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Topic: General Gaming / Infectonator: World Dominator

Venom -Launches web at an enemy which stuns them
*Kill Spiderman in many major cities in America, but he is always in New York
*Upgrading speeds up launch time and increases stun time

Tank -Smashes ground and does damage in a certain area(note that he kills them, not infect)
*Kill Rambo in the Middle East, Qandahar
*Upgrading increases health as well as damage radius

Michael Jackson-Summons several zombies and pauses time; After he gets done moonwalking he always twirls then explodes
*Attack his grave in Jamaica or Mexico
*Upgrading summons more zombies (note that this is useless unless you upgrade regular zombies as well)

Colonel Sanders-Summons ravenous chickens of doom to consume all in their path
*Kill him in America, Kentucky
*Upgrading summons more chickens

Boomer -Launches balls of infection which, obviously, infect people(does not work on special agents)
*Kill Santa Claus at the North Pole
*Upgrading increases launch rate

Ronald McDonald-“Lays”(not sure if he craps them or puts them down) putrid burgers from Hell that, if stepped on, infect
*Find him in nearly every major city, then after finding him rip his limbs off and make him suffer for being the mascot of a disgusting food chain
*Upgrading him makes him lay burgers faster

*Note that the locations are where you first encounter them, they are in other places after you go to the original spot