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Topic: General Gaming / a developer goes and upload a game that isn't develop by him at all.

Originally posted by Bluji:

Tony Lavelle is the_exp.

I can confirm this.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / How to transfer btd5 data (iPhone) to the had version (iPad) which are on the same device.

Good idea! I moved the thread to the BTD5 forum. :-)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Is anyone seeing inappropriate ads?

Hey all,

Over the weekend we had someone report that they were shown an ad for a group called FAIR, featuring an anti-immigrant message.

Has anyone else seen this? Was it an ad before the game, or an ad that you watched in order to get certain benefits in-game?

The thing that would help me the most is a url (click the ad and see where it takes you, then copy the url for me).

We definitely don’t want any hateful ads being shown here. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Heroes of the Banner Servers Shutting Down

Just a clarification: the date of closure was originally announced as April 24 but has since been moved back to April 30. I edited the initial post to make the change.

Correction: The 24th was correct all along; I misunderstood an email. :-/ I’m really sorry for the confusion.

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

Originally posted by Holy2334:

I want to reply to what you replied to in the suggestions but I feel like someone punched me in the side of my face and I can’t think straight to write a proper one. The responses were well done by the way. :D

Dear god, I hope it wasn’t the responses that made you feel that way! D: Feel better soon.

Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

I’d still like to have hope for the cloud API, but not having it isn’t the end of the world. :p

Well, if it would prevent the end of the world, we’d probably drop everything to make it. I mean, the site is important and stuff, but saving all of humanity would have to be top priority.

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

Okay, I have finished compiling most suggestions from the previous thread, and have posted responses/comments where I had one. If there’s no comment, it means “I hear you and will pass the word along.”

I do have one request for the future, which is that this process would be far more pleasant for me if everyone could refrain from being insulting. Remember, these people are my co-workers— I know them and know that they care about what we do. We’re balancing a far greater number of competing projects than you-all can see. I can understand being frustrated, but please try not to be overtly rude.

I also have a question: how do people feel about timestamps since the March update where we started grouping messages from the same minute under a single tag?

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Topic: Kongregate / MochiGames What happened?

Yes, Mochi Games is closed forever. In fact, their former CEO now works for Kongregate! Really nice guy, and smart too.

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Topic: Ember Strike: The Minioning / Game closing

Unfortunately, the developers of Ember Strike have decided that (at least for now) they need to remove the game from Kongregate. A note from andyk_:

“Our game was built on top of the Unity WebPlayer, and for a bunch of reasons that are out of our control we are unable to make updates to the WebPlayer version of our game. Ember Strike is still actively under development, and we’re really sorry that the game won’t be available on Kongregate for while. This hurts because Kongregate is an awesome platform filled with awesome people that helps guide us as we make changes. WebGL is amazing and it’s the future, but it takes time for games to switch from one technology to the other, so we appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, or if you want to yell at me, please feel free to PM andyk_.”

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Game closing May 8 on Kongregate

Unfortunately, mososh has let us know that he needs us to shut down the game. CoH has had a long, successful run on Kongregate and we’re really sorry to see it go.

Until May 8, you will be able to play the game but it won’t be possible to make additional purchases.

Feel free to post in this forum about your memories of the game and/or suggest other Kongregate games that CoH fans might enjoy.

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Topic: Kongregate / GDC 2016

Glad you liked it, Tulrog. :-) It’s actually an excerpt of just one part of my talk. As you can see from the slides, I covered a lot more territory than just “how to handle a crisis once it has started.”

It was a fun experience, for sure, but also waaaay more work and stress than I expected. On the other hand, if I had to do it again it would take much less time.

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

So I’ll be ready ahead of time for next fall? Okay, that’s fair. :-P

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

Misc other suggestions

1. Add Steam ID as a profile category Holy2334
That's reasonable. I'll add it to the list.

2. Display problem for avatars with transparent backgrounds HookedOnOnyx
Hm, technically a bug rather than a suggestion. I passed this along to the design team.

3. Clickable links in chat JTtheLlama super0anoniem
We only have links clickable; we want to minimize the incentive for people who spam referral links. (Heaven knows we already have enough trouble with that.)

4. Add "clear chatbox" button (to keep track of what is read) askon
Interesting! I'm not convinced that this would be widely used, but I'm open to hearing from other people who would really love it.

5. Fix bug for "away" settings in guild chat askon
Yes, this is a known bug. :-/ Sorry it hasn't been fixed!

6. Add an "announcement" bar in guild chat (editable by anyone) askon
We have had something like this on our "nice to have but not urgent" list for a long time now. Don't know if it will ever happen, but I agree it would be cool!

7. Show developed games in chat profile occooa
I have not heard any rumblings about revamping chat profiles, but when we do this would be something to consider.

8. Notifications for comment upvoted and activity feed responses Arafat45
I'm pretty hesitant about this idea. While some people would really enjoy it, others would find it spammy. I do think it has some merit, though.

9. Solution for chat whispers that arrive while changing rooms graveyard890
I'll pass it along.

10. Reputation system: mod/admin reward for positive contributions qwertyuiopazs
Well, this would be a major change. :-O I do love the idea of mods being able to affirm folks who contribute in positive ways. I worry about people bugging mods for it, though. Hmmmm.

11. Improve mobile profiles Ruudiluca

12. Allow multiple responses to a single game comment Ruudiluca

13. Change handling of removed games and ad revenue Ruudiluca

14. Notepad tab next to the game window zodion
Interesting! I would definitely use that with some games. There's an awful lot of stuff packed into that section of real estate, but it would be nice to have if we can find room.

15. Display badge criteria on one's earned badges page IwishIwasaDog clarification
In a mouseover or something, maybe? That would be pretty handy.

16. More new badges AceHarding
To some extent, the new badges are limited by the flow of high-quality games that have implemented our statistics API. Kong is doing things to try to stimulate development of quality games (eg our Launchpad and Launchpad X programs), because the site will always be more fun when we have a steady flow of quality games. But I do hear your point. :-S

17. Contests / competitions between chat rooms boltsandbrains3
Sounds like fun! I'll suggest it to the group that plans community events.

18. System for flagging suspicious high scores DoomlordKravoka
I'm a little leery of this, because I'm guessing that the community team would end up with an enormous flood of reports and be unable to keep up. :-( I do understand why it's appealing, though.

19. Ability to spotlight one (or seven) particular achievement(s) on one's profile
Bluji condude3333 TheLinkToThePast
I like it!

20. Add a search option to the friends list (and the fans list) Rimala
Good idea! I'll pass that along.

21. Game maker Not_An_Anagram
I have always been a huge fan of these sorts of things. Once upon a time, we had a series of "Shootorials" where beginners could learn a bit about making games. It's labor-intensive, but I'll continue to encourage this idea.

22. Add warning / confirmation popup when leaving a game or unfinished forum post Holy2334
I have no idea how difficult that would be to add (particularly the "unfinished forum post" part) but there have definitely been times this feature would have helped me out.

23. Quest made up of point-and-click games Pachique
I'd like that too, actually. Greg says he has historically avoided making quests that are all of the same genre, because he's afraid it would be tedious. :-S

24. Add the ability to upvote posts on /accounts/[username]/messages DoomlordKravoka
Yep, that would make sense! Will add to my list.

25. Kongpanion suggestion: an alpaca named Augustine TCherry7
Cute! I like it.

26. Cloud saves Ruudiluca
We looked into this a few times in the past, and did quite a bit of work. What we found was that being an open platform introduced so many complexities that clear and seamless experience just wouldn’t be possible. But we encourage developers to use services like Playfab, which give a game cloud saves for free

27. Scroll bar on private messages (instead of "show more") Misstery
I'm a little confused by your description. When is the site freezing? How would a scroll bar help?

28. Make the "about me" display in a larger box Not_An_Anagram
Are you talking about when you are creating or editing your own "About Me," or when viewing someone else's?

29. Allow longer chat messages super0anoniem
I worry about how this would affect spam. Spammers would be able to flood a chat even faster if they could copy-paste 1000 characters instead of 250.

30. Separate categories for profile awards Toa_of_Pi

31. Bring back Halloween profile skin
It never went anywhere? Check my profile-- I'm using it right now.

32. Add a sports forum NomuitJargon Yeazy
The site functions best when we focus on games (and socializing around games). When we let our focus get too broad, the whole thing starts to seem a bit piecemeal.

33. Monthly Q&A sessions silerphex
Well, I think there's some value in this idea, but I think monthly would probably be too often. Our community events group tries to do something most months, but it's not always a Q&A (though it has been quite a while since we had a Kong Live event, hmmm). I'll pass this along to them.

34. Weekly quiz show with prizes silerphex
As with your other suggestion, it's a fun idea but there's just no way we could do something like that every week. Now, if a player (or group of them) wanted to start something like that... let us know.

35. Get BotD credit via mobile device that does not support Flash TurkeyPie
That sounds like something that would not be possible from a technical standpoint, but I have zero real idea. I don't know how many people would make use of it, but I can pass it along.

36. Developer mass messages: "active" and "inactive" categories overlap 0rava
Thanks for the report; it's added to the list of bugs.

37. Awards should display number of times earned orion1220
Fun idea!

38. Admin profiles display "thank an admin" instead of "thank a mod" Bluji
I absolutely appreciate the attention to detail, but I'd rather we spend engineering and QA resources on things that will benefit more people.

39. Make the homepage re-arrangeable / customizable Ethanhead258 Not_An_Anagram OverlordTIM readrboy2009
I don't think this will ever happen. :-/ Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

40. Groups Ethanhead258
Well, guilds are a game-specific feature. In order to be in a guild, you have to play a game that has our guilds API integrated, then join a guild via whatever in-game mechanic is set up.

41. Indicate on sidebar of /badges whether a quest is earned Maik50
Good idea.

42. Better surfacing of updates on game details tab 8269955
That could probably be improved, yep.

43. Ability to opt-out of game notifications from friends Alsee
15 notifications IS pretty annoying.

44. Ability to "tag" other players in a forum post graveyard890
I share Holy2334's concern about the likely abuse of this feature. :-/ Sorry!

45. Increase maximum chat size lodan
What is your ultimate goal here? To have more of chat visible at one time?

46. Rewards for longtime active users Holy2334
This idea has a lot of potential.

47. Display cake chat icon on one's Kongday Holy2334
I would love that. :-)

48. Update avatars faster Andyb112
So, to be clear, if the player changes their avatar you don't see the new one? Is it actually a month, or do you just mean "a ridiculously long time"? If the latter, can you give me an estimate?

49. Better system for suggestions NomuitJargon
Having just spent 2 1/2 work days sorting through all these and formatting the replies, I enthusiastically agree that this setup is, uh, not ideal.

50. Colon frustration TheRealPip

51. Comment flagging via a user's profile Bluji
Makes sense.

adv0catus suggestions

So prolific, he gets his own section (this time).

1. Profile views counter
This feature would most likely only be used by a tiny handful of people, and seems ripe for exploitation. I doubt we'll add it.

2. Weekly challenge for the site as a whole
To some extent the Kongpanions are intended to fulfill this, but it's still an interesting idea. I doubt we'd do it every week, but it's something worth considering. I'll pass it along.

3. Suppress notifications for posting on one's own profile
I agree it's a bit silly, but I'm not convinced it's a significant detriment to user experience.

4. Give each game forum a "general thread"
Every forum that wants a "general thread" is welcome to have one simply by creating it themselves. I'm sure if we added something formal or across-the-board, some forums would want to opt out of it.

5. Dedicated K+ forum
It's something we have considered. Overall we have felt that there isn't enough content specific to K+ to support an entire forum for it. Tech support issues are better handled in that forum, where our QA staff is already active. Developer feedback about beta games already happens in game-specific chat and forums while the game is in beta.

6. Option to remove permabanned users from "fans" list
I'm not convinced this would add value for a huge number of players. If we were to address this at all, it would most likely be a universal thing, where any permabanned account would automatically have all its friends wiped.

7. "Developer's choice" comments section
That's a fun idea! I like it.

8. Show a symbol beside the person’s name when they’re in cinematic mode.
I have wanted something like this for a long time. It wouldn't have to be a separate symbol-- it could also just set one's status to "afk" automatically when one enters cinematic mode.

9. Dismissable in-chat notifications for new users
This would probably be harder than it sounds, but it could be really useful for explaining things to new folks.

10. Make "Join in [room name]" available to all users
My concern is that this would make it dramatically easier to stalk/harass other folks, so I would be opposed.

11. Live support chat
We don't have the staff to for a live support chat; Kongregate would have to be dramatically bigger before we'd attempt something along those lines.

12. Notification when chat whispers arrive
That's a reasonable idea; not high-priority, but I can add it to the wish list.

13. Gravatar ( support
I doubt we'd implement anything like that. We want to have full control over the content of avatars so that we can remove offensive ones quickly and easily.

14. Extend filtered words to usernames during account creation
The idea has been discussed. I don't actually believe it would do much good, and I'd rather use our engineering resources elsewhere.

15. Revamp game messages
Well, that's something that's worth considering. I'm guessing it will be re-done within the next 5 years or so, but I have no real way of predicting when.

16. Reveal big projects

17. Add a way to edit comments, shouts and whispers
The problem I foresee is that the other interactions (upvotes on the comment, responses to shouts or whispers) would become nonsensical or invalid if the content was substantially changed after the fact. If you post and immediately notice a typo, you can copy, delete, paste, edit and re-post.

18. New feature roll is too big
19. “Trending in your network” is a waste of space
20. "Browse Top Games" by Category sections is terrible
21. Game contests should be displayed more prominently
22. The thing at the top.... sticks out like a sore thumb
23. Disable the mouseovers
Those are like... your opinion, man. In seriousness, though, aesthetic decisions are made by the members of our design team, each of whom has a degree and years of experience guiding their choices. Those decisions are never going to be user-dictated.

24. "Hot New Games is way too big.... AlisonClaire said that real estate on the home page is really valuable. If it’s so valuable… use it!"
We are using it. We're using it to promote games that are hot and/or new (or which have a chunk of new content).

25. Friends API problems
What you're describing is a flaw in how individual developers are implementing the API. I'll pass this along to our browser-games team so they can pay attention to it. If you have examples of particular games that are having this problem, feel free to send them to

Okay, I'm out of steam. Next time, please only post your top 10 suggestions. :-S

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

Some responses about suggestions in the Winter 2015 thread are below. Next time I will reserve WAY more posts for the responses!!

Chat timestamps

aphexacid ArtyD42 Axiss32 Ayrus BrokeNL Bluji Crinkle DigitalPrincess eProdigy FlyingCat Joaqox JTtheLlama kovec LeoTheFox13 MaginManiac7 occooa PastLife17 Rigor_Mortis sfulga Soki_the_Dragon sotlat Tigoda Toa_of_Pi Vileno Zarkate

Notes and explanations
1. We can't put timestamps on the same line as the name. In guild chats, the in-game name is shown next to the Kong name and we can't fit all three things (timestamp, Kong name, in-game name) on one line. :-( Sorry.
2. People would rather not see the date, just the time-- got it.
3. Offering a timestamps toggle would be more complex and probably won't happen soon, but I'll make a note of it.
4. On March 23 we tweaked timestamps so that posts happening in the same minute are all shown under one timestamp, rather than each message having a separate one. Has this helped alleviate some of the initial frustration?

Kongpanions and BotD

arendkant Axiss32 Cassius335 DigiKitty fureditom HaloExpert422 Snooj TheSable

Notes and explanations
1. For the past two years, we have done time-limited events in which people can earn a missed Kongpanion. I don't anticipate us making that a permanent thing, though-- part of the fun is only having it available occasionally.
2. From a technical standpoint, the issue of "turning a Kongpanion shiny after the fact" turns out to be very, very challenging. This was not something we anticipated doing when the code was first written, and so it's not structured in a way that makes this manageable. Basically, because of the engineering time that would be required, this won't happen in the foreseeable future.
3. Part of the goal of Kongpanions is to reward people who come to the site every day (or most days). If we changed it so people only had to visit once a week, that would devalue the achievement.
4. One person suggested medals for earning a certain number of Kongpanions. That's a new idea (to me at least) and I'll pass it along.

Forum improvements

adv0catus BrainpanSonata cargo11900 DoomlordKravoka Fightbeetle GeorgeKILLERx Holy2334 LinkaBR NomuitJargon Not_An_Anagram racefan12 Ruudiluca slothrup starsets super0anoniem TurkeyPie

Suggestions compiled
Note: I think everyone agrees that our forums are outdated and need improvement. It would be a big project, though, and the issue is always one of how we prioritize different things relative to our engineering resources.
1. Muting: Hide the posts of a person I have muted
2. Muting: Block certain people from posting in threads I started
3. If a post if hidden or thread is closed, display a reason to the poster (or OP)
4. Tags: add to forum threads, search for other threads with a particular tag
5. Report option for "Inappropriate forum behavior"
6. URL blacklist for the forums
7. Server-side cookies
8. Automatically notify mods of any post involving certain words
9. "Quote post" only quotes the particular post, not the whole conversation
10. Bigger avatars
11. Improve spam filter effectiveness with keywords
12. Add banner along the top of each thread listing date it was started and name of OP
13. Move or repurpose Kongregate Labs forum
14. Make forums more welcoming/understandable for new users (popups / tutorial)
15. Notification when someone adds a new response in a thread where one has posted
16. Note indicating a post has been edited, including when and by whom

Game discovery

I think there are a lot of really solid ideas here; I'll bundle them up and pass them along to the product team.

1. Ability to exclude games with certain tags from search results (eg, show me all "Adventure & RPG" games but exclude any tagged "idle") axiss32 bobjobob08 OverlordTIM
2. Add three new search options: and, or, not Maharid
3. Ability to search for games the player has not yet rated oreon333
4. Add a "random game" button Gravityzer066
5. Improved discovery for older games frae2
6. Search badges using more than one descriptor (eg. both "unearned" and "easy") Maritos
7. Game "archive" (finished but enjoyed and want to know about updates) Valase
8. Personalizations on /games indicating favorited games (etc) Valase
9. Add a way to search for non-flash games bbrtki
10. Option to separate flash and unity games while browsing scorchx
11. "Recommended Games" shows games that user previously dismissed ViktorVaughn
12. "Recommended Games" shows games user has already rated Battezu racefan12
13. Improvements to "Recommended Games" neo32x

Managing disruptive users

1. Email confirmation 0rava Sillinde
This has been suggested many, many times over the years. Each time, we come back to the essential concern that it would be more of an obstacle to legitimate new users (who may sort of like the site but aren't sure they want to join) than it would be to problem users. I think what is possible is that we may (at some point) add more restrictions on the activity of very new accounts, but we have no plan as for what those might be or when it might happen.

2. Stricter limit on consecutive chat messages 0rava
I don't know if we have considered this. I can bring it up to the engineers.

3. Prevent identical sequential posts 0rava
It would be great to be able to do that, I agree. The obstacle we have historically encountered is that if the system needs to evaluate each line of chat before posting it, it would slow down chat dramatically and introduce an unacceptable amount of lag. That said, it has been a couple years since we last investigated, so maybe it's time to check again and see if anything has changed.

3. Disable symbols in chat 0rava
We can't do this because we need to allow chat in many languages, including those with writing systems different from latin/western alphabets. To quote a member of our design team, "Because our site is international and as much as possible we try to accommodate users of different languages including but not limited to using utf-8 encoding for content, which includes various typographic, mathematic and geometric symbols."

4. Option to turn off incoming private messages and/or profile shouts graveyard890 usb_hub
This seems like a reasonable thing.

5. Accounts cannot post in forums within 24 hours of creation DoomlordKravoka
I get why this seems like a good idea. The problem, though, has to do with our mobile games. It's actually quite common (with Kongregate's published mobile games) that people don't make a Kongregate account until they finally decide they need to ask a question in the forum. That's something we want to encourage.

6. Add a captcha during account creation DoomlordKravoka
Maybe! I'll put it on my list of possibilities.

7. Level requirement for chat Silerphix
I am hesitant about this, in part because it would penalize people who only play one game. If that game doesn't have badges, the person would be unable to chat. I can't say "nope nope never happen" but... I'd probably want to try other things first.

Game chat rooms

Well, originally we intended game chat rooms to be game-focused conversations. Over time, though, communities have formed... this is an interesting puzzle, both in terms of community development and in terms of the technology.

1. Option to "favorite" them Axiss32 TurkeyPie
2. List of mods TurkeyPie
3. Allow players to switch to game chat rooms regardless of what game they are playing Axiss32 Grabarz NomuitJargon


I don't know enough about json to comment on these, so I'll just pass them along to other people in the company.

1. games.json Ruudiluca
I told the QA team. Any idea when it broke?

2. Kongpanions in json Ruudiluca
Good news: it already exists here.

3. forums.json Ruudiluca

4. Add HTTPS and CORS support to badges.json Lebossle

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Topic: Kongregate / Spring '16 suggestion thread

PumpkinBrigade has been busy with other things and so I offered to handle the suggestions thread. And then... I also got busy with other things. If I claim that a duck fell asleep on my keyboard for a month, would you believe me?

No, that's okay. You're right to not believe me.

Put your suggestions here! I'll go through the Winter '15 suggestion thread and share some comments / responses.

Previous Suggestion Threads



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Topic: Kongregate / May we please have another K+ profile skin contest?

Fun idea! I’ll make sure that other folks see this thread.

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Topic: Kongregate / Im so sick of idle games

Originally posted by Toa_of_Pi:

Unless they’re sponsoring a game, Kongregate isn’t necessarily ‘releasing’ these games. They’re being uploaded by various developers. How is it fair to tell someone that they can’t develop a game just because n other people already developed a game for that genre in a that month?


Originally posted by Yeazy:

Idle games are a waste of time.

Unlike, say, first-person shooters which are important part of preparing for a degree in theoretical physics…?

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Topic: Kongregate / We LITERALLY asked our employees (who are all hot singles in YOUR area) what their favorite office prank is. (IN THE HOOD) (GONE WRONG) (GUN PULLED)


My mistake. Reading comprehension? What’s that?

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Topic: Kongregate / We LITERALLY asked our employees (who are all hot singles in YOUR area) what their favorite office prank is. (IN THE HOOD) (GONE WRONG) (GUN PULLED)

Originally posted by extracter:


OP (original poster, person who started this thread) originally asked us about our favorite brand of lightbulbs. He has since changed the title, but we’re ignoring that. :-)

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Topic: Kongregate / We LITERALLY asked our employees (who are all hot singles in YOUR area) what their favorite office prank is. (IN THE HOOD) (GONE WRONG) (GUN PULLED)

Wait, you can do radiant-heat flooring in Minecraft? Clearly, I have been doing this all wrong.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongpanions are doomed

Originally posted by Axiss32:

The only reason people care on Kongpanions is that they are cute. Nothing else.

You say that like it’s not a completely sufficient reason.

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Topic: Kongregate / How did you find Kong? What's your story?

I was hanging out with my (then) husband in our home office, and his computer kept making these tiny sort of squealing noises. Finally I asked, “What the hell are you doing?” He was playing Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (may it rest in peace) and what I was hearing was the little “yippee!” noises the creeps would make when they entered the screen.

I played games as a guest for a while, mostly Ring Pass Not. I joined because a guy in chat was asking a question about the game which had bedeviled me for quite a while (really, the game explained this particular distinction poorly), and I thought I’d explain it to him. I made an account and tried to tell him but he never really understood my point. Ah, well….

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Topic: Kongregate / We LITERALLY asked our employees (who are all hot singles in YOUR area) what their favorite office prank is. (IN THE HOOD) (GONE WRONG) (GUN PULLED)

That title change.

Originally posted by NomuitJargon:

I use torch sconces, honestly. I thought they were still the rage. :o

That does sound pretty awesome. Probably requires stone walls, though, and those can be chilly.

When I build my dream castle I’ll have stone floors with radiant heat underneath, stone walls, and torch sconces.

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / clan wars issue

Sorry about that! It looks like our forum spam filter took a dislike to you. :-( I have cleared that out and hopefully you should be set; if it happens again, just know that we’ll come along in a while and clean it out.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Kongregate Admin] A reminder about this forum's purpose and how it should be used

It was certainly not my intention to be condescending, but to be a little bit light-hearted in order to leaven a serious conversation.

I understand that some people are upset, and that’s unfortunate. I don’t control anything that happens within the game and so can’t speak to your concerns. Nonetheless, as the head of Kongregate’s community team, it is my responsibility to set and maintain Kongregate’s standards for how our forums are used.

It came to my attention that some folks were not using the forum in the manner in which it was intended. Rather than just hide their posts (or silence or ban their accounts) without saying anything, I thought it fair and reasonable to explain to everyone why that was happening.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Announcement] Scheduled downtime on 1/26 at 6am PST

Five minutes!