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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] After Level 120

iPee: took me three days to get to 120 but I was powerleveling with kreds on that stinky472 one. I got bored so I started this new account, this time starting with immortal achievement and no kreds… I started this one yesterday, at level 82 now. If you want to level fast, just get yourself a scarab stone early, power through achievements for the extra karma (you’ll need it to offset the disadvantage of using exp relics) and start skipping battles and trying to get as much exp as possible within that 2x exp boost period. Often if you do it aggressively and the server isn’t lagging so much, you can get a level up under 10 minutes.. all the way up to level 120, at which point there’s hardly anything to fight.

Agreed with AtaruMoroboshi: the game becomes painfully slow after 120 and already quite annoying after 100. I wish there was more to do than painfully slow grinds with lots of waiting after 120.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Patch 1.0.4

poison blade is a extremely good tool to force agression in gameplay, someone that knows he will be severely wounded by poison or even dead, will fight more agressively. making it more fun. (yeah this has the downside of rogues running around…)

I think, taking this in mind as a way to force opponents to become aggressive, how about making poison blade deal 2 damage per turn (not modified by player’s attack rating and not reducible by defense) indefinitely for the entire battle? That would be enough damage to make opponents play aggressively (partly for psychological reasons), but far too low in damage to be very devastating as an attack (it’d take 10 turns just to deal a measly 20 damage). It’s also too low in damage to make much of a difference in farming, since it would just take too long to rack up much damage.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Suggestion

Originally posted by HourBlastGames:

We also played FF, and loved the sphere grids idea. But decided not to go with it at the end. We were concerned too many players would choose a path only to regret it later due to lack of character building knowledge. We chose to confine the players progression to a more linear path, hoping it would make the “perfect build” every single time.

I think it might be worth revisiting that idea, if not in this game then the next (perhaps to a small extent instead of full-fledged). The ability to have great freedom in choosing a character’s path and growth is part of what makes a lot of RPGs very interesting and replayable (though not quite as much if resets are offered, especially at low cost). Naturally one struggles with perfect balance that way, but that’s kind of the point: some builds are more effective than others, and being able to anticipate what is and isn’t effective and putting in the time to learn and experiment can be very rewarding and is a skill on its own. Of course resets become the natural enemy of a system that offers a lot of freedom to grow characters, since then everyone who has grown a character will just keep resetting until they find the optimal build(s).

Of course, over time, people tend to find the cookie cutter optimal builds and the majority of people start building that (until a better one is found), but let’s say that happens: we’ve effectively then progressed to how the game is now, offering the player little freedom or choice in how his character develops except for class choices and equipment (which, at least at the moment, is so limited in selection that it shouldn’t even count as a customizability option except for appearances).

Where I don’t think it’s quite as essential for this particular game is that the basic turn-based combat system is already very interesting on its own even when the game doesn’t really offer you hardly anything when it comes to choosing how your character develops (aside from class). Otherwise if two level 20 rogues go against each other, e.g., unless one saved up more gold, they’re going to be absolutely identical… and being identical is kinda boring from an RPG standpoint, but not so bad in this game since the sheer strategy/tactical gameplay of the combat alone is interesting enough without sophisticated RPG elements to add more variety between players.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Suggestions in the eyes of Darkname.

Think you have some great suggestions but also feel a bit iffy on the puzzles. The fact that clashing awards reflex/timing in a game that seems to predominantly be very tactical and strategic feels a bit odd, and naturally places a disadvantage to those playing with inferior mouse devices and would probably be a turn off preventing old players from getting into the game.

How about a simple rock/paper/scissors match?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Patch 1.0.4

Been playing the rogue on this second account (stinky472 here) for a while and I really think that while tsubame was a very powerful skill at 2x damage (before the nerf), one has to realize that it cost 8 ep and was the ultimate samurai skill (disregarding fury attacks which are useful for all classes, but arguably much easier to land with wide-angle classes). It wasn’t exactly an easy skill to pull off when everyone expects the samurai to be using it.

There’s also PvE to consider. Grinding Helena was pretty tedious with my samurai: perhaps I was doing something wrong but I relied mainly on tsubame hit-N-run techniques to beat her and even at level 27, the battles tended to be quite lengthy in comparison to my lowly level 23 rogue who can defeat her much more quickly with throat slice combos. Now it’s even more tedious with the tsubame nerf.

Meanwhile, my rogue has stun kick dealing 1.6x damage and throat slice at 2x damage costing 5/6 ep meaning I can easily attempt it a second time in rapid succession with little or no rest if I miss the first time. If hit, the opponent is going to generally be getting hit a second time so 2.6x-4x damage with a single successful hit (depending on whether the subsequent attack is regular, broad/heavy, or poison blade, but easily in the 3x damage range). Likewise the much wider attack angle is generally preferable to the increased range, much narrower angle attack of the samurai. It’d be hard to be purely objective about it and there are stat/equipment differences to consider but I think rogue clearly is superior to samurai now: if there were any doubts, the nerf makes it clear IMO and I really don’t like my samurai much at all anymore in comparison to this rogue.

Been a little bit gripey and I think ninjas and knights also need some love and attention but been pretty disappointed with the samurai nerf and not just because he’s not as powerful anymore (of course any nerf of a favorite skill is disappointing, but especially so when that favorite skill was the one really useful skill that class had and the one arguable advantage over the current people dominating PvP who, to my knowledge, are all rogues).

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Wishing for more ways to earn cash

For a start, I’m a relatively high level player (soon to be level 38) and am satisfied with how much work it takes to make cash, so this is not a post with gripes about how difficult it is to earn cash. Instead, it’s a post about how boring it is to earn cash due to a lack of game variety.

When it comes to earning cash, there’s not much variety at all: get 250 frags in a room or unlock medals. The only practical game type to do this once we have our medals is DM (not TDM). It’s the only game where we can find plenty of action and get those 250 frags in the shortest amount of time.

Playing TDM or CTF when one is looking to make cash would be silly since those games still require 250 frags and:

1) the effective number of targets you can shoot is typically halved (most people auto-choose teams making the map have half the enemies you can kill)
2) your teammates will be shooting the targets as well and getting a substantial portion of your potential frags
3) even if there are plenty of targets to shoot (like when everyone teams against you), they will all be shooting you together so getting a frag will be tougher.

If CTF and TDM required, say, 125 frags instead of 250 to get 1 cash, I think that would be reasonable. It should still take just as long if not longer and probably be just as difficult if not more difficult. The medals for TDM require less frags than DM, and for good reason (it takes a lot more work to earn the same number of frags in TDM than DM).

For CTF, delivering flags cannot bring cash. That seems disappointing, especially at my level when coins are not very useful and cash becomes our primary currency (the only major use I have for coins now is to save for the coin collector medal when I get 100,000 coins since that will get me cash).

For this reason, I rarely play CTF or TDM even though I think those are just as fun and get tired of straight DM frag-fests (I do CTF only for exp now since I get 0 exp from the majority of players playing this game). However, I think those games are more fun but it seems like time wasted when I could be earning the cash I need to improve my character much faster through DM. If all these game types could be equally rewarding in terms of cash, it’d make the game much more fun for us higher level grinders. It’d give us more to grind than just DM for cash and CTF for exp/coins.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Specified gun rooms

Kicking method would be nice but might be problematic to the game.

One might consider it equally disrespectful to join a combo farm and start shooting everybody, yet it happens all the time and I join games that are named as combo farms by mistake (just quickly searching for space labs dms) and find it has already become a war anyway (yay for me cause I don’t want to combo farm). I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have a kick feature which will no doubt encourage more farming to take place (just look at how many games started off being farms by their title in an average game list on either server) and then imagine how much easier it will be for players to actually farm with a kick feature in place.

For this specific request I think it would be nice to have games that can filter weapons just like we can in tourneys. Then one need not worry about kicking. Having more ways to host games of a specific type would be a lot nicer than trying to enforce a game rule through a game title. Some people might not even be paying attention to the name of the game, especially new players using quick play.

Unfortunately kicking is a great idea but I think it will be abused given the nature of the way people are playing the game now (huge number of farms in the average game list we see daily).

For spammers a mute option would really be handy.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Best skills?

For me:
1. health & defense
2. accuracy
3. strength & luck

Note that strength is important to be able to use weapons (along with accuracy) but I’m listing more by effect (how much it appears to help my character).

If we’re talking about priority and order to most optimally and smoothly play the game, I think one should go for minimum str and accuracy to get aug and then focus on hp and def for a while to become a decent tank before even considering weapons like RPD. Basically HP and Def become the priority after getting a decent gun like aug.

P.S. This is stinky472. It’s my second account I use since being high level all the time is kind of boring.