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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Girls of the Dungeon

I’ve classified myself as a gamer since 1983, when I braved the all-male domain of the junior high school D&D club. It took me a long time to become comfortable with the term girl gamer — after all, that’s what you called the girlfriends that showed up occasionally but weren’t really interested in playing. I was one of the guys, gamer subtype, and wanted to be taken seriously as such.
I’ve been using MsMayhem as my online name nearly as long. For a while I was just Mayhem when the cyber idiots decided that a female online name must mean I have a receptive in-box (you can see that as a pun or not, as you so choose). I’ve skewed the demographics for game stores. I’ve walked out of a game club full of guys that didn’t speak a word to me when I showed up as a new member. And always, online or off or both, I’ve found ways to game.
Flash forward about 25 years and I started to figure out “girl” and “gamer” weren’t so mutually exclusive (long story). Now I’m proud of both aspects of my character, and delight in introducing more people to gaming. My sweetie is also a gamer, and has mentioned how happy he is that his mate understands “in the middle of a fight” as an acceptable excuse for not immediately responding to whatever request.
My favorite games: Japanese RPGs, RPGs like Skyrim and Mass Effect, Sims, time and resource management games, pen-and-paper RPGs. I like making characters I can identify with somehow, or can become invested in. I do not usually like FPS or platformers unless they have a strong story/character element.
Why do I play DO? I like time and resource management games and I like fantasy games. Adding the PVP element seemed interesting. I’m enjoying it so far.