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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Thank you Devs

A lot of people have been bashing the devs lately about the long maintenance and the following lag. They’re frustrated and angry, I get that, but I think at the same time that the devs need to be thanked for their work.

On the weekend they performed what they thought would be a simple lag fixing task. Human error intervened, as it does at the worst of times, and the devs instead of claiming it was the weekend and leaving the issue until later spent the entire day trying to fix it. At the same time they faced the complaints to keep us updated on the situation, even admitting it was their mistake. How many developers do that? Oh and yes they made a mistake, but human error always crops up, the devs aren’t above it. Thinking they are is akin to thinking that teachers are always right and live in the school. They are not gods, nor robots. Human error cannot be totally accounted for without removing the human.

So basically I wanted to start this topic to say thank you for the work they did on the weekend. Have a good sleep now, you’ve done a great job. I believe you can and will do your best to make this game great and that’s enough for me.

If any other players agree with me share your thanks here.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Current Downtime

Originally posted by AustinH8:
Originally posted by Felendis:

Hey guys, we are going to be down for a bit. There is no ETA, but its not going to be super soon. Probably best to check back in an hour or so. Sorry for the downtime, appreciate your patience

**Update 1: We are in the process of restoring to a backup that was done a few minutes before the downtime. There is no ETA on how long this process will take to implement and test. After the issue is addressed, we will refill everyone’s Energy, Stamina and Honor and add 12 hours to every raid that was still alive as of the down time. If the situation changes or the downtime takes longer than a couple hours, we will update everyone and add more time to raids.

A suggested compensation for the lengthy downtime today: give all players a familiar which is related to this downtime, my suggestion, a floating, cartoony ‘404’.

Thank you for your patience, we will update you as soon as we have more information.

Update 2: We will give away some potions in addition to the full tanks, we will add time to the Ryndor event also.

Update 3: We have made some serious progress and things are looking better. As I said in a previous post, we have rolled the game back to approximately 5 minutes before it went down. Any raids, quests, pvp, etc that you did during that lost 5 minutes was not saved. When the game comes back up we will be refilling all bars, adding 12 hours to raids, giving away 4x Volatile Energy potions, 4x Volatile Stamina potions, and 10x Great Honor scrolls to compensate for the downtime and 5 minutes lost.

We have a lot of testing to do before rolling this live, we will try to have another update about 30 minutes from now. Also, to help manage expectations, when the game comes back up it takes the database a while to cache. Because of that, the game is certain to be laggy for a little while, but that will clear up over time.

Update 4: We are still working on a solution and hope to have the game up soon, but its still going to be at least 30-60 more minutes before its playable. I will update this thread with more info as I have it.

Update 5: As you might of guessed, none of today has gone according to plan. The good news? The lag from the raid table should be better when the game comes back up. The bad news? The game will be slow right after it comes back up because of the database caching system.

We do not have an ETA on when the game is going to come back up, we will post whatever information we have in this thread as it becomes available.

Nice to have it all in one spot, there are so many people asking questions that have already been answered.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Current Downtime

If you can edit posts I would put all of the new info into the top post, since people don’t seem to be reading everything.

Thanks for all this, I agree with Zoot, it’s just a game people and the developers are only human. One slipped finger maybe would be all it took, it happens to the best of us.

Also if I read correctly they are only restoring the living ones, not the entire database, so lag will still be fixed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Immortal Empire]Right Click Glitch

If you plug in a simple PC mouse a mac can rightclick without pressing buttons.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Can not CONNECT!!!!

I have this problem only when connecting with my universities wi-fi. So I’m guessing it has something to do with restrictions put in place by the wireless network you are connected to. I have the exact same thing as you Donte, it gets stuck at 98%.

Also Callofgods if you had read his post before adding to it you would see he had done all the things you ask. Though I understand it is a good thing to start with as many don’t try, you should really avoid saying it to people who haven’t done it. :)

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Topic: Call of Gods / This game worth it now?

I believe it is worth it, their are many quests per level which detail an interesting story. Team fighting is very fun as are the dungeons, you get a new dungeon every ten levels and each has three difficulty levels. Once you reach lvl 20 you can enter the arena to fight others to gain honour at no loss. An at level 30 you can do 10 bounty quests and many different quests daily. Alliances gain you reputation by doing 10 alliance quests daily and donating, you also get free daily copper+item from them. Honour and reputation can by you cool goods. Lvl five alliances gain the ability to enter alliance war for special fights and rewards.

All in all it is a very filling game, so I am sure there would be more than last time you were here.

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Topic: Call of Gods / WTF LOW HEALTH URG

What problem exactly are you having with the health? You are aware of the need to re-assign troops every battle to fill the spaces left by those killed? (sorry if you are, this has been a problem with others so I feel I must mention it)

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Topic: Call of Gods / Shades (S3)


We have recently reached level 3, and we have the silver to reach level four, but we need 600 alliance points. Everyone pitch in and we’ll get there quickly. And remember to check the Welfare, I got a silver card just after we leveled so the chances of getting good prizes are increasing. However the alliance quests are getting a bit harder, if our lower level members ever need help remember to ask.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Shades (S3)

Currently Recruiting

Hi this is Thekla and I’m here to tell you about the alliance I run.

Shades is an alliance on server 3 where the only requirement is that you are active. I regularly prune out members who have not been on for more than three days simply to keep this true. This means a few things, first off we have grown quite rapidly, though not as rapidly as some who require lvl 30’s. But more importantly we are filled with people who play regularly, and thus know a bit about the game and how it works.

This thread is mostly for alliance discussion, here I will post the latest alliance news and let you know what I am planning.

Welcome to Shades!

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Topic: Call of Gods / Guild/Alliance advertising

Name: Shades
Server: 3
Level requirements: None
Alliance Level:3
Members: 20
Anything else:
I remove members who have been offline for 3 or more server days unless you tell me beforehand. You may rejoin once you come back, but I feel it very important that the alliance has only active members. If you join always feel free to send me (Thekla) a message, I am always willing to help if I can.