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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] HowToTyrant

Bro, do you even tyrant?


Topic: Tyrant / (semi) free cq tiles

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Ancient Den

Originally posted by Vandal_White:
Originally posted by ddsw1b:


I lol’d so hard, I pretty much felt like this :(

Arma still works. :D

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Topic: Tyrant / Favorite Tyrant Card

Originally posted by helg2887:

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Topic: Tyrant / Favorite Tyrant Card

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Topic: Tyrant / Greatness has returned

Originally posted by darkfang77:

so whats up?

Oh god…. Darkfang is back.

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Topic: Tyrant / Best card art in the game

This one is by far the best, because it is currently in the game.

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Topic: Tyrant / Best art card ever


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Topic: Tyrant / King Jose the greatest surger in the game

yay for tyrant, another surge pro

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Only if I let you win, then let me win the second time we fight.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] [Dev] Upcomming PvP Event

I do appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing, but giving out a ridiculous amount of things in a pvp tourney won’t necessarily bring new players. As I see it, it’ll bring all the old players back for the tourney, then they’ll play for a bit to experiment with the new stuff, then they’ll leave again.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] Rating

They already gave us Seripha.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] Synapticon

Well….. Considering that WM is active, and this game is pretty stagnant…. It seems that any intelligent person would spend more time where more money can be made.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] The New raid is too easy.

Originally posted by SeanKraZe:
Originally posted by Edge0407:

my opinion the raid is poorly balanced ,its too easy first few lvls then it gets hard at last few lvls. whats really worrying is the cooldown, assuming the cooldown increase rate is same as previous raids(so far it is) this is how cooldown will look like.

Thats around 95 days to get to level 20 if there isnt any bugs or you dont lose.
Why dont you put a 7 day cap on the cooldown or change the increase in was frustrating enough with archanid raid when it bugged multiple times for me and had to waste a lot of time.
i feel like You are restricting players from doing this content, its fun to do raid beyond the reward levels just to compete with others in the leader boards but the cooldowns are a huge let down.Make the cooldowns separate for all raids and reduce it at higher level and maybe give a small amount of honor for each win as an incentive to do it beyond the reward level.

I suggested reducing raid cooldown times a LONG TIME AGO and stated they should never go past 7 days…i never play this more than 5 minutes anymore, its poop.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] Skyshard Heroes Guild Recruitment Thread

Originally posted by ShatterGlass:

What if we just like to… you know…. have… relations with them… without the love and commitment? Does that count?

You motherfucker. XD


Topic: Tyrant / [Democratic Vote] Who Thinks Devs Going Out Of Their Way To Screw Over Tyrant Community Was A Good Idea?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Skyshard Heroes] Skyshard Heroes Guild Recruitment Thread

Originally posted by Corrupt0:

What is this, recruitment thread?

Because, you know, guilds are really useful right now!

You know, if they were any more useful, they’d be useful.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Is this a tyrant retirement game ?

It has a more varied gameplay. More things to do than:

Originally posted by DarkBlood1:

We are playing both games, a veteran player of Tyrant with a decent energy bar (500+), all raids and missions done and a dislike to tourneys can login 2 times per day and its enough to be active.

The first login you will do the quest, take faction tokens (if you are in a faction), farm in auto mission 276 and then if you want surge or autofight in the current war. The 2nd login is almost optional, just to dump more energy, the stamina can be ignored this time.

The high energy requirements have only simplified the game. Made it simpler to dump energy. If only there was a way to dump stamina in a similar fashion….

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / KL dying all over the internets

Originally posted by platypuspie07:

I’m going to use this picture every time darkfang77 makes a thread.


Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Raid Revamp SUCCESS!

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Release FP3 Or Let Us Have FP1/2 For 10 Shards Already

Darkfang77, do you have no patience? First, you’re begging the devs to slow down how fast they release packs, now you want them to release packs faster? So…… If it doesn’t follow your idealized schedule, it’s wrong, and therefore there must be a QQ thread about it? Seriously?

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Topic: Tyrant / To Dev's

Originally posted by ItsMe2Day:

Dear devs,

I’ve been playing this game now since the nexus release. I’ve seen many factions come and go, threads open and close, ideas rise and whining follow. During these years on tyrant, our relation with you guys has not always been on a high level. There were definitely times where the commitment of you guys has been… questionable.

After last months and mostly the 2 new insights regarding raids and the new ‘economy’ system, my opinion has fully turned. You guys are doing great, and it warms my heart to see the communication channel between the playerbase and the devs has opened again.

The future of tyrant looks shiny again. Props to the devs for their efforts. This should be stated clearly, so therefore I made this topic.

Keep up the great work!



Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:

It is great that they are communicating and willing to discuss the complaints that were plaguing the community lately, no doubt about that. Props where props are due.

However, the devs seem to have a tendency to only show up when things are critical, communicate for a week or two to calm things down, then go back to their hidey-holes again, maybe appointing a (new) Consortium, with which they will speak to for a month or two in their separate forum (after they stop posting in kong forums), after which it’ll be a couple months of complete silence other than for the occasional new update announcement, until their credibility in forums gets critical once more and the whole cycle starts all over again.

I’ve seen it happen at least 3 times now and have no reason to believe it is going to be any different this time around.


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Topic: Tyrant / [RIP] Well Done, You Finally Killed Pyro Rigs

Originally posted by TheTherion:

Some facts :

1. Not everyone wanted or was happy with the lvl2 Pyro Rig.
2. Many people who whine or post here, think ONLY of themselves, not the good of the game , or newer players. So their opinion is pretty immature.
3. Pyro Rigs were overpowered cards, and shouldn’t have been like that from the start.
4. Some people were calling for a downgrade of the Pyro Rig for quite some time now.

Personally i think the lvl2 Pyro Rig could be as is, but with Jam, not Jam All. Maybe a bit more health if they want to compensate for it.

Also, the same is so for Osprys. Way OP card.

Originally posted by KidUrza:
Originally posted by AllenI4three:

“Damn, we can not come up with a new raid that is not anihilated by pyro rigs. There’s but one choice…”


LOL. There is likely a little truth to this.

Also… all the idiots in this thread whining because “They’re sooooo easy to counter” – that is really shallow thinking. The problem with pigs has been the whole ripple effect on the meta, which quashed a good deal of diversity.

There’ll be quite a bit of QQ over people actually making their own original decks. Those are the braindead morons that haven’t learned how to. Sucks to be you guys.

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Topic: Tyrant / A question for you, Developers.

No shards in general, no free shards when a new pack is released. Do you plan to stop giving out a free pack?

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Topic: Tyrant / [RIP] Well Done, You Finally Killed Pyro Rigs

Originally posted by Redlaw:

Nerfing Prigs is stupid and narrow minded. The only people who wanted to get rid of it where the type of ultra lazy thespians that generally live with their parents until mid life.

Mad because you might actually have to make your own original decks now?