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Topic: Shadowland Online / SLO on Kongregate closing July 29

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid that I need to confirm the message in the blue bar is correct. The game has been having some technical problems, and the developers have understandably decided that it’s time for the game to come down.

SLO had a great run on Kongregate, and we’ll be sad to see it go.

Edit: I would like to clarify that this was the decision of ZQ Games rather than Kongregate. We would have been glad to see the game continue on Kongregate indefinitely. Nonetheless, we can certainly understand the developers’ decision.

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Topic: Off-topic / If our OT moderators...

Me and me.

I am uncoordinated.

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Topic: Off-topic / wtf

Well, “someone worked and worked to find a way to screw things up” isn’t exactly a bug. A bug is something that happens to people who are using the site as intended and run into problems accidentally.


This is the reason we can’t have nice things.

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Topic: Kongregate / Idle Category

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. We recently added a homepage category devoted to idle games, but it makes sense to add one to the games dropdown too. I passed the idea along.

Originally posted by bobby71983:

I think idle games are declining in popularity.

Actually, they’re still increasing. A lot of our most-played games in the past week / month are idle games.

Originally posted by Uchiha_Sof:

Idle games are boring.
slaps OP

Don’t judge our love! You don’t know my life! D: D: D:

In seriousness, it sort of depends on what people like. Ultimately, idle games are resource management games. Many games have a resource-management aspect, and in some games (base-builders, some MMOs) the whole strategic focus is on managing resources to achieve certain desired results. So I don’t think it’s so crazy that many people (me included) enjoy games that use the same mechanic but in a more direct way.

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Topic: Kongregate-Published Games / Can't remember the name of this game...

There’s actually a thread for this over in our General Gaming forum! :-) You can ask your question here.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / NO BONUS FOR FORUM POSTS

There is no boost for posting in the forum.

That’s a rumor and is (I assure you) entirely untrue.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / More frequently asked questions

I fixed the initial post to remove all references to a certain false rumor that has been causing a lot of unnecessary forum spam.

There is no game bonus for posting in the forum.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / NO BONUS FOR FORUM POSTS


People are going to start getting silenced for this nonsense; it makes way too much work for my staff.

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Topic: Kongregate-Published Games / Games published by Kongregate

Games that were published by Kongregate (past and present) are listed here in alphabetical order. All are (or were) playable on mobile; some were playable on web.

**Note: In a few cases Kongregate is no longer involved with the game; this can happen for a variety of reasons.

AdVenture Capitalist


CardinalQuest 2**

DragonStorm Gold**

Endless Boss Fight

Epic Skater


Fable Age**

Game of Thrones Ascent

Global Assault

LionHeart Tactics

Little Alchemist

Little Bandits

Run (aka Run 3)

Sheep Happens**


Tiny Dice Dungeon

Warbot Assault**

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Review/Describe the person above you

Hey, you may not know this, but in the U.S. that’s an extremely offensive racial slur. :-S That’s why the post is hidden.

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Topic: Kongregate / Replacing Fancy Pants Adventures from its 2 quests

Originally posted by LouWeed:

You should stick with the same dev, so the nuclear eagle badge is the obvious choice

I cannot fully express how happy I am that someone else loves that game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Summer '15 suggestion thread

Hey everybody— PumpkinBrigade has done a really great job collecting and organizing everyone’s suggestions for the past eight months; she made the product team a spreadsheet of prioritized requests and everything. However, at this point we’re running into two big obstacles:

1. Summer is here! It’s the busiest time of year for the site, and that means that the community team is stretched thin.
2. Our developers are working on a couple of big projects, which means they are unlikely to have time to implement many suggestions for a while.

With that in mind, I’m going to put the suggestions threads into summer mode: feel free to post, but know that it will probably be fall before you get much of a response from the admins and at least that long before many of the suggestions are implemented.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :-/

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the most weird, yet SFW internet stuff you have ever seen?

Good luck getting that song out of your brain!

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Topic: Off-topic / Epiphanies

I had an epiphany after I watched Malcolm X (older movie with Denzel Washington). People always ask whether the end justifies the means. I realize that the means actually change the end result; sometimes slightly, sometimes hugely. The end result of a violent revolution will necessarily be different than the end result of a peaceful one. In choosing the means, we choose the result.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Split Test] New homepage design

Originally posted by Holy2334:

Wait a second….

Cman, can you take a screen shot of what it looks like currently please? That screen shot looks ancient just look at it.

Originally posted by dacomb:

He probably took that screen shot from the Kong Development version of the site. You have to test somewhere.

Yep, that’s exactly what happened. He had the post ready to put up as soon as the test went live, which meant the screenshots had to come from one of our testing sites. The games aren’t particularly current, but the layout is accurate.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate chat spammer issues

We’re actually more on top of chat issues than we have ever been in the whole time I have worked here… but we still need people to report the offending accounts. The only alternative to that (have the system review every single chat message for possible spam) would slow chat down intolerably. :-/ So: report report report!

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Topic: Kongregate / RockYouGames

This happened because ownership or management of the game changed from one company to another. As far as the publication date, that’s an artifact of how the system is set up— it tells us how long the game has been with that particular publisher.

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Topic: Technical Support / Every post I make on my other account gets removed instantly for no reason.

There are all kinds of things that can cause your account to get attention from our spam filter. We don’t actually have a way to white-list accounts, so there’s no magic button I can click to make it stop happening. Your best strategy is to try to minimize the number of offensive posts you make (so that a minimal number of your posts get hidden by moderators). Also, when the filter auto-hides you, be patient and wait for the post to get reviewed instead of posting the same thing a bunch more times (as this tends to confirm the filter’s belief that you’re a spammer).

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Topic: Off-topic / Let's play find the slur

Hmmm, after reading your shout I realize I made a mistake.

The first time you posted that question in that thread, there was no slur. For some reason, our automatic spam filter took a dislike to you. Why it did that (but ignored all the other spam) is an important question and one I’ll take up with our product team.

I had seen the second and third posts (which contained the slur “kike”) but overlooked the first post. I’ll unhide the original post now.

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Topic: Off-topic / Let's play find the slur

Originally posted by trickyrodent:

You are not accurately quoting your post. It contained a hateful slur and was hidden for that reason.

Emphasis added.

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Topic: Off-topic / Spamming is now allowed

You are not accurately quoting your post. It contained a hateful slur and was hidden for that reason.

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Topic: Kongregate / Please Welcome Our Newest Kongregate Forum Mod--Precarious!

Excited to have you aboard! :-)

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Topic: Shadowland Online / Server Down?

It looks like the game is down, yes, and their homepage also isn’t loading. I’m going to assume (for now) that their servers are borked and that they’re running around with their hair on fire trying to fix them.

We’ll shoot them an email, though.

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Topic: Kongregate / some site disruptions today

Originally posted by Bluji:

The old hardware was as ancient as Prec?

Worse, it was as old as I am. :-O

Looks like the issues are continuing today; alerts went off correctly and our guys are on the case. (They haven’t slept much this week….)

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Topic: Kongregate / some site disruptions today

Originally posted by Meistheman:

Hey dont make Greg look bad okay that is rude

Think of it as “affectionate teasing” rather than making him look bad. :-)