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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Suggestions

1. Make the story/quest/lore(whatever you prefer to call it) easier to read. I’m usually a lore-hound, but i skipped everything in the first…chapter, because of the small font, and the annoyingly small window. A “story” button that pops out as its own window maybe?

2. let us choose music. By this i mean either let us disable the songs we don’t like (for some reason the “idle” background music rubs me the wrong way). and only listen to the one we do like (in my case the combat music, brilliant)
or just let us pick what song plays (ex. “default” “Idle/background” “combat”)

3. Allow me to sell cards (I do not want all those damnable melee cards as a Pyrelord)

4. give us a “library” of cards to look through (that shows all/most card), if i want to see cards i don’t own, i have to look at the opponents depletion pile. Not optimal.
or maybe give us the option to look through the decks of defeated opponents.

5. equipment is ridiculously expensive for the small boost it gives. (particularly seeing as only one equipment can be active at anyone time. and i can’t sell equipment)

6. mandatory entitled complaint about how not having energy is annoying

7. add the ability to buy specific cards. (I REALLY want to make a necromancer deck, they are so under-appreciated.)

8. let us buy Dragon Coin exclusive items for in-game gold (make it ridiculously pricey if you want) but seriously, I want that dark deck.

Thank you for your time (and game) and for reading these…suggestions.