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Topic: General Gaming / Does anyone remember the name of this game:

The Hapland series? I don’t think it’s on Kongregate, though.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by banana332:

The game I’m trying to remember is on Kongregate. The setting appeared to be an ancient Roman city theme and you collect letters of the alphabet that unlock a new weapon, you would move throughout the city and kill people and earn “rage”. If I can remember, the thumbnail for the game was an angry face with a yellowish background.

Viva Caligula

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Topic: Game Programming / How to get High Scores tab to show up

Make sure you have checked the “Display in leaderboards” checkbox for the statistics you want to show in the high scores.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Triviador] Factually Incorrect Questions/Answers

Originally posted by pathfinder:

There is a question about the freezing point of water that wrongly has 100 degrees as the good answer. Weird thing is that I was the only one who replied 0, the other two players wrote 100 (which is obviously incorrect unless you know about the bug).

Actually I don’t think it was a wrong answer. If I remember correctly the question asked about the freezing point set by Anders Celsius.

(From Wikipedia)
In 1742, Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701–1744) created a temperature scale which was the reverse of the scale now known by the name “Celsius”: 0 represented the boiling point of water, while 100 represented the freezing point of water.

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Topic: Kongregate / Birthday Giveaway [Winners selected]

Happy birthday!

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Topic: Kongregate / Skill/Art/Luck/WTF contest

I would like to partake in the luck challenge.

WTF submission:
12145, 15523, 24134, 41255, 46901, 77425, 95599, 97294, 114447, 116876, 125712, 134397, 143466, 143777, 151069, 160715, 164539, 173847, 190306, 194907, 199032, 213280, 217934, 223623, 231769, 249240, 262141, 265559, 286192, 302196, 302892, 313385, 318984, 335917, 340680, 342682, 352447, 373779, 387798, 391125, 401041, 403535, 424558, 428346, 431475, 444175, 463641, 484847, 486187, 526703, 534531, 546969, 548142, 548181, 559386, 560093, 563492, 584206, 588721, 589075, 609800, 614153, 616313, 629194, 649531, 656921, 686866, 690446, 700177, 702958, 713395, 714913, 716263, 739443, 740053, 754700, 757362, 765323, 806337, 819025, 823408, 844384, 846570, 860753, 877575, 885121, 899050, 908546, 911270, 916102, 916752, 919701, 923359, 924788, 926306, 929027, 969342, 976892, 985397, 995614

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by witsd:

Okay, here’s mine:

Kong game with at least one badge, more likely two.

Platformer with very small sprites.

Every enemy (or at least most of them) you either meet or kill becomes a selectable character.

Characters have different skills – the only one I can remember fired a arc of three arrows.

Levels were randomly generated to some degree.

Level select screen was a block made of lots of small rectangles, each being a level – I think the objective was to make a path of completed levels from the top left to the other side.

Something about dragons?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this: The great dungeon in the sky

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Topic: The Arts / Art portal

It was recently taken down permanently.

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Topic: Kongregate / Anniversary Giveaway

I’ve been here for 5 and a half years and I don’t remember how I found this site anymore. At first the badges kept me on here, then I lost interest in them and stayed for Kongai, which was my favorite game on Kong. Now that it’s pretty much dead I visit this site to play the new games.

Kongregate is still the website I visit first when I open the browser.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Originally posted by calvindang:

Make it so we get 9999999999^999999999999999999999^ kreds for reaching level 66.

This is already implemented.

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Topic: Kongregate / Deleted posts

Check the “Watch topic” checkbox of the thread whose deleted posts you want to see. Then go to the “Monitored posts” page. Now you can see deleted posts.

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Topic: Kongregate / i won the $10,000 gamestop giftcard for the mad god contest

Congrats. I’m jealous.

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Topic: Kongregate / i won the $10,000 gamestop giftcard for the mad god contest

No you didn’t! I won it. I already sent my credit card details and Kongregate password but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Help!

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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Win Steam Games for FREE! (Winners inside!)

Definitely The Binding of Isaac. Currently I have played it for 143 hours and I’ve got every single achievement, but the game just doesn’t get boring. It has so much replay value, because every run is so different.

No other game has come close to the price/played hours ratio TBOI has, and every moment has been pure fun. And all of it for only a few euros.

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Topic: The Arts / Can I get this pic with the text removed?

These came up in a Google image search

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Call a friend!!

I’m looking for friends as well.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by Shadendemon:
Originally posted by JokerJ061398:
Originally posted by Shadendemon:
Originally posted by uzzbuzz:
Originally posted by Shadendemon:

What is that game where you play a wizard and you find spell scrolls and resurrect skeletons, its a top down and i believe the wizard is wearing blue robes. the maps are set like a zelda game or a hands of war. i believe you level up, but i think you may just get the scrolls to learn spells to make you stronger.

Most likely Wizard’s Run

no thats not the one, the game about 3 years old, maybe more, and its a kong game definitely

Realm Of The Mad God? It’s on Kongregate.

no, much older than that.

It’s not recent.
It has badges (I am mostly certain)
It’s has something to do with Resurrecting skells and casting spells,
you are a wizard walking around killing stuff
you have full movement (wasd (maybe mouse movement)
It is not necromicon
It’s not Wizard Run
Its not RotMG

Would it be the Merlin’s Revenge series?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] GHP

What cards does your deck have and what are you fighting against?

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Topic: Kongregate / 1st Ever Achive?

Sand Sorcerer Badge (completed)

You earned this easy badge and 5 points on
Jul. 21, 2007 in Ring Pass Not

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] blanked from

Same here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] [Bug or Not?] Alchemist not drawing GHP

It’s because the enemies have banner of dread, a talisman that prevents you from drawing NPCs. So when there are only NPCs in your deck they all go to your depletion pile. I think it’s intentionally designed not to trigger depletion effects.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] IS IT TRUE?

Yeah, I got one recently.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Okay Forums, What Just Happened?

What’s the problem? I don’t think anyone’s going to read it and figure it out themself.

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Topic: Game Programming / PGGC #1: Voting

UnknownGuardian’s use of perspective looks good, but Aaants’s forest is by far the most beautiful.

2 points to Aaants and 1 to UnknownGuardian

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] What is your rarest card?

Elyssa from my luckiest draft ever :D

Playing with it is like an easy mode