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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] glitch

Originally posted by 21souljah:

i put like 60 potions in a locked space now i cant get it anymore :S

Well you have to lvl up now.
1st slot unlocks at lvl 1, 2nd slot at lvl 10, 3rd slot at lvl 15 and 4th slot at lvl 20. I you want to get the potions out then you’ll have to reach lvl 20.
So good luck with that one…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Novice Tips [Long but worth reading]

If you don’t want to start bad, then read the following text :

First of all, when you start you go to the market and pick good armor, when you equip them go to the arena and only battle opponents that are 1 lvl lower or the same level, (their armour and weapon tells us how powerful they are) and for every 5 wins you do in the arena you get the right to “Claim reward”, so don’t forget to go there often. While in combat you can use skills that are run by “Rage”, and i advice you to use the skill “Power Srike” when you are ready to finish him, because if you finish your opponent with that skill you will get “Fatality”, and that “Fatality” gives you XP bonus. When you are out of the battle to “Char” and repare you armour if it took any demage.
Also when you level up you have to choose wisely on what to upgrade, (Stamina highly recommended) and the upgrades can count much.
Also you can then go to “Char” and go to “Skills”, when you go to “Skills” you can choose various skills to upgrade (You can only upgrade once per lvl), its recommended to put the upgrade on “Charge” skill, due to its effectivity on stunning the enemy and giving you time to do various things.
And for the end of now i’ll just say that it’s better for you to always go to “Trades” > “Jobs” and choose the job that gives most money, and of cource choose the 1H job because the gives more money per hour, the others have the money discounted, so if you have the time to go the the PC very often then choose the 1H job, then otherwise choose the 4H or 16H job.
Also, whenever you have enemies on the duel board that seem stronger than you just refresh the page istead of spending silver on refreshing.

Anyways the main skill to be successful is to upgrade all in stamina.