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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Decepticon Family Looking for Active Players! [Top Tri-Guild Group] - Decepticon [#8] AllSpark [#31] Gigex [#58]

I’d like to know if LINE is absolutely mandatory for AllSpark/Gigex.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / [RideOrDie] We apologize.... FOR NOTHING!

You should offer extra information regarding current goals, past events and general requirements/expectations.

I find it difficult to get psyched up about joining you currently. So a friendly bump ;)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Armies of darkness unite! Evil Dead & Army of the Dead [Top 50 & 75]

I’d like to know if LINE is absolutely mandatory.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / 0hlookabunny [Lotus Alliance, #90 guildwar, Lvl 19 & 18 raid] Do you think you are bunny enough?

I’m wondering, is LINE mandatory for bunnies?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To Devs and Community) Gift Option & Trade center

Originally posted by israelazo2:

Not gonna happen

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Opening packs has too much RNG

6 months, not a single legendary. That’s way under 0.01% for me atm, even if I did get one right now.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / this simple raider deck

Originally posted by JohnK293:

Ikr, as a free player I’m tempted to play SD spam too. I just worry the lack of strategy (click SD, SD, SD oohhh wow much strategy, such delight) will cause me to drop in IQ.

That’s what happened to WMT. Sundering Ogre spam decks… Soon people were unable to create a useful deck, only spamming ogre’s. When that was mass countered a few weeks later the sundering ogre spammers, due to literally losing their deck building skills in those few weeks, just quit the game.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Rivals

Keep raising BR and the range of enemies you can find will change. And be happy to get easy wins. You should probably already have discovered the game is just a non stop grind… Getting more competitive enemies in what is an endless grind anyway will only bite you in the ass in the end. You’ll soon start running into more advanced decks anyway.

Fight enemies with higher BR than yours to get more than 10 points.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [DEV] Tabitha's Exile Event and Allegiance Brawl

Originally posted by testeria:
Originally posted by DaWayne33:

As stated, the roadmap for December will be released later this week after we determine an appropriate schedule for the winter holidays.

This Thursday will begin the Tabitha’s Exile event, Tabitha has crossed Halcyon for the last time and is wanted for dead. Help Tabitha fight back and escape Valhalla Station. Thursday’s Event Box will contain cards with the skill Legion!

Official description of Legion: Deal additional damage for each adjacent Assault card of the same Faction.

On Friday, the Allegiance Brawl begins! The Battleground Effects will be the following in order:

Enhance all Counter 2
Enhance all Enfeeble 2
Enhance all Protect 2

Thats bad… people without Protect cards are getting to be very low in the end this time…


Counter is widely available. Armor is, heal is.. A lot of things are widely available. But some things are very faction limited. Protect, for one. This kind of BGE is really favouring high end protect spam decks.

Try to find a better middleground. The no BGE at all, and the BGE’s that affect every single card regardless of abilities (Heal all for example) were a nice change of pace and felt fair. These BGE’s will cause for a chaotic massacre.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Server maintenance

Goddamn… It never stops, does it?…

Is it too much to ask to be able to depend on being able to login and drop a few attacks, and logout? People have a fcking life, you know.

This entire GW has been a debacle. Kudo’s for how involved you’ve been in trying to handle this shit, but that’s where it stops. Some of your decisions are straight out fcked up and WEIRD, to say the least.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To devs] Do not remove 30second delay.

You wan’t to force people to stay logged in for ~20 minutes depending on how much energy they have, and how quickly they spend it? This is TU yes? “autobattle, skip, repeat, logout within 2 minutes”

Doom your own game, I don’t give a fuck. I will be one of many who will reconsider how much time TU is worth spending on and whether or not I am willing to spend that amount of time on the game.

Different solutions can be found for snipe issues and such. While keeping this delay would once again, just be the lazy way out. That’s why i’m actually fully expecting the delay to stay. These devs are notorious for their lazy solutions. I already quit GA due to the path devs chose to take. I’ve got little problem abandoning TU… It’s a trivial game, so trivial shit like this is plenty to change one’s mind.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [VOTING] Restart GW


And 120 seconds wait? **** off.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / TU server connection parody thread

“Insert smartass remark here”

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [DEV] Guild War Reward tiers expanded

GW should be cancelled entirely. Reschedule for tomorrow perhaps, just end it a day later too. This is one big mess in so many ways. I am not sure you realize how much this affects some people’s daily lives. It’s 21:49 here, no big deal for me, but some people wake up for this stuff. Some people schedule their lunch break for it. It’s pretty screwed up, and been going on for hours.

Ideally you would need an in-game notice system so an issue such as “We chose not to restart the war because it is not fair to players who do not read the forums and may not have had issues.” cannot occur. And as it stands, people who had no issues (Probably not a lot of them) are getting rewarded, while the rest of us are just punished even heavier by not restarting to rescheduling the GW.

Restarting the war would be the lesser of two evils in this case… I really don’t understand why you chose the other option.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / New PvP Quests: Can TU players cooperate?

Originally posted by ChristopherB311:

For me, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Change deck to attack in PvP for quests, change deck to do event missions, change deck for brawls, change deck for raids, change deck for guild wars. What’s the one change I can sacrifice guilt free? Change deck to let other people finish quests.


And scams are for the weak. Even if this isn’t a scam… It’s still for the weak.

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Topic: Global Assault / Want First Place In The Upcoming Raid? TyrantUnleashed Is Recruiting!

Originally posted by XKyotosomoX:
Originally posted by Antigaprime:

Excalibur is made up of zero beta players. Just to give a comparison =)

Actually we have almost zero beta players as well, we just recruited a lot of payers who payed to boost how fast they progress in the game.


I created a Unity chat room for the guild leaders of this game so that ALL guild leaders can help their players find good homes, look for members, and discuss the game and topics with other guilds. Please add me on LINE (my ID is kyotosomo) so I can add you and you can join the room. Thank you!

Far as I know, Excalibur is made up of entirely F2P too. Just another comparison =)

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Topic: Global Assault / Want First Place In The Upcoming Raid? TyrantUnleashed Is Recruiting!

Excalibur is made up of zero beta players. Just to give a comparison =)

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Rebalanced Stats

There is only one way to show these guys how wrong they are… If this nerf is pushed through in it’s current form, I quit GA. No doubt in my mind.

This upcoming patch has heavily demoralized me to play at all. I’m starting to recognize other problems and issues with the game, and the ones I already knew of feel heavier on me now than before. Every little issue is currently just staring at me, politely asking me to do myself a huge favour and close the GA & TU tabs forever.

SP shortage is as real as in TU (Due to getting stuck and being unable to earn credits/scrap) , powercreep will be as well. This patch perfectly shows the path the devs are going to take, and i’m simply not up for getting buttraped after the TU bukkake fest I still taste in my mouth.

Devs, about 4/5 people here say the same… Things like DUH everyone’s getting the same units, you left us no choice.. Things like DUH don’t punish your players for your mistakes… Things like DUH rebalance the less popular units instead of alienating a large part of your playerbase.

And yet you’re bent on pushing this through? There’s nearly not a single positive comment here. No one believes what you are doing is right. Why are you still going through with it? You are fully consciously destroying your own game, your players are telling you literally “You are destroying your own game”, and you keep going forward. One conclusion could be you actually want GA to fail… Do you realize how rare it actually is, to have these thoughts? To have the thoughts of “These devs are working hard to destroy their own game, they act like they care, they act like they listen, but they’re hellbent on doing it their way, whether anyone agrees or not.”

Now even if you do lessen the impact of the patch… It won’t be enough to get this de-railed train on the tracks again. We all understand the freemium principle.
TU is a perfect example:
1* Give out spoilers for upcoming cards… Fully knowing some of the stats will cause heavy discussion, while you won’t be using those stats as final stats anyway.
2* Let the people complain and tell you what they think are better stats.
3* Change the stats into the stats you were going to use anyway, make the people feel like they changed your mind about the stats.
4* Repeat weekly to drill it in and brainwash (To a minor extend) your playerbase.

So unless you actually listen to your players and CANCEL this patch, and instead focus on rebalancing the less popular units/skills, and bringing in extra content to even things out more, many of us will see this as another TU (Or rather, recognize all the BAD sides of TU back here in GA.) and many of us do not feel like another sploogefest.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Rebalanced Stats

Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:
Originally posted by heroblddd:

sp is cheap, i want an instant upgrading chip to swap upgrade onto other units


My entire squad has basically been nerfed into uselessness, being forced to have to wait literally weeks of upgrade times to make it useful again is outrageous (not to mention the godawful drop rates on supply drops to draw the required units to do so).

I couldn’t care less about scrap.


If nothing is done for upgrade times to re-build our decks, i’m out.

And TU can forget any extra penny in the future as well. In the meantime TU & GA are interlocked for me, I play one, then the other. If I quit GA, I quit TU.

If instead of nerfs you would release more units to the F2P public, this power gap would never have appeared. Obviously people are all going to pick what they think is best, so with only a few units to choose from, this was the result.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize something had to be done.. But instead of expanding content, you’re just limiting existing content and punishing a shitload of players for it.

Man, does this put a huge dent in my opinion of $ynapse, which was just starting to turn positive.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Rebalance Incoming

A large part of your player base is about to be punished simply for realizing what works best. If indeed all our work up to this point will have been to get some 2nd rate unit we no longer see being a part of our envisioned end-game decks I doubt many of us will continue playing. How about people who paid to speed up getting certain units and etc.? I’m trying to figure out how you can justify this to your players.

Your players are getting punished for your mistakes. It’s not right.

The only way I can see this being justifiable is if everyone got the chance to trade in their units for an equal unit, considering SP values and such are identical. It would be limited to F2P units for F2P units and Premium for Premium. Something along those lines… But I don’t see this happening anyway. First… because this is Synapse. And 2nd, because it would be an abrupt game changer.

Maybe (Hopefully!) it won’t be so bad.. But for example, a strike all 3 changing to a strike all 2… Unacceptable.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Watchtower Raid announcement

Originally posted by BrianxBlacknight:

I’ve been pretty critical of you in the past but i have to admit to being rather pleased and surprised at how much i’m enjoying this game so far and looking forward to the raid. Thank you for your hard work.

I would like to second this in every way. But I can’t help to remain skeptical of Synapse in general, though.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Player Feedback

Originally posted by Chaosticket:

Upgrading the Credit Generator should actually increase the credit generated. Its name is an indicator after all. I suggest the Credit Generator have 50credits generated per hour, per level. Example: A level 3 Credit Generator would produce 150credits per hour.
More credits should come from battles, especially higher tier enemies. Rewards should be given whether or not the play wins, at the rate 1credit per damage done to the enemy units and command center would be reasonable.

Unit/Repair Bay
Upgrading the Unit Bay should increase the amount of unit health restored within a time frame. Its not as clear an indicator but its functionally a repair bay.

Upgrade Points
Upgrade points are too low from battles. I have yet to encounter any battle where the upgrade points have been enough to upgrade even one unit one rank, let alone many units multiple times which is necessary to fuse units to the next tier. A reasonable idea would be a structure that generates 5 upgrade points per hour, per level. Example: A level 4 Upgrade Generator would produce 20upgrade points per hour.

Research Lab
Time spent to research any unit fusions, equipment, or structure should be capped to 1hour maximum.

Clan exclusive PVP: People within clans would be able fight each other for rewards. No cost or penalty for doing so.
Unit trading: it would be very useful if players could exchange same tier units at a 1-1ratio.
Auction House: Another option would be an auction house where humans could buy units for credits.

Keep the indicators for lanes and row placement within the main game, not just the tutorial.
Allow players to select what unit their abilities affect instead of being random.
Allow players to retreat if all 8 player units are deployed.
Allow players to go first as the default option, or randomly choose between the Player and the AI. A coin toss or dice roll could represent.

EDIT: Equipment:
equipment should be bought with credits instead of created by fusing otherwise useless and RARE resources only dropped from enemy fights. Under the current system If the enemies are too difficult to beat, then you cannot get the equipment you need to beat them. I suggest equipment be purchased at the rate of 50credits per item tier, per item. Example: a tier 4 item would cost 200credits.

It seems you want in days what the devs want you do take months for. The only suggestions the way you present them I can see to actually be viable for this game are the repair speed from Unit Bay and retreat button even when fully deployed.

It’s not that I disagree with all of the stuff though, but the suggestions in their current form are very extreme.
Higher credit gains from upgrading the generator and faster repair speeds from upgrading the Unit Bay are definitely needed. But 50 credits/lvl is never going to happen. Upgrade points or SP will remain hard to come by, this is a $ynapse game after all. High time requirements for everything fits in with the long term timeline of the devs wanting their players to play this game. Trading is extremely unlikely, and if introduced, will be at highly unfavourable rates.

Afraid you’re looking for an entirely different experience than what this game has to offer, or ever will offer.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Frustrating bug: When on the map screen the game may randomly target a different country/player on it’s own. So far it’s been targeting South Africa, which has a Very High threat player on it for me. This has caused quite a bunch of frustrating losses as it changed my target to that player at least half a dozen times right before hitting the launch button, so far. That’s just in a single day. (Lost about 1200 health on that today)

I’m super careful now but it keeps randomly almost happening. I’m at a point where i’m afraid to hit the “Launch” button at all, and it feels like the Gaming Gods are toying with me.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] I have a proposition for the base set.

Missing the point, I think. We’re free players.. Devs do not give one rats ass about us. Literally, if they could cook up one rats ass in order to make us all feel better… They wouldn’t.

Money talks.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What keeps you playing this game?

Initially to back my own investment (First weeks, after I noticed how horribly P2W this is.. If I had not spend kreds on this, I would have quit back then without a doubt)
Then for the progression value. I’m a RPG mechanic junkie.
Now just due to habit. Being in a great guild definitely helps, wouldn’t have been playing anymore if it wasn’t for that. 100% sure I will never spend another dime on it though.