen and are only worth a basic attack.

32: Reasonable advantage? Not really, seem on the low side. (Well, aside from things such as weapons/armor)

33: New players already have low chances to see Rare/Epic enemies so decreasing (or leaving the same) the SCM/Unob gain would pose issues and just lead to farming for it.

34: Way too rare without mining/farming for the drops. If the Collector’s Pendant was stronger, then using it may be considered, otherwise just stick with your strongest pendant and farm later.

35: Reduce for everyone = bad! It’s overpowered, as long as you don’t mind idling. Sort of shifts the “balance of power(gain?)” away from active people and over to Idlers. How would the level of the Crystal work with the various Pickaxes? Bronze = 0 level boost, Silver = 500 level boost…? My idea: Add more crystals and have each of those focus on a specific loot drop (such as the Defend Mission reward zone pre-explosion, where each “???” had a different skill book drop). And maybe make each pickaxe “favor” (more damage to that type or have that type pop up more) a certain one?

36: Considering how they are one of the best sources for Unob/SCM, not doing the mining until the limit would seem like a waste. Of course, this would just apply for those who haven’t yet gotten everything they want from crafting.

Dark Pyramid: Quick boosts and Rings at almost any level.
Defend Mission: Haven’t touched it in ages, just tried it and lost to the “Alien Generator”. Not a clue how I was supposed to pass that. “DON’T ATTACK” is just a pain, the time limit and way the area is set up now should prevent anyone from really abusing it.
Special Arena: Once you can do Corruption and such, this is almost useless.
MBR: Good rewards once you can get a good streak, early on it doesn’t seem worth it since you can only get low streaks.
ToD: Rarely used. Almost forget about it.
SD: Required for “end game” stuff regardless of how you feel about it. (setup seems a bit… odd) There’s an issue with information for completing it: I can’t see anyone getting the good gear from this without using the forums and such to figure everything out, in which case they just follow the consensus (get HBB or u12(?) CHAOS, then go for u20.). People may not link Chests Opened to CHAOS difficulty and think “well, I bet that’s for those who get 100 rebirths and dozens of ascensions”.
Corruption: It’s a bit odd, if you don’t go there exactly when you should, you make raising some of the bars much harder than it should be. It’s actually penalizing you for being too strong.
SC: At the cusp of the level requirement, it’s a bit of a pain to get good streaks, though once you surpass it, it’s great. Shame the best rewards only happen when you don’t need them (9001).
TH: Very confusing without outside info. Level is 1, but I can’t damage them… is it a special weapon like the aliens? Though once you get the hang of it, it has good rewards. Much better at lower levels when you have gear and rank to overpower them easily. Great item (skin) and IA as well.

38: If I’m fighting something that can’t be taken down quickly (CHAOS), I focus Robacon on equipment bonuses/skills. If it’s something that he can instant-kill, I focus my stuff on spawn rate and rewards.

39: Even with Rebirth and an Impossible Ascension, it’s possible to ignore a bunch of the early areas unless you need something specific from them (IA, bestiary levels). I’m not too sure how to balance that, but maybe some bonuses if you are much higher than the level’s recommended area? Such as have the enemies scale to your level, have great rewards (level based, about equivalent to what you may find in the areas closer to your level) for doing “bounty” missions there (Like the old Mission Kommander)…

Don’t use Button Machine

I sort of ignore Money Printer…

Loath Arcade. I only play when crates give me too many tokens that I can’t spend on the 100k medals.
47: Triangle Count. Sort of good, can reach the quest’s S score often.
48: Everything else. No.
51: Very high. Seems to just make it worse. “Oh, I can’t make this game easier, so I have to play it more.” Maybe have it reversed? Super easy but no score submissions until you buy the increases in difficulty?

Rarely use stadium…
55: No.

Rarely use TFCG since it was overhauled.

62: Yes, if you check it often. Would love it if it was possible to have it open like the Quest screen does now, maybe from a Lolmarket button?
63: Exp? Never really noticed that.

Rarely adventure.
68: Boosts if I’m low on Refills, Refills if I have a lot of them.
69: I don’t use fertilizer so that’s where I dump it.
71~72: Never, Rep gives better Exp than either of those could give.

I just idle there when I can’t Idle BA for some reason. (Don’t want to waste a boost or switch skills…)

82: Easiest would be the BA ones. Hardest would be Idle and anything you don’t like (Arcade…)

88: Fighter, unless I’m going to be doing something for a while, such as Lolmarket or Adventures.
89: Ehh, I use it just for Career Exp. Some rewards seem useless.

92: Easy if you get loads of bacon.
93: Easy to get bacon if you know how to. Restricting the food would just make it a pain to keep alive.
94: What? Really? Did not know about that…
95: It’s not enough that I really notice it.

Mystery Boxes:
96: Chaos to spend YC, Explosion to feed pet and gain pet levels.

99: Some seem useless, though I may just be ignoring their features.
100: I rarely use cards, so no.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Originally posted by Omesh:

Just as an add-on/similar feature:
Could it be possible to have a “Can’t Change Equipment” button or such in the BA Menu? Function would be to prevent the switching of equipment to other types while it is On. Main reason for this suggestion is that it’s sometimes possible to accidentally switch BA gear when you don’t want to, such as when you have a Consistency Gem equipped.
Uhh, not too sure about an image, but maybe a big red X over the normal image?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by mrme48709:

Hardcore Apocalypse Mode Secret Dungeon for U7 UIS. Last I checked, it’s dropped by almost anything in SD, such as the “common” elemental groups (Earth Elemental, Air Elemental…) of enemies. Fighting bosses in HC APOC is rather hard for most people, especially when you’re going for it the first time, so look into using NOM to go through and kill non-bosses and escaping when you fight a boss. The “Reduced Rewards” for doing SD more than 5 times a day shouldn’t change the drop rates…

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

By any chance, would it be possible to add some more options/tracked stats to the 7~8 day tracked stats graph on the Stats menu/page? It would be great to see how much YC/GC/BC I gain over several days.

Also, would it be possible to have alternative time lengths? Such as every hour for the past 24 hours, every week for the past 4 weeks…
I know it would be a lot of new stored variables but it would be nice to be able to see such a setup.