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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

My ideas:
1. Deja Vu – uses power and angle from previous turn. Bullet is also the same but it is grey and deals half of it’s damage. Levels could increase percentage of damage from previous turn 50%=>55%=>60%=>65%=>70%
2. Right pusher – a ball with an arrow pointing right. Has small/medium explosion with very low damage (5/10) and pushes tanks it hits small distance right, no metter of hill steep. Can be used on yourself or teemmates strategically.
3. Left pusher – the same as right pusher but with arrow pointing left and it pushes tanks left.
4. Heavy right/left pusher – bigger bullet, explosion, damage (15/20) and push distance.
5. Box collector – has very big explosion but won’t damage tanks or make holes, instead it can collect boxes lying on the ground. Optional: boxes collected with it could have better items inside (level1+1luck, lvl2+2luck…). It may gain experience by collecting boxes 10/20exp each.
6. Doomer – similar to sticky grenade but black with medium/big explosion that detonates at the end of a turn, dealing half of damage that targets have already gained this turn. It also freezes tanks within explosion radius to prevent them from escapeing in team/individual shot. It levels up like Deja Vu.
Hope You like my ideas. Maby I will write more later.