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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft Seeds: Any good ones out there?

It always makes me wonder how people think up these seed names. Lol.
Gargamel is another one of my favourites.
DIAMOND MINER is a world full of, well, diamonds.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft Seeds: Any good ones out there?

So, after a while of searching random words in the seed box I found a few which are, indeed, quite good.
Do you have any of your own?

Some of these are quite innapropiate, because I was having a laugh with friends. ;p

1. omgjizzfacelol

Even though the seed name is a little.. yeah, thhe Dungeon is /Right next to/ the spawn. The sand on the floor gives way to a dungeon after about 10 seconds. If the floor doesn’t collapse, dig. It isn’t deep down, and is quite obvious. After a few blocks of sand stone will be visible.

2. slimes

This one is quite strange to look at. It has several floating islands, and huge caves and cliffes. And a minecraft land that actually looks pretty.

3. -2945350671081178213

Kind of went wild with numbers
It’s an odd one. Random floating islands and huge canyons.

4. Glacier

Large coal and iron deposits here. Floating islands, huge water falls. The floating islands are usually mob free and caveless, but have deposits of iron and coal.

5. 404

Huge Diamond deposits in this seed.
A special seed, already by its name 404 from the 404.
In this seed must move to the coordinates x =- 25, y = z = 65 and 15.
Once there, dig in the gravel and then SURPRISE!

6. curtis dent

Contains a range of interesting features including floating islands, overhangs and a surface lava lake around the area at (x=-60, z=100)


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Topic: General Gaming / creepiest video game character.

Alma from F.E.A.R?
There’s just something about little girls in horror games that freaks me out.