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Topic: KingsRoad / How to get things changed

The problem is that they are NOT keeping the paying players satisfied, they are not doing anything in this way, only event after event and now they take away the good bounty to add shitty dungeon that need special equipment to be played making free players go away and making paying players have to grind even more to get in the new dungeons.

I don’t really understand, they really want to kill the game.

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Topic: Tyrant / [To I dont know]Corrosive= sunder+weaken on attack?

Berserk have enough limitation and Corrosive will not really add anything, onnly TU need something more cause it have a limited and semplified skill set.

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Topic: KingsRoad / How to get things changed

audica is right.

Any happy customer is a customer that talk to others and say that XXX is really good, try it, you will be amazed, and not only gives you money but even other cunstomers.

Any unhappy customer is, in exchange, a customer that go around and say that XXX is shit for this and that and other will say, “Really? i was about to try, thanks for the info, i’ll go somewhere else”.

A game like KingsRoad can live with 20% orless players but even the most richs sooner or later will get bored and reduce or completely stop the amount of money used in the game and at this point without casual and little spenders the game will die.

This game really focus on like 300 players that pay a lot, all the other players are ignored (is true that RG implement something for them to show interest but in 1-2 update will also implement something else that make the situation worst than before).

I have gived 200$ to the game, for me this is a lot in short time, in good balanced games i will feel prized in a similar situation, in KingsRoad i feel treated like a tick.

To really compete in KingsRoad there is the need of pay thousand of dollars, it is insane.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Latest Event - Enemy Damage

I am over level 200 and the Artifact Map is insane, the enemie damage is insanely high and even their defence is really high, for what i see even different Tristones of the faction are not a big help.

And again the prize are horrible, they will be only Jewels for most of the players.

Good job again on keeping free and casual players away.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

They will probably add bane on gear and stop.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

Originally posted by spiritqc:

ally bk1 Your combination is: 24153. It expires in 120 minutes.

70 Minutes.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Forge is stupid!

Ok, i packed Epic items waiting to have enough for 10+ Legendary Forge when Gold Find was up to complete my Gold Find Set (i was missing a Charm and a Necklace).

Today i forged 15 Legendary Items consuming 90 Epic Items and 270K Gold.

I got ONE Gold Find Item, luckily it was a charm, nothing else.

I’m done with forge, at the beginning is great to get some extra equipment but at level 60, after having got some Stun, Item Find and Gold Find Items is not worth enymore, not worth the effort and the gold, the 5 gems of some achievements are a joke, and the forging of useful items is simply insanely low and completely random.

Players are complaining about this from near the beginning, do something or you will lose even morep layers.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

The Bane is weapon based, add the gem to the weapon and it become the same bane type.

Is the whole bane thing that is bad, and the removal of “gems” from set equipment from selling is even more bad, until now by doing Bounty or dungeon there wasa way to get some free gems (expecially with champion bounty), now it will be some gems somtimes when you are really luck and get a superior+ jewel.

But it hink what is the real problem, this gamedon’t have so much plays compared to other games of the same type, it is so unbalanced toward paying players and is changing so much to increase this gap that most free players are drawn away, i think that the 10% of the players is giving them the real revenue, for all the others is not worth the effort so they are getting what they can until they can.

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Topic: KingsRoad / bug in guild

Refresh, if it not work wait some time and retry.

Happened different times to me, it will fix alone (but is annnoying).

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

Originally posted by The_MythMaker:

45123! Use this combination from Book 1 before it expires on Apr 16 at 2:14 AM to receive: 1 Ally.

106 Minutes.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

We have to remember a thing, Bounty tokens and Infernal Fragments can be bought for gems, maybe some players have got them in this way, maybe a lot, to use them when they wanted.

Due to the high cotst the removal of those items must be compensated in some way cause is not something more for players like the extra inventory space, is the removal of a feature that can be bought with real money with really short advice.

I think in a case like that, under Kong rules, any players that have bought and not used those items in the last 30 days before the changes have the rights to be refunded.

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Topic: KingsRoad / drop reward

There is a link on the top right corner of the game screen:

You need to register, open a ticket saying what happened, rememper to say your class cause lockbox are class specific.

It will take some day to be done, expecially throught the week-end.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

People at least can use them if in place of saying a thing like this 2 days before it will be said a week before.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

Ok, a more in-depth loking at this.

Change: Daily bounties have been rolled into 7 new dungeons consisting of 5-6 maps each: Well, interesting, so each player can chose the map he like more, godd.

Change: Dungeons now unlock after completing the game on Normal mode: Ok for this buti’ll hope the difficulty level will be bearable for those leavels.

Change: Imperial Fragments and Bounty Tokens are going away as currencies: Definitely good, it is true, too many currencies.
I hope the gold price for the new dungeon it will be right, now Champion Bounty cost 200 Gold, i don’t want to see the new maps cost 2000.

Change: Set items from Dungeons will no longer sell for gems.
Change: Max level superior, epic, and legendary jewels will now sell for gems.

Ok, those two things go togheter and i think is the main focus of the thing.
Now is really easy to farm equipment for gems, expecially in Champion Bounty, a group of 3 players that play the game as a work (8+ hours each day) and champion bounty over and over to get token and get Epic Item Set to sell them from gems can probably get a thousand and more gems each week, the game will not be free but it will be a great boost.

Now this is not possible anymore, compared to equipment the jewels of those rarity will drop much more rarely and they will probably cost 1-5-10 gems for the 3 rarity so no more 15 gems, virtyally no more 10 gems, a really little amount of 5 gems and some more 1 gems, it will increadibly reduce the free gems output for all players.

This will be a major drawback, to compensate this the jewels must sold for 10-15-20 gems (but it will not be the case, right?).

Change: Set items from Dungeons will have the new “Bane” attribute on them:

I’m playing bounty and not dungeon, why? Becouse i really hate to have a different equipment set for doing only few maps that are not really fun and that mostly give me shit (with some rare equipment exception, equipment that i don’t use becouse i have better).

Now you want players to get 8 different equipment set to do 8 dungeon that can not play with normal sets or other dungeon sets (7 new dungeons+ thecurrent one).
Add the 2 full page of inventory\bank that it will be needed to keep all those equipments, it is really shit.

Bane attribute is a bad choice, i was thinking of one for all but even in that way i will don’t like it, remove this shit, you are already milking the players in other ways without it.

Change: Event item sets will be reincorporated into future dungeon rewards (starting with the Ravenous Fury set, available in this update): Good… no wait, they will have again to get the bane for other dungeons more, space and useless grind needed… and i see an expansion of bank and inventory?

Change: Artifact and Legendary set items will now be compatible: Ok, this is good.

Change: Added a new dungeon master NPC, Neya: Oh well, maybe give some use to the princess that stand here with the only purpose to be captured?

As i see it this update will give use some good things but the gems rework and bane system will ruin everything.

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Topic: KingsRoad / drop reward

Common problem, only way to fix is contact support for each items lost.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Upcoming changes to Dungeons/Bounties (coming later this week!)

Great update with the exception of the bane thing, make it one for all enemies or it will be really boring and space-consuming.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Sell Options

Can we have some sell option to turno on and off to make our sell experience better?

Now that i am at level 60+ i will always sell superior items, i’ll keep Epic only cause i want to forge them (i still miss items i’d like to have with Gold Find and Item Find) so an option that can be selected to sell Superior Items without warning will be good.

Also some option for items category?

I’d really like to sell all my evolution material without warning, also i have packed enough Food\Drinks\Potion to have any warning removed when selling them (i keep them in separate pages).

I think it will be easy to implement this.

Also, an option to revert the last 3 sell? So if we really make an error we can revert it.

Lastly, Lockbox can be made unsellable, it will only be a waste and a similar error will really ipset players that will need co contact support to revert the problem.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Hotfix - 4/10/14

The current event have 2 main problems comapred with other events, for a more easy understanding i will compare the current event (Appearance Items) with the one with Darkenguard Set.

1) The current event cost was 150K gold and now is 100K gold for 1-3 runs for a level 60 player, being a lot probable to get only 1 Obelisk the cost is high, i think is 75K+ for a run at level 60.

Compared the Darkenguard Set event costed nearly 60K for a run and with more lockbox the chance to more go in a days was better.

The difference is little but i think the 100K for a lockbox keep away a lot of players that simply don’t want to waste so much money.

2) This is the biggest problem, even if you get 3 run with a lockbox when you have finished them you will probably feel that you have lost near all money.

That because you will get mosntly 2 useless jewels (the event based ones) and 2 “participation prize” that are the 2 Jewels with 1.10% Parry and 7,50 Damage, stop.

The possibility to get the top items is so little that playing the event seem useless and is not only that, in the Darkenguard Set event a lot of runs finished with a double of a set item, that was 15 gems, the money were used for good, now you don’t even get free gems for selling event items.

Event currency need to be balanced and to remain the same (how do the players tha payed 150K for different lockbox feel?).

In my opinion what we need is a fixed price for a run, like 40K golg for 1 go, 75K gold for 2 go and 100K gold for 3 go, no more random drop lockbox for the event currency.

After that we need to rework the way prize are gived.

Again in my opinion no more lockbox, 4 difficulty and different things to do for each piece of equipment\jewel\other with an high chance to get it and a little chance to get something else that is still decent and possibly worth gems (even only 10).

And even if you have to keep the lockbox a run will have to award at least 10-15 gems, the epic jewels that we get in the current lockbox are trinkets, something that cna be better tha nothing but are not worth the effort.

To be more clear, a Tristone of Damage with his full +15 Damage can be a decent side worth NOT getting the best item (and no, i don’t think is worth the price in gem shown in shop, cut a 0 and you have it’s true value).

Anyway, events at the monent are not so interesting\worth and the best way to prceed is to get the free lockbox and NEVER buy extra ones until the last 1-2 days to be sure that there will not be an extra rebalancing.

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Topic: Tyrant / i want a card named after me with a new skill

Jam All
Quake All (Jam All Structures)

@ayeasy: The art of the card is fantastic.

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Topic: Tyrant / Dear Worldship RNG Gods...

I don’t know ho many packs i got before mending Sanctum, i think 90-100. :|

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

Originally posted by dwints:

Book 1…ALLY…12435…expires 14.55 UK time….108 mins left

43 Munitues.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Otherworldly Essence > Where?

@mdccxxvii: Nope, as i know no legendary Jewel can drop, i’ll do with fine and when i got one decent an Epic (got near none good superior jewel).

When an event will take place i’ll try for legendary ones, maybe in a pair of year i wil lget some. :|

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Topic: KingsRoad / Otherworldly Essence > Where?

For what i know Otherworldly Essence cannot be dropped by any enemies in the game at the moment, only by event boss that have this added as a drop (not the current one).

The only way to get it at the moment is buying it from stor for 1000 gems each… fortunately i don’t evolve items, when i get better gems i simply swap the ones i have.

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Topic: KingsRoad / gold find

Gold you get is not eaxactly the same but the thing work, i have 10% guild bonus and 4 items with 30% Gold Find (the last is an item with 20% Stun).

Now a question, is better having 4-5 items that give you 120-150% extra gold or 4-5 items that give you a total of 60% or more Item Find?

After some try i think the gold is better, even with a maxed inventory, cause you mostly get common items and and i think even a lot of foods, drinks, jewels and evo materials.

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Topic: Tyrant / why is it so?

Two possibility:

1) Visual Bug; Someone passed you, you got out of the 25% but the tournaments finished before a correct refresh of the classific

2) There are not enough people to get the 10% (ifthere are 95 players only 5 are top 10% and no one can be top 1%).