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Topic: Off-topic / What do you play

1. Free online games or Pay-to-play games?

2. What Platform do you play videogames on?

3. What games do you play?

4. What game is your favourite?

5. What is your Gamertag / PSN account / Steam account?

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had Superman's powers, would you kill?

Criminals at large, threatening peoples lives, I would kill in a heartbeat.
but pretty much every other criminal, wouldn’t waste the effort. Doesn’t seem right to me to take away someone’s future (if they still have one) when they could make a 180 degree turn in their lives at any point in time.

Might as well use a time machine to abort murderers before they are ever conceived, with that attitude to crime….

Actually that idea isn’t as bad as I initially thought.
I’m probably going to hell for this but it would at least provide a pretty funny scenario.
A couple visit a hospital to find out they’re gonna have a kid, just for some Judge Dredd looking time travel cops to materialize out of nowhere and abort-punch the chick in the gut. Saying “Trust me, you wouldn’t like him” just before returning to the future.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who makes avatars?

Originally posted by occooa:

suits u

Originally posted by CrowbarOfJustice:

You can make your own avatar using MS Paint or even Gimp (free version of photoshop). Avatars are 400×400 last time I checked, go knock yourself out.

wat? avatars are 140×140

Really? I could’ve sworn it was 400×400. Maybe I am remembering something else.

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Topic: Off-topic / Post best GIF's here!

Originally posted by LeonTheBrony:

Kong is not an image board.

Why not let loose once in awhile. Kong night life isn’t very fun without some harmless rulebreaking. Is banning people in kong still as pointless as I remember?

Testing something

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you do when you're the kind of person that thinks the world would be better off if mankind went extinct

I used to be that cynical and pessimistic until I read some science fiction and realised how silly the idea is.

Earth without man? The oceans will dry, the trees will burn, the sun explodes and all life on earth dies. And afterwards nothing will be left to prove Earth ever existed. We have a chance to escape that doom, solve space travel, and carry the memory or even the existence of life on earth to flaunt in front of the limitless dead space.

At least until entropy reaches maximum and all life in our universe becomes impossible. But who knows if we cant solve that too, given enough time we can be capable of anything.

To answer your question

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

Fix mankind
First step, eliminate the rust that slows down the rest of the clockwork.

What he said.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

Not ready for the SLAM
But did enjoy the JAM


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Topic: Off-topic / Who makes avatars?

You can make your own avatar using MS Paint or even Gimp (free version of photoshop). Avatars are 400×400 last time I checked, go knock yourself out.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

Sounds like someone dropped a boombox into a toilet.


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Topic: Off-topic / Are all men really created equal?

@ Aguspal

Watch any documentary about North Korea or India.
You have absolutely no idea how worse-off many human beings are.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are all men really created equal?

Being dull and ambition-less doesn’t always mean you will fail in life.
Even if you are the child of a $1,000,000,000 family, you can still get DUIs like you’re trying to get your name in Guinness book of world records and turn wrecking Ferraris into a sport and still become CEO when your father dies.

And neither does being clever and intelligent mean you will be successful.
Doesn’t matter if your brain has the processing power of Skynet if you’re born in North Korea or your mother is a sexworker in India, the likelyhood of you living any kind of fulfilling life is…

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Topic: Off-topic / Difficulty focusing?

Overtime I seem to be losing my ability to focus. Although I can easily browse social network sites regularly, my problem usually arises whenever I try to read anything longer than a few paragraphs. Suddenly I can hardly focus on the words, or become unable to retain anything I’ve read in the past few paragraphs. Sometimes reading anything at all is difficult. Even now writing this I have to stare at what I’ve written and re-read it multiple times to make sure that my writing and grammar is coherent enough for a human being to understand.

And I can’t help but feel its getting worse. Best case scenario from what I’ve looked up, it is just acute dyslexia and my difficulty reading is just a consequence of spending most of my spare time observing FUNposts and maymays instead of reading books like I did in highschool. But that is difficult to cure when reading anything significant is disorienting.

TL;DR: Think I got *sscancer on brain, and kant reed no mor.
Anyone else have a similar issue?

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Topic: Off-topic / A strange man is racing after you

How is he going to stab me if we are both in cars?

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Topic: Off-topic / Are SJWs terrorists?

No, but you only need to arm them with Aks and semtex for that to change.
But you should keep in mind that Social Justice means different things for different people. For some people it stands for equality activism, but in this context I’m guessing SJW are people who believe in bringing “justice” to entire races for what some of their ancestors did.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just realised how stupid i sounded a week ago

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

My whole life is a social trainwreck.

So, what did you say, exactly?

Basically that Asians ride clowncars.
Not exactly but that’s how I feel it came off to everyone.
they where talking about how he had difficulty moving around, and I recently heard about differences in cars based on where they where built so I asked
“Is it because they are so small? That the cars are so small?”
I even saw one of them cringe in disappointment but I only understood it recently.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just realised how stupid i sounded a week ago

Went to a family party a week ago. I was inspired to socialize and talk more in these parties, so when the topic of my dads experience in South Korea came up I didn’t miss the opportunity to say something incredibly ignorant about Asians. Just realised how stupid it was now. My family doesn’t understand how I’m introverted because I’m constantly afraid of saying something retarded.

I wish there was some way for me to talk with other people without exposing to world how socially inept I am. Sharing dank memes on obscure forums doesn’t seem to help much.

Any social train-wrecks you have witnessed or been a part of, OT?
Or how about some advice?

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Topic: Off-topic / What is a newfig and what is wrong about it?

newfriends are people who are completely new to the forum environment or community.
Ignorant of the trends, they often say or do foolish things that anger the regulars
such as:

1. Necropost in years old threads that everyone would rather not look at.
2. Spew asscancer memes.
3. Continued use of annoying typing quirks or bad grammar.
4. Bring up controversial topics that are more likely to cause a shitstorm than bring discussion (like talking about Bronies)
5. Shitpost to inflate post count.

Although if you are talking about OT, absolutely nothing.
Since the regulars already do all of this liberally.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why is Africa(as a continent) so underdeveloped?

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Trying to build an Empire in Africa sounds like a nightmare.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why is Africa(as a continent) so underdeveloped?

I don’t know much about Africa. But from everything i heard about our recent history i would say its mostly because of the European rule over them before WW2, and their withdrawal from Africa afterwards when they had virtually no educated class to govern them.

This might help

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Topic: Off-topic / The educational Off Topic

I was a moron,
And the world is a bitter place.

Originally posted by Zaminick:
Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

I learnt the glory of the HEBREW MASTER RACE.



/pol/ was right again!

Why in the world are you posting 4chan memes outside of 4chan.

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Topic: Off-topic / Confession time

While I was gone I browsed /a/ once out of curiosity and ended up catching the weeb.
I heard it is terminal.

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Topic: Off-topic / Perfect tits and a flat ass or perfect ass and no tits

Tits are nice, but they don’t make up for a small ass.

Edited with better pic.
Couldn’t find a decent ass, so here ya go.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should women fight in war? (on the frontlines)

Originally posted by RMcD:

I think they would be a distraction to the men, not just for that reason, but because they would rather protect them. On the other hand people are less likely to shoot a woman than a man.

I don’t really care, they do everything else.

Its not like soldiers are going to mindlessly march to their deaths without a woman in their group. I really only see “distractions” being an issue if sexism is a huge problem in your country, and male combatants will flip their shit if a woman is in their group. And if you are sending them to a 3rd world hell hole of unrest and gunfire its very unlikely that you or your enemy will give a hoot about gunning down armed women.

Originally posted by cromagin2:
Originally posted by Hokage4354:

Well I was on another site and someone posed a very problematic question. Should women be allowed to fight on the frontlines in infantry? This is a question I want to ask you guys and girls since it is new and has a good argument for both sides.

Pros: women treated as equals, more soldiers to fight, women could move in the ranks easier
Cons: periods, sexual harassment, physical limitations of women

I am all for giving them the chance to fight on the front lines. Let women sink or swim on their own merits, and hopefully the public is ready for the stories of when women are captures as POW and are gang raped and abused sexually.

Its not like that is new for PoWs.
Rape is just another form of torture, not even the worst of it. Only thing especially shocking here is that a baby could come of it. And to be fair, being male I can’t imagine how messed up having a baby to someone who raped you while you are PoW would be like, but i know it still wouldn’t hold a candle to the usual crimes against humanity that goes on in todays wars.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Going to pretend to be Christian for a second:

What do you mean “why doesn’t God fix the world”?
He didn’t give us free will and agency so that he could do everything for us. If you see something that needs fixing, and you are able to fix it, that means god has given you the responsibility to fix it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do we share this world with Psycopaths

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

We should kill all psychopaths for being inconsiderate towards others.

I didn’t say we should kill them, that’s really counterproductive if you goal is to make Earth a better place.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do we share this world with Psycopaths

At this point in time we are living in the best moment in human history, where the quality of life is the highest it has ever been. And still our world seems soo easily broken, and unforgiving. Why do we share this precious world with people who would break it for everyone else for a buck or even just for kicks.

Human globalization can’t come soon enough, its about time we manage to separate the demons from the humans.