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Topic: General Gaming / Cat with rocket boots? Yes.

Time: 156
Combo: 8
Score: 13,200

Game Play –
Falling velocity is far too slow, try changing the falling speeds. The speed with the gravity power up was almost perfect, so that means gravity probably needs to be more drastic, where you’re fighting to stay away from the bottom.

Power up -
There seems to be far more negative “power ups” than positive ones. You should probably have a balance between positive and negaitve power ups and possibly even spawn them more than one at a time.

Over all, the game is semi-entertaining. Though, the fun does die out quickly. Applying goals, or achievements, could turn this into a far more entertaining game. I got a little over two minutes in and didn’t seem to notice a difference in challenge. Progressive challenge is another aspect to look into.

I can give you a deeper review and some pointers later if you’d like.

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Topic: General Gaming / Blue Walkthrough

U - Up, D - Down, L - Left, R - Right

Levels 1-10:
L1 - U
L2 - L,R,R,L
L3 - U,L,D,R
L4 - U,L,U,L
L5 - R,D,D,L
L6 - R,D,L,U
L7 - D,R,U,L,L,U,R,D
L8 - D,R,L,L,R
L9 - U,L,D,R,D,L
L10 - U,D,D,D,L,R,R

Levels 11-20:
L11 - U,R,L,L,R,D,D,D,L,R,R,L
L12 - U,D,D,U,L,R,R,L
L13 - L,R,R,R,D,U,L,L
L14 - D,D,U,U,U,L,R,R
L15 - L,R,L,U,R,R,L,U
L16 - U,D,R,L,L,D,R,L
L17 - L,D,L,U,U,R,U
L18 - D,U,U,U,L,L,D
L19 - D,D,R,R,U,U,L,D
L20 - U,U,D,R,D,D,L,L,U,U

Levels 21-30:
L21 - R,U,L,D,L,U,L
L22 - U,U,D,D,L,D,D,R
L23 - L,R,R,L,D,U,U,U
L24 - D,R,L,U,L,U,D,D
L25 - L,U,L,U,R
L26 - U,U,R,D,R,U
L27 - L,R,L,L,R,L,U,D,D
L28 - L,D,R,R,U,U,L,L
L29 - Gimmie Time
L30– L,R,D,R,R,D,L,L,L,U,D,L - Submitted by: Kyriva
I've solved more, but that was before I decided to make a walk through. More to come, or add on yourself!
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Topic: General Gaming / Daymare Town Walkthrough

Bird Locations:

Bird 1 – Court yard: Left Hand Corner of screen on the ledge
Bird 2 – The Sky (roof tops): Right hand side of large chimney along roof top
Bird 3 – Armory (1F RR||Office): Upper right hand corner of the room. There’s a small gap. Click once to enter tunnel, click sky for bird.
Bird 4 – Book House (1): Picture of house on wall (On the roof of the house. Hard to see.).
Bird 5 – Book House (-1||Library): Bookshelf, fourth row. Book with the dot on the spine.
Bird 6 – Yardstone House (Looking out window with the chained up librarian): 3/4’s of the way up the tree, the top left most nest looking circular mass.
Bird 7 – City Hall (Hallway Rafters): Click above the rafter in the hallway. Following the skyline, 4th rafter up. Just above it to the left hand side.
Bird 8 – City Hall (3rd office on left): Click on upper right hand corner of office. Click the nest.
Bird 9 – Behind City Hall (Left Path, past the puzzle pipes, window): Click slightly above the circular window. Upper right most window.
Bird 10 – Lever and Bridge: Click on the back banister above the left most post.

Back in the courtyard, look at the city hall entrance. There is a path to the left of there that leads up to the Yardstone house. There is another path left of there with a statue that opens its mouth when you press the button. If you click between the wall and the stone you’ll look upon a pedestal with 10 lights on it. Once all birds are found there will be a golden egg on top of it. Take the egg and goto the Yardstone House and give it to the chained up librarian to free him. You have no completed the secrets portion of Daymare Town.

Note: The carving that opens its mouth when you click the button on its necklace has no real purpose other than to make you think that it’s vital to completing the game and creating a time sink (until proven otherwise).