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Topic: Off-topic / what would you do if u win 999999 trillion billion dollars

That’s a lot of money…

I would hide most of it so that I didn’t destroy the economy.

I would buy:
A load of land and have a mansion constructed
Amazing PC
Lots of PC monitors
Massive TV
Personal army

Also lots of donations to charity. :)

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Topic: Technical Support / missing ezamit on tyrant unleashed

This is the wrong place.
You have already made a post about this in the Tyrant Unleashed forums.

I’ll help you anyway.
You need to make a support ticket with Synapse about it.
You can create a ticket here:

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Topic: Off-topic / Games you are currently playing?

Games I am trying to get badges on right now:
Royal Squad
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4
Prizma Puzzle Challenge
Days of Monsters
oO – working on the impossible badge
Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 2

Badged games also on my playlist:
Dawn of the Dragons – I hate this game, but I want the badge… Haven’t played it for a while…
The Fancy Pants Adventures – One badge left, I think… I really should get it at some point.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your wake-up time?

Used to be 7am… Then I came back to Kongregate and started going to bed late…

Now I’ll usually wake up at 9am-11am. But I usually won’t get out of bed until around 1am.

Student life.

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Topic: Off-topic / What if?

Ever seen Doctor Who: Bad Wolf?

A hundred years before this, The Doctor shut down a major satellite. This caused the planet to go into chaos because nothing was working. No internet, news, nothing.

Then the human race made it so that people who didn’t pay their TV licenses would get executed. They also made people go on weird game shows where the prize was getting to live.


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Topic: Kongregate / can we get kreds from acievments?

Originally posted by rinky999:

They give you free kreds if you’re on Kong Plus. (There’s a link of it at the bottom of this page. Somehow I don’t know how to link to it.) :P

Click “Learn more” to get to the K+ bit.

I wouldn’t really say that the Kreds are free. K+ is $29.99 a year, and you get 50 Kreds with it. That’s $5 of Kreds, so it’s like you’re paying $5 for Kreds and $24.99 for the rest of K+.

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Topic: Off-topic / Petition to officially make today Pacman Ghost avatar day

Ruudiluca: Ghost Attorney is ready to battle.

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

I wish urFEAR would write an R-rated fanfic about him and Bankzy.

Granted, but it’s written in Chinese.

I wish that I was immortal so that my lifespan wouldn’t be affected by my never sleeping.

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Topic: Forum Games / This or That?

You can’t eat out of a sofa… Not hygienically, anyway.

Marvel or DC?

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, but it’s Dove handsoap.

I wish that I would never get sleepy.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kong's email...

Changing the flag in Chrome is a fix that the users of Kongregate have to do themselves, there isn’t any way for Kongregate to ‘fix’ it.

And also, that fix for users is just temporary. It’ll completely stop working eventually.
To continue playing Unity games in the future, changing browser will be required. Firefox is a good alternative to Chrome, in my opinion.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gevock wants a thread with discussion.

What is your favourite website?:
Gotta be Kongregate.

Your favourite mod on that website?:
Can I choose an ex-mod?
He isn’t mod any more because idon’teven.

Your favourite game/forum on that website?:
Favourite game (series) is Creeper World.
Favourite forum… Hmm… Kongregate when it’s active, but Off-Topic other times.

Your favourite shitposter on Kongregate?:
Umm… I miss sosusline, if she counts.

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Topic: Forum Games / Last 3 Letters into 3 New Words

Good game, sucker.

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Topic: Off-topic / How long until a battery is dying before you get concerned

14% on my phone because that is when the red light starts to flash.

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Topic: Off-topic / Will youtube ever die??????????????

I don’t think so.

Youtube has plenty of people who consider “YouTubing” to be their actual jobs. This means that they will be constantly making an effort to keep the website full of new and interesting material.

There are also at least 100 new Minecraft let’s play series starting every day.

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Topic: Off-topic / How long do you have left to live (DEATHCLOCK)

June 26, 2085

I’m optimistic. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Good Night Thread

6:15am here in the UK…
Good night. :)

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Topic: Forum Games / Picture Wars (6)

A full revive!

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your bedtime?

I used to aim for midnight.
Since I came back to Kongregate, I’ve been going to bed around 3am-4am.


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Topic: Off-topic / If a white men doesnt feel attracted to black women, does that qualify him as racist ?

Not really racist.
Some people are into blonde people, some are not into blonde people.
Some people are into black people, some are not into black people. It’s just preference.

I personallly believe that black skin looks beautiful. So I don’t mind. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / So who here is OFFICIALLY an adult? (+18 ages)

Believe it or not, I am actually 18 now.
Born 30th July 1996. :)

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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 44] dias17se vs. Zaminick

I have never noticed a user called ‘dias17se’.

I’ll vote for Zam.

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Topic: Off-topic / why you're not an OT moderator:

I’m not an OT moderator because when they try to give me mod, they get distracted by my beauty.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you PROUD to be an OTer?

Originally posted by Gevock:

And why should we be proud of spending our time here instead of doing something far more productive?

This is productive. It’s moving our social skills from non-existant to just plain terrible.

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Topic: Kongregate / can we get kreds from acievments?

As nice as that would be for us, Kreds really do turn into real money. Each time you spend Kreds on a game, the developer gets real money. If Kongregate were to give out Kreds for each achievement, they would make massive losses.

Nice idea, but not possible.