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Topic: Reactor idle / Thanks, but i'm done.

Originally posted by atomate:

So, there are issues with this game, due to code, due to implementation.

Offline ticks are widely considered almost useless, I agree. There should be a fast forward button as in go-six-hours-ahead. Some option of that type would change things.

There is no update coming for it. Not for minor issues, neither one for major issues. Those minor issues are about some inappropriate line for placing water pumps, anything else?

Oh, we want more information about current progress, don’t like to count. This game is fairly slim in that respect, maybe some people like that. Extending that information could lead to endless update demand. There are some elaborate spreadsheets around. For free, based on a free game.

The implementation needs the game to run focussed. True it’s always there, ready for you to check current progress, which is permanent but slow.

It’s gratis, it’s 2015. Free games of this size werent’t intended in 1995. The developer is a one man show, I assume. Threw it together, went through beta with his testing staff, changed this and that and went public. Leaving the big issues for what they are.

In 2015, when games are free to play.

Maybe there is a sequel in the making. Taking all these issues into account, as good as possible. About one million people looked at it, since November 9, quite a success for some blunt idle game made by a single developer.

It’s not a glossy item conceived by a large company with single departments just taking care of smoothest implementation.

A game, you can play without having to support the developer. Have some nice chat about your ponderings, exchange the experience, share the latest trick with some nifty layout. Trying your skills at spreadsheets if you like. For free.

Get lost with the “For Free” nonsense, or ima give you a kick in the nuts… For free, in 2015.

It’s such a terrible excuse. Either way I was pretty clear, I appreciate the dev and the game he’s made, it’s an excellent game, but there’s just some issues which have been testing my patience daily, for over a month. At some point it’s enough. I could have quit, not said a word. I decided to voice my opinion.

The moment people are trying to shut other people up with comments like yours, is the moment you once again see proof that people on the internet are as fake as they can get.

I can see where this is headed. I said my piece, you’ll find plenty confirmation on my opinion throughout the forum, and if you can look past the “It’s free, so it’s not supposed to be good” vibe you’re giving off, perhaps even you can see it’s faults. Again, it’s such a terrible excuse to not expect anything good. I can’t help but pity that attitude.

Tom: “I was supposed to volunteer this month, you know, for free.”
Dan: “So why didn’t you?”
Tom: “It was for free, so who cares?”
Dan: “Where do you volunteer?”
Tom: “There’s this town where millions of people pass through, and i’m the volunteer fire chief.”
Dan: “So all those building burning down, all those people leaving town, never to return… That was you?”
Tom: “I was working for free, so again, who gives a f*ck?”
Dan: “Yep..”
Tom: “Yap..”


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Topic: Reactor idle / Thanks, but i'm done.

Whether it’s a browser issue or a game issue (It’s a combination anyway, the browser behaves one way, the game needs to be handled another way), some lines of code to make sure the game runs properly weren’t implemented, or not properly.

Granted, it may seem like an exaggeration in my first post, in fact nothing is exaggerated. There really is some stupid shit going on that could easily have been fixed. YES, we do EXPECT an update when there’s just too much wrong with the game. Or at least a word from the dev? To expect communication and improvements is suddenly a bad thing now? I understand it sets up for disappointment, but it’s time to get with the time, this is 2015, not 1995. And even back then you’d buy an update disk for 99 cents a month after a game was released.

People defending this never ending workaround and who seem to have zero understanding for messing with peoples decade old or older habits are most likely the kind of people that think consoles have brought nothing but goodness to the gaming industry while having had a subscription to WoW for the past 10 years, rarely playing, but, you know, gotta stay with the hype (Even if you’re late) while in the meantime posting random comments on games they never played saying how shitty/amazing those games are.

It’s okay, you don’t need to admit it’s you. But we know…. We know….

Either way, what’s with all the hate? There’s issues with the game. Some of which are testing my patience… A lot, and often. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. But, to those that don’t think this way, we’re being unreasonable? I think accepting everything the way it is, whatever the reason may be, to be unreasonable. Change your life – second guess things every now then. There’s always room for improvement. If you can’t do this, make sure to stay out of the quality assurance industry – you’d probably get people killed with your attitude’s.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Thanks, but i'm done.

One of the best Idle games I’ve played. An example of how idle games should be. 5/5 stars forever.
No updates since release (Except a tiny one, almost a month back) while there certainly has been need of one.

Mostly because of some frustrating issues like:

The near useless offline gains.

Having to have the game focused on the foreground or in a separate window, still focused, or suffer from an extreme slowdown in progression.
Big freaking issue here, though so far almost everyone has been defending this issue for some reason, with the bum’s fix of having the game in a separate window, while saying the dumbest things like “be happy the game isn’t broken” (IT IS!!!) or “at least there’s a workaround” (ITS BEEN WEEKS of using this shitty workaround, and I’ve been slowly losing my patience.)
I’m done treating this one single tab as if it’s some kind of holy relic, altering my every habit just so that it can function semi-properly.
No, thank you. I’m done second guessing myself each time I want to hit the “Show desktop” button, a habit I’ve had for a long time, just to preserve the fact that Idle Reactor is focused, and won’t be after I hit that button. I’m done merging back Idle Reactor every single time I close chrome, or separating it every time I open chrome. I’m absolutely done with these shitty workarounds, as often enough I end up doing it for nothing and Idle Reactor still lands on the background somewhere, unfocused, for hours, without me knowing it.
Seriously, this is some STUPID shit, and all it takes is a few lines of code to fix it. To make the browser handle the game differently as to give it priority n whatnot, so it can run at fullspeed without being focused. I know, it almost sounds like some impossible fairy tale, but it’s not.

Certain balancing issues, such as the useless Boiler Houses.
I’ve been on Single Heat Cell for weeks, (kinda rushed the 1 quadrillion, in hindsight would have been much more effective to keep upgrading at that time) partially because SHC is so freaking useless compared to every single other map, making the road to Metropolis slower than it should have been. But even to unlock Metropolis and gain the cash needed to make an effective powerplant there is taking WAY too much time, for way too little reward. Plenty other balance issues such as the costs for many upgrades becoming very uneven as you progress, or the costs of certain buildings being insanely high when you first get them, but becoming absolutely meaningless as you go on.

Uneven heat distribution. This one is SUCH a constant annoyance if you’re OCD on getting the most effectiveness out of your PP’s.

Would have spend more time on the game, probably would have stuck around for months, eventually unlocking Continent, if it wasn’t for the combination of the above issues. Any single one of those issues would have been enough to make me quit playing much sooner if Idle Reactor wasn’t such an amazing game in it’s own right.

Thanks for an amazing game. Had a lot of fun making designs and looking at other people’s designs. This is definitely the prime example of how I think idle games should be. Not the regular “click your ass off” like clicker heroes or just the “buy a new upgrade every 20 seconds” like adventure capitalist.. Some of the shittiest, yet most popular Idle games. No, this is how it should be. Original, ever changing due to the multiple layers both from the research barrier, the different islands and the different mechanics available as to how to earn your cash which expand as you progress. For example, when you first get water pumps, at which moment you’ve been playing for days or weeks, but enter a whole new layer of the game due to having to use radically different powerplant designs.

Definitely hope to see more of you in the future, Baldurans. Good luck.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Complaint: Good game, but I gave it only 1 star because ...

Originally posted by Master_Of_Ra:

Heh. Most idle games don’t give anything when offline.

Wut? Almost all idle and incremental games have offline gains. Which idle games are you referring to? I can easily double the size of whatever list you produce, with idle games that DO have offline gains.

Either way, +1 to the OP. While I don’t think it’s fair to give only 1 star, this topic is the EXACT reason I’ve been pushing for solutions for these issues. But it’s far too late, any kind of player-base has come and gone, so by now any patches and fixes would be purely for those that stuck around.
What i’m saying is, is the the dev missed it’s chance of getting as many people as possible to play this, which would have generated more revenue, as most of the potential players have already tried & quit, with a good part of those quitting for the exact same reasons as the OP.

Personally it was real close, deciding between quitting or going through a bunch of workarounds to somewhat properly play the game. I stuck around but i’m starting to lose my patience, with switching out the Idle Reactor tab into a full window each time I start up Chrome, and to merge it back each time I close Chrome. And then to keep the separate window focused on the foreground takes plenty more steps which break my habits, while occasionally still ending up not on the foreground, halting progress.

It’s not normal to go through all these hoops.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Island Run

“I might as well do something.”

Gotta love the logic.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Mainland build

I think it’s pretty obvious anyone at the end game has done something, be it cheating or paying or leaving the comp on 24/7. Don’t care, not judging, but it’s not how most people play.

But you do mention some points which can be improved upon, Tarsellis, and I hope the dev picks up on them, though i’d say there are other priorities. Such as the uneven heat distribution, lack of progression if the game is not focused (in a separate window or not) and the overall relatively useless offline gains.

I for one just unlocked Single Heat Cell. So far it’s been easy to make City > Region and Region > Village in income shortly after unlocking the map.. But it’s different for SHC. Such a waste to invest in SHC compared even to Village it’ll basically always earn less in comparison to the investments you’ve made. I think that’s bad balance right there, but on the other hand, the SHC map is unique and adds a fun element to the game.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Mainland build

Tarsellis, there’s many different ways of playing this game. You don’t need to use batteries, for example. Also, you shouldn’t expect to finish the game begin till end within a month. Anyone that does so either has an unhealthy obsession or simply cheated, and it’d be a mistake to want to follow them.
100 days to open next map? I don’t think you took into account that upgrades are incremental. Every 3 collective 25% upgrades more than doubles your income, that’s based on not improving any design or using better cells, etc..
Progress has been slow since the begin, it’s just the nature of the game, and I like it. If we were all on Continent after 3 weeks of play, it would’ve been much more of a bore.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Offline ticks

Well, it’s an idle game. I don’t know any idle game that has 1:1 returns for being offline. I do agree it the offline gains should be changed or increased, and the “fast” ticks should be usable instantly, not just let them tick away. But yea, right now the relatively useless offline gains combined with the game not working properly unless focused on foreground is severely affecting progress for a lot of us.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Does research need balancing?

Well, having 3 maps devoted to research means your income is suffering. Meaning it’s more difficult to get more research upgrades.

Personally I only have the first power plant as a devoted research center, it’s at lvl 40 upgrade and brings in ~2.11 mil research. I’ve unlocked up to city and am close to unlocking Single Heat Cell. I’m thinking of devoting Single Heat Cell to research considering the map is quite simply potentially not as effective for income as any other map, tile for tile. I got Village, Region and City, with City earning about 2x as much as Village, and Region being somewhere in between.

I agree the jump to Gen 3 feels big, i’m right behind ya – first need to unlock ground pumps though, but this will also allow City to earn a lot more, which in turns allows me to continue upgrading my research more easily. And if I do make Single Heat Cell into a research island I foresee no problems grinding out the research, which is supposed to take some time anyway.

Edit: Ugh, I kinda expected as much since I didn’t see anyone else using Single Heat Cell as a research center, but you can’t place research buildings on this map.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Is this ever going to get another update?

So let me get this right.. I am asking a question, while throwing in some guess work. Now this seems to mean that:
1. I need to pay for the game.
2. Even though the game received several updates a week some weeks ago, and now the dev has not answered any of us for a while now, and does not seem to be actively working on the game, as well as the fact that the dev has family and a job (duh) is supposed to excuse some horrible bugs in a fully released game that’s accepting payments. Am I supposed to excuse myself for expecting an update by now? Well, SOOOOORRRYYYY.
3. The fact you need to open a separate window to idle this game properly is apparently a browser problem?!
4. I am special.
5. My browser is broken.

You people really need to get a reality check somehow. A good slap in the face should work, but make sure someone else gives it to you.

““by opening a 2nd browser window you risk losing your original tabs”
That’s obviously a browser problem, not a game bug. I get around it in Firefox by using Session Manager, I don’t know if there’s something similar for other browsers.”

It’s not a bug. It’s cause and effect. Lets say I have my main browser window open with about 20 different tabs, and I got Reactor Idle open in a separate browser window of the same browser (Chrome). Now I’m tired and I accidentally close the main browser window before closing the Idle reactor window, or merging the Idle reactor window back to the main window, and then still close Idle reactor window. What happens now is I lose all my tabs from my main browser. There’s some workarounds for this, I can start saving sessions or making favs/bookmarks, but this would be YET ANOTHER workaround, for something that’s already a workaround for what is obviously an issue with the game, not the browser.

Is it really too much to ask for a normal solution instead of some bum fix that’s really not appropriate for long term use?

I guess your guys’s tongue of the gods convinced me: I’m the bad guy, I’m being ignorant and requesting the impossible, and you are absolutely right for accepting something in whatever state it is due to whatever circumstances may have caused that.
Bless your logic.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Is this ever going to get another update?

That’s not a good solution though. I’ve been doing so, but many people use multiple tabs in their browser – by opening a 2nd browser window you risk losing your original tabs. In addition if you minimize even that separate browser window, it will still slow down. So currently I really need to remember to merge back the separate window and to not use the “Show Desktop” button, or at least refocus the separate window if I do. I’m breaking many many habits just trying to play this game and I don’t think it’s fair to have people go through such lengths just to play the game as intended.
And the offline function needs an overhaul still.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Is this ever going to get another update?

It desperately needs one. The loss of ticks when the game is not focused and the useless offline ticks, which first of all are almost meaningless compared to any online gains, and secondly still take too much time to get through with the “fast” button. Gotta leave the game running for an hour, focused on foreground, just to get through 2 days of fast ticks.
Plenty other small issues which are pointed out across the forum. I expected the dev to be a lot more engaged, but i’m guessing he’s either busy or just abandoned us completely. If he were working on the game we would probably have seen another update by now.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Level 2 thermonuclear lifetime upgrade?

What is ROR?

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Topic: Reactor idle / Continent End Results - Beat the Game

If you look at the picture for just 5 seconds you will see it’s fake. Edited. Look at the missing yellow bars at the cells, while some others have it maxed. So we’re supposed to believe you placed your cells in the specific order that at the bottom and left side of the screen a few new ones were just rebuild, and all the others have just passed through 26.21 million ticks?

Did you even cheat at all or just edit that nonsense in too? How much calculating did you do just to fake this picture? Feels like it would have cost less effort just to play the game.

What is the point of this anyway? The futility is great here.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Offline ticks

It doesn’t exactly pause, but it does slow down considerably. It’s also still my #1 issue with the game. If I left my comp on 24/7 for idle games it would have blown up long ago, and leaving it in the background severely impedes progress.

The only solution is to have it open in a separate window which is not minimized. Problem with this is that you will now have 2 separate browser windows open which can mess up your default tabs, and that if you accidentally happen to minimize the 2nd window without noticing (I use the “Show Desktop” button a lot, for example.) you’re still progressing extremely slow.
This combined with the extremely low offline gains makes the game ten times more time consuming and a hundred times more tedious than it has to be, UNLESS you keep the game focused all the time. Basically this directly counters the idea of an “IDLE” game.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Boiler House description ambiguous?

Thanks, this sheds some light on the confusing description.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Offline Gains and Separate Window Issue

This is nice n well, except it’s not a solution. It’s a bum fix. Personally it’s of no use to me, to use separate windows n whatnot. Really hope this is fixed ASAP.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Stop wasting time on gas and water

Yes, I’m going to leave my computer on overnight, so that an idle game can continue playing.
Nah, I don’t mind my comp’s longevity will be cut in half or worse.
Yes, I completely understand the futility of this entire thread.
No, I don’t give a f* and will still try to show how great my power is in teh interwebz.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Newbie or Bug?

You start with 1 turbine. This will gain you enough power=/=money for 1.5 new turbines. So after the 2nd turbine expires, you can now place 2 simultaneously, and your Electric Power Company is on it’s way.

Don’t forget to SELL your power with the [Sell all power] button. Soon enough you’ll be able to automatically sell power.

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Topic: Reactor idle / I think this should be a bug, but probably isnt.

Exactly, game design.

Eventually you’ll always be able to fill a gap with certain buildings like research centers, office buildings and isolation. Unless your design/upgrades are so strict the isolation makes you go over your limits, but in my experience that doesn’t happen with un-upgraded or barely upgraded isolation.

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Topic: Reactor idle / offline progress is way too weak imo

Except you can’t properly idle this game – When the tab becomes unfocused, minimized or whatever, the game runs at a much lower pace. Defeating the purpose of idling, and demanding that you be actively watching that screen. Or be afk with the game screen open. But doing something else on the computer while having this open will severely reduce progression speed.
And right now with Fallout 4, I close my browser to preserve RAM. I could leave it open, but the knowledge that Reactor Idle runs at such low speed demotivates that thought and so I mostly depend on fast ticks for progression.

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Topic: Reactor idle / Chronometer working incorrectly when game not focused

Well this just takes away the idea of an idle game, no? I consider it a serious bug for an idle game if it can’t run in fullspeed on the background.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / I see no reason why they would lie, but yet they are.

The developer responses to the comments are full of shit. The damage from friends isn’t based on clicks, it’s just a regular interval and simply uses a couple of random online friend names. Same thing with online gold = offline gold. It’s NOT true. Offline gold is based on DPS, nothing more. Online gold is based on stage and hero attack speed, as well as some passive hero skills. A slow heavy hitter can severely influence the rate of income. Why would the dev lie over such things? Either way – test it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Well, maybe you were talking about some other developers of some other game, but I don’t remember saying anything about that damage from friends will be based on their damage, only that their clicks will come to you. If you have issue with regular intervals – maybe it’s just your friends using an autoclicker? Because my friends are currently clicking not regulary. About names – it uses the name of these friends, who are clicking right now. If someone of them stop clicking – other will take his place. It may not show OTHER names, but names that shown – are those of real players who are clicking right now. About online gold – we haven’t any indicator for it yet, so I don’t know about what are you talking right now. Can you give me more details – and it will be good to see quotes from us with these lies =)”

Here are the requested quotes:

It use your Kong friends. If it turned on – when they click in their game, you will recieve their clicks with damage based on your damage (50% without boosts). When you click – they recieve your clicks in the same way.”

Well, that’s basically the same as your offline gold, if you do nothing.”

Basically, your online income if you will not click, will be the same as offline one. But excatly because of clicking it’s useless to write additional “online” gold income, because it will vary all the time"

“I don’t remember saying anything about that damage from friends will be based on their damage”

I never said the friend damage itself is based on it. I said the damage from friends isn’t based on clicks, it’s just a regular interval and simply uses a couple of random online friend names.

We both know the game does NOT directly take clicks and continually transfers all this info over the servers to every single person online, it simply checks if a friend is online, and based on that it will do damage for you on a regular interval that never changes.

“About online gold – we haven’t any indicator for it yet, so I don’t know about what are you talking right now.”

You don’t know about “Online Gold” You don’t know your own game? I’ve explained properly, no? You must understand. I know you understand. You’re just beating around the bush, which is why i’m posting this here now.

I’ve tested it. Test it yourself.
You can test the friend thing by simply engaging in kong chat and asking people you can see do damage for you to stop clicking (if they are clicking).
You can test online income by simply holding a stopwatch for 1 minute and multiplying the outcome by 60. Try it on several different waves with different heroes being your heavy hitter, and you will see drastically different results.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

Originally posted by gibrinel:

Game is nice… I got one big minus to it… I really don’t like that at any given time only one of your heroes is one shoting an enemy and the rest of the team is pretty much dead weight.


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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

I will never in my life click 750k times in this game. I horror at the thought of the higher star achievement requirements for the “Tapped” achievement. I wouldn’t care if it didn’t give gems. Obviously it’s made for auto-clicker. You’re basically telling your entire player base to go and use auto-clicker or go fuck yourself. Nice.