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Topic: General Gaming / Post-It Draw-It Inappropriate Language

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Topic: General Gaming / MineCraft Vs. Terraria

Originally posted by Jon010:


Minecraft is not a game yet. It’s VIRTUAL LEGO. WITH GRINDING.
I’m not saying it doesn’t do a damn good job at it, but still.

Minecraft is first off NOTHING like LEGOs, because LEGOs have studs and in Minecraft no. Anyway I’m Minecraft.

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Topic: Kongregate / Does kongregate suck or rock?

kongregate is great. 10/10

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Topic: Transformice / Titles

<<dancebreak>> Dance for 10 sec on 2 maps

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Topic: Transformice / badges

Originally posted by miniminimini:
Originally posted by dudu1061:

Why need to have a impossible badge? Just hard and medium is ok.


Agreed. Isn’t the ‘Sexy’ thing that you have to buy 10 items in shop?

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Topic: Transformice / MiniGames Share

You forgot all the important things.

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Topic: Transformice / [Transformice] Suggestions

Originally posted by DRAGONF0RCE:

The player map system should be edited. Some of them are awesome, but around 90% are either only trampolines, mazes, insanely easy or almost impossible.
To solve this, I think that there should be
a 25% chance of a developer-created map being chosen,
a 25% chance of getting a player map that is among the 100 highest rated maps,
a 25% chance of the most recently created map and
a 25% chance of a random player map.


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Topic: Transformice / The Transformice Times June Issue

Other than spelling ‘canonball’ wrong, it looks beast.

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Topic: Transformice / Getting Cheese

I’m saving up for 400 cheese to get the deadmau5 hat. Really, deadmau5 is beast, and so is The Glitch Mob and Afrojack.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft

Originally posted by coolmzn222:
Originally posted by Exemaf:
Originally posted by marcling:
Originally posted by Exemaf:
Originally posted by coolmzn222:

minecraft will suck on xbox, or on consoles anyway. You should feel lucky that mojang is even making it for consoles, I personally think xbox fanboys will ruin minecraft, their IQ is too low to comprehend the awesomeness of Minecraft.


Minecraft fans aren’t that intelligent.

PROOF: here is an obvious troll review. Anyone with any intelligence will recognize that it is an obvious troll review. Read the comments. Minecraft fans could not see that it was a troll review and thought it was a serious review. See where I’m going with this?

Rockcock is a dumbass

what do you mean? He successfully trolled thousands of minecraft fans. He knew exactly what would make them mad and put it all into an entertaining video.

If anything, that kid is a genius!

I’m a minecraft fan, i saw it as trolling, dude, Youtube is full of idiots, I saw a thread on the Minecraft forum where people recognized it as trolling, if anything, YOU have low intelligence.

For Science…

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Topic: General Gaming / What X-box game to buy?

Portal 2. Even though P2 is better for PC….

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Team Battle

Originally posted by niktyn09:

some1 replay pls?

I’m not a fan of TDP4 Team Battle. I first played it on MochiGames (I think…) and didn’t like it.

Blacker123456 is right. It’s the

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / RUNESCAPE GETS BORING!

Originally posted by elite_sniper:

just cuz its your opinion doesnt mean that it sucks. maybe back up your answer with reasons so we can disagree or agree

Back it up by saying: ___________
Make a shot by saying: ______________________


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / New Multiplayer Zombie Shooting Games

Originally posted by skullking127:

Im thinkin that a last stand 3, or even better, SAS Zombie Assault multiplayer. either one would be sick. (good sick)

Epicly sick!