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Topic: Anno Online / Suggestion for the Developers

Thanks a lot for the reply, BB_Trici. But unfortunately, the effect remover will work only for island wide effects like the petal rain, not on the house buffs. The latter are particularly annoying, because they make it real hard to find the smurf poo, as hitting the space bar will only turn the building invisible, while the buff effect remains. As for a change of the graphics settings, ofc I’ve tried that before I posted, and in case of the Valentines changing the settings does not help. These Valentines are really persistant…

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Topic: Anno Online / "zone locked"

As far as I’ve understood it, a zone lock is kind of a safety measure to prevent further damage when something has gone really wrong.
You can contact support by the main page (the one with the blue play now button) and select the help / support tab, and you can also post in the Anno Online forum, which you can access via your profile tab.

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Topic: Anno Online / Suggestion for the Developers

I’d like to suggest a modification of the notifications – when a PH goes idle or a buff expires, it’ll only say that it has just happened. It’s not a big deal in the beginning, but with the six islands I’ve got atm, it’s quite a tedious thing to visit them all to find the PH that needs a refill or the workyard that needs a fresh buff. So it would come in handy if the notification told us on which island the PH went idle or the buff expired, like PH went idle on XY island to go there right away.

Furthermore, I’d like to suggest to either add a button to toggle special effects or let the effect remover also work on the Valentine house buff effects. Not everybody likes the annoying pink effects ( I admit, I really hate them), but the as the effect remover won’t work on the house buffs, it’s really ruining the game experience for me.
Another idea: Add an option where the player can choose whether visitors will be allowed to use effect buffs on his islands or not.

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Topic: Anno Online / No Happy Hour for Kongregate Players?!

I just purchased my ruby pack and everything was 100% correct, no problems at all. Again, thanks a lot for taking care of the issue and solving the problem.

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Topic: Anno Online / No Happy Hour for Kongregate Players?!

So you’re banging the drums for today’s 100% Happy Hour. I’ve checked the ruby shop repeatedly, but… Nothing. Steam players are getting the sale too, so why not us? Are we considered second class players? As much as I like the game, as a paying player I’m absolutely not amused. I’d really appreciate if you’d fix that issue.

Edit at 17:22 CET: HH is up on Kong now, too. Thanks a lot, BB :)

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Topic: Anno Online / A Short Guide for Absolute Beginners

Due to recurring questions ingame, I have put together some bits of advice you might find useful, particularly if you are not familiar with the single player Anno games (basically, Anno Online is kind of a simplified 1404-spin-off ).

1. (and most important): Rubies

Log in each and every day, even if you don’t have the time to play. Just spare the few minutes it takes, as BB rewards consecutive log-ins handsomely. Small, but useful items each day, 240 uncut rubies every 7th day and 3k cut rubies on day 100. You don’t want to miss out on these.

You’ll receive a special building, the ruby cutter, very early in the game. You’ll find it in your inventory bag and its job is to process the uncut rubies you’ll get every now and then into cut ones. Don’t add any uncut rubies to the cutter before you have upgraded it, else processing will cut the yield in half.
You can place it wherever you find a free spot, as it doesn’t require access to a distribution house or a road.

You’ll get a nice batch of uncut rubies for free along with said ruby cutter. Don’t go overboard and think twice before spending these or purchased ones.
It’s simply a waste to buy goods or other items you can craft for rubies. Save them for the real important things, e.g. island slots or islands.
Apart from a very few things, you can obtain everything in the game just by playing it.
All it requires is brains and patience.

2. How to …

…rotate a building: Press R. Will work only with rectangular structures.

…get ascension rights: Increase your population by building houses to meet the requirements as you’ll have to reach certain thresholds to advance to the next tier, e.g. 250 pioneers will allow you to ascend pioneers to vassals. Furthermore, make sure your residents get all the goods and services they demand.

… get more ascension rights: increase the number of the lower tier’s homes. You can check out how many you need by pressing the population button in the upper right corner & selecting the second tab.

…unfog Newport Island: As your town advances, you will be able to unfog more sections of Newport, allowing your town to grow. Click the fog and it will tell you the requirements which will be an increasing amount of coin and a certain amount of two goods according to your population’s level. Once you have accumulated that, click the discover button and wait. You may speed this up by paying rubies, but imho this would be a major waste.

…keep your economy well balanced: Build cost-efficiently. Keep residential areas and workyards separated early on to maximize the effects of costly attractions on your residents and take advantage of the workyards’ AoE (though, if you didn’t, you can easily fix that as the x-button allows you to move your buildings around for free).

Most buildings cost upkeep, which increases with the building’s tier.
Build only as many workyards as you need for a small overproduction. Until you hit the threshold of 250 merchants, you won’t be able to trade with other players, so your market sales will be your only steady source of income. You’ll need a bit of an overproduction to provide newly built houses with the goods their residents demand. But don’t overdo it, else the upkeep of the excess buildings will eat into your market’s profits and may very well push your economy into the reds.

The ideal place for workyards is the harbour area, you’ll need less distribution houses as most of that area is covered by the harbourmaster’s carts. Build workyards that provide raw materials within the range of the workyard that processes said materials, e.g. a sheep farm in the neighbourhood of a spinner’s hut, so the sheep farm won’t have to wait for a cart to pick up the wool, but send someone to carry it to the spinner directly. This will speed up your production significantly. When you place a building, its AoE will be shown in green.

Due to the upkeep costs, try to keep attractions from overlapping. While placing, its AoE will be shown in green. If you already own several of the same kind, e.g. 3 chapels, doubleclicking one of these will show the area they cover in green, so you can easily tell where they overlap and adjust accordingly.

…find out whether production is keeping pace: Go to your warehouse and hover the cursor over the good’s icon. It will display a pop-up that will tell you the current maximum production as well as the consumption of this good.

…speed up production: Build a provision house, as soon as it becomes available. It doesn’t cost any upkeep. You can process excess raw materials there and craft buff food. The first buff available will be fried fish. Add your excess fish to the PH et voilà, your first home-made buff. Apply it to a workyard to get 200% production for 30 minutes.

…get more building materials and coin: Every few minutes, the so-called smurf poo will appear on NP (small piles glowing blue). Pick it up and get 5 wood or stone plus 5 xp (later in the game, tools and glass will appear as well). Lord Northburgh will visit your town frequently, don’t miss to click his ship to receive 5 to 20 k coin.
Furthermore, your residents will bring up petitions. Give them the goods they’re demanding and be rewarded with substantial amounts of coin.

…provide linen garments to ascend vassals to merchants: At this point you can’t grow hemp yet as NP lacks this fertility nor can you buy it from another player. The shop provides some basic goods for coin too, so buy a batch and let at least one vassal house ascend right away (before your residents will have consumed it all).

…get a hemp island and provide linen: Either build a discovery ship and send it to find an island with hemp fertility, buy it for rubies (not recommended) or start doing PvE and either buy it at 19 bronze ducats at the black market or try your luck and get some pirate chests at 2 ducats each. (I won’t recommend the latter, although that’s how I myself got my hemp island. But be aware that this option means gambling.)
Once you’ve got your hemp island, you’ll have to build some hemp farms and weaver’s huts and build a transport ship to carry the linen to your NP residents.

…build a ship: You’ll need two buildings that must be placed at the coast near the harbourmaster’s office: A naval engineer to craft planks and sailcloth and a shipyard to build the ship from these materials. In addition, you’ll need a captain for your new ship.
Only exception are the battleships, they are crafted form raw wood and wool and don’t require a captain.

…hire a captain: Where would you look for a ship’s captain if not at the harbour tavern ;) Don’t confuse it with the tavern building though, this tavern is accessible from the shop ( button with chest in the lower right corner). Captains are hired for coin and don’t cost any rubies.

…get ducats for black market purchases: Follow the naval battle tutorial. Build some battleships, send your scout ship to find encounters, fight pirates and loot the reward chests. Build a repair crane before you start doing PvE to repair your ships after battle. Once you’ve gotten the option of dismantling captured ships, this will yield additional flags. The naval engineer will craft one ducat from 50 flags.

…get cannonballs for ship upgrades: Again, loot the reward chests from battles.

…do PvE: Follow the tutorial. Check out the collected maps before you send your ships into battle and focus on easy maps. Discard the rest. If one of your ships is about to sink, never pay rubies to save it. It’s cheaper to build a new one. If you want to use repair kits, chain shots or smoke screen you’ll have to equip these before you enter the battle.
Battles are like rock paper scissors, if you’re not sure which ship to use against an enemy vessel, check the picture in the upper right corner of the battle map.

…find new encounters: Send your scout ship to find some. On return, click the ship and a map will go into your inventory bag. Open it and click the island icon. Click one of the maps in there and a new icon with two crossed swords will appear at the left side of the screen. Click it to assign ships and gear, check out the map before going into battle and ofc battle the pirates. Keep in mind that maps stored in your inventory will expire after 12 hours.

3. Some Do’s and Don’ts:


…be nice and polite in chat. The community is very friendly and helpful, but will frown upon rude behaviour.

…ask your questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question. Nobody will rip off your head.

…participate in general chat conversation. It will bring you to other player’s attention. Many players accept friend requests only from people who are active in chat. It may even result in an invitation to join a guild.

…make friends. The more the merrier. Buffing a friend’s workyard and receiving such buffs will increase the buff’s duration significantly.

…check out the icons and buttons thoroughly. You will find there most anything you’ll need, rendering many questions obsolete.

…read a lot! The official forum as well as some fansites hold a whole lot of great tips and detailed guides for almost every situation in the game.

Check out these:


…build a guild hall unless you really want to start a new guild and already have some friends who will join, because for whatever reason, you can’t delete this building.

…use explicit, offensive language or harass other players. Not only will the community frown on such behaviour, it’s violating the game’s ToS and most of the time, there’s a mod present in chat. So, if you don’t want their banhammer crash down on you… just don’t.

…be a troll. Be warned, we’re eating trolls for breakfast. Even the veggies do.

…be a Magic Fish beggar. Advanced players may hand out free goods or otherwise lend a hand once in a while, but only on their own accord. You won’t make friends if you’re claiming handouts as your right instead of putting all your effort into building a stable economy.

…snipe trades. Sometimes players are making a special deal in chat which has to be placed with the common trade market. You won’t make friends if you snatch away these goods from under the nose of the player who was meant to receive them.

…make such private deals in global chat. Use the whisper channel and you won’t attract snipers.

…spam friendship or guild requests in chat. You’ll only end up on people’s ignore list. Participate in chat naturally and friendship requests or guild invitations will come to you.

I hope, this will help you get started, so cu ingame & have a great time :)

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Topic: Anno Online / Looking For Guild

Lvl 21 active player, atm 1,5 k merchs, is looking for a mature and active guild to kill some time with or some active, mature players to found a new guild.
Languages: English, German. Will translate useful stuff from German forum on request.
Deaf on the Magic Fish ear.

IGN: Cionaodh
Server: Crow’s Nest

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Suggestions Thread: September

Originally posted by DarkCat_:

Could we maybe have friends list? It’s an mmo after all, and Id like to be able to chat with friends.

I really like this idea, so would you pleeeeaaaase consider it?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Recent Changes

What the hell is going on here??

Just got out of Boss Raid ranked 1st with 10 2-star equip shards. At player level 52. You can’t be serious about that… Particularly as the dungeon drop rates for 4 and 5 star shards are as lousy as ever. Honestly, why would I spend gold on boss raids any longer. Makes no sense at all.

As if that wasn’t enough, leveling demons has become a whole lot more expensive not only as far as SC are concerned, but also the amount of XP cards required while at the same time material dungeons got limited to 2 runs.
Wait a sec, they’ve always required more hope than the elemental dungeons, so I’m already paying for additional hope to get my demons evolved. And now I’ve got to pay not only for additional hope but also for the runs, basically meaning you’re expecting us to pay twice for one and the same dungeon run… You gotta be kidding us…

And while we’re at it, LI changes are real great too. On the first glance the new LI shop prices look real nice, but as the amount of LI coins you gain from battles got drastically reduced… Well, it’s quite a setback that will make it almost impossible for new players to get anywhere.

And on top of that you guys didn’t even have the decency of posting some patch notes admitting those nerfs while at the same time banging the drums for the new server. Sweet.

It’s a real pity since this game has been a lot of fun this far.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Share your maps here!

Just made my first map and it even works, wohoo :)
Title is Rock’n’Roll and it’s a quiz map. Don’t worry about the level recommendation of 10, I don’t have the faintest idea why that showed up. I did the testrun at lvl 6 and was perfectly fine.
Check it out & enjoy :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Might & Magic Heroes Online] Guild screen issue

Got a problem with the guild screen, it pops up every few minutes even if I’ve been totally idle. It’s pretty annoying & I’d really appreciate you to stop this.
Server: DE01 Welt 1
IGN: Cionaodh
Thanks in advance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] 28.05.15 game not loading

same here…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Lost Island, does it really need to cheat?

Agreed. I really like this game as there are very few f2p MMOs that have a good storyline like this, but if the devs don’t change anything about this, it’ll become another dying game pretty soon.

Because, this is what’s going to happen: New players and moderate spenders soon will realize they won’t get anywhere despite the effort they’re putting into playing → they’ll leave for a better game → no competition left for the big boys → getting bored → server merge → players on devoured server getting pissed off → leave for another game → new server launch → rinse and repeat.
Saw that happen in Wartune, so I (and many others) left and my only regret is that I left a real good guild behind.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a freeloader whining for more and more free stuff. As I believe that good work requires a fair pay, I’m perfectly willing to pay for ingame items and features. But this is not a one-way-street. What I get for my cash, got to be worth it and that’s definitely not the case, if I have to pay multiple times the amount required to play a full-pro game like WoW not to be on top but just to get anywhere at all in a game that’s designed to be played just in between other things for one or two hours a day.

And LI is crucial, as there is no other source for the stones required to evolve demons except for the VIP shop which requires you to spend like a whale only for permission to spend your gold there.

So in order to keep the majority of players happy (and hopefully spending ;) ) in the long run, I’d consider it a wise move either to overhaul LI thoroughly or remove the VIP-level-requirements on the shop, so everyone could spend his gold there. You might want to take a leaf out of City of Steam’s book there ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Feedback and suggestions

There’s something I’d really like to see implemented and I don’t think it’d cause too much trouble:
This game has a really interesting story as far as I can see by now, and that’s why I like this game in the first place, but the farther I get, the longer the breaks between two chunks of story are getting, as I have to grind hard mode in between more and more often. I don’t mind the latter, but it’s also making it harder to follow the story.
So I’d really like to have some kind of a diary where I can read up the previous conversations before tackling a new storyline dungeon. No need for big graphics or video replays (though that would be nice), just plain text will do, like they have it in Divine Divinity.
Remember, there aren’t only young players who apparently have a photographic memory. It’s an old lady speaking here, so a bit of a memory boost would be really appreciated here ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] How to WIN!!!! (READ ME)

From my own experience I can tell that stopping to evolve and level your own team is definitely not a good idea.

Why so?
As I couldn’t make up my mind whether an older server with more people around or the new one would suit me better, I started to play on both Bloodshed and Damnation a few days ago. When both my teams hit 20 and got access to LI, my Damnation team went through very smoothly, while my Bloodshed team got steamrollered by a team several levels above right on stage one during Bee’s tutorial. Asked here on the forum why it was like that, and ubergueber told me, that we’re facing real player’s teams. Then, going on on Damnation, it also happened, that after having beaten a rather strong team I encountered a weaker one on the next stage, while I can’t get anywhere on Bloodshed, as I keep facing higher level teams right on stage one.

So, basically, it looks as if the game does not pick the teams you’re going to encounter dependent on your level but randomly from the pool of player teams. As other teams on Damnation keep evolving and leveling, I’ve now started to face stronger teams as well, so, if I don’t keep pace with them, I’ll soon be in the same situation as my Bloodshed team already is.

IMHO the only way to get at least a couple of LI stages cleared is: Start to play on the most recent server there is and evolve and level your core team as fast as you can.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Player Guide (Read Me)

One more tip I’d like to share: As soon as you get access to expeditions, deploy as many demons you can. It means additional XP for your demons, some small but nice rewards for the expeditions and, moreover, the star reward chests. Most likely you won’t be able to grab the 980-stars chest, but the small one will give real nice stuff every ten stars. While your demons are busy exploring, they can still be used to do whatever else you want, so it’s basically lots of freebies you’re getting. I usually let them do 1 star expeditions to get as many stars as possible, as they are the fastest to do.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Friend IGN

IGN Cionaodh (Bloodshed) and CheapTequila (Damnation)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chains of Darkness] Lost Island, does it really need to cheat?

Originally posted by ubergueber:

It’s easiest the first day you unlock it cause at that level your team power can increase quickly from multiple level ups and evolves in 1 day. After that it keeps getting harder until you can’t get past floor 8-10.

Not really. I just started 3 days ago on both Bloodshed and Damnation (couldn’t make up my mind which one will suit me better ;) ), so both teams are almost on the same level and as good as a 3 day old team can be. Equipment on my Damnation team is even weaker, as I’ve been less lucky with the drops there. Then I got access to LI and this is what happened: While it was as you said for my team on Damnation, my Bloodshed team encountered a totally op team right during Bee’s tutorial and got steamrollered. I wonder if we’re getting some kind of a puppy bonus on Damnation or LI is simply messed up. As for my Bloodshed team, I don’t see any possibility to get any stones from the shop. And NO – I won’t cough up for VIP 6 to buy them from VIP shop.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [City of Steam: Arkadia] Company Bug - Not Leveling

Companies won’t level up as soon as they hit the threshold. Your company leader has to do that manually.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [City of Steam: Arkadia] Mercenaries in PVP Ladder Fights?

When I logged in today and did my PVP daily, I noticed that I had my mercenary fighting along with me, but my opponent didn’t. Is that a bug or do you want to make sure nobody can lose his fight when being the attacker? Honestly, that’s no fun, either let both fight using their mercenaries or none at all.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [City of Steam: Arkadia] Is this April Fool's Day??

What is it with this oh-so-much-tested great patch 2.7, trying to make fools of us players? Apart from a little bit of eye candy and some minor bugfixes, I fail to see any improvements at all.

The new mercenary system looks nice and shiny, and it’s easier to handle now, but that’s it.

  1. The old mercenaries weren’t converted as the sneak preview stated, but exist in addition to the new ones, so I have a couple of orange and purple mercs that can’t collect synergy. Sweet.
  1. While before 2.7 mercs were a real asset when running dungeons, 2.7 has rendered them utterly useless. I keep my favourite mercs at level with my chars, so they’re not weak, still they keep getting killed like flies since 2.7 is up. They’re far too weak as it is now, and, on top of that, their AI is non-existant, which makes them run right into the next bunch of mobs to literally commit suicide. Great.
  1. Even if it’s a nice idea to have some of the bosses for mercs, they’re too tall – it’s a mess in Arkadia, as you can only hide the players, not their mercs. And it’s even more a mess in the narrow dungeon tunnels. I took my brandnew Anomaly for a little dungeon run, which was no fun at all, as it filled almost all the space, so it’s pretty tough to move around or target any particular mob, all I could do was hit TAB and hope I’d hit something before it hit me.

Next issue is the transmutor. Well, there is only one drop rate improvement: more bombs than ever, while additional transmutation orbs as well as sets of more than 2 items of a kind have become scarce.

And who was the genius who had the great idea to remove the steampunk set from the shop? With the new wardrobe system and the cosmetic chest, are we supposed to gamble for it now and fork over ten times the cash the stuff used to cost when still in shop? Have R2’s manners rubbed off that bad?

And while I’m at it, that brandnew wardrobe already needs a thorough overhaul! Storing the clothing there? No way, I can only store the skins there for a quick change. But the original item stays in my inventory after it has been added to the wardrobe / collection, clogging up my inventory and storage space, if I want the stats bonuses.

But there’s an easy way out, dear devs: Just do a neat little roll-back and trash the whole crap. The game was way better without 2.7. Just my 2 cent.

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Topic: Wartune / lame cheap mount training event

The real question is: Do they really think we’re that stupid to pay cash for their whips on hot sales to get this crappy reward in exchange? :D

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

Server 9 Europe: Devotion didn’t reset and all the quests I had turned in yesterday are back on the questlog as solved, so I can’t pick them up again. The Check In button doesn’t work either, but I got the weekly VIP reward pack. Also didn’t get any rewards at Sylph Arena. The attempts have reset correctly.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Events March 1

This whip event is the lousiest event I’ve seen since I started to play WT, seriously. Skellies, wtf? I’m already sitting on a pile of >400 of these.The SC event already was some kind of a bad joke, yet I burnt mine as I was running low on inventory space, but as for the whips, it’s a plain NO. My 2cent on this crappy event is, just save them for a rainy day.

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Topic: Wartune / Daily Reset

Honestly, you guys knew right from reset that there is an issue, as the first post here is more than 17 hours old. Then you finally found a solution, but will run the maintenance only tomorrow and give us that crappy compensation pack instead of our attempts?

Several players have already pointed out, that the average player here will lose much more by losing his attempt and I do agree with that.
So why don’t you run the maintenance right now , we’ll all use our attempts and forget about the compensation pack? Nobody will mind a downtime. Or at least pick up kimwong’s suggestion for a more adequate compensation pack. Just kick the devs where the sun doesn’t shine for once.

You are 7roads’ paying customer. We are your paying customers. You get the picture?

Thank you very much.