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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Book of Gambi [Main Game]

[I’m not entirely sure what that means, helltank, but I feel like it’s a compliment so I’ll say thank you.]

He awoke for the fifteenth time, and now a deep annoyance is all he feels, propelling past even the usual pain in his limbs. Instead he fights to find something different in this illusion, something to try and explain what the hell was going on. An illusion, to be sure, but for what purpose? Each time he returned to the fire and the light he was given no new insight, no rhyme or reason for these trips. Was it the being in the hood? The boneless snake?


Or maybe just A god, a nobody of its pantheon, left to wile away the endless monotony of eternity wreaking soul-searing pain on hapless mortals?

Sir? Can you hear me?

He had long since tuned her out, even as she pulled unerringly on his emotions. He let the misery of these pointless expeditions wash over him, his unhappiness a shield against that which promised what it could not, had not, and will not deliver.

And he still could not speak. That at least was something he remembered from before. He had sworn an oath, and nothing keeps a soul grounded like a promise to keep. All he needed to do, really, was escape. Maybe if he could, he might be able to actually -

GET THE FUCK OFF ME, YOU USELESS SHITS! I SAID I’M GETTING OUT OF HERE AND I MEAN IT,” she said as her eyes seemed to flash with righteous fury. Her hair had been done up in a ponytail set high on her head, and the frantic turning of her head caused it to whip around and slide across her cheeks. It was in one of those motions that she caught sight of him and all her fury was gone, replaced by a shock so deep he could see it seize hold of her like an abuser would their victim. Her hand rose slowly, and her lips parted to break apart his whole world. “Devon?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Book of Gambi [Main Game]

_I choke back a sob before I even remember my name. Even the pain that courses through my arms and legs is just another reason to rejoice.

I am alive.

So alive and holy HELL does this hurt. What the hell even happened to me to leave me like this? Ugh, it’s like ants with cleats running rough-shod over the surface of my skin. You’d think I’d had my limbs reattached after being drawn and -

Oh. Right, that did happen. Then again, I suppose in a very real way it didn’t? Whatever, I’m too hungry right now to care about interdimensional beings running around being stupid inside my mind. I’ve been asleep for years, time to greet the day!

“Mr. Todd if I have to tell you to sit – oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else,” came a voice from my right. I behold a tall, curly-haired angel that’s smiling at me absently like she doesn’t recognize her oldest brother. “Are you one of the new patients? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.” Her brows furrow even as the contours of her form swim and distort in front of me. Is that from the pain or an illusion?

How could I even tell the difference?_

A crash of sound and pressure assaults him, ripping away the vision and thrusting him into the glaring light of an ageless, endless, senseless thing that had gathered in the nonexistent edges of this place that wasn’t isn’t won’t be can’t be a place but it is and it why does it feel like floating when I’m drowning in white-hot fire?


A voice in his mind. It was the same one that had brought him unerringly to this place and so he fought the peace and devotion it inspired in his soul. He had listened to his wish for love and acceptance once and now he was trapped in the void and he would not allow it again.


His name is Devon and he hates himself.


No, just Self.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

So given the drama that has occurred while I was gone, I’m giving the host duties to Minna since I have more confidence in his abilities to moderate than I do BC. That and I’m more than a little irked that these two didn’t clue me in to their squabbles, so BC (and Blood if he decides to come back) will be regular PCs for the duration of this game.

I’m sorry about my absence, if anyone even noticed, but I am keeping up with the posts as much as I can. I think by now the parameters of the game are clear so you all are more than welcome to start pushing the plot in a direction you think can work.


I’ll return when I can.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Whomever has access to the pad, I have questions that need to be answered. Please do so as soon as possible because I would like to post something, finally.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

June 18, 2020 (Afternoon)

He filled his lungs with air in an effort to calm his racing heartbeat. ‘Gotta calm down, the bitch’ll hear me if I don’t calm down,’ he repeated mentally, the fingers gripping his hand cannon whitening slightly from the strain. Just as he finally felt the pressure abate, a crash from the floor below freezes him in place. Voices reach his ears and he grimaces.

“Damn it Suzie, are you sure you’re leading us in the right direction,” said one voice, pitched and bratty, and Gunney could see the sneer on the woman’s face clearly in his mind’s eye.

“I’m following his scent perfectly, sister! This is where the meat is, I promise,” says the other voice, nasally and so like a petulant child that he almost could believe she were human were it not for her mutations.

“Well it’s been an hour already and I’m fucking starving so hurry up and sniff him out! God, always taking so damn long with everything!”

“Sh-shut up! Just let me do my thing, okay?”

The thought that he was being chased by these idiots grated his nerves. ‘I almost wish they were the mindless kind, at least they don’t argue or act like spoiled brats…’

[I was promised a timeskip but I guess it didn’t happen. Oh well, made my own. I’m slightly drunk at the moment so I’ll finish this when I’m sober.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

_April 24, 2020 (Early Evening) _

An explosion rocks the world around him as Gunney struggles to dodge the balls of fire being flung at him from the floating mage. Next to him he can see most of his unit taking cover behind piles of rubble while returning fire with their weapons. The sight galvanizes his own courage and he sinks a few rounds into his current target before lunging for cover himself. A blast of flame from another mage beats harmlessly against the inner wall of the shop Gunney leapt into, but he ignores it in favor of yelling into the shortwave radio he has clipped to his belt.

“Command this is Lead Chef!”

“Go ahead Lead,” spoke the female dispatcher with what he could only describe as infuriating patience in her tone.

“My team is taking heavy fire at the Commercial District, requesting immediate air support to the convoy’s location!”

“What is the nature of the threat, Lead?” Gunney takes a moment to bite his lip hard enough to draw blood, master his irritation and return fire before speaking again.

“It appears to be mostly comprised of Magic-capable Hostiles, they have us pinned down and separated from the truck itself!”

“What’s the status of the rig, Lead?” His patience snaps.

“FUCK THE RIG! That thing was built to withstand direct artillery fire, but my guys are getting FIRE and LIGHTNING thrown at them! Get me that GODDAMNED AIR SUPPORT!”

“Acknowledged Lead, gunships are en-route. New orders are to secure the convoy and return to base immediately, over.”

“Copy,” he grunts tersely and stows the radio. Taking a few deep breaths and reloading his machinegun, he launches himself from the shattered window and crosses the distance to the rig standing almost impassively in the face of such an attack and gestures commands to all his squad leaders that saw his movement. As one they converge against the enormous trailer. “Alright listen up. Command is sending gunships to deal with this bullshit so I want half of you to lay down some cover fire by the back entrance of the trailer while the driver and I get the door open. From there we will funnel ourselves into the container and keep them occupied until our support arrives. Once they massacre these fucks we’ll come out, do some mop-up, and return the entire convoy to base. Understood?”

“Damn animals don’t appreciate a damn thing do they, sir?”

“Apparently not, so the rest will just have to go hungry as a result. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll kill the survivors and save us the headache. Move out,” he yells and the unit springs into action. Three minutes later has them safely secured within the container and listening as the heavy fire of the gunships’ weapons reduce the ambushing mages to paste. Ten minutes after that and the entire skirmish is over, and Gunney sits back in the passenger seat of the rig as it muscles its way back to the command center, his depleted team taking up only the APC and the surviving armored vehicle. “What a fucking day.”

“Amen to that,” says the driver, his smirk enhanced somewhat by the dried blood on his face.

[I will mention this for the sake of being thorough: I will NOT be chasing after anyone to post. This game will remain open until my story is told. If there is no progress after that I will lock the thread and that will be it. Begging and poking PCs for posts has always been the most distasteful aspect of being a GM for me and I won’t suffer it for this game. Consider this your one and only warning.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

April 24, 2020 Midday

He stood at attention with the rest of the squad as Sarkin entered the common room. From his staccato pace and deep scowl, the commander is clearly in a towering temper.

“Alright listen up. You all know the new guy that arrived yesterday,” he said while pointing at Gunney, “his name is Thomas and he’ll be leading the food run today. No shooting him in the knee out of jealousy ladies.” There’s some chuckles all around but Gunney only has eyes for the commander as he is handed a report from one of the assistants at the monitors. His scowl, somehow, deepens. “It looks like we’re receiving another shipment today as well. Damn it, how do they expect me to keep order when they keep on treating this place like a global landfill? Fucking bureaucrats and their bleeding heart solutions! They’ll do anything to make themselves look good, even dress up dismemberment and death as “prisoner relocation” with a smile! Still,” he says with the scowl giving way to a grin of his own, “at least it provides us some sport, right fellas?” This time the chuckles give way to full-blown laughter from the Reapers. “All right then, dismissed.” Gunney acts on instinct.

“Food delivery team, load up and fall in at the main city entrance. You have 5 minutes so move!” The unit moves quickly and Thomas is relieved to find that only 2 out of the 15 toss a glare in his direction. ‘Good, that’s one less thing to worry about.’ Once the room is clear Gunney makes for the door, only to hear Sarkin call him back.

“I still can’t believe you wanted this to be your first operation. New guys typically have perimeter duty for at least a month before they screw their balls on tight enough to enter the city itself. You’re either very brave or very stupid, Walt-Selquin. Heh, that’s probably how you made it here in the first place!”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright alright, soldier boy, get out of my sight.” Gunney is gone in an instant. He arrives at the garage just as the last straggler falls into formation.

“Okay, this seems like a fairly simple escort mission so I think I’ll just let you guys go on autopilot for this one while I get a lay of the land, how’s that sound?”

“Hoo-ah sir!”

“Excellent. Break off into your positions and let’s get this convoy underway,” he orders and makes for the big rig carrying all the food to be delivered to each district. It’s a monstrous machine with 4 manned turrets along the top of the container and armor all around the sides and a massive titanium plow sharpened at the tip for ramming purposes. Gunney steps into the passenger seat as the driver turns the engine over and the rig roars to life. It vibrates with power as it awaits the door to open. Soon enough the 3 black armored vehicles, one in front and two in the back with an APC bringing up the rear are in position and the door opens. The 18-wheeler lurches forward and Gunney takes a deep breath. “Command this is Lead Chef, convoy has left the staging point and is en route to the first drop off point,” he speaks into the radio intercom.

“Acknowledged Lead, try not to get yourself killed.” He sits back as the driver chuckles. ‘What a pleasant group of people they are,’ is all he can think of as the mission is underway.

[I don’t mind if you all see it and comment it on it in your posts, but I would not suggest trying to interact with the convoy just yet. There will be time for that later.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

That’s handled too, Blood, I’m working on the post right now. It should be posted in a few hours.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

I have a solution for that, fellas. Consider it handled in my next post and don’t give it another thought.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

The pillar of light, dark against the light of the day, catches her attention instantly.

“Look Daddy, look! It’s so pretty!” Her gushing is cut short when the pillar dissipates, but the hook has set in, and without a second glance to the group she had stumbled upon the little girl picked up a rock, shimmered and vanished.

“- FUCKING DEAF?!” is the first thing she hears when the energy releases her, and then the little girl finds herself center-stage for a massive battle with mutants. She can easily pick out the target of the horde from his fluctuating glow, but all the noise from the monsters causes her to shrink back. Her curiosity, which had burned so strong only seconds ago, is now overrun by fear. The little girl turns away from the fight to find a hiding place, stifling her whimpers as much as she can so as not to attract attention. She can hear the protective rumble of Daddy in her ear and it helps to ease her nerves, allowing her to find a good vantage point out of sight. All she can do now is wait, and hope everything goes okay.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

The little girl finally made it to her destination, a small concrete tent made from the fallen rubble of 2 apartment complexes. It is her stash, her little refuge that no one has found, and it is here that she drops the canned fruit she had been carrying all day.

“I think that’s enough for today, don’t you Daddy?”

A low grumble. The girl reaches for a well-used can opener with a picture of a faded cat on the handle and deftly begins to open one can of peaches.

“I mean, there was that bad man that scared me,” A growl now, deep and menacing, “But after that it was just one funny thing after another. Humans and mutants talking, those other kids that tried to take my pack, and then another hidey-hole that had more cans! I wish they weren’t peas though, I hate peas!” She ignores the authoritative grunt in favor of scooping out the sweet fruit within the can. “These peaches are yummy! Try them Daddy!” As her hand reaches up to the looming shadow on her right, her sight blurs and the Little Girl finds herself on a street facing 3 mutants by a motorcycle. She mourns the loss of her peach can for a moment before her curiosity of the machine takes her attention.

“-anyone you are looking for,” says the voice of the darker mutant.

“Excuse me sir, is that your motorcycle?”

[Yes she is in 2013. Yes you can interact with her. No, I will not explain why she’s there.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Yes, you may helltank. Welcome to the game.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

She watches the interaction with silent interest, noting the way the pale mutant seemed to yell and then suddenly calm, and the other human trying to help the woman.

“Look Daddy, see how the mutants and the human talk? I wonder why they’re doing that. I hope the human will be okay though, that orangey guy looked really scary when he was yelling,” she said, receiving a low-pitched groan in response. Smiling brighter the girl stepped out of her shadowy corner and walked along without sparing the others a glance, her curiosity about them satisfied. “I think I saw something pretty over here, Daddy, come and see!” She smoothly gets her arms through the slings of the pack and heads off in a trot, her destination clear in her mind.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Minna is accepted.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Go for it, no complaints from me.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

The man watched from the entrance to his home as the little girl skipped out of the ruins of a convenience store, a backpack clutched to her chest and a broad smile on her face. The simple innocence of it made him smile as the sound of his daughters playing behind him tinkled in the air. It didn’t last long though as the loud noise of an explosion produced smoke that blocked his line of sight with the girl. Out of the billowing white smoke strode a greasy-haired man with tattered clothing, strutting with confidence as he leered down at the little girl.

“Well, lookie here. It seems I found myself a little helper! Say, whatchu got in that pack of yours, honey? Something you can share with a poor guy like me,” he asked, his leer twisted by a smile that held no warmth. The little girl, to her credit, stood her ground even as the father could see her shaking with fear from his vantage point. “Come on, we all have to learn to share, you know? That’s how it is in Ather, we share what we find. I’ve had my eye on that spot for a while now but I never could find a way in, and now I see you walking out with a smile so you MUST have something good, am I right?” The mage’s visage becomes uglier when the little girl doesn’t respond, still trying to master her fear at this strange man acting so scary to her. “Damn it, I said open the pack you little bitch!” His lunge towards her finally breaks her state of inaction as she lets out a loud scream that seems rake down the father’s back when he hears it. Moving quickly, the father turns to cover the eyes of his curious daughters that had come to see what was going on.

It wasn’t a moment too soon as an unearthly roar fills the air, followed by the agonized and wet sounds of a mage being torn apart. As quickly as the disturbing sounds came, they were drowned by the sniffling of the little girl and the deep cooing of her protector’s comfort. The father looked over in time to see what looked like a massive shadow sink into the ground, followed by the girl picking up a stone that shone with a strange light. An instant later she was gone as well, vanished without a sound.

All that remained was the remains.

(Just to be clear, I will read everyone’s posts and do my very best not to impede or screw up whatever anyone else is doing. The key implication being I will try.)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game

April 22, 2020 (7 years after the Surge)

The man made his way through the milling crowd, ignoring anyone he might jostle with the heavy pack slung over his right shoulder. It was unimportant; he had to find the entrance soon or risk being late for his meeting. The imposing black walls that stretched as far as he could see in either direction loomed before him, his eyes catching once more on a bit of graffiti he caught earlier. It was scrawled into the walls themselves, seared into the surface as if by a beast of Hell marking its territory.


He still found it ironic that the new designation of this place would fit so closely with the original name of the city itself. The Active Transmutation and Hazard Restriction Zone, known to all that dwell within as Ather City.

“Seems almost fated,” he mutters, adjusting the pack and continuing closer to the wall in hopes of finding the entrance. As if summoned by his thoughts, a voice calls.

“Come on, come on! All incoming residents must register with us before entering the Zone. Hurry up now, I haven’t got all day!” The voice, belonging to a reedy little man behind a table, drew Gunney’s attention and he almost sighed with relief. Bypassing the small line of people he drops his pack and springs to a salute.

“Captain Thomas Walt-Selquin, reporting into the Reaper squad.”

“And what, exactly, does that mean to me snipe? I don’t care if you’re the goddamn queen of England, you make the line like anybody else! Now get out of my sight,” he said with a shooing motion, dismissing Gunney without a second glance. This, along with an entire morning of stress and problems, finally severed the last of his patience.

“Listen you little shit, I’ve been having me a hell of a day since I woke up. If you think I’m going to let some snot-nosed little stain like you keep me from meeting with my commander, you’ve got another thing coming. Now you take down my information and you open that door or so help me I will take this pen and shove it so far up your ass you’ll be using your teeth to sign forms for the rest of your life!”

Ten minutes later he was rushing up the stairs to the podium overlooking the entrance to the Zone. There he could see Commander Sarkin addressing a large group of tattered-looking people that couldn’t look more miserable if he painted them.

“-and in closing, I just want to say thank you to all of you for making this sacrifice for the world. I know things haven’t been easy, but look at us. 7 years have come and gone and still this city stands! And it’s all thanks to you, the hardworking citizens of Ather, doing what you promised. However,” he said, and here his voice lowered to a sad tone, “it is my unhappy duty to report that there are still attempts by some of you folks to scale these walls, to escape! I know I don’t need to remind you of the promise that was made, do I? The decision you all made to stay inside these walls in exchange for continued power and utilities? There were some that wanted to destroy this place, to wipe out all of you for the good of mankind! Oh those were dark days, weren’t they? That’s why we gave you a choice: live out your lives within these walls, or be cleansed of your filth. So now I must remind you: anyone, ANYONE, who attempts to escape from this great city, will be met with lethal force. We simply cannot allow this unfortunate plague to spread! You understand, citizens, don’t you? All of this,” he points to the patrolling guards and enormous turrets spread out along the top of the black walls, “is for YOUR safety! Thank you for your continued assistance, and I hope to see you again next year!” With a flourishing move the commander steps away from the podium. Gunney locks eyes with the man as he’s turning and suppresses a shudder at the cruelty in his gaze, offset horrifically by the smile on his lips. “Why, you must be the new recruit! Where the hell have you been, boy?”

“Forgive me sir, your people at registration are very thorough and I’m afraid I missed the memo detailing this speech you just gave-“ he was saved from saying more when a spike of rock appeared in his vision and he leaned quickly to avoid, watching as it narrowly missed Sarkin’s head. The older man never flinches even as the sound of gunfire from the walls mixes with the screams below, instead wrapping up Walt-Selquin in a one-armed hug.

“Yes, the poor bastards do take their jobs seriously I’m afraid. No matter, you’re here now so I can debrief you! Come along then, lots to talk about!” Gunney smiles as sincerely as he can, tuning the noise behind him as he followed the commander towards the command center. A single thought enters his mind for a moment before it floats away.

‘Happy birthday baby, I promise we’ll be together soon.”

(And…. go!)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Main Game


Sign-up thread here

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Oops, looks like Blood ninja’ed me. Sorry, you’ll have to start with flashbacks it seems. In fact, you can all start when you want, but the main game timeline is 7 years after the Surge. Just to keep it organized, nobody can start more than 5 minutes before the Surge actually occurs, and no one can start later than 7 years after.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Factions are not strictly mandatory, I only put them there to add flavor in case anyone wanted to pair up. As for years of time that passed, let’s give it lucky number 7. I’ve also updated the Accepted Characters list, except for sinnikis because he hasn’t edited his sheet yet and antigamefire because I’m uncomfortable with how small it is (and I honestly think you can come up with something better than Horice Mexican) but if you insist on keeping the sheet then you’ll be included. Let me know antigamefire.

So yeah, 7 years since the Surge. I was hoping to have the main game thread up by now, but I’m low on time so you’ll have to wait a few more hours. Maybe we’ll get some more sign-ups in the meantime.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

All you need to do is remove the Metal Morph spell and tweak your backstory to compensate, sinnikis. Also, a mage does not need to confine themselves to just earth spells, you’re kind of like the Avatar in that you can use all the elements, but can only reach mastery of 2 styles. The Metal Morph can be the “upgrade” you pick when your character reaches his peak.

Everyone else is accepted. As stated already, AdeebNafees and Blood_Shadow are my co-hosts. Unless there is conflict or I say otherwise, they have the authority to approve any sign-ups, or give suggestions to make them better. If you don’t like that, just say so and I’ll look at your post myself when I can.

Finally, time to give the 3 characters I’m going to be acting as throughout the game! They are:

Thomas “Gunney” Walt-Selquin AKA Papa Wolf

The Little Girl aka Life

The Guardian aka Death

That’s all you’ll get out of me about them, I’m afraid. If you care to know more you’ll just have to read my posts in-game.

Well, carry on then.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Factions (Up to 1 per district for now, first come first served)

Locations (subject to change/destruction at any time)

Commercial District
Entertainment District
Farming District

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Accepted Characters

Horice Mexican (Antigamefire) (… really?)
Desmond Senfare (BCLEGENDS)
Percy Adams (wiiwonder)
Zain Sieghard (Behemoth542)
Annelise Markovic (vixenated)
Leonard Marcus Franklin (Blood_Shadow)
Daniel Grant (MasterCheif987)
Eric Adams (SpiritfChaos)
Michael Redmond (Pyroforge)
Osiris Cayne (Bluji)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread

Excerpt from a diary found near a still-smoldering building

I was supposed to be somebody. I promised my whole family I was going to go to Hollywood and make it, looked my mother dead in the eye! I was going to do it! There was nothing stopping me!

Then The Surge happened.

Then the lockdown.

The deaths, the fires, the monsters, and those damn WALLS!

Now none of us can leave, and my father is doing everything he can to barricade the door. But what’s the point? Monsters, magic, quarantine, and the complete secession of us from the rest of the world… none of it matters.

I’ll never leave this place.

If you’re reading this, then welcome to Ather City. I hope your death is more painful than mine.

Sign-Up Sheet

Name (A character with a first and last name is preferred but not required)

Class (Explanation of the four classes available at the end of this post, please read carefully before choosing)

Description (As precise as possible with physical details, clothing can be generic)
Abilities (Mutants only, provide a short description of each ability. You are not required to list weaknesses but be prepared to PM them to me upon request)

Backstory (A bit of background and personality information is enough, but more important is the justification for your abilities/skills/spell strength at the beginning of the game. Please be thorough, as you won’t be accepted if you don’t put some thought into it.


Human – Basic Homo sapiens, John and Jane Doe. The human is the base for all the other classes, but you are not required to start as one. The human has no distinct advantage over the other classes, yet they are still capable of the most impressive feats of our kind (genius intellect, undaunted will, exceptional problem-solving capabilities, incomparable perseverance, and unspeakable cruelty to name a few). Unless otherwise stated, the human will be the usual NPC fodder throughout the game.

Mage – A human whose magical potential was awakened by The Surge, the mage has full access to the latent magical energies of the Mortal Realm. They are capable of incredible feats of magical power, mixing up to 3 spells together to form godly feats of power, with the strongest reaching mastery of 2 elements/styles at their peak. Aside from their impressive magical abilities, the mage has the physical prowess of the average human, and must always maintain a strong sense of focus to create their spells.

Mutant – A human that has been corrupted by the Otherrealm energies released by the surge. This energy divides the mutants into 2 sub-classes, the Chaotic and Lucid Mutants. Chaotic are subject to extreme body changes and are more impulse-driven due to the corruption of their magical core. Lucid mutants, while after receiving no clear change to their bodies, are no less mutated in both core and mind. Both sub-classes gain the use of 3 abilities, 2 of which are primary and static powers while the 3rd is a secondary ability that at first glance is more cosmetic and weak than the others. It is up to the mutant to decide to improve the 3rd or let it fade away.

Mutant Mage – A being that has struck the right balance of Otherrealm energy and magical release, the mutant mage sacrifices a primary ability (and the secondary ability) for access to magic. These mixbreeds are true jacks-of-all-trades, mixing their mutant powers with strong spells to create unique combinations, but never achieving mastery of any spell.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Realms (Ather City Redux) Sign-up Thread


Main Game here