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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] (Story) The Legends of Miscria

Wow, BB should be a curse word to say by now…

Chapter 4:Friends or Foes?

Everyone was startled by the unfamiliar Miscrits’ rather hasty approach to them.
“Wah!” Chimnay screamed. “Who are you and what are you doing here?!”
Quirk responded. “We are the protecters, defenders, and guardians of the Woodsman’s Axe! Better known as the Quad Guardians!”
“But how come I can only count three of you?” Dandylion asked.
Lumera quickly noticed that Snortus was absent from their group, and turned to face him, whereas he was hiding behind a bush. “Snortus! You come-”
Sparkupine interrupted without warning. “Hey, why don’t YOU guys join us? There’s strength in numbers, and our quest can be made more fun that way!”
“You mean killing the magicites and destroying the elementums? Of course we’ll join you. We were already planning to do it on our own, but that would be much more difficult. However, dark miscrits are evil and corrupted; don’t trust them!” Flameling gave feedback.
“No. This does not include me.” Dark Flue objected. “I have been defeated by Chimnay. If he can defeat me, than he can defeat ANY dark miscrit!”
Chimnay replied. “He spoke the truth.” He regarded Quirk trying to track down Snortus in some bushes, and turned to take a look. “Is that another miscrit lurking in those shrubs?”
“Oh, I apologize for how Snortus’s attitude is today. Please excuse me.” Flameling dashed to the bushes in order to help Quirk confront a dozing Snortus.
Lumera finally answered Sparkupine’s question after a short explanation. “Well, SHE is the one that’s benn acting awkward lately.” She then eyed Sparkupine. “But the answer to your question is yes. We will definitely join your team. That is, when we wake up Snortus.”
“You mean that lazy-looking thing over there?” Dark Flue questioned as he heard what was going on in the bushes, which caused the rest of the heroes to take note of the scene as well.
Then Quirk decided he had to solve the problem the hard way. “Back off!” he told Flameling, who obeyed by taking a few steps backward. “Dirt Claw!”

It obviously woke up Snortus, as well as allowing Quirk to evolve for using the advanced skill.
Snortus, now awake, spoke. “What…the hack jus happend? I had a dreem wher I got dert clawed!”
“You know better than to rest through a serious situation like this.” Lumera told him. Quirk, now Kinkoon, chimed in. “And slacking off is boring anyways.”

Just then, Flowerpiller said something based on the events she experienced earlier. “Wait a second…so all of these new creatures that we will meet during our quest are experienced enough to use all these advanced and powerful skills, but they only evolve when they actually use them? I find that quite astounding!”
GAAAAHHH!!! The sudden bellow startled all the heroes and caused them to turn in the direction of the noise.
“Wat was dat noise?” Snortus asked.
“I don’t know.” Lumera responded. “But there’s only one way to find out. Let’s go see for ourselves!”

All the heroes, with the count now at 12, made their way to the source of the heavy sound. Dark Flue thought the source was another dark miscrit because of the deep sound that he heard whereas the rest of the heroes did not. Sure enough, he was right. Our heroes have encountered a Dark Flameling.

“Gaah! Another dark miscrit! I may have failed to kill the other one, but you will die this time! Spri-”
The Dark Flameling stopped Hydroseal just in time by speaking up loudly.“Wait! Please don’t kill me! I have done no harm!”
Her counterpart responded. “I am not very sure about this. If you speak the truth, and really are innocent whereas you did not injure or kill any good miscrits, then you may most certainly join us.”
“Really? Thank you so much!” Dark Flameling shouted happily as she was being accepted into the team.
Snortus asked the main question before anyone else could. “Hey, wat was wit tha yellin earlier bout?”
For a while, Dark Flameling was puzzled, but then she finally realized what Snortus meant. “Oh, the yelling? That was a mistake with the Magicite Neophyte. You see, because of her rather stronger hatred of miscrits than most of all the other magicites, she has a really bad tendency to attempt to kill any miscrit she sees. And that’s what happened. I was walking past the Neophyte when she tried to use a water-type skill that I barely evaded!”

All that explaining caused Dark Flameling to accidentally perform a dark fire dance. It startled Flameling, which caused her to perform a fire dance. Some heroes applauded or said “great show!” as both Flameling and her counterpart evolved.

“And that makes five of us that evolved today!!” Chimnay stated. “We should be powerful enough to take on the Neophyte. Right guys?”
“Of course”
“Then what are we waiting for?” Let’s do this!"

With those final words, the heroes headed to the Magicite Neophyte’s location to take her down as a follow up to the novice.

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Topic: Outernauts / level up after 60?

It is not possible to get any and all beasts to level 61. You can prove it by simply selecting one of your Training Dojos on your Homeworld. No level 60 beasts will appear on the list. Question answered, problem solved.

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Topic: Outernauts / What Starter Did You Pick? (Poll)

Rokling, which came with perdiot and copper.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] (Story) The Legends of Miscria

Chapter 3:A New Ally

Now with a teammate missing, the heroes knew that it would be much more difficult to fulfill their destiny without him. Proceeding with caution into the Woodsman’s Axe, they began to search for Flue, whom they didn’t yet know was the most important of all of them.

After a while, they tried calling his name. “Flue, where are you?” Flowerpiller hollered.
“Please come to us, Flue!” Prawnja yelled as well.
Waddles saw something whom he thought was Flue. “Hey everyone, I think I see him! Look!” He then pointed to the figure, and everyone gazed.
Then it started to speak. “Who here dares desire my attention?”
Sparkupine answered the question. “That would be us, and- hey, wait a second! You’re not Flue!”

And he was right. As the gang walked up closer to the Miscrit in front of them, they realized that he was not Flue, but really a darker, more seemingly evil Flue! On the other hand, they found Flue, who was facing his counterpart. But no one smiled, as they were fighting each other, and regular Flue appeared to be losing.

“Hahaha! It seems that you have found your real enemy-yourself! Take this!”
Flue barely evaded the assault. “Not so fast, you corrupted being!”
“Oh, so you think you can stop me, eh? Well, I won’t go down that easily! Take that!”
This time, Flue dodged the attack completely, as well as gaining some distance to make a move."
“This will defeat you for GOOD! Now, Fire Flight!”
“What? You can’t do that! Or did you just-AAAAUGH!”
Knocked down onto the grass as the summoned fiery bird came upon him, Dark Flue was defeated. Who, since he won the battle by using a powerful skill, evolved into a more powerful form of his own- Chimnay!"
“Yes. YES! I have finally evolved!” Chimnay howled in great excitement.
“Uh, good job, I guess.” Sparkupine stated.
Dark Flue got off the ground, and could speak again. “Congratulations. But please, don’t kill me. In fact, I’m willing to join you in your quest if you consent to it.”
But Hydroseal clearly didn’t want that to happen. “What? No way!” Let’s just deal with him right here, right now-all Dark Miscrits deserve what comes to them!"
“No,no,no. We really shouldn’t kill him. He has done nothing to deserve such a punishment. Besides, I think he should join us. After all, everyone deserves a second chance. What do you say, Flu- I mean, Chimnay?”
“I agree with you, Waddles, we shall let him travel with us. I can forsee him as a great help for defeating the magicites.”

More miscrits nearby who overheard the heroes letting a Dark miscrit go with them. Alarmed by this event, they rushed to the scene at the last minute in order to prevent it from occuring.

As Quirk hurried to the scene, he spoke up. “Wait, stop!”
Flameling went next. “What do you think you’re doing, letting a Dark Miscrit like him TRAVEL with you?”
Finally, Lumera spoke up as well. “She’s right. He is sure to betray you at some point during your adventures!”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] (Story) The Legends of Miscria

Chapter 2:Magicite Fight

“…to sum it up, Hydroseal and Sparkupine, you two will distract the Magicite, while the rest of us will sneak up behind him, one at a time, with Dandylion being last.”
“Understood!” everyone else conveyed.
“Let’s go then! I can’t wait to be the one that finishes him!”

Knowing their roles in the plan, the heroes made their way to the Magicite Novice’s location. Two of them got in a position, while the other five got prepared to surprise attack him.

The magicite saw the miscrits before him. “Ah, finally ready to challenge me, are you? Well, if you think that you can achieve triumph that easily, then I believe you are sorely mistaken.”
He quickly turned to face Hydroseal when he initiated his planned taunting. “Oh really? Then I won’t hesitate to prove you wrong!” Come and get me!"
“You asked for it!” Hiiiiyy-" Flowerpiller stood behind the magicite, who she interrupted while ready to attack.
“Oh no you don’t! Wisp!”
“Aaaugh!” the magicite yelled in pain as tiny tree twigs scratched him repeatedly. “Oh…yes I do!” He turned to face Hydroseal again. “I’ll get you this time! HiiiyyyyA!”
He successfully struck him before Prawnja could attack. Now the miscrit decided to say a thing or two before his assault. “How dare you?! You’ll pay a reasonable price for hurting my friend! Summon raincloud!”

But as the mere raindrops had little effect on the magicite, the other heroes knew that they had to beef up their skill strength in order to claim victory. So while he was gloating and making fun of Prawnja, Flue and Waddles tensed their muscles while Dandylion worked up his rage further.

At that moment, the magicite went into a frenzy. “Now YOU will suffer a painful defeat! Leaf…Drizzle!”
“Noooo!” Prawnja screamed as he fell onto the ground, greatly weakened from the razor sharp leaf cuts and unable to battle. Sparkupine got ready to provoke the magicite during that time.
“So, you’ve hit my buddy Hydro and took down my friend Prawnja. Haha, that doesn’t mean you’re not a weak freak anymore!”
Now full of rage, the magicite then faced Sparkupine. “It seems like YOU want to falter as well, too! Well then. Summon…Aqua Blast!” Sparkupine was prepared to face a spell that involved water and dodged it, despite his natural sluggishness slowing him down.
“Impossible!” the magicite squealed in shock.
But Flue had decided to make a change of plans. As Waddles and Dandylion emerged from behind him, he spoke. “Alright, just like we planned. His guard is down, so we should be able to finish him off. On 3. 1-2-!”
Luckily, Hydroseal, still in comission, and caught sight of the new plan to help out on it. “Debaser! Hope that helps, guys!”
“Thank you, Hydroseal!” Flue responded. “Now, Burn!”
Waddles took action next. “HAH!” He yelled smacking him.
The magicite begged for mercy. “I can’t…believe this…please don’t kill me!”
Dandylion stood, ready to finish him.“That won’t happen. It has been my destiny to defeat you! GASH!”
“No…this cannot be…NOOOOOOOOOO!” With the use of Dandylion’s most powerful skill, the defeated Magicite Novice dissappeared in a thick cloud of black smoke. Whether he actually died or not remained unknown then.
“I did it…I finally defeated the magicite novice! My dream has come true!”
“Dandylion, WE defeated it.” Flue remarked. “It wasn’t just you.”
Waddles noticed a second magicite further down the path, then pointed to her to get the gang’s attention. “Hey guys, there’s another magicite over there by those logs. Let’s kill HER by using Flue’s plan again!”
Flue started to criticize again. “Oh heavens no! Having just finished a battle, we simply cannot go rushing into another one! In addition, she looks more powerful!”
“Well, it looks like the only thing we can do now is train more.” Dandylion stated.
“Then let’s get to it!”
“I’m off for…hey, where did Flue go?”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] (Story) The Legends of Miscria

Chapter 1:The First Gathering

“Take that, that, and that!” Cubsprout yelled as he clawed a large oak tree.
Flue began to speak up. "Off for the day scratching the tree again, are you?
Cubsprout looked at Flue in shock. “What? No? I’m much stronger than to just do that! One day, I will slay the elementums and save Miscria!”
“Heh, those things are far too powerful for you to take on. Don’t bother trying alone, but-”
“But what? You’re saying that if I keep scratching the tree, I’ll remain too weak to venture out?”
“I was going to say that if we-no, ALL of us team up, we can save not only the forest, but the whole world!! But yes, that is true.”
Flue’s great remark drew quite some attention from his friends. “What, you wanna save the forest? Well count me in!” Sparkupine said. “Me too!” Hydroseal responded. Eventually, all of the nearby Miscrits agreed to join Flue in his quest to save Miscria, then he began to speak up again.
“Thank you all very much.” he said. “But we’re still not powerful enough. We must gather more teammates, skills, and of course, power!”
“Flue’s right.” Cubsprout remarked. "Maybe we can defeat the elementums after all. But I think we all need some practice using our powers before we do it. Let’s go!

The heroes spent lots of time slashing, dashing, burning, soaking, wisping, and doing whatever they could to improve their power. After an hour or so, they all met back at the oak tree, exhausted and tired.

“Yes! I feel more powerful now!” Flue shouted.
“So do I!” Prawnja said. “I believe that goes for all of us!”
Sparkupine spoke up. “Uhm, have you seen Cubsprout?”
“No. No! Oh NO!” Flue yelled worriedly. “I should’ve known that he’d go scurrying off somewhere!”
“What?” Waddles asked.
“I know for a fact that Cubsprout is always interested in fighting the human that’s been blocking our only path to the Woodsman’s Axe. He’s probably already confronted him by now.”
Then Hydroseal started to talk. “Don’t waste your time. He’s not there.”
“How do you know?”
“Remember, we were training along the lakeside for the majority. I never saw him on the other side.
“I know you, Hydroseal. You must be right, let’s go help him before he gets hurt!”

With a set plan for where the team would search for Cubsprout, they set off to fight the Magicite Novice. But just before Flue took his fifth step, Flowerpiller spoke up.

“Uh, guys? You might want to check this out…” She pointed to a figure that she thought looked like Cubsprout, but appeared larger.
“What do you me…oh…my…”
“Is that you, Cubsprout?”

But Cubsprout wasn’t Cubsprout anymore. As a result of getting too involved in his training, he gained enough power to evolve into a stronger creature known as Dandylion, a name that was immediately etched into his mind.
“No. Call me Dandylion now.” he responded. “Why do you ask?”
Flue answered, surprised. “You…you evolved!”
“I know. Since I also know that I am much more powerful now, I will go and defeat that puny-looking magicite over there-ALONE!”

Everyone wasn’t suprised, as conquering the magicites and elementums was initially Dandylion’s goal from the beginning. But even THEY knew that taking down even the weakest could not be done alone.

“No! We can’t let you! I clearly stated this before, we will save Miscria together! You alone are too weak to accomplish the task.”
Dandylion initially reluctant, agreed. “Alright, I see your point. From now on, I will no longer speak about saving the world alone.”
“Good, now we won’t have to worry about your attitude anymore.” a relieved Hydroseal responded.
“So, we’re going up against that Magicite over there…I’m so nervous…anyone have any pla-”
“Oh that’s no problem, Waddles! I had plans for this ever since the start!”
“Then explain them already!” Dandylion yelled. “I’m getting impatient here!”
Waddles cringed slightly.
“Alright, alright.” Flue said. He started to explain his plans for defeating the Magicite Novice for further access into the Miscrian Forest. He made sure that all the heroes played a role in it and none of them felt left out. Determined and confident, they ventured toward and confronted him, ready to see him disappear.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] (Story) The Legends of Miscria

This is another story based on the game that was created and written by me. I had to go ahead and make this because I could never get permission from myskyblecap(the author of the other story) and everyone else was getting eager. Anyway, here it is. It will come in a particulrly long chapter per post.

Prolouge: Miscria in Danger!

The lands of Miscria were once a beautiful place where humans lived in peace with powerful beings called Miscrits. People of the villages and towns relied on the Miscrits for their tasks and other objectives, while they trained, fought, and did favors for them in return. In those times, humans and Miscrits shared their power equally and maintained peace.

But one day, a race of humans who have learned to wield magic, better known as Magicites, corrupted the lands with darkness, and threatened to rid them of all miscrits. Their leader, Apollo Nox, summoned elementums, which are corrupted beings far more powerful than miscrits, to each and every area where wild ones roam. With this dreadful event, not only was the fate of all miscrits in danger, but mankind’s greed for their power was also increased. Dark miscrits were created by Apollo Nox, and the peace between all of them and mankind was nearly shattered, only kept together by their intensely strong bond.

However, there may be hope. The scholar of Sunfall Kingdom believes that one day, a hero will arise and defeat him. If his prediction turns out to be true, and the hero prevails, then Miscria will be saved and the magicites will be driven away. Of course, everyone wants that outcome, but no one, not even the scholar, can be certain about it.

BUT – there IS a hero who hopes to conquer the magicites. Currently known as Flue, this hero knows what he must accomplish in order to triumph. And even that has changed, since quite some time has passed since the magicites and their leader arrived in Miscria. Many challenges lay ahead of Flue, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to overcome all of them…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] [GUIDE] Collector's quests

Originally posted by mike969:

Where do you get earth miscrits?

Common Earth miscrits are usually found in Mount Gemma, some in Sunfall Shores, and, of course, most of the premium areas.

Anyway, please note that you can only do 3 quests per day. Can’t believe no one mentioned this before.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] My Super-Duper Suggestions!

Originally posted by Panetex:
Originally posted by goodjosh:

Idea for new item:Revival!

Note: You can only revive each miscrit once per battle.

This is the kind of item that becomes mandatory in arena. Without any intention to bash on you, it is a terrible idea for the PvP side of the game.

I wouldn’t object to it on PvE, but it reduces the demand for plat, and selling less plat means less revenue: I don’t see it happening the way you designed it.

If the potions sold for 1 plat, so for the same price you choose to heal to full after the battle, or to heal to 50% and maybe save that match… then maybe. In any case, PvE only.

On a positive note, I do like that you even thought of the color. I aprove of yellow.

You know, the PvE only thing is a good idea. I do see how it could cause more problems in the arena. And these SHOULD probably cost platinum to get in order to slightly increase the demand for it(exception for minor revivals, they should still cost gold, but maybe more of it). Otherwise, good ideas for nerfing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Not in Miscripedia

Some normal types of crits are in the pedia, but their dark or light forms are not, and vice versa(only applies to dark)

The only examples I can think of right now are Light Blazebit(Blazebit is in the pedia, while light blazebit is not)
and Dark Drowsie(Dark Drowsie is in while normal Drowsie is not)

Please add these crits to the pedia as soon as you get the chance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Quality System

Originally posted by Panetex:

I guess the divide by 3 is because max score you can get with this system is 30 (elite all stats). To get a rating out of 10, you need to divide by 3.

I dont think you need to do a lot of math to conclude that 6 moderate is lower potential than 4 moderate, 2 strong.

You are exactly right. A miscrit cannot be rated higher than 10 because it cannot have better than all elite stats.

But, here is the change I have recently made:

After getting the quality of a miscrit, you need to evaluate him using the real crit. You can do this by battling one in the wild or arena, or training one. And give it a good, average, or bad rating based on its stats.

If you get a good rating, add 0.1 to its quality.
If the rating is average, dont add or subtract anything.
If you get a bad rating, subtract 0.1 from its quality.

Heres an example:

Almost every pro at the game(including me) has fully trained and evolved their first crit(Flue) to Afterburn.
So we can evaluate his stats and moves to determine if we add or subtract 0.1 from its quality.

My Afterburn Stats:101/49/53/75/66/44.
Although the stats aren’t very good, I like his moves, which include enemy stat lowering, and strong physical attacks.
So the rating for Afterburn is average, and his quality remains at 5.

Some crits are not possible to catch or buy, and therefore unable to evaluate. So their rating will be fixed when you get their base quality.

Now the system should be more accurate, and better with almost everyone.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Dark Drilldent no buy button in shop

BrokenBulb has fixed this issue. Dark Drilldent can now be bought for 150 gems(120 with trait) or 15 kreds.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] My Super-Duper Suggestions!

Idea for new item:Revival!

This type of potion is yellow and allows your miscrits to be revived while in battle with a certain % of hp restored.

Minor Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 10% Health
Cost:120 Gold(96 with charismatic)

Major Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 15% Health
Cost:200 Gold(160 with charismatic)

Powerful Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 20% Health
Cost:275 Gold(220 with charismatic)

Massive Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 30% Health
Cost:360 Gold(288 with charismatic)

Epic Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 40% Health
Cost:525 Gold(420 with charismatic)

Mythical Revival:Revives fallen miscrit with 50% Health
Cost:750 Gold(600 with charismatic)

Note: You can only revive each miscrit once per battle.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Quality System

This is a system created by me that easily allows you to calculate the quality of a Miscrit that does NOT have random stats and is NOT plat trained.

How to use this system:
This is basically finding the average of a Miscrits stats(adding and dividing)
What you do is give a Miscrit “points” depending on how good its stat(s) is/are
A miscrit gets 1 point for a weak stat,
2 points for a moderate stat,
3 points for a strong stat,
4 points for a max stat,
and 5 points for an elite stat.

When you have the points for all of a miscrit’s stats, add them, and divide the sum by 3 to get a miscrits quality out of 10.

Here’s an example:

Take your first miscrit(Flue) and give it points for its stats.
Like this:(3+2+2+4+2+2). Add them to get 15 then divide the sum to get 5/10.

Here is the math:
(H+EA+ED+PA+PD+S)/3=Q(these are the variables for the stats)





Use this forum to post your opinion of this system, your own examples, your comparison of Miscrits, or maybe 2 or all three of these.

I hope this system and forum make the game easier for at least the majority of us.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Meals on courses

lol you meant medals didn’t you. Anyway, the 4th medal is for completing the track in reverse mode. It can be achieved on any difficulty. Sadly, it dosen’t give any extra MM. :(

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / General Suggestions Thread

I think Monkey Tycoon should automatically be enabled when you play in deflation mode.

Reason: If you want to change your tower placement for a round, you have to sell your towers(obviously), but you end up losing some money for the new tower formation. The next thing you know, you don’t have enough for that last upgrade you were planning for! or something like that. If Monkey tycoon was enabled only for the mode, we would be able to change our tower formation as often as we want without losing or gaining a single cent.

Also, I found a mistake/typo on one of the previous posts:

Originally posted by gubump:

I have an idea for special agents: Special Agent Experts! These are like pros, except they require you to place a certain amount of pro versions of that special agent! I even have ideas for Special Agent Experts:

Portable Lake Expert: Is this a bottomless pool or something? The sea monster is bigger, and the sea monsters pop more layers of bloon faster and lasts longer. Also, he has a much further range. Takes 100 Portable Lake pros.

Tribal Turtle Expert: Well, here’s a useful mutation! The Tribal Turtles are mutated to have four arms, allowing them to throw four projectiles at once. Also, these mutants are smarter than their ancestors. They only throw coconuts and can see camo! Takes 100 Tribal Turtle pros.

Bloonsday Device Expert: The BDDs shoot lava! While waiting for their ability to cooldown, they spill out lava, which pops bloons. Retains the plasma trail. Takes 40 Bloonsday Device pros.

Meerkat Spy Expert: The Meerkat Spies have more effective spying. They have a much greater area of effect, and they allow in-range towers to pop any type of bloon. Takes 100 Meerkat Spy pros.

Bloonberry Bush Expert: The Bloonberry Bushes never stop growing! They can have as many spikes as they want! Also, they grow 20 more spikes each round. Unfortunately, they no longer have creepers. Takes 100 Bloonberry Bush pros.

Beekeeper Expert: These Beekeepers only raise and use the strongest bees for bloon popping! These Beekeepers send out massive bees that detect camo and pop lead, and prevent the bloons from having multiple children(zebras split into a pink), and remove camo and regen status. They also pop bloons MUCH faster and move from bloon to bloon as long as there is one nearby! Retains the Swarm Ability. Takes 120 Beekeeper pros.

Angry Squirrel Expert: Man, is Angry Squirrel angry now! He gets angry after throwing a mere 25 acorns, and, when angry, he can pop any type of bloon and throws at a hypersonic speed, and acorns deal 5 damage to ceramic bloons and MOAB class bloons. Takes 100 Angry Squirrel pros.

Super Monkey Storm Expert: The Super Monkeys shoot out plasma vision…which is a bad idea when flying at over 200 miles per second. The Super Monkeys are covered in plasma, allowing them to deal 2000 damage to MOAB class bloons. There is still a delayed second wave, except, the second wave doesn’t come until you activate the Delayed Storm Ability: Sends the second wave of Super Monkeys. Takes 100 Super Monkey Storm pros.

You forgot the Expert Pontoon!: Here’s my idea for it:

Pontoon Expert: This is one tough pile o’ wood! Now the pontoon has a bigger area to place another tower on, AND it gives the towers placed on it both a range AND attack speed boost! Takes 100 Pontoon pros.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD Battles - Multiplayer game [New game!]

Originally posted by reddertje:

i have no NK account,upload for kong pls ninjakiwi

*The Bloons TD 5 release date on NinjaKiwi.was around the middle of January this year.

*The Bloons TD 5 release date on Kongregate was mid-late August.

*The Bloons TD Battles release date on NinjaKiwi was 3 weeks ago.

If 7 months passed between the release of Bloons TD 5 on NinjaKiwi and Kong, then chances are the same thing will happen with bloons td battles. Please be patient.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / In Game Achievement System

After reading all the entries for some time, I have decided the ones that have qualified. Note that I nerfed most of them a little.

16)That’s One:Get a tower to level 9.
Reward:30 MM

17)More Abilities Please!:Get 5 towers to level 9.
Reward:70 MM

18)I’m Lacking(PowerBilities):Get 10 towers to level 9.
Reward:115 MM

19)All of the Upgrades:Get 17 towers to level 9.
Reward:100 MM and 1 of all special agents.

20)Tower Placer: Place a total of 5 towers.
Reward:15 MM

21)More Placing: Place a total of 25 towers.
Reward:40 MM

22)Amazing Placer: Place a total of 100 towers.
Reward:95 MM and 1 Portable Lake, Pontoon

23)Imperishable Placer: Place a total of 500 towers.
Reward:150 MM and 2 Portable Lakes, Pontoons

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / In Game Achievement System

Originally posted by meowmeow222:
Originally posted by Radh:

I don’t see how this would contribute much to the game. We already have the ranking system and money to buy Special Agents, and this just makes things more complex. I don’t support this.

There is only so much MM you can get free. I do not support this post. It is a really good idea.

If you like this post so much, then why not make some achievement suggestions? I really need them!

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Create Your Personalized K Shop Items

Originally posted by reddertje:

Bomb awesomizer
Bomb towers fire 2 bombs,missiles instead of the normal 1
cost:15 kreds

Not to say that this would be overpowered, but here is an alternate idea for the same thing:

Explosive Awesomizer: Put more awesome into those kabooms! Now all explosive type attacks radiate the affected bloons, causing them to take slightly more damage from other towers.
Cost:20 Kreds and 250 MM for a single game.
This would increase the MMEP price to 265 Kreds, though.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / In Game Achievement System

Originally posted by Radh:

I don’t see how this would contribute much to the game. We already have the ranking system and money to buy Special Agents, and this just makes things more complex. I don’t support this.

Well, this isnt meant to make the game more complex. Its actually supposed to make it more fun to play(along with an easier way to make monkey money), and give players something to aim towards in the game.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / In Game Achievement System

I am suggesting that a new ingame achievements system be put in the game.

This forum is for suggesting new achievement ideas + the MM/special agent rewards for getting them. Once I have 50 good achievements(including my own), then this will turn into a shout or a private message to be sent to NinjaKiwi. I already have some planned, and here they are.

1)First Blood Pop:Pop your first bloon!
Reward:5 MM

2)Novice Bloon Popper:Reach rank 5.
Reward:20 MM

3)Apprentice Bloon Popper:Reach rank 10.
Reward:30 MM

4)Intermediate Bloon Popper:Reach rank 20.
Reward:50 MM

5)Adept Bloon Popper:Reach rank 30.
Reward:80 MM

6)Expert Bloon Popper:Reach rank 40.
Reward:80 MM and 1 tribal turtle

7)Master Bloon Popper:Reach rank 50.
Reward:100 MM and 1 tribal turtle

8)Grandmaster Bloon Popper:Reach rank 60.
Reward:150 MM and 2 tribal turtles

9)Failure:Lose a level, challenge, or mission.
Reward:10 MM

10)So close!:Lose a level, challenge, or mission on the final round.
Reward:25 MM

11)Shiny!: Win a medal.
Reward:20 MM

12)Bronze Star Medalist:Win 5 different medals.
Reward:50 MM

13)Silver Star Medalist:Win 20 different medals.
Reward:90 MM

14)Gold Star Medalist:Win 50 different medals.
Reward:130 MM and 1 Angry Squirrel

15)Platinum Star Medalist:Win 112 different medals.
Reward:200 MM and 2 Angry Squirrels

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / General Suggestions Thread

A game mode suggestion: Inflation Mode!(Unlocked at round 39 like deflation).

Start with $40,000, but the only money you get is the checks awarded at the end of each round(checks will give 3x the money though). Start at round 30, and no Farms or X/4 snipers.

Also, I suggest an ingame achievements system, but that will be on another thread.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Howdo you use bloonsday divices?

Well, the Bloonsday device is a special agent. It costs 250 MM to buy, and it is a one time use in a level, challenge, or mission.

It does not attack bloons but gives an ability called “Orbital Strike”. The in-game description: Creates a beam that destroys all bloons and does big damage to MOAB-class bloons. But what it really does: The beam follows your mouse cursor and destroys non-MOAB class bloons when it encounters them. The beam lasts for about 10 seconds.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Armored bloons- these guys have a thin shell that absorbs a certain amount of damage, and only towers that can pop more than 1 layer of bloon can get these. They move slightly slower than regular bloons.

Trickster Bloon- they start out as a random type of bloon(ceramic or lower) but when popped, reveals a random layer, which has the speed of that bloon until the max amount of layers are popped. For example, a trickster bloon could start as a green, but when popped, can reveal a black, then a red, yellow, zebra, ceramic, white, blue, rainbow, green, then pink. Pop that last possible layer, then that bloon is completely popped.

Elephant bloons- they are colored light gray and move slightly faster than zebra bloons. But they are also immune to bombs, ice, AND fire(refer to X/2 mortar). Not to mention, they contain 3 zebras when popped, giving them an RBE of 70.

Purple/Violet bloon-why would NK forget this color? Basically moves even faster than a pink and contains one when popped.

USDS- the REAL toughest bloon in the game. takes 10000 damage to pop before it turns into 2 ZOMG!