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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Is this hacker friend of mods ?

Sorry for the troubles— that was our forum spam filter, not a rogue moderator. More details are here.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Hackers

Hi area19— Sorry about this! Our forum spam filter is pretty good, but sometimes gets things wrong. In this case, it targeted you for some of its “love.” :-( If you ever see posts removed within moments, that’s the spam filter. The filtered posts are added to a list for the admins to come check, hopefully within a few hours but almost always within a day.

Sorry for the trouble. Definitely no conspiracy here— just technology being imperfect.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Bugs and issues in game

Hello— Sorry about your posts being hidden! Looks like our forum spam filter targeted you for some “love.” :-/ In general, if you see a post hidden as soon as it’s posted, it’s an error on the part of the filter. But don’t worry, an admin will come along (hopefully within an hour or two, but almost always within a day) and correct the mistake.

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Topic: General Gaming / Wasted Youth Part 1

I’m going to move this to our “General Gaming” forum, which is the correct place for offsite gaming conversations. :-)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Not loading

Originally posted by Auged1963:

Really dude, no need to keep censoring my message. I really needed help, would you kindly do me some favour and give me some advice in fixing the problem instead of spending your time deleting my messages lol.

Sorry about that! Our forum spam filter decided you were Very Concerning and was filtering you out. In general, if you see something removed more or less immediately, that’s the filter at work and not a moderator.

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Topic: Kongregate / Which Kongregate game makes you laugh the hardest?

Nuclear Eagle

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Topic: Kongregate / [Protest/Petition] So sick of non-Halloween games


Best thread ever.

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Topic: Kongregate / HELP ME

Originally posted by 4545454333:

Hey I forgot the password to the account trickyrodent, can you reset it’s password to password?

NP, I’ll get right on that.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Tyrant listed in "New MMOs" list?

That was my mistake. :-S There was a procedural error in how Tyrant was taken down so I republished to fix it— then forgot to un-re-publish. I finished it up yesterday when I realized.

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Topic: Spellstone: Guild Recruitment / recruit section

Done! :-D

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Topic: Off-topic / Ubermorgen's real name is Steven McLean

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

let’s look at the facts

1) ubermorgen hasn’t denied it

This portion in particular is basically brilliant. Well done.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Departing Thread

Note: I originally posted this while using one of our generic staff accounts (whoops!). But I’m going to repost as myself so people know who was actually writing that.

Originally posted by ilneutrino:

I’m conflicted guise! On one hand I sympathize and I am saddened by the drama surrounding the “bunneh” account but in other hand I’m angry at this person. I really really really want to attack this person for the stupidity/ignorance in their actions but If I do that I know that I’ll be censored and It’ll make me hate the moderators even more!!!! >:(

Hey, thank you for thinking that through. Seriously, I don’t get joy from hiding posts or being hated and would rather not do either of those things.

I do get mad when I see people being awful to each other, and it’s hard to know what to do with that. It is really tempting to respond in kind, and yet I keep coming back to the conclusion that that won’t help anything and certainly won’t show them that there’s another way. So… I persevere. I hope you’ll persevere too.

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do for work, I tell them “I try to make people on the internet be nice to each other.” Then I stop and give them a wide-eyed look that says “If you think it often feels hopeless, you’re right.”

Originally posted by DarkAssassin783:

Mods are being too much fucking biased at their opinions atm.

Actually, I think we’re being entirely consistent. We give OT a lot of leeway, but we do consistently remove posts suggesting that the other person should kill themselves. We’re anti-suicide, to be sure, but we also know that if a conversation devolves to that level then there’s really nowhere else it can go.

Overall, I’m really touched at the kind words I see here. I won’t let the negativity of a few keep me from recognizing the goodness of majority.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / ways to attract dark champion

Originally posted by CampbellMC:

Why was my post removed? I didn’t see how it was offensive or breaking any rules.

Sorry about that, Campbell— you got targeted by our forum spam filter for some “love.” >.> In general, if a post is removed the instant you put it up, it’s the filter. It isn’t wrong often, but it does happen.

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Topic: Kongregate / #banGreg #GregHatesCROWS

Originally posted by ilneutrino:

wtf is up with this greg person, srsly

I actually lol’ed. Well done.

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Topic: Kongregate / This user is supposed to get a ban!

I edited the original post to remove the user’s name. :-) We prefer that players not call each other out publicly, as it can result in a lot of flaming and general disruption.

There is some value, though, in talking about standards. We do not consider that user’s avatar to be pornographic! In fact, the bikini in question provides about as much coverage as the “armor” in some of our games…. which, while questionable in armor, is perfectly fine as a swimsuit.

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Topic: Kongregate / A hearty thanks and welcome to Bluji, our Temporary Spam Wrangler

Thank you for being willing to help out! :-)

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate hired a non-binary asexual administrator

I’m pretty sure none of those things will affect on-the-job effectiveness or professionalism! :-D

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Topic: Kongregate / Welcome the newest community admin, QueenTakesRook!

Hey all,

Many of you noticed that earlier this summer we were advertising to hire another assistant community manager. We found someone with great written communication skills, years of customer service experience and plenty of background working independently….

and then noticed that it was someone we already knew, but under a different name. Imagine my surprise!

QueenTakesRook was a moderator for several years back when Kong was younger, and used to own a room called Road Scholars. To start with, they’ll primarily be handling support tickets and other things that are fairly invisible to users, but I expect over time that may change.

Welcome aboard!

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Topic: Kongregate / The REAL problem with Kongregate Admins.

Originally posted by Gevock:

This so cute it killed me and now I am dead.

The End

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Topic: Kongregate / The problem with Kongregate's Admins.

Originally posted by SwagSwagSwag:

If someone makes an account for the forums and talks about “swag” [and has spammed the forums (often including porn and gore) for several years on hundreds of accounts] that person will get instabanned. If someone has over, let’s say 2k posts, and they constantly belittle other users and encourages troubled teenagers to kill themselves, they get away with it. Do you see the problem here? The admins are more concerned with people that speak highly of themselves (claiming oneself has swag) than they do with cyber bullies. If you’re going to permaban someone for such a silly reason then you should also ban those that are actually hurting other people.

Please stop with this picking favourites thing and actually do your job. Thank you.


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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / LoL


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Title as it currently stands caused me to giggle out loud.

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Topic: Kongregate / Happy Birthday, KongBaby!

Originally posted by Holy2334:

So much ancient in this thread.

Truth. o.o

Molly and all, enjoy this fun little video that I originally found courtesy of Molly’s Aunt Emily.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Will Devs Actually Keep Their Promise This Time And Keep Forums Up After They Kill This Game?

Originally posted by darkfang77:

I am not so sure because it seems the forums were down earlier to gauge our reactions to the forums being cut altogether (if you didn’t know already, Kong is having financial/legal troubles through GS and other issues).

The forums on Kongregate belong to Kongregate, not to Synapse. Provided the forum does not become completely toxic and/or go out and harass other forums, I see no reason why it can’t continue here indefinitely. The Backyard Monsters forum was open for quite a long time after the game closed, maybe six months or a year.

As far as the financial / legal troubles, care to share a source? I don’t follow GS financials but Kongregate continues to be on solid ground and there are (so far as I know, and I would almost certainly know) no legal issues pending. At the very least, there’s nothing so severe as to keep us from leaving the forum open.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] Come celebrate 100K games on Kongregate! FINAL ROUND!

Originally posted by FlyingCat:

Papa games are kind of like dress up games now that I think about it. You’re just dressing up food instead of people, and you get rewarded on how good you’re at with dressing up.

Holy crap, how did this never occur to me…? That’s brilliant.