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Topic: Wartune / game loading

Anyone else having issues with the game loading. can’t log on with Opera IE or firefox.

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Topic: Wartune / dragon souls problem

Same for me as well

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Topic: Wartune / Heros Medal Exchange I Cant collect Loyal Steed reward

Originally posted by gruntarswe:

I would assume that is a way to turn extra loyal steed cards into rewards, instead of selling it for gold

You would be correct sir.
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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Server Maintenance on June 19th at 3:30 AM EDT

Originally posted by CuriousShyRabbit:

For refining sylphs, my understanding is that we will need 10 star tears of the appropriate element, 1000 star sand, lots and lots of gold, and that light and dark sylphs might need an additional ingredient not released yet. Even if they did let us refine Apollo and Hades in this patch, I don’t think anyone would have enough light or dark star tears to do so. I only have 2 light tears, 2 dark tears, and enough star tear shards to make 4 more tears.

Hmm… I have 2 dark tears and 400 shards so yeah I got enough.
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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Server Maintenance on June 19th at 3:30 AM EDT

Originally posted by nighthawkchar:

what about the Apollo and Dark you where fast enuff to take our money for them, when is the evolve coming for them

I’m not to happy about that either.
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Topic: Wartune / Login problems? here maybe your solution,

Originally posted by Jvillain:

I’ve tried this several times in the past, but the problem seems to persist throughout all my browsers. I’ve tried google chrome, firefox, maxthon, and internet explorer, all with the same results. Thx for trying to offer some advice though.

Opera has been the most solid for me. I was getting issues with Firefox, switched to Opera haven’t had an issue in 6 months.
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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Insignia Packs

Yeah I bought 30 and ended up with 200 sigs. Horrible DR I would advise not picking these up.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Clothing Pack

TY I like getting these clothing options at a reasonable price.

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Topic: Wartune / Resistance

Originally posted by FufuBunnySlayer:
Originally posted by tyrael95:

yeah, i know how all this whole aura system works, but still i don’t have my resistance aura

Based on the conversation so far, I don’t think you do.

There is only one graphic (aura) that goes along with the fate system as a whole. So having lvl 5 brutal edge will look no different from having lvl 5 brutal edge and lvl 5 resistance. The aura graphics are unlocked when one (1) of the two currently available auras reaches the specified lvl.

You missed what he was asking. he’s asking if the brutal AND resistance each have a different aura. Not how to unlock but if he was to unlock do each have a different type of aura. I.E. brutal lvl 5 is yellow and resistance lvl 5 is green.

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Topic: Wartune / Disgusted

I’m am sick and tired of this game not working. You failed to get class wars right last week and this week the same thing? Other servers now get the benefits of a working Class Wars while I sit without one. Not to mention Battle grounds and Arena breaking as well. If this comp pack is not something close to amazing I’m done. I’m not a huge cashier but I’ve invested over 2k into this game just to never get to play it? Other games with an Auction house and cash shop would love a player like myself who constantly cashes month to month. You seriously need to get your act together R2. This one crossed the line, I used the pots and scrolls i PURCHASED from your item mall and the mount spirits to have a boost in Br only to be let down once again. Getting sick of it.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 5/29 @ 3:30 AM EDT

Hmm, well I expect my 450 insignia I lost for Arena and the 60 i lost for Battle ground. A couple mount spirits would be nice as well b/c I count on the cross server points from midweek seeing as its my only time to get them b/c I work the rest of the week.

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Topic: Wartune / Missing Balens

So I just recharged 40 then 50 but only got the purchase for the 40. Got the rewards for the 10 dollar recharge but received no balens. No very happy.

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Topic: Wartune / Divosaga got auction house

Doesn’t look bad to me. I like the idea of an AH. Now to weigh the pros and cons b/c I’ve sunk quite a bit in here.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Fashion Core Pack

Originally posted by SilentSii:

maybe do some fishing for luck stones ?

I was talking more in regards to the Charms used for upgrading clothing.
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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Fashion Core Pack

Can we get some luck stones on sale too?

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Topic: Wartune / Catacombs XP

“Memorial Day – Double EXP Party

Duration: 5/24 – 5/26 23:59 (Server Time)

Description: All dungeon experience has been doubled! Now is the time to party up with friends and challenge the various dungeons!" appears to have spread to cata and neco.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Sura's War Elephant Packs

Ahh finally been waiting for this to go on sale, I needed it for my pokemo… errr mount collection.

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Topic: Wartune / Not Enough People on our Server

Originally posted by Sempi35:

Here’s something I haven’t heard yet:

What about starting a veterans server for each timezone and putting all the top guilds on it? If they’re tired of all their GBs being squash matches, put them all on one server per timezone and let them duke it out!

How about instead of doing a server merge, just do GB like BG make it cross server. Create a server scroll where you get 4 or 5 a day where you can ask chat for a cross server MPD. Opening a different variety of players to help out hile also keeping Arena, WB and cloud city less lagged out.
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Topic: Wartune / Paypal broken?

I’ve been trying to purchase balens for 2 days now and keep getting paypal is taking awhile Kongregate has canceled your transaction.

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Topic: Wartune / Strange black-spot in WB and making lag

+1 I don’t even do WB anymore b/c of it. R2s loss on my balens spent

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Topic: Wartune / How are you supposed to get higher level maps without using balens?

Originally posted by alveolate:

from what i see, and also from this sticky thread, if you’re a casher, it seems decent to spend the 120 balens during big spender events and store up the orange maps.

This would be a good idea it they stacked but each orange requires a bag slot.

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Topic: Wartune / new skill books needed for sylphs

Other then WB or Spire the Gaia is quite unimpressive. The pure lack of multi atk makes them almost useless in MPA or GB when in comparison with an Apollo or Hades. Lack of focus toward a single sylph may be your issue. I wreck gaias’ in pvp all the time. Each sylph has their own addition to an aspect of the game. A gaia will get you more gold in WB but not very helpful when in ToK NM. A good Iris can help you pass level usually impossible to clear with the healing it can provide. Each has their flaws and shining moments. The key is learning when and where they are best. Of course a Hades or Apollo is going to be a bit better how else can R2 do open wallet surgery on a player if it was just as good as a free one?

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Topic: Wartune / Why is it the Soul Crystal Event is no exchange for the Mount Event today??

Originally posted by Dragu89:

I think hes asking why we don’t get whips from the sc event to use on the whip event.

I’m not to excited about there being no whips either.

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Topic: Wartune / has any1 got a level 3 card/s

I got 2 level 3 cards.

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Topic: Wartune / Regarding Chaos Rune

Originally posted by Pyrotik:
Originally posted by Gustapin:

Not entirely useless 1v1, still a nice sum of damage given but yes no effect other then dmg if 1v1

saying it’s useless in 1v1 that is something i doubt as softegg stated it hits your opponents troops so basically if he’s using brutality rune or whatever it’s wasted if the process works perfectly only heal rune safe here , also get’s rid of stun for those who hate stuns and such. though leveling it is hard but it’s worth it.

Are you missing the actual question of the post? He’s asking 1 on 1 as in once the troops have fallen. Thank you for the attempt at treating me but please READ the post before you being to turn on your flamethrower.