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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Critter Forge] Doesnt anyone find this suspicious?

Hey guys, have you noticed Pescado in the news a lot recently?

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / no leaderboard reward

Same here! :D

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Cant join Clan

Hey Esca and Rider, I can confirm that the apply to guild option can be quite glitchy at times, I believe changing the message, mashing the apply button, and repeat sometimes lets you through.
As I have out-of-site applications to the guild, I often get reports that members have issues entering the guild.
Thanks guys!

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / I don't think I'm asking anything big, but...

Plaid is 1600%, I believe

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Glitched clan applications

As entry to my clan has high demand, I ran an external application proocess.
Of the 3 I accepted, they all reported issues applying, despite space in clan etc…

The apply button doesn’t work well. Doesn’t appear to matter whether they write the message or not, then send button works only sometimes.

One person said that he needed to refresh 5 times before it would work

As there is one still “locked out” of the clan, does anybody have suggestions to get around this bug more easily?

To devs: My clan and I (The “!” clan, at top of list) are willing to assist fixing this issue if we can help in any way

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Draft card fails

I can understand the OP’s frustration.
I’ve often thought of his as a highly confusing technicality.
A simple switch in terminology, or in game clarification on developer’s half may solve this issue.
“Absorption is not equal to absorption” is a bit of a logical fallacy

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Create Your Own Card!