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Topic: Kongregate / Foxtrot Konpanion

The hell are these kongpanions, and why am I suddenly earning them? It’s stupid imo.

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

I’d be happy for an option to restart/delete/whatever your account. I’m pretty much done with this game, I think. Never have liked games where I have to rely on other people to get shit done.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Cheated unit?


Wee. It’s fun acting like everyone in room 1.

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Topic: General Gaming / Kongregate Announcements

Is there a way to turn off/hide/disable announcements from games we no longer play? I no longer play Clash of the Dragons or Dream World, but yet get announcements from both. If I gave a rats ass, I’d still be playing.


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / which ring is better?

For the love of god, it’s spelled ROGUE.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Server Merge

As long as this company gets their money, they won’t give a shit about their players. May as well just get used to it. Happens with just about every multiplayer game out there, even here on Kong.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Obvious HATE-source

There’s a difference between offering tokens and such to get money, and needing it for practically everything. This game requires tokens for so many things it’s not even funny.

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Topic: Dream World / Sword Skills - What do they do?

Guard increases your block chance. Everything else does damage, nothing else. About the most you get is a fancier than normal attack message.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

My biggest beef with this game is the fact you lose 2-3 energy every time you lose a fight. Yeah, sure, it’s easy to run away. But what the hell are we supposed to do when a mob enrages and crits in the same turn, and hits us for 60% of our hp?

Also, I understand reds and purples being harder, but ffs. I have 1300 hp right now at my current level, and when reds enrage, they start doing 600 damage a hit. If I don’t use ALL of my SP, or block like a mofo, I die, often before I can even run. And purples? I just fought the guardian of dreams, and she hit me for 1500. Note that I only have 1300 hp.

There are some serious things that need fixing, not that kingk will ever actually fix them, so long as people keep playing and paying.