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Topic: Off-topic / I just beat the Binding of Isaac

You don’t beat the game until you’ve completed the Chest with all characters.

(Samson doesn’t count because he’s impossible.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Roblox!

Originally posted by misty3210:

I’ve been crafting a huge number of houses on ROBLOX, a ok social hangout

its a wicked game and i reckon some of you gamers here should try it out ( you have to download it)

wicked? WICKED? I believe you have your facts wrong.

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Topic: Off-topic / >Playing Binding of Isaac

Item Combo: Blood Bag + Bob’s Curse + Infestation = ZOMBIE

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Topic: Off-topic / Binding of Isaac

Bob’s Curse + Blood Bag = ZOMBIE

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] New Monster Ideas

These ideas are terrible! Here’s mine: The world’s first regular monster that buffs!


Health: 1000
Damage: 30 × 2 per second (Ranged)
Speed: 1.3
Housing space: 70
Buff: 5%
Goo: 7500

A member of the same species as Fomor, this scaled-down creature makes up for its low stats by making your monsters stronger.

(This monster is designed for people that don’t have Fomor yet.)