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Topic: Kongregate / Who won?

Who won the pineapple express challenge? because I went to the sweepstakes page, and I found it said, a list of winners will be on this page by Feb. 28, 2009.
and to my knowledge, that has passed. I havent heard of this since the challenge ended and no winners were announced. so, just wondering, who, if anyone, won.

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Topic: Kongregate / badge shirt

well, what do people gennerally do with badges? they pin them on thier shirt. so what I was thinkin, is that kong could give like a picture of a shirt on thier profile, so that they can add badges to the shirt, showing thier most prized/hard to achieve badges on it. or if you feel absolutely compelled, put all your five pointers on there.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is Cargo Bridge on Kong Legit?

mahanashmashnashsa! I liked that. Someone locate, and ask them if they can upload, leme see if i can do this. Btw, how does a stolen game get on the front page like that? lol