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Topic: Reactor idle / Boiler House description ambiguous?

Thanks, this sheds some light on the confusing description.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Offline Gains and Separate Window Issue

This is nice n well, except it’s not a solution. It’s a bum fix. Personally it’s of no use to me, to use separate windows n whatnot. Really hope this is fixed ASAP.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Stop wasting time on gas and water

Yes, I’m going to leave my computer on overnight, so that an idle game can continue playing.
Nah, I don’t mind my comp’s longevity will be cut in half or worse.
Yes, I completely understand the futility of this entire thread.
No, I don’t give a f* and will still try to show how great my power is in teh interwebz.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Newbie or Bug?

You start with 1 turbine. This will gain you enough power=/=money for 1.5 new turbines. So after the 2nd turbine expires, you can now place 2 simultaneously, and your Electric Power Company is on it’s way.

Don’t forget to SELL your power with the [Sell all power] button. Soon enough you’ll be able to automatically sell power.

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Topic: Reactor idle / I think this should be a bug, but probably isnt.

Exactly, game design.

Eventually you’ll always be able to fill a gap with certain buildings like research centers, office buildings and isolation. Unless your design/upgrades are so strict the isolation makes you go over your limits, but in my experience that doesn’t happen with un-upgraded or barely upgraded isolation.

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Topic: Reactor idle / offline progress is way too weak imo

Except you can’t properly idle this game – When the tab becomes unfocused, minimized or whatever, the game runs at a much lower pace. Defeating the purpose of idling, and demanding that you be actively watching that screen. Or be afk with the game screen open. But doing something else on the computer while having this open will severely reduce progression speed.
And right now with Fallout 4, I close my browser to preserve RAM. I could leave it open, but the knowledge that Reactor Idle runs at such low speed demotivates that thought and so I mostly depend on fast ticks for progression.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Chronometer working incorrectly when game not focused

Well this just takes away the idea of an idle game, no? I consider it a serious bug for an idle game if it can’t run in fullspeed on the background.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / I see no reason why they would lie, but yet they are.

The developer responses to the comments are full of shit. The damage from friends isn’t based on clicks, it’s just a regular interval and simply uses a couple of random online friend names. Same thing with online gold = offline gold. It’s NOT true. Offline gold is based on DPS, nothing more. Online gold is based on stage and hero attack speed, as well as some passive hero skills. A slow heavy hitter can severely influence the rate of income. Why would the dev lie over such things? Either way – test it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Well, maybe you were talking about some other developers of some other game, but I don’t remember saying anything about that damage from friends will be based on their damage, only that their clicks will come to you. If you have issue with regular intervals – maybe it’s just your friends using an autoclicker? Because my friends are currently clicking not regulary. About names – it uses the name of these friends, who are clicking right now. If someone of them stop clicking – other will take his place. It may not show OTHER names, but names that shown – are those of real players who are clicking right now. About online gold – we haven’t any indicator for it yet, so I don’t know about what are you talking right now. Can you give me more details – and it will be good to see quotes from us with these lies =)”

Here are the requested quotes:

It use your Kong friends. If it turned on – when they click in their game, you will recieve their clicks with damage based on your damage (50% without boosts). When you click – they recieve your clicks in the same way.”

Well, that’s basically the same as your offline gold, if you do nothing.”

Basically, your online income if you will not click, will be the same as offline one. But excatly because of clicking it’s useless to write additional “online” gold income, because it will vary all the time"

“I don’t remember saying anything about that damage from friends will be based on their damage”

I never said the friend damage itself is based on it. I said the damage from friends isn’t based on clicks, it’s just a regular interval and simply uses a couple of random online friend names.

We both know the game does NOT directly take clicks and continually transfers all this info over the servers to every single person online, it simply checks if a friend is online, and based on that it will do damage for you on a regular interval that never changes.

“About online gold – we haven’t any indicator for it yet, so I don’t know about what are you talking right now.”

You don’t know about “Online Gold” You don’t know your own game? I’ve explained properly, no? You must understand. I know you understand. You’re just beating around the bush, which is why i’m posting this here now.

I’ve tested it. Test it yourself.
You can test the friend thing by simply engaging in kong chat and asking people you can see do damage for you to stop clicking (if they are clicking).
You can test online income by simply holding a stopwatch for 1 minute and multiplying the outcome by 60. Try it on several different waves with different heroes being your heavy hitter, and you will see drastically different results.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

Originally posted by gibrinel:

Game is nice… I got one big minus to it… I really don’t like that at any given time only one of your heroes is one shoting an enemy and the rest of the team is pretty much dead weight.


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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

I will never in my life click 750k times in this game. I horror at the thought of the higher star achievement requirements for the “Tapped” achievement. I wouldn’t care if it didn’t give gems. Obviously it’s made for auto-clicker. You’re basically telling your entire player base to go and use auto-clicker or go fuck yourself. Nice.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Fundamental problems with the game

Keeping werewolf or hermit in party specifically for that slows down your progress to get there in the first place. Switching him in later is futile due to the time based DPS multipliers on active characters.

Either way, main point was the chests and every single mechanic surrounding these chests. Absolutely horrible. And resetting is very “meh” in this. More “meh” than any other idle game I’ve played. Super unsatisfying.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Fundamental problems with the game

  • Chance based chest drops after subsequent resets. <— HORRIBLE. Instant permaquit right there.
  • Chance based chest rewards;
  • Useless rewards depending on strategy used: 4/7 buffs are purely based on clicking. Personally I never used a clicker formation.
  • High chance for useless or nearly useless rewards at all from chests: Gold, buffs, equipment for unused characters.

I don’t think the dev realizes what a bummer it is to continually get the most useless rewards for hours and hours of waiting and grinding.

  • Jeweled Chests: Chance to get a jeweled chest when getting a silver chest is a game ruining mechanic. Instead of feeling like a reward when you do get one, it feels like a bummer when you don’t. And you usually don’t.
  • And then to imagine the jeweled ones still just give a few stacks of gold, and if lucky a piece of equipment.

Chests are one annoying mechanic. Don’t underestimate the power of this mechanic over your players. It’s the only thing that’s keeping them going, and ironically it’ll be the thing to make them quit too.

  • Red rubies, way too difficult to get, get way too few, totally feels not worth it. My first playthrough, I could have reset around lvl 90. “Yay, I can reset. Well, let’s go beat lvl 100 first, will probably get more out of the reset that way.” Took another extra day to do this. Just to find out it didn’t matter one shit. Not a tiny bit. At the very best I spend an extra day for 2 silver chests, chests I would have gotten after a reset either way.
  • Formations: Some characters are absolutely useless, others are must haves. Werewolf for example has only 1 place in your team, and that’s during the first 15 minutes. After a full formation, he becomes absolutely useless.
  • Repetitive, snore inducing, resets do way too little for you, not resetting is way too grindy to get anything useful out of. Basically, it feels super greedy, and that while it’s a SP game. A SP game you can cheat with a simple autoclicker.

Game is an incredible combination of awesome mechanics with absolute bad mechanics. I can see why it scores so high, but I can also see why it’s playerbase is relatively low.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m focusing on the negative here. It’s a charming little game and I wouldn’t have spend the time writing this if I thought the game was awful.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Frequently Asked Questions

Chance based chest drops = bad game design. I quit.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / TU =/= Toxic

These forums alone… It’s a vile place. People cannot seem to treat one another in even the slightest of decent ways. People are continually attacking each other, blaming each other, accusing each other. Both with trivial matters and serious business.

The game is in some f*cked up mid-state. Why does the PvP system even still exist? How outdated and useless is the BR system? Why do we need to keep clicking the shield message away – why is there a shield, still? What’s up with these awkward event mission energy changes? How is it possible this game is still using the same guild chat system that could not be much worse. What’s with the inventory system? How do the devs figure this is still a valid applicable system to this game in it’s current form? Hell, why do you think we got a few extra inventory slots and a buyable elite pack adding even more? Instead of fixing a system, devs just milk it. Daily missions are unbalanced. Store RNG is and always has been a most unfair and unreliable system.

And let’s not even talk about anything Bot related.

If I need to remind myself that i’m playing a game, then the game isn’t doing a very good job at actually being a game.
I can still enjoy plenty of the game, but as might be obvious from what i’m typing here, i’m focusing on the negative. It’s both a lot easier to explain, and a lot more abundant right now. The fun comes from the same parts it’s always come. This differs per person. But none of this is important, as i’m not here talking about sunshine and pretty things.

“Just quit” “Pick another game”.. You may understand if I ignore such comments, completely. I do not need you to think for me. It’s funny, though, assuming the the things you say never crossed my mind, as if i’m some kind of an infant with sub-par intelligence, unable to think. As why else would you say them? It’s the kind of comment that does not seek a solution, but instead just tries to push you and what you say away. It’s the kind of comment that does not need to be made.

Completely coincidentally, because the game would not load up (Kind of the last drop the overflow the bucket, ya know?), I’ve decided to give TU a break. I’ve been here every day since kong release, but I don’t need this shit, never did. Let’s see if I still care enough to come back.

I was actually excited to craft Nexor’s Vault. Sitting on enough resources, sp, gold to craft two instantly… Go figure how discontent I am with the game, in it’s current, limbo-like state, to just quit right now.

Edit: Haven’t been able to get into game for like an hour now. I wanted to say goodbye and quit my guild, guess even that isn’t going to happen. If someone from Underdogs reads this, sorry, and feel free to kick me.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / TU =/= Toxic

Gameplay, community, the devs, the spoilers, the outdated and unused but still in the way mechanics. Everything spews poison. It’s been well over half a year, but how much longer I can keep this up, I don’t know.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Truth About Bots

Originally posted by SkyNetOnline:
Originally posted by BIgCtyrant:

What guild are you with? You won’t answer truthfully. But I think that plays a big factor in who this disgusting opinion is coming from

It doesn’t matter what guild I’m in, I speak the truth.

The moment I read this I lost all ability to take your “truth” seriously. Answer the man or gtfo.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO MK] Feature to nullify bot advantage

Originally posted by nis_stalker:

Marshal, please consider implementing long ago requested (and awaited!) feature – defense deck.

Right now bot guilds get considerable advantage because their scripts switch offense and defense decks in GW “on the fly”, so opponents of a bot guild always fight defense decks, which reduces win chance much.

If we ALL had defense decks, then this advantage would be nullified, because bots would be facing defense decks as well. And only manual play will be optimal in this situation

Two fixed decks – no any kind of switching. Very simple.

Attack deck is used when you attack someone and defense deck used when someone attacks you (game mode doesn`t matter).

And I suggest that you can NOT use the same unit from inventory in both decks at once.

If we get this, I demand mission decks, fun decks, brawl decks, BgE specific decks and bullshit deck slots.

Honestly, I do agree, we need to be able to switch decks. If this EVER becomes available, it’s also important the same card can go into multiple decks. That’d just kill the game otherwise.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / come play synaticon's new and much more fun version of tyrant unleashed

WMT – P2W.
TU – P2W To the Max.
GA – P2W To the Max + 1.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO DEVs] Is it allowed? Lets clear the air.

Devs not going to respond. Even if they do, what would it matter? Is there a SINGLE PERSON out there that will start doing things differently the moment these devs confirm or deny any of these options? Are you allowed to BOT? Who is going to know? This has to be the most futile [TO DEVS] thread so far this year. Devs got enough to do without wasting their time on this.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Decepticon Family Looking for Active Players! [Top Tri-Guild Group] - Decepticon [#8] AllSpark [#31] Gigex [#58]

I’d like to know if LINE is absolutely mandatory for AllSpark/Gigex.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / [RideOrDie] We apologize.... FOR NOTHING!

You should offer extra information regarding current goals, past events and general requirements/expectations.

I find it difficult to get psyched up about joining you currently. So a friendly bump ;)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Armies of darkness unite! Evil Dead [Top 30 Conquest / #23 Raid] & Army of the Dead [#47 Conquest / #21 Raid]

I’d like to know if LINE is absolutely mandatory.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / ⫷0hlookabunny! [WAR #14 | CQ #25 | RAID LVL 24 (f2p)]⫸

I’m wondering, is LINE mandatory for bunnies?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To Devs and Community) Gift Option & Trade center

Originally posted by israelazo2:

Not gonna happen

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Opening packs has too much RNG

6 months, not a single legendary. That’s way under 0.01% for me atm, even if I did get one right now.