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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / PP Mission Reward Discussion. [Vindicator Reward]

That’s interesting…

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Status update

18-24 new missions are planned.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Game is dead already

I’m still playing, Player’s pack is on it’s way, two raids too and near another year before server shutdown.

Yes, the game is definitely “dead”. :|

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / PP Mission Reward Discussion. [Vindicator Reward]

Casue those card are event and high meta relevant, both out of question (probably cause them are one of the few things that can give revenue to Tyrant now).

Limitations are listed here:

This is the outcome of different discussions, bu i don’t follow the chat nor all posts so i cannot point all.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / PP Mission Reward Discussion. [Vindicator Reward]

Well, no meta and event cards leave out non-reward card from packs and promotional.

You can award no more than two promo (like Demipyre and Slag Driller, not really meta but they can fite somewhere and are always WB only).

Normal card like Scav idol, Pox Strictor, Pyro Cannon, Creeping Slaugh, Folly of Pride and so on.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Unique Reward

Unique Dozer (You asked for that)


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Nothing much to change, only 2 card to llok on.

Card 13: Now is like an Acropolis with slight more HP but with Rally All Raider 1, in my opinion it will add nothing, before it was more interesting, ripristinate it with Wall/Refresh/Counter 2 and give it 7 HP.

Card 6: With all the siege arount how much will endure? Give it 12 HP or Regen 1 or add a third skill, being legendary it deserve it.

For the rest the change are good enough.

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Topic: Tyrant / Hands up, save my m8, tin-a-she

Please stop with all that spam.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Namestorming

Question: Do we have to try to match the cards or do we have to make name thinking like devs?
Cause if we want to do them like devs Card 4 can be called Josephine.

Jokes apart, let see (i will chose one of the selected names and see if i can came up with something else). In bold the name i extremely like.

Card 4: Nox Bombardier → Nox Bomber, Trixton, Xoveron

Card 5: Averia

Card 6: Manufactory → War maker

Card 12: Neocyte Wellspring → Genetic Lab

Card 14: Acheron Synapse

Card 15: Orbital Artillery

Card 17: Tiamat Unleashed

Card 18: Lord Hades → Gehenna

Card 20: Medusa (After Kraken…)

Card 21: Conquistador

Card 23: Terrapin → Insider

Card 25: Tunnel Wyrm → Ouroboros

Card 26: Solomon (or Grand Architect)

Card 27: Mincer

Card 29: Skeletal Stalker

Card 30: Quake

Card 35: Point Blank (Great name, my favorite so far)

Card 36: Sanctifier → Blessed Ray

Card 38: Caliburn

Card 41: Beam Trooper → Magnum

Card 49: Asphodel’s End → Fallout

Card 50: Immunity → Invincible Aura

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVs] Currency Transfer Suggestions

Devs will make a welcome pack, like some cards, some free curreency, some gold, some WB and so on but they will surely NOT transfer things form WMT to T:U, or at least not 1:1, probably like 10-30:1.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Some atypical cards:

Skill that are less used or complety unused from faction with not so tipic CD buld for the faction.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / PP Mission Reward Discussion. [Vindicator Reward]

Shards: Well, as i said it depends on the pack and the cost.
If the pack will contain 4 Cards with the possibility of 1 or more Legendary the price will surely be high, if the pack will consist in 1-2 cards it can cost less, without knowing that is really hard to decide on this point.
Anyway there are other ways to get shards, we can increase the daily drop from quests and crates and also make them available in other ways without having to make them a mission drop.

Rewards: Unique or non-unique cards can go, that depend on the card, Hunter will be useless, we need card that can be at least used in some way.

Reputation: All is good but another round of community brainstorming will not be bad. :)

Achievements: Any hard achievement will be interesting if it award a new card or a decent amount of gold\shards\WB, i have not done the last speedy cause it was really hard and totally useless (just some gold).

Anway they are surely appreciated.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / PP Mission Reward Discussion. [Vindicator Reward]

Shards: We need a way to farm them, pack will surely cost a lot of shards (being all rares and legendary it will probably cost 30-50 Shards), putting them in missions, expecially the las ones, and maybe in a special side it will be helpful.

We need to know the final price of the pack to decide the exact amount of shards, is useless to say 1 shard in 1000 energy or 10 shards in 100 energy (two extremes) if we don’t know it.

Card Reward: In my opinion we need all rares as rewards in that final set of missions but is not possible to give away too much cards from player pack.

As i already said the best is giving cards from other sets, promo and event with only the last 4-5 cards from the pack.

I think that the best is using upgraded cards from any pack and\or unupgraded cards from packs not older than Awakening, from Promo and from Events (in vault or not, expecially not in vault).

GPE: Last misson will need to be no more than 100 Energy so i will say 2.500-3000 Gold and 400+ Experience (both will be more in line with the cost of the last packs and will help a bit with the high inflations that we got in the last year).

Reputation: For the Reputation reward we will make 3 more community card or use other 3 cards already suggested, right?

Achievements: There will be achievements for missions or not?

I think that we can have at least two, the Mission Set Completion (with a Unique\Legendary Reward) and the speed for the one that like to have them all (i’m still missing the one from mission 300).

Unvaulted Event Card: This is OT but i like to see them in vault too, this is a thing that will surely be good even for devs, even if one copy will be awarded in this set players can possibly want to get more copy, devs can get some extra revenue for that so why not?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Default Tourney Commander

In current meta Merciful Noble can be easly oneshotted before activate, it can only be a pain if some activate and start siphoning HP for the commander but in that case is heavily possible that the commander is not attacked anymore leaving enemy cards to destroy the MN.

In reality when a commander like that start to be attacked is the beginning of the end for him cause it can prove no more support for units compared with other ones

The only two way the summon commander will be OP is if the enemy will use fast 0 drop cards that make merciful Noble appear at the beginning of the game or if enemy have fear cards with low attack that end summoning a lot of units but in those two cases a non-AI enemy will surely drop something strong that can kill Noble before putting down fear units.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Default Tourney Commander

I’m out of chorus, i vote fo Mayumi*.

Let’s look at the packs commanders:

Raiders: 13 HP Weaken2/Siege All 1

Imperial: 10 HP Rally 1/Jam

Bloodthirsty: 13HP Heal All Bloodthirsty 1/Rally Bloodthirsty 1/Weaken All 1

Xeno: 14 HP Heal 1/Chaos/Mimic

Righteous: 13 HP Summon Merciful Noble on Attacked (2/5/1 Refresh/Sunder/Siphon 3)

Compared to that three Mayumi will be surely less used.

The real problem on the choice is that Mayumi* can seem overpowered but is only cause both Stavros and Skullkeper* are really outdated, remember we will face really strong cards, we need a commander that really help them, Counter 1 and Weaken1/Siege 1 are not enough (at least i my opinion).

My list of commander that can be chose as default is this: Mayumi*, Moya, Lord Silus*, Morgan*, Gialdrea*.

All commander have no faction restricted skills (a must for this job) and are recent and up to date for the challenge.

Halcyon the Corrupt and Dracorex can be older but relatively good choices, Skullkeeper* and Stavros not.

If the selection is really limited to the three commander of the OP the only choice is Mayumi* or anyone that will not get a commander will suffer a great loss.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Community contest] Create your own card - Season 5 (special!) - part B. Special FINAL, battle 2: Lord Dawid vs Oblivion

No contest.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

@yeasy: No really, the point is only that you want thing done as you like and don’t really care on what other want, point.

And i can say that for sure because just for posting my reply you say

Originally posted by yeasy: That you, Ralk and few other people had no vision and had enough mod powers, doesn’t make you right about time & alternatives.

Now, this make it really obvious cause there is no me, i have made some cards for suggestion (one taken as a base but totally reworked), and made some suggestons for packs and missions but only in general and only with few post, i was pratically not involved in the process, just like most of the community.

And i don’t mind, i know that this is how to be, i’m pleased that they toke one of my card in consideration and that also some of my suggestion for card rebalancing was good enough to be noticed and also taken in consideration but that’s all.

I have put my 2 cent on the forum just in case it can help, i never thinked that any of my thought can be really used or that any of my suggestion will be put in the pack or in a part of it’s creation.

Is only that, you want that the pack is made as YOU like, stop, nothing else matter really.

And for what i see is clear what is the end to this, there are you and few others complaining hardly and much more users that give oinions, suggestions, votes and so on just to see if they can help or add something so you can keep on screaming but you will get nothing.

One last thing: Ralk is more directly involved with the devs, even if he was not in charge of the pack is obvious that he will be the filter from the community to the devs, it was a so logical thing that no one said anything against it (well, near no one) and i think that when i started posting about the pack it give it some sense of ufficiality (most users was unsure of it happening or not and how it was about to be worked), hunting him is the last sensible thing to do.

Now yeasy, you can still make some difference, you can comment on cards, missions and so on, you can think hard and find a good plot, create decent reward and other things, this will help the community and wil leave something of you in Tyrant.

Or you can keep on whining and getting nothing, your choice.


Sorry for my bad english, long post are a pain to be made, expecially if i have to post my feelings or detailed thoughts.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Player Pack Missions

Being the last pack not buyable with WB we need a way to farm shards now, and shards IS becomeing a new currency with the devs increasing the limit to 9999 (we don’t know how many shards will cost the player pack, in my opinion it will be more than the actual max of 30, like 50 or so).

So yes, getting them as a drop from then ew missions it will be good, we can also thik of increasing the drop from quests and daily carates for all players and give some drop in a different way to players that are not at endgame.

But looking at the card from player’s pack the content will be of endgame type, low level players will have difficulty on getting them, no matter what.

No raider tower? So raiders are officially the good and all the other the bad. :D

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Replacing Card13

I don’t see anything wrong in Card 13, just look at Necro Nest, is true that it have only 6 HP but it also have Regenerate 2 and no wall, it can be much more hard to kill compared to this.

In my opinion there are far more powerful structure around now, card 13 can be countered with some siege and maybe some protect.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / To all of those that complain about the Player's Pack (Apocalypse)

I don’t know how to put it down without making the flame more hot so i’ll try to be most general as possible.

The “Player’s Pack” was intended to be a community act and Synapticon said that there wer no leadearhip for it.

In my opinion that meant only that there was no set leadership, it was free to be taken to organize the pack in the better way.

Even if this is a community pack it is not possible to hear all opinions and is even less possible to do all things needed if we lose time debating in useless things.

If we got, like, six months, there will be time to do a lot better planning, hear more part of the community and so on but with a deadline set on September the situation is different, is just a month to hear idea, plan cards, test them (cause testing is needed) and let devs do their part of work (revalutate all cards, apply the changes they want and add the arts… and remeber, the devs have the last word on cards, they can change them to balance them, no matter what the community think).

The way taken by yeasy was inpraticable, it have taken ages, to hear more deeply the community and another thread to make cards was useless.

Ralk and others, probably more accostumed tho this type of work, have got things in hand and made a great job, they set an open forum and an open chat to discuss things, after that different public test was made on forum to create cards and refine them.

We have little time, we don’t need to know every vote and every things made by all user involved, what we need is a good final product, making other threads now and trying to redo everything is useless, the actual discussion going on here is only drama\flame that will not really add anything good forthe community.


yeasy, not all the communoty can take part on the project, it will be too confusing, and we don’t need all data to see that “everyone got listened” (mastly cause this is impossible in a so big community), i understand that you may feel bad for not being taken in more consideration but nothing can be done about that and whining about it will only make your case look worse.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Player Pack Missions

Before all i need to say a thing: Devs, in my opinion a new final set of mission will be great, not only there will be somethign more to do before the end but you can also find away to link WMT to T:U in a more direct way.

Ok, i will be really bad in that so i will leave the planning to others, i only want to add my tought on general on the 3 points.

1) Storyline

As it is WMT will simply end without an ending of any thipe, this is really sad.
Unfortunately making a coherent end is nearly impossible, even more if we want to link WMT with T:U in some way.
So, what to do? My simple idea is that.

Typhon is back, it have infected the xeno and got control over them.
They have found another Nexus, immensely more powerful than any other, but also much more unstable, and linked it with xeno technology to try balancing it.
There will be a great battle, the nexus will explode and there will be a space-time shift that will make the world change completely with none rememebering the previous facts and starting anew on… T:U (link to the game).

Ok, it is banal but it can end WMT and link it with T:U, this can make some extra player migrate on it.

2) Missions

Enemy missions will be focused on Xeno and BT enemies but cards from other faction can be used cause BT and Xeno toghether can get the control of everyone and everything.

Missions of other type must be avoided, we probably get a little amount of new missions so we need to make a lot of plot in the less battle we can (i think we can do it with 10-12 battles if we really want but probably we need some more, we have to decide about it).

3) Rewards

Reputation rewards are only 3 cards, and being the last set the last one can be a new Legendary, those three card can be also made by players in a separate thread.

Mission rewards are antoher things, i don’t think devs will let us have one new card from player’s pack for each mission so what to do?

In my opinion the missions rewards need to be all rares, only 4 from player’s pack, all others from existing card in two possible ways:

1) Each battle will award one card that is not already a reward and that is featured in the enemy deck

2) Each battle will award one card that is not already a reward and that come from packs (Awakening the oldes one) and Promo.

3) A mix of the two.

That my general idea, it can be good or bad, doable or not, i let the community decide.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / refund

The only problem for that is that if you buy the 31 days before shutdown you lose them all and nothing can be done about it.

Really, this can cause serious problems to users, if a player read that and ask a chargeback that have no right to be it can get permanently banned from Kong and lose all progress and access to other games so please stop that.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Which card do you hate most?

With all the siege around and having wall is not so hard to be taken down, card 45, card 34 and card 36 will gratly help diminishing this card.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Card 48 is one of the best action now, in some situation it will be better than Death from Above* in different situations.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [After Tyrant] What New Game Should One Play?

Originally posted by mwolfmeyer:

Definitely check out Advanced Fallen Worlds:

It’s a TCG (you can actually trade cards!), and has a solid, but small community. It’s a lot like Magic, but has some random elements. It’s also totally free with daily rewards to buy more cards (although you can also pay money for cards). There are monthly rankings that give you even more rewards for playing, various play formats, and expansions every few months. It’s a little slow (games take about 20 minutes with a live opponent), but solid and smart.

This seem interesting, unfortunately the long time kill it, i prefer a PvE game.