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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Since the last updates Outernauts doesn’t work any more for me.
Status: Top and bottom bar load, the rest of the screen is white. From the top bar only Gifts opens up correctly. Inbox shows an animation, but results in a white screen as well.
Config: WinXP, Firefox 21.0, NoScript, Adblock etc.
I won’t allow third-party-cookies and Javascript from servers with unspellable domain names.
Btw, there seem to be a looooot of memory leaks. My machine is rather old and after half an hour of playing it gets far too slow to be playable. reducing quality doesn’t help much.
Thanks for any help.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Found a bug?

Mh… do not know how to search the 55 pages of bugreports if this one has already been reported.

The profit in LolMarket is calculated incorrectly.
shouldn’t it be something like this:
((number of gems owned MULT current sell price_) MINUS (_money spent for currently owned gems DIV number of gems)) DIV number of gems owned
while money spent for currently owned gems should be increased/decreased when buying/selling.

currently the profit seems to take into account only the last buy.

for example:
I buy 5 gems for 1000/800 each. (Profit -200)
The course drops to 600/500. Now my profit is -500.
Now I buy another gem, and the profit goes to -100.
This is wrong. The profit should be
((6 * 500) – (5 * 1000 + 1 * 600)) / 6 = -433

where (5 * 1000 + 1 * 600) is the same as summing up all buy prices. you do not need to remember the buying history.