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Topic: KingsRoad / Explaining Bane (or, Why are all of these enemies in the dungeons immune to attacks?)

I’ll hope a lot of players will simply ignore those dungeons, maybe in this way RG will fix this horrible update.

1) Remove Bane, is only a burden and totally not fun.

2) Reduce the price to the 10% of the actual ones (set the current top dungeon at 2000 Gold).

3) Leave Gems for selling event gears AND change the actual system to pay gems for Superior\Epic\Legendary Jewels of ANY level, not only maxed (maybe give 1,5-2x the starting amount for maxed).

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 4/22/14 -- “Dungeons Expansion” Edition

I have a little question: price for dungeon is scaling with players level?

Cause those price are simply insane, cut a 0 from them all.

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Topic: KingsRoad / fucking stealth mission

This update is generating so much hate…

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Topic: KingsRoad / DONT BUy GEMS CRATES

Is a lottery, lottery cost more than what gives you, for 100.000 gems you use you get back 50.000 (if i remember well the law say that you have to give at least the 50% of what you get, less it will be a fraud but i don’t know if this can be applied in this case).

So there is no point on buying Gem Lockbox, they are meant to give you free gems one times a week, stop, don’t lose money on them.

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Topic: Tyrant / Silly Cards...What's Not Filling Your Collection?

My last nexus was Sulfuris Sentry.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Unleashed anD Trant

Unleashed is another game, when it will be released on Kong you will be able to play it from Phone or PC, tha game will be the same and not 2 differents instance that need 2 accounts.

Unfortunately yrant and T:U are completely different so a merge is not possible.

What we get is some new card from Unleashed adapted for Tyrant, better than nothing at the moment.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

I don’t understand, you are asking what you get if you post a bug?

In this case you can get a… bug fix.

No, there is not prize for found bug\glitch.

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Topic: KingsRoad / how to make happy players and devs in same time

No, the ultra long survivals no, it always happen something when you are near the end and the best prize will become out of reach. :|

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Topic: KingsRoad / how to make happy players and devs in same time

Your post is a little hard to read but fundamentally i think is:

Make things cost less.
Players that now don’t buy them will start to buy cause they cost less.
Players that buy them now will still buy them and get e bigger amount cause they cost less.
So you can get more money by decreasing item prices.

I think this will work not only with potions but with everything else too.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Simple Question to Developer

Free Gems for the Map Quests: 120 Gems

Free Gems for Mastering The Maps: 1680 Gems for all 24 Maps (about 720+ runs).

Free Gems from Achievements: How many, ~50 affordable and the rest when you can?

Free Gems Lockbox: Mostly 10 Gems each week for the vast majority of players, i got 1195 in 5 go but i got really lucky.

Free Gems by selling Set Items: This was probably the best way to get free gems (expecially from bounty and events)… so you taked this away.

Free Gems for selling Sueprior, Epic and Legendary Jewels, at max level, you have to find them (much less than set weapons) and to master them (a lot of time and gold for this compared to instant gems of sets)… are you kidding?

Free Gems From Locbox: Pratically none, got thousands of lockboxes and never get them.

So no, we have enough for some Inventory and Banck spot that ARE NEEDED TO PLAY, stop, everyting else is to be bought with real money.

And again, a party of 3 players was able to farm even 1000+ Gems each week in bounty, it take a lot of time but sooner or later an item can be bought from shop, now we don’t even have this.

For what i see, the price in store, the difficulty on getting gems\high level items and the changes made this is just good talking but in truth the game is mostly for heavy spenders.

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Topic: KingsRoad / How many times?

You can play 2 times and get both items or 200 times and get nothing, this is how it work now. :(

I just got the Glove, better than nothing but is the first piece of Appearence Equipment i got in 2 event and can be the only one at the end of all 4 events.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

@VPV85: The description is correct, you have to forge XX Legendary Items, you have to use 6 Epic Items to get 1 Legendary and you progress of 1 for each Legendary Item you collect, not for each Epic Item you use.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Update 4-22 Clarification

I have just tryed it, doing the first set of dungeon will require really little time, they are really short.

Unfortunately they give you near no gold and items so to play them you need to play other maps first, expecially at low levels, before Gold Bounty were a good way to get gold while playing bounty and even the top Dungeons gived you a positive amount of gold when finished.

After that i have collected 4 crappy Superior Set Items with Bane Blackdog and wanted to try to play the next dungeon (6750 Gold to be played) without this bane equipment… you do zero damage, the map canot be finished, you NEED the equipment and the bane attribute for the dungeon, without it you cannot even try it, it is not like Shadow Damage that was doable cause you can survive without defence for it (in an hard way), this is totally unplayable without “bane type”.

So i need to farm those little dungeon paying more than what i get to play another shitty dungeon and so on when the only set i can feel interesting is the last one (Ravenous Fury) that is still more bad than the one oi have (Darkenguard)?

Without even getting gems (wiuth the exception of 5 for the first time i complete a dungeon)?

Do you know what i think about that?

I sold my 4 shitty blue items with Bane Blackdogs and stop, no more dungeon, no more maps, no more anthing useless, i login, get free event currency, play event map, logoff, stop.

Good work on completely ruining the best part of the game fo 60+ level players (Bounty).

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug?

Maybe you are dead and you need to click the revive button that appear, if it not apper you need to contact support (Link on top right corner of the game, subscribe to get support).

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Topic: KingsRoad / Major game issue. Why aren't you fixing it? Cheat Codes!!

@AsSto: Those achievement also give bad prizes, i don’t see the point on them.

But now i see the new dungeons and the price to play them, up to 20K gold for a single map, no more gems for selling the rare set piece you get, no more bounty that at least gived free lockbox and free weapons that can be sold for gems… for 1 players that go away for cheating how many will go away for this?

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

I don’t know if this is cause the new level scaling added for players over 60 (5K more experience eneeded at each new level) but the level 60+ map seem even harer compared to when i started the event, if the enemies level scaling is applied now to level 60+ players it will be a real nuisance.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

For this you must contact the support, click the link in the top right corner of the game, subscribe at the forum and write down a request filling the form (remember to specify your character class).

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

Originally posted by spiritqc:

ally bk1 Your combination is: 21435. It expires in 120 minutes.

85 Minutes.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

They can actually lose gems cause if a players get blocked normally it happen at the first death so there is no way he will be able to die more and pay gems for an extra revive.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Kingsroad account to facebook account

They where looking for some way to do that but anything else is unchanged at current time:

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

Revive Button Bug.

You are at a boss, like the event one, you nearly killed him but you die, no revive button show up, death screen is on and you can move around without movement animation, you cannot attack or pickup anything.

The only thing to do is redo the map, in a so hard event will also comport to lose any food\potion used at the boss.

Please fix.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

The levels required to play the event are 20-35, 35-50, 50-60 and 60+.

The True Levels to beat them are more high and increasing with the levels, i can assume someting like 40-60, 60-120, 120-200, 200+.

This is not fixed, some events are much more easy, some event are more hard, i am level 207 and the 60+ is damn hard this time, i will nearly always die 1-2 times, expecialy at the boss (Crit+Evade+Skill+Mana potions will greatly help, pack a lot of the lesser ones).

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Removal of Components Announcement

@oematoema: Good point.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Latest Event - Enemy Damage

In fact they are not a single damage, the problem is that most hits are sapwn at a really fast speed and when you are hitting something is hadd to move away.

I also noticed that sometime the map is much more hard, more enemies will spawn and they hit much more hard (normally i can die at dagon but sometime the first obelisk aided by 1-2 enemies can kill me in just a second, not enough time to heal).

EDIT: And oh, i forgot, last event at least awarded a Maxed Level Epic Jewel, this event only basic ones, great. :|

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Topic: KingsRoad / Do you have what it takes to be a KingsRoad beta tester?

I have not done the form cause i don’t want to be a beta tester for the game but i have doen other surveys for different aspects of the game and in my opinion they are here only to “improve existing things” (aka “found out other ways to milk”).

Anyway, i’ll hope you’re right.