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Topic: Wartune / Hall of Fame Ranking Dispute has closed!

Originally posted by lkmyblspls:

What was done Versi69 as far as I can see absolutely nothing as usual. Again they asked us to be patient and we get no reply other than oh we are closing the ticket. WTF this developer and R2 can pucker up and smooch my backside. This is such a joke all they wanted to do was shut us up as they knew they had fudged up but figured that they would just shine us on and try to cloud the players with a bunch of buy me events over the holidays to take our minds off of the complete fudge up the HOF event was.

So I think it is time to start a forum topic for cashers to quit this game.

If R2 and 7ROAD fell off the face of earth, the world would be a much better place.

This will never happen the want and need to be the top player will always thrive and pump through a gamer. So as long as there’s a cash option their will be the constant chime of paypal swiping despite the lack of support or truth in the product.

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Topic: Wartune / Demonic Civet Mount

Very good point I’m like 4 away from it and should’ve had it for CW.

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Topic: Wartune / Atoll Boss Bug

Nah look at KS23’s post our server is thriving!! We barely pulled a 1st place victory there! Think that pic pretty much sums up trying to find a party for any event.

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Halloween Group Purchase

How about fixing the glitched event, that might inspire ppl to spend more

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Topic: Wartune / Group purchase broken

So I log in today to purchase some 70 stones and loids only to find the group purchase had been reset. So I put towards the group purchase last night to lower the price then I log in today to top off my armors only to find my progress had been reset. So WTF was the point of me making purchases to bring the group price down only to have you reset it? This needs to be fixed.

The Iceman S10

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Topic: Wartune / Cannot buy the wings on sale

I’m getting the same issue.

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Topic: Wartune / Autoclicker for Mount Training Whip Collections and Exchanges

Originally posted by kimwong3252000:

just imply a “collect all” or “collect in bulk” function, all the things are done

of course I don’t know how hard they need to write a program for this function >_>

The real question is, Given their track record do you really want them to try?
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Topic: Wartune / Cross-Server BG bug

Originally posted by dragoncody:

i was on the cross server gb and i froze in battle and decided to refresh and it blackscreens when i try to log in

I had the exact same thing happen.
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Topic: Wartune / Cross-Server GBs are Bugged

Better then the fact that i got into fight and now stuck with a black screen

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Topic: Wartune / S1 got theirs but what about S5/S6/S7/S10

I just find it funny you guys expected anything less. The first merges they did were uncalled for and did more damage then help. Why would you think R2 learned from their mistakes?

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Topic: Wartune / Rune level

Funny I have the rune half way leveled to 8 before the update yet magically I need level 74 now

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Topic: Wartune / After Patch Xp to Level


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Topic: Wartune / Rune level

Just curious as to why after the update it states i need to be level 74 to have an amnesia rune higher then level 7?

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Topic: Wartune / caching issue

BG is the worst example of this. After every battle you must reload all the toons you’re fighting aganist.

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Topic: Wartune / Circuit quests and Stamina

I gave up on these week 2 after release. Horrible quest program, you want a 1k sig item for 4k gold and 20k daru no thank you.

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Topic: Wartune / bg broken for the 2nd time today

+1 I’m not to happy about this, you want to give me a comp how about the 3k honor i missed out on.

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Topic: Wartune / Wilds and Server Civility

Originally posted by Thethrell:

There will always be something for people to complain about. I am one of those people that you always see killing bosses. I RARELY solo them, and never in the same party, I’m always helping others, but I still get whined at about this. Sometimes you just have to not care what others say.

Perfect example here lies the problem self entitled jacks like yourself. “I deserve the title forget if others can’t get dailys in. Not my fault they didn’t get on fast enough”. You sir are the reason the post has started. Enjoy your 100 extra HP while in turn tarnishing fun game play.
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Topic: Wartune / game loading

Anyone else having issues with the game loading. can’t log on with Opera IE or firefox.

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Topic: Wartune / dragon souls problem

Same for me as well

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Topic: Wartune / Heros Medal Exchange I Cant collect Loyal Steed reward

Originally posted by gruntarswe:

I would assume that is a way to turn extra loyal steed cards into rewards, instead of selling it for gold

You would be correct sir.
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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Server Maintenance on June 19th at 3:30 AM EDT

Originally posted by CuriousShyRabbit:

For refining sylphs, my understanding is that we will need 10 star tears of the appropriate element, 1000 star sand, lots and lots of gold, and that light and dark sylphs might need an additional ingredient not released yet. Even if they did let us refine Apollo and Hades in this patch, I don’t think anyone would have enough light or dark star tears to do so. I only have 2 light tears, 2 dark tears, and enough star tear shards to make 4 more tears.

Hmm… I have 2 dark tears and 400 shards so yeah I got enough.
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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Server Maintenance on June 19th at 3:30 AM EDT

Originally posted by nighthawkchar:

what about the Apollo and Dark you where fast enuff to take our money for them, when is the evolve coming for them

I’m not to happy about that either.
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Topic: Wartune / Login problems? here maybe your solution,

Originally posted by Jvillain:

I’ve tried this several times in the past, but the problem seems to persist throughout all my browsers. I’ve tried google chrome, firefox, maxthon, and internet explorer, all with the same results. Thx for trying to offer some advice though.

Opera has been the most solid for me. I was getting issues with Firefox, switched to Opera haven’t had an issue in 6 months.
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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Insignia Packs

Yeah I bought 30 and ended up with 200 sigs. Horrible DR I would advise not picking these up.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Clothing Pack

TY I like getting these clothing options at a reasonable price.