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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / I don't have the old crusaders..

I don’t approve of handouts.

I don’t approve of exclusivity and lockouts either.

Fortunately this isn’t a “Choose one” and could be solved with any grade of creativity between Clever and Zero.

Disclaimer: Have every event crusader.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder theme song

Always upvote OC.

Your efforts at matching meter and theme were not unnoticed.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Tanking formation

Yeah, I’ve been skipping Lightning Rod. It should probably be a toggle, but if that’s fiddly to develop I guess we can protip it for now.

Deflect Evil won’t register for warp/chest calculations, but it’s effectively a weak (2.5% pregear) per-mob buff.

I’m not sure how monster damage scales, but HP/healing scales better and seems to allow for bigger tanking as a function of prestige. That is, elder players will see more viability from tank styles (and better gear helps some tank saders).

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Hermit weekend buff?

I don’t do socnets, and this won’t make me start.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / maximum size 360 snowball sucks sooooooo much we need more than 6 hours of sleep

Originally posted by master2080:

Heres a nice idea: set an autoclicker to click after about 350 minutes on a snowball.

Hadn’t thought of that. I’m all set now. I’m pretty sure the deadline is still ridiculous design and I’ll probably ridicule a bit more, but as they say in the 21st century “I’ve got mine screw you”.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / maximum size 360 snowball sucks sooooooo much we need more than 6 hours of sleep

lol, caught snowball at 356, five hours of sleep, yeah this doesn’t feel unhealthy at all

I’ve clocked +10,000 hours of WoW. I spent hundreds of hours farming ‘The Insane’ WITHOUT trading out Bloodsail rep. The whole “no life cave hermit full neckbeard” song. But if the snowball goalposts are as bad as I hear, this will be a new low, and I won’t hesitate to shit on it the whole way through.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / maximum size 360 snowball sucks sooooooo much we need more than 6 hours of sleep

Sure, we can formalize it.

Rewarding the compromise of free time is grindy, but not an excessive game condition.

Expecting the compromise of free time is strict, but not an excessive game condition.

Rewarding the compromise of hours beyond free time is detrimental, but not an excessive game condition.

Expecting the compromise of hours beyond free time is an excessive game condition.

The spectrum begins there, in territory we’re familiar with and regularly tolerate: “mildly excessive”. The span beyond is varied and arbitrary. If consensus is mixed, it’s because we’re arguing whether it’s so excessive as “unacceptable”.

I haven’t done the math on the event duration v. requirements, so I’m not actually declaring whether the event’s conditions are #2 or #4.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder: Secrets of the Ancient [Full Patch Notes]

Originally posted by DivineGames:
Originally posted by dcrysalis:

If you reset your excavations, do you have the chance to get more rubies as you dig your way back to where you were?

Rubies are found the first time you reach a specific excavation threshold, so reaching it a second (and subsequent) times won’t get you more rubies.

I guess there’s only so many ways to tune it, but this means I have 25 wasted sets of excavation, and will be perpetually 25 (smaller) batches beneath an R26’s “normal” stockpile.

I already wasted one “talent point” forever while testing the re-excavation. I’m paralyzed about spending the rest of my reincarnation-based “talent points” since there’s no reset.

Cash shop pending, we’re looking at, what? Hang on, I’ll asspull some poser numbers:
R0 = 0
R1 = 0
R2 = 1
R3 = 1
R4 = 2
R5 = 3
R6 = 6 lifetime rubies
R7 = 11 lifetime rubies
R8 = 18 lifetime rubies
R9 = 28 lifetime rubies
etc etc

in a fixed pattern effectively chained to R-count, making the proc system somewhat misleading. Except for when someone makes the irreversible mistake (these aren’t cool in idlers) of reinc’ing without milking their excavations first.

Whatever, long as you guys are developing SOMETHING I feel okay about all the money I’ve donated so far, I don’t feel entitled to anything past that (but hope for it).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Haven't found a Research build superior to Merc yet (R18)

Greater-thans denoted excerpts since newsgroups.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Werewolf vs Hermit

Originally posted by Falos:

These are actually close values, and will be decided by your gear/EP.

“will be determined”? “will be tie broken”? 10-20% is a joke in a multipliers context and collaborates my claim of napkin math accurately modeling the best-dump selection.

Originally posted by kruchbaum:
if you try it out in game Hermit is

I did. And giving hermit equal gear (200/200) would’ve put him at 146.6s, which would’ve been basically equal to my wolf. A hair under, since my hermit has a bit less EP.

But those EPs are in my sheet and project the advantage. Not to absolute numeric perfection, but the intents’n’purposes is priority ranking for choosing the anchor, and that’s accurately deduced.

If my hermit gets 200/200 and enough EP to overtake wolf, I’ll know when.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Werewolf vs Hermit

*Note that this is with 200/200 wolf gear and 100/200 hermit gear; if my hermit had the same gear and EP he’d be ahead.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Werewolf vs Hermit

Guess it must be their negligibility that makes my results line up with my sheets. After hundreds of negligible filler levels, of course.

Like, right now my sheet (using my gear/EP plugged in) reports as post-formation final mults:

Wolf: 1,052,494%
Hermit: 555,717%
Delta: 1.90x

Fueling them at the same price (Lv675, 625) outputs these formation DPS, live:

Wolf in anchor: 158s DPS
Hermit in anchor: 73.3s DPS
Delta: 2.15x

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Werewolf vs Hermit

Collector: 5000%
Hermit: 4800%
Wolf: 6000%

After a Lumberjack+Shield+Clown+Lion+Coffee formation:
Collector: 35,083%
Hermit: 33,680%
Wolf: 31,185% (no coffee)

These are actually close values, and will be decided by your gear/EP. I have 200%/200% on wolf, who gets >1M% after gear/EP, so he’s my dump.

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Topic: Heroes of Glory / Black Screen of Death

No workarounds? Sad panda. Guess I’ll play something else.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Auto Clicker Cap at 30 :(

>_Enjoy the repetitive strain injury_
5. Or +. Or both.

I actually use it to reduce strain outside clickers too.

I do have an autoclicker that I occasionally use. I’d just mod the .sol or export if I wanted the effects of leaving it on though. But at that point I might as well just put set.CookieTotal(=everycookie) into the console. “Yay, I won…. now what?”

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Possible new end game mechanic

Balancing becomes extremely important if price commitment is measured in weeks. The wrong selection means a huge penalty.

That’s especially painful if it’s a bad selection for bad reasons: Poorly written tooltip, mechanics don’t actually yield/scale/etc in actual code outcome as intended, post-selection buffing/nerfing.

The good news is I see a decent enough grasp of math in the mechanics, which likely extends to engaging play. Design and implementation is already delicate, being locked into decisions magnifies this.

Consider the boost in starting cash. The Gem Power upgrade pretty much delivers this already, instantly putting you at e# (gems pending) and plateauing quickly. If you meant faction coins, consider the Faceless upgrades, which reward every alignment event. Is the following step obvious? It might even seem appealing at first.

Instant alignments would mean players have to spam events to a plateau of, oh, maybe 300%. Others would script/bot, but the curve would still force them under 500-1000%.

Is it still an appealing feature after a deadpan summary? It would be equally appealing to have a neoprestige upgrade that says “Immediately boosts your Faceless hivemind/heritage by 1000 events.” – and better design because no one has to dick around for the hour or two to harness it.

I’m just trying to illustrate how fiddly design can be. I’m not actually worried much about weird loops or bad scaling being in too long. Excavation kind of breaks the idlegame rule on “No baseline penalty”, but it’s insignificant and now hides behind prompts. We’re in okay hands. As written the proposed prestige can be pretty neutered by something like “Reset Supergems” ala carebear talent trees.

Specialization usually dead ends into “Spec X forever, everything else sucks” but if you do it real careful, the gap is little enough that the small amount of user playstyle variation tips it. The main spectrum being heavily active < – > heavily idle.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / A little gift for the comunity I'm working on

Neat. Fan art is an honor.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

Do we have hotkeys to purchase buildings? That might be neat. Ctrl+QWERTY or something, I dunno.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

totally not stealing the job

For those wondering, it’s a pun on the shortened Japanese word for cell phone, “Keitai” (Pronounced like the name of the Kongpanion, ‘Kay-Tie’).

Ha, adorable.

I guess I could use that word, ironically, but I just don’t get the “ironically” business in the first place.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Crossover Rewards - Kana Warrior!

Reversing the hash to cheat? That actually sounds like more work than earning it, and it doesn’t look like the medal is game breaking or any
Dohoho. You so silly Tuk.

(“39” is sometimes used as an appreciation gag, since it can be pronounced “san kyu”)

Moving on, this is neat cross promotion, and even if I didn’t care for it I should appreciate the effort it took to implement. Has a bit of “extra mile” flavor to it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Who Is The Number One Capitalist?

>_Who Is The Number One Capitalist?_
Some whale.


Or did you mean like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump?

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Topic: War of Omens / Speed League - or god give me patience but make it fast.

Sign me up for big boy mode, maybe then I won’t have to spend 90% of the “gameplay” staring and drooling.

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Topic: War of Omens / Usury - Pointless

When I saw it, I assumed it was meant to work along embargo/bureau. Cast it, feed the bure with six apples, and you’ve basically got an embezzle flowing, but I think it might work proactively on resource dumpers (incl AI)

This is the intended design, I’d hope, but I haven’t actually seen to its viability in testing.

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Topic: War of Omens / Constant Card Revisions

MtG does have power creep. Provided a database, you could probably put out charts with exact numerics on how the baseline has crept upwards; I’d like to see the one titled “Bears over time”.

In a centralized, “soft” CCG we can backtrack and do-over, and that’s a good thing. However, let’s not start Wild Ass Guess’ing and knee-jerking. We don’t have to be as polished as the developmental days where they obviously did a lot of analysis and playtesting to release a tuned balance, and I wouldn’t say we have a bad habit yet, but let’s not get too crazy. Rats up, back down, aurochs up, back down (calling it).

Again, we’re not in a bad place yet, and the timeframes are important. If card X gets overbuffed it’s much more acceptable to have the kneejerk correction in the same week, and not a month later when users are settled. Similarly, if a card has been left alone for a long time, it follows that tuning shouldn’t need to be strong (unless it’s overhauled mechanically and effectively a “new” card).

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Loading assets hangup

Required communications/script permissions include: → → →

Had to enable those before I could get in.