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Topic: Kongregate / Contest: Design a quest! "Yo dawg..."

<3 U Rayjinn. I rarely irl lol. lol.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Errors

I have noticed something similar happening to weaken in faction wars as well. If I surge using a weaken commander, the first assault that activates on the opponent’s side attacks without being weakened, even those without evade. Then, thereafter, it seems to work normally.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Profile bar changes and minor bug fixes

Saw this on the tech bit

Originally posted by Gomo_Psivarh:

The problem is stemmed from the game name of today’s botd.

“botd_game_name”:“/ ESCAPE \”

\" is an escape character in javascript, so it should be

“botd_game_name”:“/ ESCAPE \”"

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: Profile bar changes and minor bug fixes

Having the same problem.

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Topic: Tyrant / New factions @ Tyrant(Faction Links Thread)

Originally posted by N0R080T:

Resistance is Futile (a level 9 faction, rank 60+ atm)

- R – i – F – has a few spots open for surgers and fighters.

Please apply if you are level 20+ and mission 90+;kv_apply=6127002

Or drop by in Tyrant Chatroom #14 or p.m. heman727 (kantonese spoken), kurimen (spanish spoken), muckling (german spoken), N0R080T (dutch spoken)

I think I will join you guys :o)

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Topic: Tyrant / [Consortium Poll] How would you "Fix" the Daily Chance?

I think this would defeat the purpose of daily chance. It is a good way for new players to continue the game, not for veteran players to stay. Even if you can get the best cards, more WB, more gold in daily chance, it does not mean that you will use those resources to be competitive. In a business sense, they want to spread the game to many new players, so that hopefully they will create traffic which will generate revenue. They make money from the people who dedicate themselves to this game and spend money on it, and the only way to do that is to get as many new players as possible.

I vote 4.

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Topic: Tyrant / Post Active Raid Links Here

Looks like someone posted this raid again :) Thanks Glug

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] level 8 faction Raider Angels, all welcomed!

Sorry everyone. I was not expecting the quick response! We are now not looking. I am sorry to those who got turned down, again, I did not anticipate the response volume. Thanks for the support, and I hope you enjoy Tyrant.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] level 8 faction Raider Angels, all welcomed!

We are trying to build our recruitment to push us into level 9. As of this posting, we have 26 slots, so apply quickly so you can use your stamina :o)

Level requirement: None! But make sure you’re ready for wars 24/7

LP requirement: 70 LP per week. You can still take breaks, go on vacation, and have a life without giving up everything for the game!

Raider Angels Forum: We will invite you to join our forum, where we talk about deck strategies, and can help you with your goals on Tyrant. It’s not required, but it will help you to get all those cool, hard to get cards.

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Topic: Tyrant / Recruiting new faction

Come one, come all. I am starting a new faction, and am fairly new to Tyrant. I enjoy this game, kind of like how I enjoy MTG. If you don’t know what MTG stands for, or have to google it, then I don’t think this group is for you! I only have two rules:

1) I expect you to participate in the game at least twice a week.

2) I expect you not to be a jerk.

If you break either of these rules… you’re out! Otherwise, nice to meet you! Send me a message, or apply for recruitment to Maleficence in game. See ya!