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Topic: Ballistic / Friendly fire on please...

Brilliant idea, let’s give hackers even more ways to piss us off as players.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Alright, now I know something is wrong on my side

Originally posted by TehCapitalist:

I’m not getting ANY candy canes! The event has flat out just stopped for me. It’s gone back to the original game screen, with the only reminder of the event was my previous earned amount (about 500). I get a notification everytime I log in of the 250 candy canes bonus achievement, but that’s it.

This has been happening since about 1:00 PM, EST, January 5th. I thought the event was over, since the last update said that Ryan would be back from the holidays on the 5th. But then I started to hear that others could still be able to collect candy canes, the event never ended for them. They’ve refreshed too, and they’re STILL getting canes! I haven’t even seen a single one in the past +48 hours.


Same thing here but I just assumed the event was over. Stopped a few hours ago when I loaded the game up.

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Topic: Ballistic / Rumble, change the name of skins. They are not VANITY skins anymore.

I concur.

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Topic: Ballistic / Transfer XP: what does this do exactly?

Transfer XP allows XP transfer from maxed level 30 classes to classes of lower levels. It’s designed to give us some use for xp gained after level 30 in a class, but it costs BP to do so it’s always easier to just play the class even if you’re not very good with it.

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Topic: Ballistic / Shadows

Oh look, it’s this thread again.

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Topic: Ballistic / I lost my ticket when I quit a halloween match!! WTF

You don’t.
The change was made on purpose for that exact reason, people enter games and see something they don’t like, so they leave and don’t lose a ticket. That wasn’t the way it was intended to work, and it’s been corrected so that tickets are consumed at the start of the match.

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Topic: Ballistic / Unfair Halloween match making

Originally posted by HeadlesHorsemann:

Yeah, fixing the 89% bug the OP doesnt seem to know of.

Not everyone is encountering that bug, Headles. A majority are though, and those that aren’t won’t necessarily have tickets left to spend on Halloween matches.

Originally posted by MidianMidian:

Wasn’t sure whether I could leave the match to retrieve my ticket. Can I?

Tickets are deducted at the end of the round, so you can leave at any time and not waste a ticket.

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Topic: Ballistic / The game don't know how many points I have for LockBoxes

Just FYI guys, the lockbox progress should still be there. Try to buy the box to full completion next time, it should cost you 0 BP.

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Topic: Ballistic / Questions

Leagues are simply determined by your rating. There’s no other purpose to them at the moment.
Kamikaze will cause you to blow up after 3-5 seconds OR you make contact with an opponent. Generally it’s best not to knife a grenadier for this reason unless you can get out of there before he knows what’s happening.

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Topic: Ballistic / Four Times More Chances...

At least they’ve pretty much reduced the effort required to get everything to 1/4th its original value. An advanced lockbox can be gotten once every 1-2 rounds depending on how well you do, Elite and Legendary boxes coming every 5-10 rounds with similar performance.

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Topic: Ballistic / Blackfield -- New Map Coming Soon!

I’m glad we’re getting another map with actual environmental hazards, so far I’ve just seen falling into the holes in Citadel and being crushed by a moving platform in Overhead.

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Topic: Ballistic / Update on the Hacker Situation

Originally posted by zaz0960:

The problem is, even IF you manage to kick the hacker, he can rejoin the server with ease. Especially when there aren’t many players online. There’s no point in voting. Voting can be a way to face the hackers, but not an effective one.
It can be abused, mistreated, or even ignored very easily.

You’d think banning hackers would solve the problem, but they can just create another account and hack the whole thing again. And, the whole ‘find-report-ban’ structure takes too much time.

What we need is an auto-detection&banning tool, which can read the players active programs and prevent the hack from the start. Not some crappy, amature-looking forum reports.

If this game is to succeed, The hacks must be stopped. Whatever feature you make, Whatever updates you do, people won’t play the game if there are hackers running around. Hackers can cause more problems than what you’d normaly think. It doesn’t just unbalance the game, It makes the game die, rot to the end.

How you deal with the hack problem, that’s the critical difference between major games and minor games. If there isn’t a good solution to it-this game will forever be a minor game.

Being vote kicked enough will instigate a temporary ban.

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Topic: Ballistic / That moment when...

Yeah, I find this bug to be funny as well. Especially when it happens to actual hackers who continue hacking as though nothing is wrong with their actions.
Isn’t this game hilarious?

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Topic: Ballistic / Ballistic Release Notes 10/14/14 (Shadow and Grenadier Rebalancing)

Nerfing the number of nades carried has reduced spam somewhat, but the melee nerf has done nothing for katanas. A dashing katana still deals enough damage to instakill a tank or anyone with an equivalent amount of HP.

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Topic: War of Omens / 1 supplicant, 1 vintner, 3 tortoise

Originally posted by desciclope666:

how many turns?

As many as it takes to get 2 gold and 5 cards on the field.
Not necessarily in that order.

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Topic: Ballistic / Expert Kill Award?

25 killstreak gives 200 points and 20 extra points for every kill gotten after that.

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Topic: Ballistic / reduce the need for maximum vote for kick hacker

Originally posted by Chilastra022:

No, votekicking would be removed entirely, and should be. Its too easily abusable and there are many, many immature players out there willing to abuse it. Too many for it to remain implemented.

Enjoy playing against legions of hackers.

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Topic: Ballistic / reduce the need for maximum vote for kick hacker

Originally posted by ShadowsQ_:
Originally posted by iwontforgetuser:

I actually don’t want this, I’ve come very, very, very lose to being kicked before.

I would rather not be kicked _

Same here, with reduced vote kick requirements, all that will be required to kick is one unexperienced player(noob :P) and a few of his friends to troll-kick people off a server, and I’d rather not be kicked because I’m good

Also no votes should actually do something, right now they seem pretty useless, since its the same as if someone just didn’t vote, here’s an example:

9 votes required
7 no votes
9 yes votes

The player will still be kicked because there are 9 yes votes, and the no votes do nothing at all to help the player at all, which imo, shouldn’t happen

No votes indicate that at least one player in the game feels that the kickee shouldn’t be kicked from the game. While that doesn’t do anything alone, it does when there are multiple no votes, which generally speaks for the integrity of the accused.

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Topic: Ballistic / Zombie Game Mode


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Topic: Ballistic / The 2nd poll.

Is it that hard for you people to make a Strawpoll?

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Things can only get worse from here

I have never seen general opinion of a game shift so fast to the negative, it’s been less than 12 hours and the update hate is already overwhelming.

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Topic: Ballistic / highest score ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I can hack well and I want other people to know about it!”

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Topic: Ballistic / brayanvaldez, a terrible hacker

He died 10 times but he still got 64 kills. I didn’t know we were measuring hackers by their K/Ds now.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Using no Kreds, how many AI and how looooong to 2k of everything?

I’m at ~100 quattordecillion and it takes me between 3-8 hours to get to 2k everything and all upgrades bought.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / iOS vs. Android: Which do you use?